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EVERY LITTLE PS HELL; Family complains of sleepless nights due to noisy supermarket distribution centre.

Byline: Duncan Gibbons

A FAMILY claim their lives are being ruined by late-night noise from a supermarket distribution centre yards from their home.

Andrew Allman says he, his wife and their two children aged ten and 15 haven't had a good night's sleep since Tesco opened a warehouse at the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal, near Rugby, three months ago.

The family home in Nortoft Lane, Kilsby, used to be in the middle of a field but now backs on to the warehouse, which unloads a container train between 12.30am and 4am every night.

Mr Allman, 47, who says he is being treated for stress over the issue, said: "When they're unloading the containers the noise is horrendous. You're lying in bed and it makes you jump out of your skin."

He wants Daventry District Council to serve a noise abatement notice on Tesco and Prologis, which owns the site.

"If you had a neighbour playing their music loudly you would call the police, in this case you can't," he said.

"You have to contact the environmental health department, but it seems these organisations seem to operate above the law, despite the fact they are disrupting our sleep on a nightly basis. "None of the parties involved are prepared to admit that the noise is unacceptable given the fact there is a residential home so close to the site.

"Their concerns are only that the site is operational, which surely puts into question the moral obligations of these companies, and why such a site was given planning permission."

Council spokesman, Maria Taylor, said: "The council is actively investigating this complaint, which has involved monitoring the noise levels at Mr Allman's property.

"Measures such as a noise abatement notice are only considered once a statutory nuisance has been witnessed and we also wish to ensure all parties involved have been given the opportunity to take steps to resolve the problem.

"Prologis is examining options to reduce noise at the property, and we are working hard to ensure that a resolution can be found as soon as possible."


NOISY NEIGHBOUR: The Tesco distribution centre (left) across the railway line from Mr Allman's home (circled) UPSET: Andrew Allman with a sign he has had made to protest at the noise from the Tesco distribution centre near his home
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Oct 7, 2011
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