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* The long echo: Russia in the XXth century: constants and the variables This discussion and reception to be held in Brussels on June 18 inaugurate an exhibition by the Russian organisation "Memorial". It will be hosted by Jean Lambert MEP. Issues will include: What is the nature of contemporary Russia? How much has actually changed? To what extent do its former political and social structures remain, and could the past come back to life? Recent political developments and the failures of Russia's new democracy make such questions crucial. Current attempts to revive the symbolism and reality of the past are not mere nostalgia. Rather, they are provoked by a strong desire to revive the traditions of the totalitarian regime - traditions of limitless state power, faceless collectivism, and the rejection of values based on human rights and individual freedoms. In this context is vital to remember the reality of the heritage that Russia rejected in the early 1990s. This is the primary impetus behind this exhibition: to explore the myths and stereotypes that deeply influenced past eras of Russian history, and to show how such myths and stereotypes are surviving into the present. Organiser: Heinrich Boll Foundation. Information: Inge Nalbach (, (+32) 2/ 743 41 01) or Kathleen Spencer Chapman (, (+32) 2/ 284 7507), Fax: (+32) 2/ 284 9507, E-mail:* "The Development of Oil and Gas Sector of Ukraine and Opportunities for Attraction of Foreign Investment" The objective of the business conference to be held in Brussels on June 19 will be to present for the first time ever, the latest investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector of Ukraine. It will provide a forum for open discussions on all aspects of the oil and gas industry between the EU and Ukraine and will bring together politicians, policy makers, officials, business people, investors, and journalists from the European Union, Ukraine, and other INOGATE countries. Organiser: INOGATE Support Group. Information: Website:* European Summer university of CECODHAS: urban renewal and participation of inhabitants. Organiser: CECODHAS (Comite europeen de coordination de l'habitat social), Venue: Marseilles, Date: July 3-5, Information: Laurent Ghekiere, Directeur de la Mission Europe, Union Nationale Hlm, Delegation permanente Bruxelles, 1-2 avenue des Arts, B-1040 Brussels, Tel: (+32) 2/221 04 38, Mobile: (+33) 6 861 691 60, Fax: (+32) 2/ 217 66 12, E-mail:, Websites:,,* British Chamber of Commerce events: June 18 Business Luncheon with H.E. Lode Willems on "Challenges of Bilateral Diplomacy in the EU: the Case for strong UK-Belgian Relations". June 26 Breakfast Briefing with Digby Jones, CEO CBI. June 28: Breakfast Briefing with Danish Representative on "Priorities of Danish Presidency" Organiser: British Chamber of Commerce. Venue: Brussels, Information: Sylvie Dejardin, Tel: (+32) 2/540.90.30* Pragmatic approaches towards sustainability in companies. At this congress, pragmatic approaches towards sustainability, as they have been devised by companies will be thoroughly examined from different angels. Four general themes have been chosen: At global level, sustainable development will not be realised if access to such fundamental services as energy and water cannot be provided for all, even for the poorest. This objective is clearly political. Nevertheless, we need to consider what companies can contribute to solving this problem, taking into account that energy use also raises the risk of climate change. Sustainable Development requires new products, services, manufacturing processes and building methods and materials. What are the solutions companies can offer? Organiser: Entreprises pour l'environnement, Venue: Versailles, Date: July 4-5, Information: 41, rue des 3 Fontanot - 92 024 Nanterre Cedex - France, Tel: (+33) 1/ 55 69 13 33, Fax: (+33) 1/ 55 69 13 30, Email:* Seventh Summer academy of European business law Lawyers and legal experts specialised in Business Law do not all practice Community Law on a full-time basis. Many of them would nevertheless like to be kept informed in an in-depth manner of a matter with which they are regularly confronted. That is the aim of the Summer Academy of European Business Law. Organised in the form of a round table, this residential seminar is held each year at the College of Europe. For the main subject, Competition Law, the course will be updated annually. The other subject matters covered, like copyright or free movement of goods or services will be on the programme every two years in order to enable greater coverage of the matters. Organiser: European Association of Lawyers. Venue: Bruges, Date: June 30-July 3, Information: Bertrand Wittamer, Valery Vermeulen or Satiha Sataes-Polet, Avenue Louise, 137/1, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: (+32) 2/ 543 02 00, Fax: (+32) 2/ 538 13 78, E-mail:, Website:* Extending the Area of Freedom, Justice and Security through enlargement: Challenges for the European Union. This is CEPS' second annual JHA conference. Organiser: CEPS, in co-operation with SITRA, Finland, Academy of European Law Trier, Germany, and Transcrime - University of Trento, Italy, Venue: Trier, Date: July 4 - 6, Information: Dr Joanna Apap, E-mail:, Peter Cullen, E-mail:, Prof. Ernesto Savona, E-mail:* Enlargement from a Local and Regional Perspective. This conference will mark the start of the Danish EU Presidency. Key politicians and experts will discuss the challenges of enlargement on a local and regional level. Seven workshops hosted by local and regional organisations and authorities will discuss a range of technical issues. The target audience is politicians and senior officials from applicant countries and EU Member States. 300 political and administrative high level decision-makers are expected to attend. Organiser: Danish local and regional representation offices in Brussels. Venue: Brussels, Date: July 5, Information: Esther Davidsen, Copenhagen EU Office, Av. Palmerston 26, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: (+32) 2/ 285 4320, Fax: (+32) 2/ 285 4329, Mail:, Website:* Konrad Adenauer Stiftung events July 8: Lecture: "Constitution-unification-defence - Europe at the turning point." with Dr Friedbert Pflueger, chairman of the Europe Committee of the German Bundestag July 10 Lecture: Roundtable with Dr. Theodor Waigel, Federal Minister of Finance. Organiser: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Venue: Brussels, Information: Av de l'Yser 11, Brussels 1000, Belgium. Tel: (+32) 2/ 743 0743, Fax: (+32) 2/ 743 0749, E-mail:, Web site:* EU competition policy between reform and internationalisation The conference is designed for European and US business executives responsible for corporate legal matters and strategic planning in the European environment. Private legal practitioners following competition issues at the national level may also find the conference beneficial in providing a current overview of developments, in light of the new challenges and opportunities raised by the recent and upcoming reforms of various aspects of competition policy within the European Union.Organiser: EU Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce. Venue: Brussels, Date: June 25, Information: Franck Fougere ( or Anna Marij van der Meulen (, Tel: (+32) 2/513.68.92, Fax: (+32) 2/513.79.28..JJ:(RMM)
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Date:Jun 19, 2002

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