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EU/Nato allegiance is not the answer.

I HESITATE to lock horns with Dafydd Wigley ("Wigley warns of an 'awful price to pay' if UK leaves", Western Mail, May 25). He is a man for whom I have had the highest regard for more than 40 years and I am certainly no match for him on economic matters.

Any short-term economic problems caused by Brexit, however, will be more than cancelled out if and when the proposed EU trade deal with the US comes into force.

It is likely to decimate all but the biggest Welsh industries and will almost certainly lead to the break-up of any remaining public services like the NHS.

Dafydd is right that our main concern should be how the EU and its counterpart Nato affect our chances of ensuring a more peaceful world. I cannot agree with him that either the EU or Nato make a valuable contribution in that regard. Nato nearly triggered a world war when it planned to encircle the Soviet Union with nuclear weapons in the '60s and Krushchev gave them a taste of their own medicine by threatening to put nuclear weapons in Cuba. Luckily this persuaded Kennedy to back down.

Hundreds of millions of dollars and Euros have been used to destabilise eastern European countries and EU/Nato have supported an armed military coup by fascist gangs against a government in Ukraine which had agreed to hold new elections.

This could have triggered a new European war.

EU/Nato in fact behaved like medieval lords with their own armies acting with scant regard for anyone else. Peace and order were not established domestically until a central government asserted its authority over these warring factions.

Today's parallel is the need to make the UN effective - representing the peoples of the world rather than state governments which are prepared to ignore UN resolutions when it suits them.

Continuing to give allegiance to EU/Nato - which is in effect an armed faction - will only delay rather than hasten the day when an acceptable solution can be found to the world's pressing international problems.

Emrys Roberts, Canton, Cardiff

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 3, 2016
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