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Articles from ETC.: A Review of General Semantics (December 22, 2001)

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"Socrates" visits the New York society for general semantics. (News & Notes). Brief Article 298
[Baseball.sup.2270] -- The A 's versus the Non-A 's. Johnston, Paul Dennithorne Short Story 3187
[Glimpse.sup.winter 2001-2002]. Miller, Nora 1653
A brief history of internet time. (Metaphors in Action). Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. 2237
A neglected anniversary. (The Accidental Bathtub Hoax). Mencken, H.L. 2058
Abstractions. Brief Article 242
Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture. (News & Notes). Brief Article 530
America - Naming the Country and its People. (Books). Levinson, Martin H. Brief Article 354
Educators using general semantics. (Education). 3420
Fifty years ago in etc. (Retrospect). Payne, Stanley L. 3444
Forces of Habit: Drugs and the Making of the Modern World. (Books). Levinson, Martin H. Book Review 355
General Semantics in journalism: Introduction. Ranly, Don Brief Article 937
General semantics in the supervision and staff development of drug prevention specialists. Levinson, Martin H. 4639
Governor Gerry would be envious. (Illustrating General Semantics). Wanderer, Robert Brief Article 835
GS goes to journalism school. (Special Section). McClanahan, Kristie 4406
Haiku. Miller, Nora Poem 84
Koans of time-binding. Spitzberg, Brian H. 1413
Membership page. Hewson, David Brief Article 467
Opening the closed mind: Making assumptions, jumping to conclusions. Berman, Sanford I. 3983
Strip Show: Performances of Gender and Desire. (Books). Levinson, Martin H. Book Review 302
The Secret of Serenity: A User's Manual for the Brain. (Books). Levinson, Martin H. Book Review 294
The word "is not" the bird. Miller, Nora Editorial 1311
The word "is" the thing: The "kotodama" belief in Japanese communication. Hara, Kazuya 3744

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