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Europe*Star 1, a powerful 12kW satellite, has been successfully launched from Kourou, French Guiana, aboard an Ariane 44LP rocket. The new satellite, built jointly by Space Systems/Loral and Alcatel Space Industries, links Europe with much of southern Africa, the Middle East, and southern and southeast Asia from an orbital slot at 45-degrees East longitude, serving a market of three billion people in over 76 countries.

Europe*Star, a joint venture between Loral Space & Communications (NYSE:LOR) and Alcatel Spacecom, has become the first European Ku-band satellite system to directly cover much of three continents in a single hop -- providing telecommunications, high-speed IP multicasting, and television distribution over this vast geographical area. Europe*Star is also a member of the Loral Global Alliance, a worldwide network comprising the satellite capacity of Loral Skynet and Satmex, and Skynet do Brasil, along with Europe*Star itself. Today's successful launch of Europe*Star 1 significantly expands the Alliance, which can now provide nearly round-the-world coverage.

"Europe*Star 1 brings much-needed satellite capacity to parts of the world that have rapidly growing telecommunications needs," said Bernard L. Schwartz, chairman and chief executive officer of Loral, "and it also fills out the Loral Global Alliance, making this group a truly worldwide provider of satellite services."

The new satellite was built for Europe*Star by prime contractor Alcatel Space, which provided the payload, and Space Systems/Loral (SS/L), which built the bus and assembled, integrated, and tested the Europe*Star 1 satellite at its Palo Alto, Calif. facility. SS/L and is providing launch base operations and in-orbit testing as well.

Europe*Star 1, based on SS/L's space-tested 1300 satellite platform, will have total beginning-of-life power of 12 kW with a separated mass of approximately 4,150 kg, and 9.9 kW of end-of-life power at 15.2 years. The satellite will operate 30 high-powered transponders at 140 W.

The 1300 is flight-proven and has an excellent record of reliable operation. SS/L's satellites are designed to achieve long useful orbital life through use of bipropellant propulsion and momentum-bias systems for excellent stationkeeping and orbital stability. A system of high-efficiency solar arrays and lightweight batteries provides primary electrical power. SS/L satellites have accumulated nearly 800 years of reliable on-orbit service.

Europe*Star, headquartered in London, will offer the fixed satellite services of Europe*Star 1 across its five coverage regions: Europe, southern Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia, and will include digital transponder capacity for full-time, part-time, and occasional use requirements. To provide local support and presence within these diverse regions, Europe*Star also has offices in New Delhi, India and in Cape Town, South Africa. The satellite, mission and business control centers are located in Toulouse, France, as well as tracking, telemetry & control. Backup facilities exist in Rambouillet, France and Hawley, Pa. in the US. For more information, visit

Space Systems/Loral, a division of Loral Space & Communications, is a premier designer, manufacturer, and integrator of powerful satellites and satellite systems. SS/L also provides a range of related services, including mission control operations and procurement of launch services. Based in Palo Alto, California, the company has an international base of commercial and governmental customers whose applications include broadband digital communications, wireless telephony, direct-to-home broadcast, environmental monitoring, and air traffic control. SS/L is ISO 9001 certified. For more information, visit

Loral Space & Communications is a high technology company that concentrates primarily on satellite manufacturing and satellite-based services, including broadcast transponder leasing and value-added services, domestic and international corporate data networks, global wireless telephony, broadband data transmission and content services, Internet services, and international direct-to-home satellite services. For more information, visit

Alcatel Space, an affiliate of Alcatel (51%) and Thomson-CSF (49%), generated a 1999 turnover of 9.3 billion francs (1.4 billion Euros) and employs 5,500 people. Alcatel Space has partners around the world, subsidiaries throughout Europe, and a strong commitment to R&D. Alcatel Space plays an important role -- as prime contractor, operator, investor, or service provider -- in a majority of ongoing space programs through two separate subsidiaries: Alcatel Spacecom and Alcatel Space Industries.

Alcatel Spacecom groups together the activities and interests relating to investments and operations in systems and satellites. This subsidiary is responsible for several programs and projects of this nature, including, among others, SkyBridge, CyberStar (multimedia); Euteltracs (positioning and fleet management); Europe*Star, Eurasiasat, Rascom, Bolivarsat, AirTV (telecommunications and broadcasting).

Alcatel Space Industries ranks among the world's space systems leaders. With expertise in civil and military applications, Alcatel Space Industries develops satellite technology for telecommunications, navigation, optical and radar observation, meteorology, and sciences.

For more information, visit or call 212/338-5383.
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