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ERM leads to healthier organization.

Medcor (, a provider of health services and proprietary software systems, was looking for a solution to automate tasks in its IT and HR departments. The company wanted to centralize and manage all requests and increase consistency and compliance within the organization.

Integral to Medcor's business is hiring and placing qualified medical professions, as well as the corresponding paperwork associated with the new hire process. Applications, I-9 forms and release forms for background checks and credentialing need to be filed, tracked, processed, sent via overnight mail to the applicant and then overnighted back to Medcor to be further processed and finalized.

Medcor sought an enterprise request management (ERM) system that:

* was easy to use and implement, so that employees at headquarters and medical professionals at more than 170 clinic locations could easily access and adopt new automated processes;

* could immediately automate the new hire process to save time and money;

* integrated with its existing systems, including the HR system from Sage ( and its CRM systems; and

* would grow with the company and allow further automation of processes in other departments over time.

Medcor decided to implement Integrify ( in 2008, using concurrent licenses, which allowed every employee to access a single portal for all automated processes. Medcor also used the Integrify plug-ins--Database Push and Database Pull--to configure its Integrify environment and to connect Integrify processes with data from other systems. The company also signed on for the Integrify Remote Sync Service to synchronize Integrify user accounts and permissions with existing corporate directories.

Today, Medcor's Integrify system has been upgraded to Version 6.0, and additional plug-ins, such as Excel Import, Dynamic Assigner, Dynamic Notification, Web Service, Open URL and API Web Services, have been added.

Alex Petersen, IT business intelligence manager at Medcor, says, "They're not all used every day, but we do use some of them pretty extensively, such as Dynamic Notification, Database Pull and Database Push, and going forward probably some of these others will be incorporated into our newer processes as well."

Integrify can be used by all of Medcor's 900 employees, whether they are located at its headquarters, one of its clinics, satellite offices--even its mobile workers. Twenty-five automated processes are enabled by Integrify, and the system handles 400 to 500 requests per month now, the same amount handled in Medcor's first year using the system.

The most important functionality of Medcor's new system is its usefulness to the IT department. IT receives the most requests through the system, because employees at more than 170 remote clinic sites make hardware, software and wireless requests using Integrify.

"We have locations all over the country," Petersen says, "and when we have a new location start up, the manager requests equipment and communication services from IT, and tracking it through Integrify is much more efficient than the alternative."

The company's next biggest user is the human resources department, which has completely automated its new hire process using the system. Integrify allows the HR department to give new employee candidates a user name and password, pre-populate a lot of the forms and have them start the new hire process immediately.

Medcor CIO Tim Sahouri says, "Getting new employees on board faster means our clients will get medical professionals ready to deliver care more quickly."
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Title Annotation:KM in Practice; enterprise request management; MEDCOR Health Information Solutions Inc
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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