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EU agrees rules for scanning of laptops before they go onto flights.


Rules in the European Union regarding the scanning of laptop computers before they go into the cabins of aircraft have been agreed by aviation experts.

A meeting of aviation security experts from the 25 European Union nations was held to discuss a number of security solutions after the alleged plot that was discovered by the authorities in the UK to blow up transatlantic aircraft mid-flight.

A statement from the EU said that the decision to make separate scanning for laptop computers mandatory would "increase the ability of screeners to detect capability of concealed dangerous items", The Associated Press reported.

Separately, technical experts from Europe will meet in London on Monday (11 September), and on the same day in Montreal, Canada a five-day meeting of international experts will open.

EU member countries have reportedly decided to wait for these talks before making a decision on new limits to the size of hand luggage allowed on board flights.

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Comment:EU agrees rules for scanning of laptops before they go onto flights.
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Date:Sep 8, 2006
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