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EU threat to liberty of motorcyclists; LETTERS.

I WAS delighted to join hundreds of demonstrators at the weekend in a protest organised by the Motorcycle Action Group against proposed European legislation that would limit the right to modify new bikes and make on board diagnostics compulsory.

At 1300 motorcyclists set off from 12 meeting points across the UK representing the 12 EU Parliamentary Constituencies.

In Wales, several hundred riders met at Junction 49 of the M4 and were accompanied by police escort as they rode down the left hand lane in a cavalcade.

There is no evidence to support this notion that modifications are unsafe or environmentally unfriendly.

Compulsory On Board Diagnostics are a breach of liberty and will force motorcyclists to take bikes into dealerships, preventing any mechanical work from being done at home.

The message from Brussels demonises motorcyclists.

Everyone I spoke to agreed that safety and respect are paramount in motorcycling, which is why they take such umbrage at being persecuted this way.

The turnout is incredible which just goes to demonstrate how passionate many motorcyclists are about their vehicles and the disgust that is felt about the EU interfering with probably the most liberating form of transport.

John Bufton, UKIP MEP for Wales, Nant Glas, Powys
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 28, 2012
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