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Byline: The Register-Guard

Friday Oct. 9

3 p.m., Theater 12

"The Perfect Cappuccino" - Filmmaker Amy Ferraris searches the coffee shops of America in a surprisingly complex exploration of how Starbucks' mass marketing overwhelms independent coffee purveyors.

"What Would It Look Like?" - This retrospective challenges us to reflect and to listen more closely to what is being asked of us at this time of global transformation.

3 p.m., Theater 13

"Parables, the Cafeteria" - When Caroline notices a troubled student sitting by herself in the school cafeteria, she is faced with a difficult choice of whether to reach out to the girl.

"Living to Dream" - The issues facing undocumented college students are explored in this documentary short.

"Redemption Stone" - An African-American storyteller navigates his way through the world as a migrant worker, factory laborer, soldier and finally a riot cop on the mean streets of Washington, D.C.

"Goalball" - Goalball, a sport created for blinded war veterans in the 1940s, now is played by visually impaired teens in schools for the blind. Oregon School for the Blind is featured

"Memorize-you-saw-it" - Film student Jon Betz documents war through the eyes and interviews of children in a Ugandan orphanage.

5 p.m., Theater 12

"Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story" - Cooper, who will be attending the festival, is a World War II combat veteran who returns to Pacific island of Tarawa, where Americans still lie forgotten and the United States has done nothing to repatriate their remains.

"Uintah United" - A small Western town was rocked with the news in 1922 that the local school principal had shot and killed one of his students. This is the story of the principal's successor.

5 p.m., Theater 13

"Scrimshander" - A friendship blossoms between an inquisitive young boy and a solitary bone carver. But the old man's mysterious past catches up with him, resulting in terrible consequences.

"My Dearest Love" - A short that shows love transcending culture, family and tradition, all through the pain and longing of a beautiful Indian woman's face as she is about to marry.

"Chains" - Canadian actress Sharon Lewis directs this riveting science fiction short in which lovers, who've grown a beautiful flower, are charged with the crime of "wasting" water and sentenced to take turns shooting themselves until one dies.

"Mitsein" - A young woman sees her image in a painting and goes on an existential journey looking for the artist who created her and so seeks to re-create herself.

"Magritte Moment" - Surreal, existential and stimulating visual observation about a painter searching for his muse, starring Tom Noonan and Mizuo Peck.

"Family History" - Animated painting explores the quixotic nature of memory where the emotional space between motherhood and daughterhood intersect.

"Sebastian's Voodoo" - 3-D animated short about a voodoo doll that must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death. Winner of more than 45 awards, including Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner.

"Signs of Life" - A robot created to search the galaxy for intelligent life has become attached to his creator and doesn't want to leave Earth.

7 p.m., Theater 12

"The Devil's Matchmaker" - A loner, slacker and all-round flop with the ladies is a matchmaker who gets people together based on their fun and funny last name combinations.

"The Waiting List" - Portland writer-director Mike Vogel's film is a keenly observant comedy about a group of parents spending the night in a preschool so they can be first to get their kids on the enrollment list. Vogel and cast members will attend.

7 p.m., Theater 13

"All's Faire in Love" - Dysfunctional group of renaissance fair enthusiasts in Elizabethan dress-up dishes out all the kooky trickery and deceit the royals, peasants and witches can throw at an audience. Cast includes Christina Ricci, Ann-Margret, Cedric the Entertainer and Owen Benjamin.

9 p.m., Theater 12

"The Optician" - An overly shy optometrist is in love with his shop assistant but too scared to ask her out. Perhaps a pair of glasses that allow him to see 10 seconds into the future will help him win her heart?

"Rimshot" - The story of a doctor who buried his true dream, and finds the key to unlock it in the most unlikely of places.

"The Laborers" - Steve wants to spend his Saturday watching sports but his wife has a honey-do-list with a time limit. He finds his own way.

"[R] Finita la Commedia" - In a parked car, father and son discuss love, sex, mother and death. What are these two about to undertake?

"Stalk Much?" - Can stalking be funny? You bet.

"Stealing Second" - A fumbling romance between college students sparks this fun "guy-talk" short, made by Eugene native Alex Richanbach. It has been featured on the Glamour magazine Web site and on Will Ferrell's

"A Christmas Tale" - "South Park" meets the Yuletide season as 8-year-old Leroy has just seen the girl next door and is in love!

"Brake, Breaking, Broken" - Memorable short about love at first sight - a moving journey about loving someone you cannot be with.

"Hanging Plant" - The plant guy gets curious about a couple's inverse machine while they are away on vacation and gets stuck upside down.

"The Ghost-Eye Tree" - Take a journey with two children through the woods of a magical town where they encounter a haunted tree.

9 p.m., Theater 13

"Tapped" - The effort to privatize water by multinational corporations is revealed. A highlight of the festival, organizers say.

"Hot Wind: America's Fallout Casualties" - Between 1951 and 1991, the Atomic Energy Commission detonated 928 nuclear warheads in Nevada. Generations of down-winders in Utah have suffered.

11 p.m., Theater 12

"Without" - In this twist-ending short, a woman is trapped in a room with a vicious Doberman watching her every move.

"Rose" - Filmed in numerous Oregon locations, this film has fun pumping up the "guy-fear" about getting married.

"The Inner Circle" - Coming-of-age story about five free-spirited teenage girls who are drawn together against the backdrop of a New England Catholic boarding school in 1964.

"The Visited" - Edward is a writer losing his grip on reality in a scary library. He must distinguish reality from insanity before hurting someone he loves.

"New Project by Any Other Name" - Psychological thriller shows two people weaving through their respective journeys of deceit and revenge.

11 p.m., Theater 13

"Who's Good Looking?" - As a couple winds their way through a skin care boutique, sarcastic dialogue on notions of beauty expose their narcissism. A clever relationship comedy.

"3 Days Blind" - Comedy about a dysfunctional family gathering at their father's Beverly Hills estate to celebrate his 75th birthday. Filled with humorous digressions.

Saturday Oct. 10

11 a.m., Theater 12

"Woodlands Seasons 1" - Blending images of the same forest scene shot over the course of a year, "Woodlands Seasons 1" reflects on experiencing many moments at the same time.

"The Nightgardener" - The life of a garden after dark: Balinese dancers sway on the petals of clematis flowers, Russian singers perform in a calla lily. Disparate images on floral screens capture an idea about the humanity of the world.

"Sounds Good to Me" - Documentary follows college a cappella groups from auditions to rehearsals to performances to an international competition that culminates at Lincoln Center in New York City. Look for scenes shot at the Hult Center and the University of Oregon.

11 a.m., Theater 13

"Health, Money and Fear" - Timely documentary about health care, made in Portland by an emergency room doctor, isn't what you think - the film informs as it entertains.

"Severing the Soul" - Recently found footage interweaves an account of Rosemary Kennedy's lobotomy procedure in 1941 with an overview of the psychosurgery movement in the United States.

"$100 a Day" - A man convicted of a murder he did not commit is exonerated after 12 years in prison. Entitled to $100 for each day of false imprisonment, he becomes a political pawn in the fight over California's budget.

"Scion" - A moody and provoking short of a lonely being struggling to escape an insulated existence and search for companionship.

"Infection" - The barriers between Earth and hell are crumbling, and a biological Armageddon is coming.

"The Component" - A mysterious salesman arrives at the doorstep of an inventor and his wife and offers them an important component that will change their lives, or not.

1 p.m., Theater 12

"Autism: Made in the USA" - Feature-length documentary examines what autism is, peels away misconceptions and shows how parents and health care providers can take some solace in finding effective treatments.

1 p.m., Theater 13 Greenhill benefit

"Gerald's Last Day" - Gerald the dog has been scheduled for termination by the pound at 5 p.m. - but he's full of hope. Winner of Best Animation at 2009 International Family Film Festival.

"Gideon the Great: The Flying Ace" - Animated in bright colors and original textures, we enter the mind of a young boy as he takes us on an adventurous ride.

"Tah-Dah" - Hand-drawn Bentley the Bug, a sophisticated gentlemanly sort, makes music with Farmer Henry in the corner of a barn.

"Reach" - A tiny robot is given the gift of life with only one limitation: the length of his power cable.

"Zap Squad and the Sands of Time" - A secret team of super kids is called upon to protect the world from an evil genius. Animated with 3-D effects.

"Out Here in the Fields: Quail Hill Farm" - Inspirational story of land donation and success of a Community Supported Agriculture farm.

"Hay Daze" - Some light-hearted fun in Montana showing how farmers create eye-popping hay-bale sculptures.

"Adina's Deck: The Case of the Online Crush" - A bunch of tech-savvy kids discover how an online "boyfriend" isn't as romantic as he seems.

3 p.m., Theater 12

"Abandoned" - When a young single mother loses her job and can't pay the rent, she is forced into one last, desperate act.

"Diamond" - The emotional strain of trying to steer a dysfunctional family in the right direction is explored when an 11-year-old tries to connect with his jailed father.

"One Peace at a Time" - A five-continent, two-year search for an answer to one basic question: Can we provide basic rights - water, nutrition, education, health care and a sustainable and peaceful environment - to every child on Earth?

3 p.m., Theater 13

"Tapped" - The effort to privatize water by multinational corporations is revealed.

"Crossroads on the Columbia" - A chronicle of how a community responds to out-of-state energy speculators who wish to build liquefied natural gas terminals near Astoria.

5 p.m., Theater 12

"H for Hunger" - Raging perspective on the despicable loss of life around the world due to ineptitude, greed and apathy. Henry Rollins stars.

5 p.m., Theater 13

"The Important Things" - Nothing is what it seems when it comes to what matters most in life.

"Inner Calm" - If you lost a loved one and could move into the afterlife to find them, would you risk playing with Death to accomplish your goal?

7 p.m., Theater 12

"Moonlight Sonata" - A psychological thriller about an affluent San Francisco family headed toward destruction is a gripping, modern day film noir.

7 p.m., Theater 13

"Irene in Time" - Celebrated director Henry Jaglom's drama-comedy about father-daughter relationships and how they influence the choices women make about the men in their lives.

9 p.m., Theater 12

"All's Faire in Love" - Dysfunctional group of Renaissance fair enthusiasts in Elizabethan dress dishes out all the kooky trickery and deceit the royals, peasants and witches can throw at an audience. Cast includes Christina Ricci, Ann-Margret, Cedric the Entertainer and Owen Benjamin.

9 p.m., Theater 13

"My Homework Ate My Dog" - In an education system over-dependent on standardized tests, Lyle Licketti is just the rebel to rage against the system.

"Skylight" - Computer-animated mockumentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic.

"The Waiting List" - Portland writer-director Mike Vogel's film is a keenly observant comedy about a group of parents spending the night in a preschool so they can be first to get their kids on the enrollment list. Vogel and cast members will attend.

11 p.m., Theater 12

"The Beneficiary" - Three lives are tragically altered when an ordinary event ignites a chain reaction of paranoia and murder.

"Unremembered" - A sci-fi twist on "Memento": John Outis doesn't have a past, but his life history is being restored in the present, dramatically altering the lives of his friends, his wife and his lover.

"The Soul Snatcher" - A Catholic zealot from the 17th century is granted eternal life in exchange for taking the souls of nonbelievers. Made in Eugene.

11 p.m., Theater 13

"The Swing" - Jacob King tries his best to ignore a family and past that have fallen apart around him - but his dreams and flashbacks begin to reveal events that occurred the night his wife and daughter left for good.

"Taos" - A dramatic personal journey shows how one deals with unexpected loss while forging a balance between competing families, work and personal interests.

Sunday Oct. 11

2 p.m., Theater 12

"Gaining Ground" - A young illegal immigrant couple spends their time furtively avoiding the German authorities, and problems arise when they have to enroll their young son in school.

"The Providence Effect" - For almost 30 years now, Providence St. Mel School in Chicago, an all-black parochial school that has had a 100 percent success rate of getting its graduates accepted to college.

2 p.m., Theater 13

"Jim Thorpe" - Documentary about the life and times of the American Indian from Oklahoma.

"Ascending the Giants" - Following the demise of the Klootchy Creek spruce, an Oregon landmark, Portland arborists set forth on a journey to locate a new Oregon state champion Sitka spruce.

4 p.m., Theater 12

"Politics of Sand" - Documentary focuses on the efforts to keep the Oregon Coast accessible to the public, beginning with Gov. Oswald West's 1913 struggle to pass his landmark legislation.

4 p.m., Theater 13

"The Nature of Existence" - A worldwide quest that tackles many prevailing questions about philosophies, religions and belief systems.

"Small Comforts" - A heartfelt drama about a young girl, Moira, who accepts her new family arrangement. Through a personal commitment she creates the comforts of home.
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