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ESC Inc.

ESC Inc.

Owner: Stan McDaniel Address: 201 Cherokee Circle, Little Rock, 227-6143 Start-up date: January

As a professional horticulturist, Stan McDaniel, owner of Healthy Lawn & Shrubs Inc., saw the need for a safe way to transport external spreaders such as lime.

In 1989, McDaniel invented a carrier that allows turf specialists to carry spreaders on the bumpers of their vehicles.

The carrier worked so well on his company's trucks, McDaniel decided to patent and market the invention.

Specialized Welding & Fabrication of Little Rock manufactures external spreader carriers.

McDaniel markets the product through national lawn-care magazines.

According to McDaniel, 40 units have been sold from New York to Hawaii. He will participate in a November trade show at Tampa, Fla., to publicize his product.

PHOTO : A SAFE SOLUTION: Stan McDaniel, owner of ESC Inc., invented a safer way to carry lawn spreaders. The external spreader carrier can be locked onto a vehicle bumper for secure storage and easy access.
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Date:Jul 8, 1991
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