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EU is not a bad thing if you survived war.

I WAS just five when the Second World War broke out in 1940.

One of my vivid memories of it, apart from going down the air-raid shelter, food rationing etc, was that of my mom's friend Mrs Lemmon.

We lived in Ladywood at the time which had its fair share of bombing, like the Borax factory 300 yards down the road, which went up like Blackpool illuminations.

My mom had given Mrs Lemmon a bundle of brand new clothes to pawn to help her out of a debt crisis.

Unfortunately, Mrs Lemmon and all her family, with the exception of one daughter, were killed when a bomb hit their house.

Of course the pawn ticket went up with the house. Mrs Lemmon and her family are remembered in the War Memorial in the Bull Ring and this is why I am a firm believer in the EU, having witnessed the devastating scenes in our own country and that of the concentration camps in Poland and Germany.

D Lawrence, Weoley Castle, Birmingham

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Feb 8, 2015
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