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* Associations and Emerging Europe: This European Meeting, under the patronage of European Parliament President Nicole Fontaine, will be held in Brussels on 19 February, to celebrate the centenary of the French law guaranteeing freedom of association. Its central themes are associations as a link between civil society and the public authorities, and the diversity of types of association within Europe. Information: Loi 1901 c/o B1S, Avenue de la Couronne 340, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: (+32) 2/ 647 2400 - Fax: (+32) 2/ 640 5501 - E-mail:* Competitiveness in Europe: The subtitle of this seminar, which is being organised by the British Embassy in Brussels, is "Stockholm and beyond". Taking place on 22 February, it will look at the EU's progress towards meeting its goal of becoming "the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world". Among the speakers will be Erkki Liikanen, the European Commissioner for Enterprises and the Information Society, and Peter Hain, the UK Minister for Energy and Competitiveness. Information: Marco De Michelis or Karine Igaunenc, Tel: (+33) 1/ 4752 6207, Fax: (+33) 1/ 4752 6207, E-mail:* Analysis, Methodology of Treatment and Remediation of Contaminated Soils and Groundwater: This is the third biennial seminar on this subject of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in co-operation with the Association Interchimie of Paris. Clean-up technologies will be discussed, but also the legal, financial and public/local-community relations aspects of environmental restoration. Delegates from North America, Europe and the CIS will attend. The seminar will take place in Paris on 13-15 March and will have simultaneous translation in English, French and Russian. Information: Howard Hornfeld, UN/ECE Trade Division. Tel: (+41) 22/917 3254 - Fax: (+41) 22/917 0178 - E-mail: chem@unece.orgor Vincent Limousin, Association Interchimie, Tel: (+33) 1/4717 6366 - Fax: (+33) 1/4717 6365 - E-mail:* Can renewables deliver?: This conference is being organised by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Forum for the Future. It will take place in London on 12-13 March, and questions if, and how, renewable energy sources can replace fossil fuels. It also assesses the environmental impact of renewables, technology transfers to developing countries, and political and financial obstacles. Information: Georgina Wright, Tel: (+44) 20/7321 2045 - E-mail:* Recovery of Phosphates: The second international conference on recovering phosphates from sewage and animal waste will take place on 12-13 March in Noodwijkerhout in the Netherlands. It is being organised by CEFIC (the European Chemical Industry Council), Stowa (Dutch Water Research Foundation), CIWEM (the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) and CEEP (European Centre for the Study of Polyphosphates). Information: CEEP Phosphate Recovery Conference, Lidy Groot Conference Events, PO Box 83005, NL - 1080 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tel: (+31) 20/6793218 - Fax: (+31) 20/6758236 - E-mail: phosphates@lgce* Decentralisation to national, regional and local levels: Public hearings will take place on this subject in Brussels on 13 and 14 March, as part of preparations for the European Commission's White Paper on Governance. The four areas being considered are enforcement of EU legislation by national courts, involving civil society in decentralisation, decentralisation contracts between the Commission and different government bodies, and networks of cities and regions. Information: Tomas Gronberg, Tel: (+32) 2/ 296 9174 - E-mail:, Web site:* Keeping the lights on: Subtitled "electric tradition or innovation?", this conference, to be held on 14-15 March in London, will examine the turbulence in the electricity industry caused by liberalisation and technological innovations, and look into its future implications. It is being staged by the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Information: Information: Georgina Wright, Tel: (+44) 20 7321 2045 - E-mail:
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