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The editors regret that a number of errors were uncorrected in the article by Bruce Berman, `Ethnicity, patronage and the African state' (African Affairs, No. 388, July 1998, pp. 305-341). This erratum slip should be pasted opposite p. 305 at the beginning of the article.

p. 321, lines 4-5 from the top should read: `census and maps' rather than `consensus'

p. 322, 8th line from the bottom should read: `a reified cultural ...'

p. 324, fn. 59, last line should read: `make his concepts confusing for the present analysis'.

p. 331, second line from bottom should read: `net-works reinforced local and ethnic identities ...'

p. 333, seventh line from bottom should read: `constitutions quickly faded' not `constructions'.

p. 336, seventh line from bottom should read: `... and the decay of distributable resources' not `delay'

p. 341, sixth line from the top should read: `the ability of such groups to overcome the resistance' not `become'.

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Publication:African Affairs
Article Type:Correction Notice
Geographic Code:60AFR
Date:Oct 1, 1998
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