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EU always about more than trade.

DAVID Stamps needs to do more work on the evidence for his assertions about the European Union (Birmingham Mail Talkback, August 3 2019). For instance, the EEC/EC/EU has always had wider ambitions than just trade. It is there in the opening paragraphs of the Treaty of Rome (1957), which set up the EEC - "an ever closer union among the European peoples".

As well as that, the developments in the nature of the European Union are not all due to Brussels bureaucrats. Margaret Thatcher's government was a major champion of extending the EC to the countries of central and eastern Europe and of the Single Market. In fact, it has been reported that the Single Market was largely the creation of UK officials.

The European Union has little or no responsibility for foreign takeovers of British companies.

They are the result of the structure of British companies and the light regulation of companies by the UK authorities.

In other words, they are easy to take over. It is harder to take over German companies because of their governance structures and financing.

The French and Italian governments do not hesitate to interfere to block takeovers that they do not like. A few years ago the French government blocked the takeover of a yogurt company, claiming it was for reasons of national security.

I am not familiar with the "plenty of anecdotal evidence that the European Union has more militaristic aims". There have been suggestions to create a European army - most recently by Jean-Claude Juncker - but they have always been effectively vetoed by a number of member countries.

It is true that we do not have absolute control over our armed forces but that is because they are subject to a degree of control by NATO.

The reason our armed forces have been run down is because the UK government has reduced the money available to them, preferring to spend it instead on other priorities. Gerry McMulllan, Northfield

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Date:Aug 8, 2019
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