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Articles from ERIC: Reports (January 1, 2014)

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"A Library They Deserve": The Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project. Sheldon, Steven B.; Davis, Marcia H.; Connolly, Faith Report 399
"STEMming" the Swell of Absenteeism in Urban Middle Grade Schools: Impacts of a Summer Robotics Program. Mac Iver, Martha Abele; Mac Iver, Douglas J. Report 636
A Case Study of Assessing an International Initiative on Curriculum Reform. Reichman, Roxana G. Report 475
A Culture of High Expectations: Teacher Leadership at Pritzker College Prep. Report 432
A Daily Dose of CALM: Supporting Middle School Educators' Wellbeing and Classroom Functioning through a Brief Stress Reduction Intervention. Harris, Alexis R.; Jennings, Patricia A.; Abenavoli, Rachel M.; Katz, Deirdre A.; Greenberg, Mark T. Report 376
A New Frontier: Utilizing Charter Schooling to Strengthen Rural Education. Smarick, Andy Report 491
A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Second Language and Literacy Acquisition. Zhang Leimbigler, Sheri Report 313
A Random Assignment Evaluation of Learning Communities Seven Years Later: Impacts on Education and Earnings Outcomes. Weiss, Michael J.; Mayer, Alexander; Cullinan, Dan; Ratledge, Alyssa; Sommo, Colleen; Diamond, John Report 640
A Randomized Controlled Trial Validating the Impact of the LASER Model of Science Education on Student Achievement and Teacher Instruction. Kaldon, Carolyn R.; Zoblotsky, Todd A. Report 454
A Review of Research on the Effects of Second Life on Speaking Anxiety. GA1; Aydin, Selami Report 317
A Review of the Literature: Use of the Health Belief Model in Sickle Cell Research. Mayo-Gamble, Tilicia L. Report 302
A Study Examining the Dimensionality of Core Competencies Measure in Teacher Preparation Programs: Challenges and Lessons. Kizil, Ruhan Circi; Briggs, Derek; Seidel, Kent; Green, Kathy Report 519
A Unified Framework for Estimating Minimum Detectable Effects for Comparative Short Interrupted Time Series Designs. Price, Cristofer; Unlu, Fatih Report 438
Access to Effective Teaching for Disadvantaged Students in 29 School Districts. Isenberg, Eric; Max, Jeffrey; Gleason, Philip; Potamites, Liz; Santillano, Robert; Hock, Heinrich; H Report 386
Adopting and Adapting Compression Strategies: A Practitioner Brief. Right from the Start: An Institutional Perspective on Developmental Education Reform. Lass, Leslie; Powell, David S. Report 349
Adopting and Adapting Computer-Assisted Learning Strategies: A Practitioner Brief. Right from the Start: An Institutional Perspective on Developmental Education Reform. Lass, Leslie; Parcell, Abby Report 302
Adopting and Adapting Contextualization Strategies: A Practitioner Brief. Right from the Start: An Institutional Perspective on Developmental Education Reform. Lass, Leslie; Zandt, Alyson Report 247
Algebra for All: The Effect of Algebra Coursework and Classroom Peer Academic Composition on Low-Achieving Students. Nomi, Takako; Raudenbush, Stephen W. Report 372
An Empirical Comparison of Randomized Control Trials and Regression Discontinuity Estimations. Barrera-Osorio, Felipe; Filmer, Deon; McIntyre, Joe Report 392
An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Youth Homelessness. Harding, Blake Report 481
Assessing Implementation Fidelity: Challenges as Seen through the Lens of Two Experimental Studies. Vig, Rozy; Taylor, Megan W.; Star, Jon R.; Chao, Theodore Report 334
Assessing Teacher Effectiveness through Dual-Rater Classroom Observations: Researchers and District Staff Partnering to Create Calibrated Performance Evaluations. Manzeske, David P.; Eno, Jared P.; Stonehill, Robert M.; Cumming, John M.; MacGillivary, Heather L. Report 458
Assessing the Effectiveness of New Mexico's K-3 plus Summer Learning Initiative. Cann, Damon; Karakaplan, Mustafa; Lubke, Margaret; Rowland, Cyndi Report 465
Becoming Life-Long Learners--"A Pedagogy for Learning about Visionary Leadership". McNeil, Mary, Ed.; Nevin, Ann, Ed. Report 347
Bringing Technology to Students' Proximity: A Sociocultural Account of Technology-Based Learning Projects. Mukama, Evode Report 321
Calling Their Bluff: Expressed and Revealed Preferences of Top College Graduates Entering Teaching in Argentina. Ganimian, Alejandro; Alfonso, Mariana; Santiago, Ana Report 382
Can We Improve Preschool Classroom Quality in Chile? A Cluster-Randomized Trial Evaluation of a Professional Development Program. Leyva, Diana; Yoshikawa, Hirokazu; Snow, Catherine E.; TreviA[+ or -]o, Ernesto; Rolla, Andrea; Bara Report 396
Causal Inference and the Comparative Interrupted Time Series Design: Findings from Within-Study Comparisons. St. Clair, Travis; Hallberg, Kelly; Cook, Thomas D. Report 583
Challenges When Using the Regression Discontinuity Design in Educational Evaluations: Lessons from the Transition to Algebra Study. Louie, Josephine; Rhoads, Christopher; Mark, June Report 450
Charter Schools and Higher Education Authorizers. A Research for Action Policy Note. Report 320
Cheating in Online Classes: A Preliminary Investigation. Baker Bemmel, Mirella Report 393
Childhood Resiliency Effects from Schoolwide Treatment: A Cluster Randomized Trial. Hinerman, Krystal M.; Hull, Darrell M.; Hayes, DeMarquis; Powell, Marvin G.; Ferguson, Sarah; Naslun Report 400
Closing the Performance Gap: The Impact of the Early College High School Model on Underprepared Students. Bernstein, Larry; Edmunds, Julie; Fesler, Lily 659
Cluster Randomized Trial of a Large-Scale Education Initiative in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Pilot Year Impacts on Teacher Development. Wolf, Sharon; Aber, John Lawrence; Torrente, Catalina; Rasheed, Damira; McCoy, Marissa Report 480
Collaboration to Achieve Whole School SEL across a Large, Urban District. Porche, Michelle; Grossman, Jenny; Biro, Nova; MacKay, Nancy; Rivers, Sojourner Report 543
Collective Efficacy and Adult Community: Teacher and Principal Perceptions after Two Years of Implementing "Leading Together" in Schools. Paxton, Carol L. C.; Leis, Micela; Rimm-Kaufman, Sara E. Report 437
Compared to What? Estimating Causal Effects for Latent Subgroups to Understand Variation in the Impacts of Head Start by Alternate Child Care Setting. Feller, Avi; Grindal, Todd; Miratrix, Luke; Page, Lindsay C. Report 561
Comparing the Effectiveness of Head Start and State Pre-K Using a Propensity-Score Matching Regression Discontinuity Design. Jenkins, Jade Marcus; Farkas, George; Duncan, Greg J.; Burchinal, Margaret; Vandell, Deborah Lowe Report 467
Comparison of Student-Level and School-Level Data in a National Impact Evaluation. Velez, Melissa; Sahni, Sarah; Rulf-Fountain, Alyssa; Gamse, Beth Report 359
Connecting for High Potential... "The Parent/Teacher Conference." CHP Issue 24. Danielian, Jeff; Langley, Susan Dulong Conference news 317
Consequences of Not Accounting for One-Group Clustering in Meta-Analysis. Citkowicz, Martyna; Polanin, Joshua R. Report 414
Consequences of Outcome Reporting Bias in Education Research. Williams, R. T.; Polanin, J. R. Report 263
Considering Practical Uses of Advanced PlacementA[R] Information in College Admission. Research Note 2014-1. Shaw, Emily J.; Marini, Jessica; Mattern, Krista D. Report 455
Core Leadership: Teacher Leaders and Common Core Implementation in Tennessee. Report 549
Creating a Fidelity Index to Measure Program Implementation. Rulf Fountain, Alyssa; Gamse, Beth Report 391
Designing Technology to Impact Classroom Practice: How Technology Design for Learning Can Support Both Students and Teachers. Mendiburo, Maria; Williams, Laura K.; Sulcer, Brian; Hasselbring, Ted Report 337
Detecting Anchoring-and-Adjusting in Survey Scales. McIntyre, Joe Report 400
Distortions in Distributions of Impact Estimates in Multi-Site Trials: The Central Limit Theorem Is Not Your Friend. May, Henry Report 389
Do Head Start Impacts Vary by Neighborhood Context? Morris, Pamela A.; Connors, Maia C.; McCoy, Dana Charles; Gomez, Celia J.; Yoshikawa, Hiro; Aber, J. Report 478
Does Teach for America Have Long-Term Impacts? Penner, Emily K. Report 687
Effects of 8th Grade Algebra on High School Course-Taking and Math Achievement: Evidence from Changing Practices in a Large Urban District. Rickles, Jordan; Phillips, Meredith; Yamashiro, Kyo Report 315
Effects of Check & Connect on Attendance, Behavior, and Academics: A Randomized Effectiveness Trial. Maynard, Brandy R.; Kjellstrand, Elizabeth K.; Thompson, Aaron M. Report 354
Effects of Expanding Summer Credit Recovery in Algebra. Allensworth, Elaine; Michelman, Valerie; Nomi, Takako; Heppen, Jessica Report 444
Efficacy of the Social Skills Improvement System--Classwide Intervention Program (SSIS-CIP) in the Primary Grades. DiPerna, James C.; Lei, Puiwa; Bellinger, Jill; Cheng, Weiyi Report 650
Empirical Benchmarks of Hidden Bias in Educational Research: Implication for Assessing How well Propensity Score Methods Approximate Experiments and Conducting Sensitivity Analysis. Dong, Nianbo; Lipsey, Mark Report 450
Enacting Common Core Instruction: How Intermediate Unit 13 Leveraged Its Position as an Educational Service Agency to Implement and Scale the LDC Initiative. Report 632
Estimating the Impact of the PROMISE Scholarship Using Propensity Score Weighted Frontier Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design. Shobo, Yetty; Wong, Jen D.; Bell, Angie Report 530
Evaluating Non-Randomized Educational Interventions: A Graphical Discussion. Theobald, Roddy; Richardson, Thomas Report 339
Evaluating Phase II of a New York City-Wide STEM Initiative Using Propensity Score Methods: A Replication Study. Thomas, Ally S.; Bonner, Sarah M.; Everson, Howard T. Report 672
Evaluation of the Patriotic Attitudes of the Prospective Teachers According to Various Variables. Tonga, Deniz; Aksoy, Bulent Report 364
Every Child Counts: Adapting and Evaluating Research Results on Remedial Education across Contexts. Duflo, Annie; Kiessel, Jessica Report 397
Evidence of Deeper Learning Outcomes: Findings from the Study of Deeper Learning. Taylor, James Report 541
Examining Teacher, School, and Program Moderators in the Context of Teacher Professional Development Studies. Phelps, Geoffrey; Jones, Nathan; Liu, Shuangshuang; Kisa, Zahid Report 335
Examining the Effectiveness of the In-Service Training Program for the Education of the Academically Gifted Students in Turkey: A Case Study. Tortop, Hasan Said Report 365
Exploring the World of Literacy. The Thirty-Sixth Yearbook: A Doubled Peer-Reviewed Publication of the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers. Szabo, Susan, Ed.; Haas, Leslie, Ed.; Vasinda, Sheri, Ed. Report 540
Fidelity in After-School Program Intervention Research: A Systematic Review. Maynard, Brandy R.; Peters, Kristen E.; Vaughn, Michael G.; Sarteschi, Christine M. Report 523
Financial Barriers to STEM Study in College: Causal Effect Estimates of Need-Based Grants on the Pursuit and Completion of Courses and Degrees in STEM Fields. Castleman, Benjamin L.; Long, Bridget Terry; Mabel, Zachary A. Report 458
Finding Common Ground in Pension Reform: Lessons from the Washington State Pension System. Goldhaber, Dan; Grout, Cyrus Report 324
Fiscal Year 2015 Budget of the U.S. Government. Report 706
Friends without Benefits: How States Systematically Shortchange Teachers' Retirement and Threaten Their Retirement Security. Aldeman, Chad; Rotherham, Andrew J. Report 513
From High School to the Future: Getting to College Readiness and College Graduation. Roderick, Melissa; Holsapple, Matthew; Kelley-Kemple, Thomas; Johnson, David W. Report 603
Getting a Good Start in School: Differential Effects of "INSIGHTS" on the Behaviors and Engagement of Children with Challenging Temperaments. O'Connor, Erin E.; McCormick, Meghan P.; Cappella, Elise; McClowry, Sandee G. Report 464
Grade Level Effects of the Incredible Years Teacher Training Program on Emotion Regulation and Attention. Murray, Desiree W.; Rabiner, David L.; Carrig, Madeline M. Report 498
How Do Changes in the Language of Instruction and Classroom Composition Affect English Learners? Perez, Maria; Kennedy, Alec Report 514
How Does Transition from Elementary to Middle School Affect the Racial Achievement Gap? Vanlaar, Gudrun; Reardon, Sean F.; Kalogrides, Demetra Report 407
ICT, Literacy and Teacher Change: The Effectiveness of ICT Options in Kenya. Piper, Benjamin Report 613
Immediate and Longitudinal Effects of the Tennessee Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program on Student Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Outcomes. Lipsey, Mark W. Report 346
Impact Evaluation of National Writing Project Professional Development Program. Gallagher, H. Alix; Woodworth, Katrina; McCaffrey, Teresa; Park, Christina J.; Wang, Haiwen Report 692
Impacts of a Program to Improve Girls' Enrollment and Persistence in Liberia Elementary Schools: The Challenge of Using Gender Differences in Aggregate Outcome Trends to Identify Program Effects. Bos, Johannes M.; Sherman, Dan; Orgut, Burhan Report 471
Improving Balance in Regression Discontinuity Design by Matching: Estimating the Effect of Academic Probation after the First Year of College. Chi, Olivia L.; Dow, Aaron W. Report 472
Improving Congolese Children's Early Math and Reading Ability: Preliminary Results from a Cluster Randomized Trial in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Starkey, Leighann; Aber, J. Lawrence; Johnston, Brian M. Report 429
Improving Reading Outcomes in Kenya: First-Year Effects of the PRIMR Initiative. Zuilkowski, Stephanie Simmons; Piper, Benjamin Report 413
Increasing the Academic Momentum of Community College Students. Attewell, Paul; Douglas, Daniel Report 494
Instrumental Iteration toward FOI Evaluation of Pedagogical Methods. Gonzalez Canche, Manuel S.; Portes, Pedro R.; Mellon, Paula J.; Stollberg, Robert A.; Turk, Jonathan Report 326
Is More Time in Head Start Always Better for Children? The Moderating Role of Classroom Quality. Friedman-Krauss, Allison H.; Connors, Maia C.; Morris, Pamela A. Report 512
Is Transition to a Special Education School an Effective Answer to Mathematics Difficulties? Vanlaar, Gudrun; Vandecandelaere, Machteld; De Fraine, Bieke; De Witte, Kristof; Van Damme, Jan Report 344
Kindergarten Black-White Test Score Gaps: Replicating and Updating Previous Findings with New National Data. Quinn, David Report 592
Leading from the Front of the Classroom: A Roadmap to Teacher Leadership That Works. Report 425
Mainstreaming Remedial Mathematics Students in Introductory Statistics: Results Using a Randomized Controlled Trial. Logue, Alexandra W.; Watanabe-Rose, Mari Report 404
Mathematics Formative Assessment System--Common Core State Standards: A Randomized Field Trial in Kindergarten and First Grade. Lang, Laura B.; Schoen, Robert R.; LaVenia, Mark; Oberlin, Maureen Report 415
Measuring Critical Education Processes and Outcomes: Illustration from a Cluster Randomized Trial in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Halpin, Peter F.; Torrente, Catalina Report 584
Measuring Family-School Relations for School Reform and Improvement. Schueler, Beth Report 746
Meta-Analyzing a Complex Correlational Dataset: A Case Study Using Correlations That Measure the Relationship between Parental Involvement and Academic Achievement. Polanin, Joshua R.; Wilson, Sandra Jo Report 439
Methodological Complications of Matching Designs under Real World Constraints: Lessons from a Study of Deeper Learning. Zeiser, Kristina; Rickles, Jordan; Garet, Michael S. Report 361
Middle School Students Discussing Controversial Issues to Learn about Civic Engagement: A Randomized Evaluation of the Word Generation Program. Lin, Alex; Lawrence, Joshua; Snow, Catherine Report 424
Mindfulness Promotes Educators' Efficacy in the Classroom. Abenavoli, Rachel M.; Harris, Alexis R.; Katz, Deirdre A.; Jennings, Patricia A.; Greenberg, Mark T. Report 460
Mindset Gap among SES Groups: The Case of Chile with Census Data. Claro, Susana; Paunesku, David Report 347
Motivational Predictors of Math Course Persistence. Martinez, Marcela Report 389
Navigating Middle Grades: Role of School Context in Students' Social Adaptation and Experiences. Kim, Ha Yeon; Schwartz, Kate; Cappella, Elise; Seidman, Edward Report 384
NJ School Breakfast Snapshot: The Underachievers. Report 312
Noninvariant Measurement in Rater-Mediated Assessments of Teaching Quality. Kelcey, Ben Report 481
Observer Use of Standardized Observation Protocols in Consequential Observation Systems. Bell, Courtney A.; Yi, Qi; Jones, Nathan D.; Lewis, Jennifer M.; McLeod, Monica; Liu, Shuangshuang Report 446
Omitted Variable Sensitivity Analysis with the Annotated Love Plot. Hansen, Ben B.; Fredrickson, Mark M. Report 330
On Internal Validity in Multiple Baseline Designs. Pustejovsky, James E. Report 341
On the Bias-Amplifying Effect of Near Instruments in Observational Studies. Steiner, Peter M.; Kim, Yongnam Report 621
Optimal Design for Regression Discontinuity Studies with Clustering. Rhoads, Christopher; Dye, Charles Report 503
Paper 3: Content and Rigor of Algebra Credit Recovery Courses. Walters, Kirk; Stachel, Suzanne Report 582
Patterns of Achievement Gaps among School Districts: New Data, New Measures, New Insights. Reardon, Sean F.; Shores, Kenneth A.; Kalogrides, Demetra; Weathers, Ericka S. Report 364
Patterns of School Readiness among Low-Income Kindergarteners. Abenavoli, Rachel M.; Greenberg, Mark T. Report 618
Perceptual Learning in Early Mathematics: Interacting with Problem Structure Improves Mapping, Solving and Fluency. Thai, Khanh-Phuong; Son, Ji Y.; Hoffman, Jessica; Devers, Christopher; Kellman, Philip J. Report 631
Performance-Based Scholarships: Replication at Six Sites Using Randomized Controlled Trials. Mayer, Alexander Report 360
Positive Behavior Support: Sustainability and Continuous Regeneration. McIntosh, Kent; Turri, Mary G. Report 380
Power Analysis for Cross Level Mediation in CRTs. Kelcey, Ben Report 404
Power Analysis to Detect the Effects of a Continuous Moderator in 2-Level Simple Cluster Random Assignment Experiments. Dong, Nianbo Report 289
Power Calculations for Binary Moderator in Cluster Randomized Trials. Spybrook, Jessaca; Kelcey, Ben Report 489
Predictors of Collateral Learning Transfer in Continuing Vocational Training. Hinrichs, Anja-Christina Report 332
Preliminary Impacts of SECURe PreK on Child- and Classroom-Level Outcomes. Jones, Stephanie M.; Kargman, Marie; Kargman, Max; Bailey, Rebecca Report 649
Primary School Teacher Candidates' Views towards Critical Reading Skills and Perceptions of Their Competence. Karadag, Ruhan Report 296
Primary Sources. Update: Teachers' Views on Common Core State Standards. Report 541
Promoting Teachers' Social and Emotional Competence: A Replication Study of the Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) Program. Jennings, Patricia A.; Brown, Joshua L.; Frank, Jennifer; Tanler, Regin; Doyle, Sebrina; Rasheed, Da Report 480
Prospective EFL Teachers' Perceptions of Listening Comprehension Problems in Turkey. Solak, Ekrem; Altay, Firat Report 318
Providing Opportunities for Deeper Learning: Findings from the Study of Deeper Learning. Bitter, Catherine; O'Day, Jennifer Report 623
Quality Tools for Professional Higher Education Review and Improvement. PHExcel Report. JA[cedilla]rgensen, Malene Dahl; Sparre Kristensen, Regitze; Wimpf, Alexandre; Delplace, Stefan Report 545
Reading Outcomes of Success for All: Early Results from the MDRC Investing in Innovation Evaluation. Slavin, Robert E.; Madden, Nancy A.; Quint, Janet Report 538
Recruiting Participants for Randomized Controlled Trials. Gallagher, H. Alix; Roschelle, Jeremy; Feng, Mingyu Report 354
Replicating the Effects of a Scaled-Up, Teacher-Scaffolded Voluntary Summer Reading Program. Kim, James S.; White, Thomas G. Report 586
Replicating the Moderating Role of Income Status on Summer School Effects across Subject Areas: A Meta-Analysis. Quinn, David M.; Lynch, Kathleen; Kim, James S. Report 433
Replicating the Relationship between Teachers' Data Use and Student Achievement: The Urban Data Study and the Data Dashboard Usage Study. Faria, Ann-Marie; Greenberg, Ariela; Meakin, John; Bichay, Krystal; Heppen, Jessica Report 670
Replication of Effects of the "Positive Action" Program in Randomized Trials in Hawai'i and Chicago Schools. Flay, Brian R. Report 468
Reporting Randomized Controlled Trials in Education. Mayo-Wilson, Evan; Grant, Sean; Montgomery, Paul Report 354
Representation in the Classroom: The Effect of Own-Race Teacher Assignment on Student Achievement. Program on Education Policy and Governance Working Papers Series. PEPG 14-07. Egalite, Anna J.; Kisida, Brian; Winters, Marcus A. Report 378
Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Student Success Skills. Webb, Linda; Carey, John; Villares, Elizabeth; Wells, Craig; Sayer, Aline Report 581
Right from the Start: An Institutional Perspective on Developmental Education Reform. Practitioner Briefs. Lass, Leslie Report 255
School Dropout Prevention Pilot--First Follow-Up Impacts. Murray, Nancy; Tietjen, Karen Report 528
Sharing the Load Denver Public Schools' Differentiated Roles Pilot. Report 575
Simulation Models of the Effects of Race- and Socioeconomic-Based Affirmative Action Policies on Elite College Enrollment Patterns. Reardon, Sean; Baker, Rachel; Kasman, Matt; Townsend, Joe; Klasik, Daniel Report 528
Stand and Deliver: Effects of Boston's Charter High Schools on College Preparation, Entry, and Choice. Angrist, Joshua D.; Cohodes, Sarah R.; Dynarski, Susan M.; Pathak, Parag A.; Walters, Christopher R. Report 437
Students' Preferred Characteristics of Learning Environments in Vocational Secondary Education. PlacklA[c], Ingeborg; KA[paragraph]nings, Karen D.; Jacquet, Wolfgang; Struyven, Katrien; Libotton, Report 341
Study Design and Impact Results. Heppen, Jessica; Sorensen, Nicholas Report 384
Sustaining Effective Practices in the Face of Principal Turnover. Strickland-Cohen, M. Kathleen; McIntosh, Kent; Horner, Robert H. Report 255
Synthesizing Results from Replication Studies Using Robust Variance Estimation: Corrections When the Number of Studies Is Small. Tipton, Elizabeth Correction notice 344
Targeting Summer Credit Recovery. Eno, Jared; Heppen, Jessica Report 414
Teacher Effects on Student Achievement and Height: A Cautionary Tale. Bitler, Marianne P.; Corcoran, Sean P.; Domina, Thurston; Penner, Emily K. Report 431
Teacher Evaluation in Practice: Understanding Evaluator Reliability and Teacher Engagement in Chicago Public Schools. Sporte, Susan E.; Jiang, Jennie Y.; Luppescu, Stuart Report 552
Teacher Spillover Effects across Four Subjects in Middle Schools. Yuan, Kun Report 525
Teacher-Led Math Inquiry in Belize: A Cluster Randomized Trial. Hinerman, Krystal M.; Hull, Darrell M.; Chen, Qi; Booker, Dana D.; Naslund-Hadley, Emma I. Report 473
Teacher-to-Parent Communication: Experimental Evidence from a Low-Cost Communication Policy. Kraft, Matthew A.; Rogers, Todd Report 558
Teachers' Helpers: Experimental Evidence from Costa Rica on Computers for English Language Learning. Humpage, Sarah; Alvarez-Marinelli, Horacio Report 534
Testing the Efficacy of a Tier 2 Kindergarten Mathematics Intervention: Findings of Year 1. Doabler, Christian; Clarke, Ben; Smolkowski, Keith; Fien, Hank; Baker, Scott Report 401
The Aftermath of Accelerating Algebra: Evidence from District Policy Initiatives. Clotfelter, Charles T.; Ladd, Helen F.; Vigdor, Jacob L. Report 421
The Changing Perspective of Art Education in Pakistan. Khan, Muhammad Sher Ali Report 342
The Components of Effective Professional Development Activities in Terms of Teachers' Perspective. Bayar, Adem Report 393
The Cost of Agree-Disagree: Satisficing and Sacrificing Reliability. McIntyre, Joe; Gehlbach, Hunter Report 359
The Effects of Structured Transfer Programs in Community Colleges. Baker, Rachel Report 406
The Effects of the SENG Parent Education Model on Parents and Gifted Children. Saranli, Adile GA1; Metin, Emine NilgA1 336
The Futility of Propensity Score Methods in a Statewide Study of International Baccalaureate (IB). May, Henry; Rodriguez, Awilda; Sirinides, Philip M.; Perna, Laura W.; Yee, April; Ransom, Tafaya Report 578
The Groove of Growth: How Early Gains in Math Ability Influence Adolescent Achievement. Watts, Tyler W.; Duncan, Greg J.; Siegler, Robert S.; Davis-Kean, Pamela E. Report 399
The Impact of Project GLAD on Students' Literacy and Science Learning: Year 1 Results from a Cluster-Randomized Trial of Sheltered Instruction. Deussen, Theresa; Autio, Elizabeth; Roccograndi, Angela; Hanita, Makoto Report 494
The Impact of Teacher Evaluation Reform on Student Learning: Success and Challenges in Replicating Experimental Findings with Non-Experimental Data. Jiang, Jennie Y.; Sartain, Lauren; Sporte, Susan E.; Steinberg, Matthew P. Report 522
The Impact of Tuition Increases on Undocumented College Students' Schooling Decisions. Conger, Dylan Report 394
The Impact of Vocational Schooling on Human Capital Development in Developing Countries: Evidence from China. Loyalka, Prashant; Huang, Xiaoting; Zhang, Linxiu; Wei, Jianguo; Yi, Hongmei; Song, Yingquan; Ren, B Report 598
The Impacts of the Chicago Welcoming Schools' Safe Passage Program on Student Safety and Crime. Curran, F. Chris Report 519
The Incredible Year Teacher Classroom Management Program: Initial Findings from a Group Randomized Control Trial. Reinke, Wendy M.; Herman, Keith C.; Dong, Nianbo Report 661
The Platinum Bullet: An Experimental Evaluation of CUNY's Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP)--New Three-Year Impacts, Cost Analyses, and Implementation Findings. Weiss, Michael; Scrivener, Susan; Fresques, Hannah; Ratledge, Alyssa; Rudd, Tim; Sommo, Colleen Report 418
The Power of Partnerships: Lessons Learned from Research Alliances in the Northwest. Akey, Terri; Hodara, Michelle; Morse, Les; Rosselli, Hilda; Finkelstein, Neal Report 323
The Reading Strategies Used by Prospective English Teachers in Turkish ELT Context. Solak, Ekrem; Altay, Firat Report 317
The Relationship between Implementation of Collaborative Strategic Reading and Student Outcomes for Adolescents with Disabilities. Boardman, Alison; Buckley, Pamela; Maul, Andrew; Vaughn, Sharon Report 628
The Role of Classroom Quality in Explaining Head Start Impacts. Connors, Maia C.; Friedman-Krauss, Allison H.; Morris, Pamela A.; Page, Lindsay C.; Feller, Avi Report 460
The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap. Report 294
The Synthesis of Single-Subject Experimental Data: Extensions of the Basic Multilevel Model. Van den Noortgate, Wim; Moeyaert, Mariola; Ugille, Maaike; Beretvas, Tasha; Ferron, John Report 414
The Transactional Influence of Parents and Children in a Parent-Administered School Readiness Program. Mathis, Erin T.; Bierman, Karen L. Report 539
The Use of Program Theory in Mathematics Education Evaluation Research. Munter, Charles; Cobb, Paul; Shekell, Calli Report 774
The Value of Smarter Teachers: International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance. Program on Education Policy and Governance Working Papers Series. PEPG 14-06. Hanushek, Eric A.; Piopiunik, Marc; Wiederhold, Simon Report 322
Theoretical and Empirical Underpinnings of the What Works Clearinghouse Attrition Standard for Randomized Controlled Trials. Deke, John; Chiang, Hanley Report 337
To What Extent Do Head Start's Effects on Children's Language, Literacy, Mathematics, and Socio-Emotional Skills Vary across Individuals, Subgroups, and Centers? Bloom, Howard S.; Weiland, Christina Report 780
Uncovered: Social Security, Retirement Uncertainty, and 1 Million Teachers. Kan, Leslie; Aldeman, Chad Report 425
Uncovering the Motivating Factors behind Writing in English in en EFL Context. BA1; Aakir, Ismail Report 321
Updating Algebra for All?: Evidence of a Middle-Grades Math Acceleration Policy. Dougherty, Shaun M.; Goodman, Joshua; Hill, Darryl; Litke, Erica; Page, Lindsay Report 393
Using Anchoring Vignettes to Calibrate Teachers' Self-Assessment of Teaching. Yuan, Kun; Engberg, John; Kaufman, Julia; Hamilton, Laura; Hill, Heather; Umland, Kristin; McCaffrey Report 506
Using Generalizability Theory to Examine Sources of Variance in Observed Behaviors within High School Classrooms. Abry, Tashia; Cash, Anne H.; Bradshaw, Catherine P. Report 501
Using Still Images for Written English Communication. Part 1. Wood, David John Report 424
Variation in Mean Academic Gains across Classrooms in the Tennessee Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program. Hofer, Kerry G. Report 461
Variation in Observed Program Characteristics across Classrooms in the Tennessee Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program. Farran, Dale C.; Bilbrey, Carol Report 281
Way Station or Launching Pad? Unpacking the Returns to Postsecondary Vocational Programs in Tennessee. Carruthers, Celeste K.; Sanford, Thomas Report 376
What Is the Minimum Information Needed to Estimate Average Treatment Effects in Education RCTs? Schochet, Peter Z. Report 403
What Is the Optimal Length of an ELL Program? Hong, Guanglei; Gagne, Joshua; West, Andrew Report 380
Which Interventions Have the Greatest Effect on Student Learning in Sub-Saharan Africa? "A Meta-Analysis of Rigorous Impact Evaluations". Conn, Katharine Report 349
WWC Evidence Review Protocol for Character Education Interventions. Report 416

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