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ETP compounds.

Viton ETP-600s is a peroxide curable terpolymer of ethylene, tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoromethylvinyl ether. The broadest fluids resistance of any Viton fluoroelastomer is said to be achieved through this architecture. It is designed to be utilized in services requiring outstanding resistance to strong bases and amines, and good resistance to polar solvents. Viton ETP is said to exhibit the same high temperature resistance, equivalent to standard fluoroelastomers, being suitable for continuous use at 200[degrees]C, or to intermittent exposures up to 300[degrees]C. It is said to have good low-temperature properties, equivalent to Viton GF, with a TR10 of -7[degrees]C. Currently, the advantages of Viton ETP can be experienced in 75 and 90 durometer black compounds, according to the company, whose staff is available to help customers in creating a product to meet specific needs.

Eagle Elastomer
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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jun 22, 2007
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