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EU sanctions hurting EU!


The Islamic Republic has been telling its citizens repeatedly that the new sanctions imposed by the EU will will fly back and hurt Europeans--and, by golly, that's true.

Germans are complaining about the rising price of Nuremberg bratwurst, which is made with sheep intestines imported from Iran.

"Meat in Iran has become much more expensive," said Nuremberg-based butcher Claus Steiner. "People in Iran are buying less meat, and the intestines are a by-product."

The price of Iranian sheep intestines has almost tripled in 18 months, he says, from $8.16 to $22.84 per 100 meters (enough to make about 1,000 sausages), forcing him to raise the price of his sausages.

Arguably the most popular of all sausages in Germany, the Nuremberg bratwurst dates to the Middle Ages. It is a small, spicy sausage traditionally served by the half-dozen with sauerkraut on a heart-shaped pewter plate.

China and New Zealand also supply the casings, though sausage makers say Iran's are the best.

"In Iran the vegetation isn't as green and widespread as in New Zealand, for example," Steiner said. "That means the sheep have to walk farther and have a [poorer] diet of drier grass. This makes the intestines firmer, which makes them less likely to fall apart when you fill them with the sausage meat or split open when they're fried or barbecued."
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Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
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Date:Mar 16, 2012
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