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EU're worst in the world for boozing; HEALTH.

EUROPEANS are the world's biggest boozers - drinking nearly twice the average of those around the globe.

We knock back an average 21.5 alcohol units weekly.

Americans consume 18 a week with the lowest inbibers in the eastern Mediterranean at 1.3.

Research also found 10% of deaths in Europe and 4% worldwide can be attributed to drink, as well as 5% of years lived with disability in all countries.

The proportion of men suffering alcohol-related deaths was much higher than women - 6.3% compared with 1.8%.

Research leader Dr Jurgen Rehm, of Toronto, writes in today's Lancet magazine: "We face a large and increasing alcoholattributable burden at a time when we know more than ever about which strategies can effectively and cost-effectively control alcohol related harms."


DANGER Too much alcohol
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2009
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