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EU Fails To Speak With One Voice On Syria.

The Syrian rebels are outgunned and the bloodshed continues. European leaders have disagreed how to bring the civil war in Syria to swift, humane conclusion. France and Britain want to end an arms embargo for opposition groups, particularly moderates; Germany resists. A compromise emerged Monday, with the EU allowing security advice, but not actual arms transfer. Such arguments underscore the failure of sanctions as the Syrian government continues to get deliveries from Russia, while the rebels go without. "The EU has been torn between the interventionist instincts of the UK and France, two nations that still see themselves as world powers, and the inward-looking passivity of Germany, an economic giant loath to flex its diplomatic, let alone military, muscles," explains Joshua Chaffin for the Financial Times. Opponents to arming the rebels warn that the weapons could fall into the hands of extremists and be used against civilians and neighboring states. France and the UK could push the boundaries of security aid, as was the case with Libya intervention. So polarized, the EU cannot lead globally. - YaleGlobal

On arming Syrian rebels, French and British interventionists clash with Germany passivity; polarization dulls EU influence

Joshua Chaffin

The Financial Times, 19 March 2013

Source:The Financial Times


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Date:Mar 19, 2013
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