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EU is a 'dictatorship' FEEDBACK.

BY being a member of the European Union we have lost the ability to govern our country and to control our own borders.

The benefits of being in the EU are financial ruin and collapse of our economy.

In all the years we have been a member we have never financially taken out more than we have put into the EU funds.

Our trade is mainly with Europe but Europe imports more goods to the UK than we export to Europe.

The EU will not allow the UK to set up new trading ventures with non-EU countries. We have bankrolled many EU countries such as Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy, not to mention one of the founder members of this disaster - France.

Since the morphing from the EEC to the now giant EU their powers have been gradually getting stronger and more intrusive to our country.

Unelected politicians decide what is best for us and if we do not like it and fail to comply then hefty fines are imposed.

We have a body of dictators who have a one size fits all attitude.

So that I do not subscribe to the theory that we are better remaining in the EU.

The British economy has, hopefully, turned the corner but most, if not all, of Europe has either no growth or negative growth.

The Euro is not worth a plug nickel and it looks as though the EU will have to print more money. Is that a sign of a healthy economy? As for UKIP do not just look at this party which had a massive vote at the Euro Elections, take a look at many other countries where huge swings took place.

People are fed up with the EU and want their lives back, their monetary systems back and, above all else, they want to govern their own countries without interference from the EU mandarins.

I for one shall be voting to leave the EU. The money saved can be used for the things that our country is desperate for but never gets.

R J Bray Shelley

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Sep 20, 2014
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