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The screening will mainly take the form of half-day bilateral sessions. It will cover: Chapter 15 - Industrial Policy; Chapter 16 - Small and Medium-sized Undertakings; Chapter 17 - Science and Research; Chapter 18 - Education and Training; Chapter 19 - Telecommunications and information technologies (on which a multilateral screening session will also be held on February 1); Chapter 20 - Culture and Audiovisual Policy; Chapter 23 - Consumers and Health protection; and Chapter 27 - Common Foreign and Security Policy.It is intended to identify what candidates have to do to incorporate elements of the acquis communautaire that came into effect in these areas since the cut-off date for the more thorough screening they have all gone through since March 1998. The updating may also, however, allow some check on how far candidates have matched up to their earlier undertakings to modify their legislation and practice in line with EU requirements. The timetable is as follows:February 1, 2000:All day: multilateral session on Chapter 19 - Telecommunications and Information TechnologiesFebruary 2: morning: bilateral Poland Chapter 17 - Science and Research bilateral Hungary Chapter 19 bilateral Latvia Chapter 18 - Education and Training bilateral Malta Chapter 20 - Culture and Audiovisual Policyafternoon: bilateral Hungary Chapter 17 bilateral Poland Chapter 19 bilateral Malta Chapter 18 bilateral Latvia Chapter 20February 3:morning: bilateral Czech Republic Chapter 17

bilateral Slovenia Chapter 19 bilateral Lithuania Chapter 18 bilateral Slovakia Chapter 20afternoon: bilateral Czech Republic Chapter 19 bilateral Slovenia Chapter 17 bilateral Lithuania Chapter 20 bilateral Slovakia Chapter 18February 4:morning: bilateral Estonia Chapter 17 bilateral Cyprus Chapter 19 bilateral Romania Chapter 18 bilateral Bulgaria Chapter 20afternoon: bilateral Cyprus Chapter 17 bilateral Estonia Chapter 19 bilateral Bulgaria Chapter 18 bilateral Romania Chapter 20February 7: morning: bilateral Latvia Chapter 17 bilateral Malta Chapter 19 bilateral Poland Chapter 18

bilateral Hungary Chapter 20afternoon: bilateral Latvia Chapter 19 bilateral Malta Chapter 17 bilateral Poland Chapter 20 bilateral Hungary Chapter 18February 8:morning: bilateral Lithuania Chapter 17 bilateral Slovakia Chapter 19

bilateral Czech Republic Chapter 18 bilateral Slovenia Chapter 20afternoon: bilateral Slovakia Chapter 17 bilateral Lithuania Chapter 19 bilateral Slovenia Chapter 18 bilateral Czech Republic Chapter 20February 9:morning: bilateral Romania Chapter 17 bilateral Bulgaria Chapter 19 bilateral Estonia Chapter 18 bilateral Cyprus Chapter 20afternoon: bilateral Romania Chapter 19 bilateral Bulgaria Chapter 17

bilateral Estonia Chapter 20 bilateral Cyprus Chapter 18February 10:morning: bilateral Czech Chapter 15 - Industrial Policybilateral Slovenia Chapter 16 - Small and Medium-sized Undertakingsbilateral Lithuania Chapter 27 - Common Foreign and Security Policy bilateral Slovakia Chapter 23 - Consumers and Health Protectionafternoon: bilateral Slovenia Chapter 15 bilateral Czech Chapter 16 bilateral Slovakia Chapter 27 bilateral Lithuania Chapter 23February 11:morning: bilateral Estonia Chapter 15 bilateral Cyprus Chapter 16

bilateral Romania Chapter 27 bilateral Bulgaria Chapter 23afternoon: bilateral Cyprus Chapter 15 bilateral Estonia Chapter 16 bilateral Bulgaria Chapter 27 bilateral Romania Chapter 23February 14:morning: bilateral Poland Chapter 15 bilateral Hungary Chapter 16 bilateral Latvia Chapter 27 bilateral Malta Chapter 23afternoon bilateral Hungary Chapter 15 bilateral Poland Chapter 16 bilateral Malta Chapter 27 bilateral Latvia Chapter 23February 15:morning: bilateral Lithuania Chapter 15 bilateral Slovakia Chapter 16 bilateral Czech Republic Chapter 27 bilateral Slovenia Chapter 23 afternoon bilateral Slovakia Chapter 15 bilateral Lithuania Chapter 16 bilateral Slovenia Chapter 27 bilateral Czech Republic Chapter 23February 16:morning: bilateral Romania Chapter 15 bilateral Bulgaria Chapter 16

bilateral Estonia Chapter 27 bilateral Cyprus Chapter 23afternoon: bilateral Bulgaria Chapter 15 bilateral Romania Chapter 16 bilateral Cyprus Chapter 27 bilateral Estonia Chapter 23February 17:morning: bilateral Latvia Chapter 15 bilateral Malta Chapter 16

bilateral Poland Chapter 27 bilateral Hungary Chapter 23afternoon: bilateral Malta Chapter 15 bilateral Latvia Chapter 16 bilateral Hungary Chapter 27 bilateral Poland Chapter 23
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Date:Jan 8, 2000

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