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THE scary thing is some of the idiots who shamed their clubs at Monday's Glasgow Cup Final probably woke up pleased with themselves yesterday.

A badge of honour. Proof that they're mad mental big men who showed the other lot how tough they are.

They might not feel so big when the police knock on their door having studied the CCTV. And they won't be smiling when a letter from their club lands on the doormat, saying they're not welcome back at Celtic Park or Ibrox.

Problem is they're not the only ones who won't be back- as some of the innocent fans caught up in the sickening scenes at Firhill question if they feel safe enough to attend football again.

People like Gordon Thomson, Cardonald, whose first-hand account of the night shows the true cost to the game goes way beyond the bill for a few broken seats.

Gordon said: "I was at the game with my five-year-old grandson and we had to leave at half-time. I wasn't the only one, there were others with children leaving too.

"My grandson and I are season-ticket holders at Ibrox and I'm not sure if I'll ever take him again. The poor boy was crying, he was white as a sheet and terrified. When he went to school this morning he was still visibly shaken by what he saw.

"Both sets of fans were as bad, nobody can claim the moral high ground because their behaviour was childish and shameful. They weren't interested in football whatsoever, all they cared about was taunting each other, singing sectarian bile and kicking seats.

"I was ashamed to be a Glaswegian yesterday. In the 50 years I've followed Rangers that was the most loutish behaviour I have seen - and they talk about having drink brought back to the stadiums?" While it's unfair on the overwhelming majority of decent and right-thinking football fans, it's inevitable that the events of Monday night will damage the campaign to let clubs sell alcohol in their stadiums.

Albert Styles emailed: "The two sets of supporters who got booze banned from football in the first place have just shown why bringing it back won't work.

"By rioting at a youth match, Old Firm fans once again drag the game into the gutter and spoil it for decent supporters."

Bob Boland, Glasgow, said: "To 'enhance the matchday experience' Peter Lawwell advocates a return to standing on the terraces and allowing alcohol to be sold inside the ground.

"Let Lawwell stand on the terraces as the urine cascades to the front and creates a lake. Let him paddle through pools of it as he hurries to get home and change into dry trousers after being soaked by a drunk who didn't want to lose his place on the terracing.

"And bringing back alcohol is supposed to attract punters? In Lawwell's quest for profit, more and more supporters will be driven away. No wonder people don't want their children to attend matches or even play football."

Thomas Trodden, Coatbridge, said: "It's a sad reflection when people can't show the respect of watching some young laddies playing football and just enjoy the game. Or is that beyond us in the 21st century?" Michael Reid, Paisley, added: "Seeing the pictures on TV, I thought I was watching River Plate v Boca Juniors.

"Scottish football doesn't want to see another Old Firm derby because if that wee boys' game is anything to go by, it will be absolute carnage. These scenes were shameful and the scary thing is it wasn't a great surprise to people."

Ian Seymore, Irvine, emailed: "No wonder chairmen in England don't want the Old Firm. They have their own problems with hooliganism."

Stephen Smith, Perth, said: "How can anyone say Scottish football misses the Old Firm fixture now? "How can ripped-up seats, injured stewards, violence and religious bigotry be something we want to see? The only people who miss that are the scumbags who follow Celtic and Rangers and the money men who miss the cash."

Lee McCulloch's autobiography prompted a few digs about his reaction to a couple of tough tackles from Paul Hartley.

Brian McGhee, Elderslie, said: "I find it ironic that McCulloch is slagging someone off for putting in a bad tackle when he's made a career of battering people, throwing elbows and making snidey wee tackles on people."

Final word from Motherwell fan Bobby Mortimer, who has a message for Neil Lennon over his comments about the Player of the Year shortlist.

Bobby said: "Lennon says none of those players would get in his team - well after Sunday none of his Celtic players would get in my Motherwell team!" RECORD VIEW PAGE 49 CALL THE HOTLINE TODAY BETWEEN 10 AND 11AM on: 0141 309 3306 or email us:

QUOTE OF THE DAY 'I was at the game with my grandson and we had to leave at half-time due to the loutish behaviour. It made me ashamed to be a Glaswegian'
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Date:May 1, 2013
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