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Main activities for the week beginning September 29

The President of the Parliament, Pat Cox, will make a tour of the five Balkan states: from September 28 to October 2, he will travel to Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovenia.

Committee Meetings in Brussels (the reports mentioned will be voted on)

Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy: September 30 and October 1 - Discussion with Gunter VERHEUGEN, Commissioner for Enlargement and Wider Europe; Discussion with Roberto ANTONIONE, Italian Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Council President-in-office on the General Affairs and External Relations Council meeting of September 29/30; Sakharov Prize 2003 - Presentation of candidates; -Report by Lu!s QUEIRO (UEN, P) on defence equipment: European policy, industrial and market issues; Report by Emilio MENeNDEZ del VALLE (PES, E) on peace and dignity in the Middle East; Discussion with Commissioner Chris PATTEN on the Donors' Conference for Iraq

Budgets: September 30 & October 1 - Report by Joan COLOM I NAVAL (PES, E) on mobilisation of EU Solidarity Fund; Report by Goran FeRM (PES, S) on amending budgets 5 and 6

Budgetary Control: September 29 and 30 - Report by Freddy BLAK (EUL/NGL, DK) on 2001 discharge: European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia and other agencies; Discussion on the Commission's progress report on OLAF activities

Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs: September 29 and 30: Fight against international organised crime: joint debate with the Legal Affairs Committee to mark the entry into force of the UN Convention signed at Palermo

Discussion with Antonio Maria COSTA, Director of UN agency for combating drugs and crime. Discussion with Roberto CENTARO, Chair of anti-mafia committee of Italian Parliament. Report by Marie-Therese HERMANGE (EPP-ED, F) on judicial cooperation: parental responsibility and protection of children. Report by Roberta ANGELILLI (UEN, I) on area of freedom, security and justice: compensation for victims of crime. Report by Robert EVANS (PES, UK) on combating trafficking in human organs and tissues. Adoption of motion for resolution on transatlantic flight data: current state of negotiations with the USA.

Economic and Monetary Affairs: September 30 and October 1 - Discussion with Commissioner Pedro SOLBES on current developments in economic policies in the EU; Discussion with Commissioner MONTI on developments in EU competition and state aid policies. Report by Astrid LULLING (EPP-ED, L) on general government: quarterly financial accounts, SEC 95 categories; Report by John PURVIS (EPP-ED, UK) on excise duty: lower rates for tobacco products released for consumption in Corsica.

Legal Affairs and Internal Market: October 1 and 2 - Discussion with Commissioners BOLKESTEIN and BYRNE and on harmonisation of the Member States' legislation on consumer credit (to be confirmed); . Report by Willi ROTHLEY (PES, D) on civil liability insurance for motor vehicles

Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy: October 1 and 2 - Meeting with Gobind NANKANI, Vice-President of the World Bank. Meeting with Pascal LAMY, Commissioner for Trade: the WTO after Canc[pounds sterling]n; Report by Reino PAASILINNA (PES, FIN) on the information society and e-Europe 2005: European Network and Information Security Agency. Report by Olga ZRIHEN (PES, B) on enlargement: industrial policy and competitiveness.

Employment and Social Affairs: October 1 and 2 - Discussion with Commissioner Anna DIAMANTOPOULOU on mid-term review of agenda for social policy and new initiatives; Adoption of an oral question by Theodorus BOUWMAN (Greens/EFA, NL) on the mid-term review of agenda for social policy.

Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy: October 1 and 2 - Report by Karl-Heinz FLORENZ (EPP-ED, D) on waste electrical and electronic equipment (amending Directive 2002/96/EC - in respect of historical waste); Report by Jules MAATEN (ELDR, NL) on pollution and public health: quality of bathing water; Implementation of environmental legislation in the EU Member States. Question and answer session with the Commission; Discussion with David Byrne, Commissioner on Health and Consumer Protection; ew SANCO legislation (notably health and nutrition) and a status report on the consumer credit proposal.

Agriculture and Rural Development: September 29 and 30 - Report by Joseph DAUL (EPP-ED, F) on drinking milk: extension of the derogation for Finland and Sweden until 30 April 2009; Report by Joseph DAUL (EPP-ED, F) on the network for collection of accountancy data on the incomes and business operation of agricultural holdings in the EEC; Hearing on farm incomes in the EU

Fisheries: October 2. Report by Patricia McKENNA (Greens/EFA, IRL) on the results of the multiannual guidance programmes for the fishing fleets at the end of 2001 and at 30 June 2002; Report by Ilda FIGUEIREDO (EUL/NGL, P), towards uniform and effective implementation of the common fisheries policy; Report by Catherine STIHLER (PES, UK) on conservation of fisheries resources: cod, restocking

Regional Policy, Transport and Tourism:September 29, 30 S and October 1 -

Discussion with the accession countries' Transport Ministers; Discussion with Commissioner Loyola PALACIO on electronic toll systems, infrastructure charging.

Rail package; Recommendation by Georg JARZEMBOWSKI (EPP-ED, D) on development of the Community's railways; Recommendation by Dirk STERCKX (ELDR, B) on safety on the railways; Recommendation by Sylviane AINARDI (EUL/NGL, F) on interoperability of the trans-European rail system; Recommendation by Gilles SAVARY (PES, F) on a European Railway Agency for safety and interoperability.

Culture, Youth, Education, Media and Sport: September 29 and 30 - Report by Mario MAURO (EPP-ED, I) on e-learning programmes; Report by Marielle DE SARNEZ (EPP-ED, F) on higher education: cooperation with third countries (Erasmus World programme, 2004-2008); Hearing on cultural sponsorship

Development and Cooperation: September 30 and October 1 -. Human rights in the Seychelles - latest developments (Marieke SANDERS-TEN HOLTE (ELDR, NL)); Presentation of Commission work programme on development and 2004 budget by Commissioner Paul NIELSON. Report by Jean-Pierre BEBEAR (ELDR, FR) on NEPAD - the African states development instrument; Situation in Burundi - Adoption of motion for a resolution (Rule 50); Report by members of the European Parliament delegation who attended the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the WTO in Canc[pounds sterling]n on 10-14 September; uman rights situation in Papua and Aceh (Indonesia): discussion with Didier ROD (Greens/EFA, F), John RUMBIAK of the ELSHAM NGO, Papua, Mr AGUSWANDI representing the KONTRAS NGO (Aceh Office), Malik MAHMOUD, ASNLF, "Free Aceh Movement"; Meeting with Koffi SAMA, Prime Minister of Togo)

Constitutional Affairs : September 29 and 30 - Discussion with Commissioner Michel BARNIER on the preparation of the Inter-Governmental Conference - in presence of representatives of national parliaments of Member States and candidate countries

Women's Rights and Equal Opportunities: October 1 and 2 -. Hearing on women in Iraq; Report by Miet SMET (EPP-ED, B) on violations of women's rights and the EU's international relations. Report by Lone DYBKJR (ELDR, DK) on 2004 elections: how to ensure balanced representation between women and men.

Petitions: September 30 and October 1. Report by Proinsias DE ROSSA (PES, IRL) on petition 461/2000 concerning the protection and conservation of Great Apes and other species endangered by the illegal trade in bushmeat.

Presidents Conference open to all Members, in the presence of Mr Ciampi, President of the Italian Republic: Tuesday September 30, in Brussels.

Conciliation Committee on port services: Monday September 29.

Public Hearings:

-"Cultural sponsorship": Tuesday September 30

-"Farm incomes in the European Union" - Tuesday September 30

-"Cultural Sponsorship": Tuesday September 30
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