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EU foreign affairs council to table situation in Macedonia.

The Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union will table the situation in Macedonia Monday, at its last meeting prior to the Summit of the European Council, reports MIA's Brussels-based correspondent.

At the suggestion of Germany and Great Britain, the foreign ministers of the Union's member states are going to discuss Macedonia and pass an unbinding recommendation concerning the political crisis in the country, which is an EU candidate member state.

After the Summit of the European Council has been delayed from 23 and 24 June to 28 and 29 June because of the British referendum, the Dutch Presidency of the Union decided to convene the Foreign Affairs Council on 20 June rather than two days prior to the Summit of the European Council as has always been the case.

Macedonia will be the main item on the agenda of the foreign ministers of the EU member states in addition to the peace process in the Middle East, the situation in the Sahel region, the integrated EU politics on the Arctic and the training mission for the security forces in Libya. Discussions about Macedonia are expected to end by noon whereupon the Foreign Affairs Council led by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, is expected to voice its stance on developments in Macedonia.

The earlier speculated possibility of introducing some kind of sanctions against individuals in Macedonia because of the political crisis has been fully discarded because in order for this to happen consent is required from all the EU member states and the idea has been opposed by Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia.

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Date:Jun 20, 2016
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