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EVIL DAD; He raped two girls aged 14 &15 after getting them drunk.


A TWISTED dad who raped two schoolgirls after plying them with drink was yesterday caged for nine years.

Evil William Potter, 47, launched his sickening attacks as the teenagers were sleeping off the booze - and his own son lay unconscious on the floor.

Anthony Potter, 19, had brought the girls - aged 14 and 15 - as guests to his father's home in East Kilbride, near Glasgow.

But during two separate incidents in less than two months, the girls woke up to find William Potter on top of them and having sex.

His trial heard that, during the 14-year-old's ordeal, her parents spent hours searching for her and left 30 messages on the beast's answer machine.

Sick Potter had also bought one of the girls a black bra and thong, which she refused to wear, just hours before she was raped.

Throughout his trial, he claimed the girls were lying. His story was backed up by his son.

But a jury rejected his story and found Potter guilty of raping the 15-year-old in May last year and the younger girl two months later.

Jailing Potter at the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday, Lord Bracadale said: "These were friends of your son and staying as guests in your house.

"They were drunk and vulnerable and you took advantage of the situation to rape each of them."

Potter will also stay under supervision for four years after the end of his sentence.


RAPIST: Potter
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 3, 2005
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