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ERP with added ESP.

"Russell Grant Astrology, the leading authority in over 30 years of astrological advice, has been nurturing a carefully selected team of psychics and mediums for some time now--selected from the best psychics throughout the UK. Only a very small percentage of readers who ask to join the team are ever accepted after various tests from Russell himself and members of his team.

"One in three calls used to be regarding a love-related matter--until it was evident over the past few months that more and more business owners have been calling up to get advice during this tough climate, Russell's psychic team at www.russellgrantpsychics. state.

"Using psychics and mediums for business is not unusual. In fact, they are usually employed to suss out prospective employees, solve mysteries within the workplace or indeed work hand in hand with astrologers and financial directors to plot the business's moves.

"'Many worried self-employed men and women have been calling me during the past few weeks,' one psychic commented. "I was very pleased to be able to guide a number of people into opening their minds to other avenues within their businesses to limit the losses they have been facing over the past few months.'"

Russell Grant Astrology.
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Publication:Financial Management (UK)
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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