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Articles from ERIC: Reports (January 1, 2013)

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"Becoming Effective Learners" Survey Development Project. Farrington, Camille; Levenstein, Rachel; Nagaoka, Jenny 447
"U-Pace" Instruction: Improving Student Success by Integrating Content Mastery and Amplified Assistance. Reddy, Diane M.; Pfeiffer, Heidi M.; Fleming, Raymond; Ports, Katie A.; Pedrick, Laura E.; Barnack-T Report 309
2013 Superintendents Salary & Benefits Study. McCord, Robert S.; Stream, Christopher C.; Ellerson, Noelle M.; Finnan, Leslie 434
A Bayesian Nonparametric Causal Model for Regression Discontinuity Designs. Karabatsos, George; Walker, Stephen G. 556
A Comparison of Alternate Approaches to Creating Indices of Academic Rigor. Research Report 2012-11. Beatty, Adam S.; Sackett, Paul R.; Kuncel, Nathan R.; Kiger, Thomas B.; Rigdon, Jana L.; Shen, Winny 573
A Guide for Using Labor Market Data to Improve Student Success. Abstract 387
A Model for Using Service-Learning in Teacher Education Programs. Nelson, Regena F. Report 215
A New Model Program for Academically Gifted Students in Turkey: Overview of the Education Program for the Gifted Students' Bridge with University (EPGBU). Tortop, Hasan Said Report 247
A Powerful, Potential Outcomes Method for Estimating Any Estimand across Multiple Groups. Pattanayak, Cassandra W.; Rubin, Donald B.; Zell, Elizabeth R. 525
A Statistical Model for Misreported Binary Outcomes in Clustered RCTs of Education Interventions. Schochet, Peter Z. 496
A Study of Learners' Reflection on Andragogical Skills of Distance Education Tutors. Hussain, Irshad Report 378
A Study of the Effectiveness of Developmental Courses for Improving Success in College. ACT Research Report Series, 2013 (1). Noble, Julie; Sawyer, Richard Abstract 577
A Survey of Movers: Students Who Move between BC Public Post-Secondary Institutions. A Summary of Findings. Abstract 418
A Teacher-Friendly Method of Improving Reading and Mathematics. Kidd, Julie K.; Gadzichowski, K. Marinka; Gallington, Deb A.; Lopez, Claudia; Pasnak, Robert 415
A Tutoring System That Simulates the Highly Interactive Nature of Human Tutoring. Katz, Sandra; Albacete, Patricia L. 424
Academic Achievement and School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. Gage, Nicholas A.; Sugai, George; Lewis, Timothy J. 555
Academic Readiness Indicators: Implications for State Policy. Policy Brief 2013-1. Di Giacomo, F. Tony; Linn, Dane; Monthey, Wanda; Pack, Catherine; Wyatt, Jeffrey 447
Academic Spending versus Athletic Spending: Who Wins? Issue Brief. Desrochers, Donna M. Report 198
Accelerating Vocabulary Development and Reading Comprehension in Grades 3-4-5 through an Inductive Vocabulary Model. Vitale, Michael R.; Romance, Nancy R. 369
Access Matters: Meeting the Nation's College Completion Goals Requires Large Increases in Need-Based Grant Aid. 417
Accounting for One-Group Clustering in Effect-Size Estimation. Citkowicz, Martyna; Hedges, Larry V. 327
ACT National Curriculum Survey[R] 2012: Policy Implications on Preparing for Higher Standards. Abstract 293
Adolescent Literacy on the Margin: Regression-Discontinuity Evidence from a "Double Dose" Middle Grades Literacy Intervention. Dougherty, Shaun M. 365
Aesthetics in Young Children's Lives: From Music Technology Curriculum Perspective. Ko, Chia-Hui; Chou, Mei-Ju 304
Alumni Perspectives Survey, 2013. Survey Report. Leach, Laura Report 299
An Alternative Time for Telling: When Conceptual Instruction Prior to Exploration Improves Mathematical Knowledge. Fyfe, Emily R.; DeCaro, Marci S.; Rittle-Johnson, Bethany 395
An Efficacy Study of Interleaved Mathematics Practice. Revised. Rohrer, Doug; Dedrick, Robert F.; Burgess, Kaleena Report 567
An Effort to Close Achievement Gaps at Scale through Self-Affirmation. Borman, Geoffrey D.; Grigg, Jeffrey 458
An Examination of Green School Practices in Atlanta Schools. Chan, Tak Cheung Abstract 294
An Interpretive Study into Elementary School English Teachers' Beliefs and Practices in Turkey. Uztosun, Mehmet Sercan Report 263
Analysis of 100 Years of Curriculum Designs. Kelting-Gibson, Lynn Report 289
Analysis of the Questions Asked through Digital and Face-to-Face Reference Services. Tsuji, Keita; Arai, Shunsuke; Suga, Reina; Ikeuchi, Atsushi; Yoshikane, Fuyuki Abstract 178
Analyzing the Factorial Structure of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System-Secondary Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Multivariate Ordinal Model. Yuan, Kun; McCaffrey, Daniel F.; Savitsky, Terrance D. 414
And, Out of Class Too: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Students Learning Together Outside of Class. Jacobs, George M. Abstract 266
Apprentices & Trainees: Early Trend Estimates. December Quarter, 2012. Report 185
Apprentices & Trainees: September Quarter, 2012. Report 273
Approaches to Incorporating Late Pretests in Experiments: Evaluation of Two Early Mathematics and Self-Regulation Interventions. Unlu, Fatih; Layzer, Carolyn; Clements, Douglas; Sarama, Julie; Cook, David 554
Arithmetic and Cognitive Contributions to Algebra. Cirino, Paul T.; Tolar, Tammy D.; Fuchs, Lynn S. 606
Assessing the Psychometric Characteristics of a Child/Adolescent Behavioral and Emotional Risk Self-Report Screener across Grade Levels and School Districts. Harrell-Williams, L. M.; Dowdy, E.; Twyford, J. Report 555
Attitude, Gender and Achievement in Computer Programming. Baser, Mustafa Report 230
Barriers and Facilitators Affecting Course Completions by Apprentices and Trainees with Disabilities. Research Report. Cocks, Errol; Thoresen, Stian H. Report 211
Bars, Lines, & Pies: A Graphing Skills Program. Expect the Unexpected with Math[R]. Abstract 183
Bayesian Model Averaging for Propensity Score Analysis. Kaplan, David; Chen, Jianshen 415
Best Practices: Creating an LGBT-Inclusive School Climate. A Teaching Tolerance Guide for School Leaders. Report 307
Best Practices: Engaging Limited English Proficient Students and Families. A Teaching Tolerance Guide. Report 216
Beyond the Golden Rule: A Parent's Guide to Preventing and Responding to Prejudice. Williams, Dana Young adult review 235
Branches of Opportunity. Giles, David Abstract 439
Bringing Developmental Education to Scale: Lessons from the Developmental Education Initiative. Quint, Janet C.; Jaggars, Shanna S.; Byndloss, D. Crystal; Magazinnik, Asya Report 634
Build the Station Simulation. Educator's Guide. Abstract 360
Can Information and Counseling Help Students from Poor Rural Areas Go to High School? Evidence from China. Loyalka, Prashant; Liu, Chengfang; Song, Yingquan; Yi, Hongmei; Huang, Xiaoting; Wei, Jianguo; Zhang 576
Canonical Correlational Models of Students' Perceptions of Assessment Tasks, Motivational Orientations, and Learning Strategies. Alkharusi, Hussain Report 203
Carnegie Learning Curricula and Cognitive Tutor[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 382
Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States. Allen, I. Elaine; Seaman, Jeff Report 207
Changing Lives, Building a Workforce: Preparing Community College Students for Jobs and Careers. Abstract 250
Changing the Developmental Trajectory in Early Math through a Two-Year Preschool Math Intervention. Starkey, Prentice; Klein, Alice; DeFlorio, Lydia 470
Characteristics of Certificate Completers with Their Time to Certificate and Labor Market Outcomes. Web Tables. NCES 2013-157. Radwin, David; Matthews, Morgan Report 678
Cheap, Suitable, Promising: Monitorial Schooling and the Challenge of Mass Education in Early Liberal Spain (1808-1823). Caruso, Marcelo Author abstract 372
Children's Growth and Classroom Experiences in Georgia's Pre-K Program: Findings from the 2011-2012 Evaluation Study. Executive Summary. Peisner-Feinberg, Ellen; Schaaf, Jennifer; LaForett, Dore Report 361
Classroom-Level Positive Behavior Supports in Schools Implementing SW-PBIS: Identifying Areas for Enhancement. Reinke, Wendy M.; Herman, Keith C.; Stormont, Melissa Abstract 261
Coaching Quality and Teachers' Implementation of the 4Rs Social-Emotional and Literacy Curriculum: Testing the Link between Two Levels of Intervention Fidelity. Downer, Jason; Brown, Josh; Herrera, Manuela Jimenez; Stuhlman, Megan; Bourassa, Kyle; Gologor, Ben; 746
Coaching Support, Context, and Fidelity of Implementation in "Responsive Classroom"A[R] Schools. Paxton, Carol L. C.; Wanless, Shannon B.; Rimm-Kaufman, Sara E. Clinical report 701
Collaborative Benchmarking: Discovering and Implementing Best Practices to Strengthen SEAs. Abstract 234
Collaborative Strategic Reading: Replications with Consideration of the Role of Fidelity. Vaughn, Sharon; Roberts, Greg; Reutebuch, Colleen 646
College Access and Success among High School Graduates Taking the SATA[R]: African American Students. Research Note 2013-5. McKillip, Mary E. M.; Mackey, Philip E. 415
College Access and Success among High School Graduates Taking the SATA[R]: Asian American Students. Research Note 2013-8. McKillip, Mary E. M.; Mackey, Philip E. 450
College Access and Success among High School Graduates Taking the SATA[R]: Latino Students. Research Note 2013-3. McKillip, Mary E. M.; Mackey, Philip E. 416
College Access and Success among High School Graduates Taking the SATA[R]: Native American Students. Research Note 2013-4. McKillip, Mary E. M.; Mackey, Philip E. 403
College Preparation Checklist. Report 157
Communicating to Policymakers: What to Do with Ambiguous Results from Three Impact Studies of the Same Education Program. Hartry, Ardice 401
Conversions Rock! Lessons & Worksheets to Build Skills in Equivalent Conversions. Poster/Teaching Guide. Expect the Unexpected with Math[R]. Report 185
Course Placement Influences on Student Motivation. Simzar, Rahila; Domina, Thurston; Conley, AnneMarie; Tran, Cathy 543
Creating a Faculty Culture of Student Success. Abstract 354
Critical Needs of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: A Public Input Summary. Szymanski, Christen; Lutz, Lori; Shahan, Cheryl; Gala, Nicholas Abstract 252
Cultural Dimensions of Indigenous Participation in Vocational Education and Training: New Perspectives. Research Report. Dockery, Alfred Michael Report 181
Defining Excellence: Lessons from the 2013 Aspen Prize Finalists. Report 326
Demystifying the GMAT: What We Know about IR 6 Months after Launch. Rudner, Lawrence M. Report 283
Design Experiments: Developing and Testing an Intervention for Elementary School-Age Students Who Use Non-Mainstream American English Dialects. Thomas-Tate, Shurita; Connor, Carol McDonald; Johnson, Lakeisha 656
Designing and Redesigning a Framework for Assessing Students' Understanding of Foundational Fractions Concepts. Mendiburo, Maria; Williams, Laura; Henson, Robert; Hasselbring, Ted 402
Developing an Aggregate Metric of Teaching Practice for Use in Mediator Analysis. Lazarev, Valeriy; Newman, Denis; Grossman, Pam 349
Developing EFL Teachers' Performance at Sana'a Secondary Schools in the Light of Their Professional and Specialist Needs. Zuheer, Khaled Mohsen Mohamed Abstract 394
Developing Empirical Benchmarks of Teacher Knowledge Effect Sizes in Studies of Professional Development Effectiveness. Phelps, Geoffrey; Jones, Nathan; Kelcey, Ben; Liu, Shuangshuang; Kisa, Zahid 443
Developmental and Individual Differences in Understanding of Fractions. Siegler, Robert S.; Pyke, Aryn A. Report 339
Developmental Predictors of Fraction Concepts and Procedures. Jordan, Nancy C.; Hansen, Nicole; Fuchs, Lynn S.; Siegler, Robert S.; Gersten, Russell; Micklos, Deb Report 319
Differential Item and Person Functioning in Large-Scale Writing Assessments within the Context of the SATA[R]. Research Report 2013-6. Engelhard, George, Jr.; Wind, Stefanie A.; Kobrin, Jennifer L.; Chajewski, Michael Report 269
Differentiated Charter Authorizing Strategies for Innovation, Scale, and Quality. Viewpoint. Ark, Tom Vander Abstract 562
Differentiating Instruction: Providing the Right Kinds of Worked Examples for Individual Students. Booth, Julie L.; Koedinger, Kenneth R.; Newton, Kristie J.; Lange, Karin E. 479
Discovering and Implementing Best Practices to Strengthen SEAs: Collaborative Benchmarking. Abstract 279
Do Highly Qualified Teachers Use More Effective Instructional Practices than Other Teachers: The Mediating Effect of Instructional Practices. Park, So Jung 440
Do Interim Assessments Influence Instructional Practice in Year One? Evidence from Indiana Elementary School Teachers. Chojnacki, Gregory; Eno, Jared; Liu, Feng; Meyers, Coby; Konstantopoulos, Spyros; Miller, Shazia; va 615
Does Cognitive Strategy Training on Word Problems Compensate for Working Memory Capacity in Children with Math Difficulties? Swanson, H. Lee; Orosco, Michael J.; Lussier, Cathy 538
Does College Readiness Translate to College Completion? Research Note 2013-9. Mattern, Krista D.; Shaw, Emily J.; Marini, Jessica 348
Does Failing a Placement Exam Discourage Underprepared Students from Going to College? National Poverty Center Working Paper Series #11-14. Martorell, Paco; McFarlin, Isaac, Jr.; Xue, Yu Report 307
Does Playworks Work? Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial. James-Burdumy, Susanne; Bleeker, Martha; Beyler, Nicholas; London, Rebecca A.; Westrich, Lisa; Stoke 759
Doubling Up: Intensive Math Instruction and Educational Attainment. Cortes, Kalena; Goodman, Joshua; Nomi, Takako 514
Dynamics of the Relationship between Student Teachers and Master Teachers within the Co-Teaching Model. Grothe, Katherine Report 328
E-Learning Works--Exactly How Well Depends on Its Unique Features and Barriers: CAHRS ResearchLink No. 1. Bell, Bradford; Federman, Jessica E. Report 245
ECHOS: Early Childhood Hands-On Science Efficacy Study. Brown, Judy A.; Greenfield, Daryl B.; Bell, Elizabeth; JuA rez, Cheryl Lani; Myers, Ted; Nayfeld, Ir 389
Education Priorities for the 83rd Texas Legislature: Policy Recommendations for Public Education and Higher Education. Abstract 264
Effect of Observation Mode on Measures of Teaching. McCaffrey, Daniel F.; Casabianca, Jodi M. 763
Effect of Teaching of Algebra through Social Constructivist Approach on 7th Graders' Learning Outcomes in Sindh (Pakistan). Ilyas, Bhutto Muhammad; Rawat, Khalid Jamil; Bhatti, Muhammad Tariq; Malik, Najeeb Report 286
Effect Size Measure and Analysis of Single Subject Designs. 501
Effects of Head Start Hours on Children's Cognitive, Pre-Academic, and Behavioral Outcomes: An Instrumental Variable Analysis. Li, Weilin; Farkas, George; Duncan, Greg J.; Vandell, Deborah Lowe; Burchinal, Margaret 394
Effects of Manipulative Use on PK-12 Mathematics Achievement: A Meta-Analysis. Holmes, Amy B. 587
Effects of the Teaching Science as Inquiry (TSI) Aquatic Professional Development Course for Middle- and High-School Teachers. Seraphin, Kanesa Duncan; Philippoff, Joanna; Harrison, George; Brandon, Paul 456
EFL Curriculum and Needs Analysis: An Evaluative Study. Alhamlan, Suad Abstract 284
Electives in Graduate Medical Education. Kumar, Santosh; Zayapragassarazan, Z. Abstract 152
Empirically Examining the Performance of Approaches to Multi-Level Matching to Study the Effect of School-Level Interventions. Hallberg, Kelly; Cook, Thomas D.; Figlio, David 415
Encouraging Second Language Use in Cooperative Learning Groups. Jacobs, George; Kimura, Harumi Report 206
English Language Learners in America's Great City Schools: Demographics, Achievement and Staffing. Uro, Gabriela; Barrio, Alejandra Abstract 387
Enhancing Foreign Language Learning through Listening Strategies Delivered in L1: An Experimental Study. Bozorgian, Hossein; Pillay, Hitendra Abstract 309
Ensuring Fair and Reliable Measures of Effective Teaching: Culminating Findings from the MET Project's Three-Year Study. Policy and Practice Brief. MET Project. Abstract 264
enVisionMATH. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract 322
Epistemological Belief and Learning Approaches of Students in Higher Institutions of Learning in Malaysia. Ismail, Habsah; Hassan, Aminuddin; Muhamad, Mohd. Mokhtar; Ali, Wan Zah Wan; Konting, Mohd. Majid Report 262
Estimating Causal Effects of Teacher-Child Relationships on Reading and Math Achievement in a High-Risk Sample: A Multi-Level Propensity Score Matching Approach. McCormick, Meghan P.; O'Connor, Erin E.; Cappella, Elise; McClowry, Sandee G. 435
Estimating Cross-Site Impact Variation in the Presence of Heteroscedasticity. Bloom, Howard S.; Porter, Kristin E.; Weiss, Michael J.; Raudenbush, Stephen 538
Estimating Impacts of Treatment Random Assignment on Classroom Quality in the Head Start Impact Study: The Problem of Missing Data. Friedman-Krauss, Allison H.; Connors, Maia C.; Morris, Pamela A. 515
Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum Conference Proceedings (Astana, Kazakhstan, August 20-21, 2012). Reagan, Timothy, Ed.; Sagintayeva, Aida, Ed. Abstract 646
Evaluating the Efficacy of Using Pre-Differentiated and Enriched Mathematics Curricula for Grade 3 Students. McCoach, D. Betsy; Gubbins, E. Jean; Foreman, Jennifer; Rambo, Karen E.; Rubenstein, Lisa DaVia 422
Evaluating the Promise of the "FUSION" Tier 2 Math Intervention. Cary, Mari Strand; Doabler, Christian; Clarke, Benjamin; Fien, Hank; Baker, Scott K.; Jungjohann, Ka 415
Evaluation of Alternative Difference-in-Differences Methods. Yu, Bing 344
Evaluation of Green Dot's Locke Transformation Project: From the Perspective of Teachers and Administrators. CRESST Report 824. Herman, Joan L.; Wang, Jia; Ong, Christine; Straubhaar, Rolf; Schweig, Jon; Hsu, Vivian Abstract 429
Evaluation of the Massachusetts Expanded Learning Time (ELT) Initiative: Final Study Findings. Checkoway, Amy; Gamse, Beth; Velez, Melissa; Linkow, Tamara 703
Evaluation, Integration and Institutionalization of Initiatives to Enhance STEM Student Success. Dickson, Lisa; Mandell, Marv; Maton, Kenneth; Marcotte, Dave; Rous, Philip; McDermott, Patrice; Rutl 550
Evaluations Backgrounder: "A Summary of Formal Evaluations of Afterschool Programs' Impact on Academics, Behavior, Safety and Family Life". Report 373
Examining Positive but Nondifferential Gains in Secondary Students' Reading Comprehension: A Focus on Instructional Practices and Differential Benefit. Simmons, Deborah; Fogarty, Melissa; Simmons, Leslie; Davis, John; Anderson, Leah; Oslund, Eric 488
Examining Preservice Teachers' Classroom Management Decisions in Three Case-Based Teaching Approaches. Cevik, Yasemin Demiraslan; Andre, Thomas Abstract 244
Examining Teacher Actions Supportive of Cross-Disciplinary Science and Literacy Development among Elementary Students. Norton-Meier, Lori A.; Hand, Brian; Ardasheva, Yuliya Abstract 278
Examining the Impact of Using the Science Writing Heuristic Approach in Learning Science: A Cluster Randomized Study. Hand, Brian; Therrien, William; Shelley, Mack Clinical report 556
Examining the Relationship between Physiological Measurements and Self-Reports of Stress and Well-Being in Middle School Teachers over One School Year. Katz, Deirdre A.; Harris, Alexis R.; Abenavoli, Rachel M.; Greenberg, Mark T. 446
Examining Variation in Effects of Student Mobility Using Cross-Classified, Multiple Membership Modeling. Rose, Bess A. 488
Explicit Instructional Interactions: Observed Stability and Predictive Validity during Early Literacy and Beginning Mathematics Instruction. Doabler, Christian T.; Nelson-Walker, Nancy; Kosty, Derek; Baker, Scott K.; Smolkowski, Keith; Fien, Clinical report 562
Exploring the Relationship between Teaching Staff Age and Their Attitude towards Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). Elsaadani, Mohamed Abdelaziz Abstract 245
Exploring the Utility of Student-Think Alouds for Providing Insights into Students' Metacognitive and Problem-Solving Processes during Assessment Development. Basaraba, Deni; Zannou, Yetunde; Woods, Dawn; Ketterlin-Geller, Leanne 514
Factors Motivating and Hindering Information and Communication Technologies Action Competence. Kurt, Adile Askim; Akbulut, Yavuz; Odabasi, H. Ferhan; Ceylan, Beril; Kuzu, Elif Bugra; Donmez, Onur Report 318
Family-Based Training Program Improves Brain Function, Cognition, and Behavior in Lower Socioeconomic Status Preschoolers. Pakulak, Eric; Stevens, Courtney; Bell, Theodore A.; Fanning, Jessica; Klein, Scott; Isbell, Elif; N 640
Feedback for Better Teaching: Nine Principles for Using Measures of Effective Teaching. MET Project. Report 274
Fidelity and Scaling-Up in the Context of a Social-Emotional Intervention for Early Childhood Education. Rojas, Natalia; Lloyd, Chrishana M.; Mattera, Shira 709
Finding a Niche: Examining Sophomore and Junior Sense of Community. VanValkenburg, Sara Elizabeth Abstract 244
First Grade Baseline Evaluation. Report 282
First Grade Pre-Screening. Report 288
First-Year Undergraduate Remedial Coursetaking: 1999-2000, 2003-04, 2007-08. Statistics in Brief. NCES 2013-013. Sparks, Dinah; Malkus, Nat Abstract 500
Fixing the Academic Performance Index. Policy Brief 13-1. Polikoff, Morgan S.; McEachin, Andrew 488
Foundations of Science Literacy: Using Instruction-Embedded Formative Assessment to Strengthen the Relation between Gains in Teacher Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Children's Scientific Thinking. Clark-Chiarelli, Nancy; Gropen, Jess; Fuccillo, Janna; Hoisington, Cindy 446
Fractions: The New Frontier for Theories of Numerical Development. Siegler, Robert S.; Fazio, Lisa K.; Bailey, Drew H.; Zhou, Xinlin Report 278
Freshman Year Financial Aid Nudges: An Experiment to Increase Financial Aid Renewal and Sophomore Year Persistence. Castleman, Benjamin L.; Page, Lindsay C. 421
From Efficacy Trial to Large Scale Effectiveness Trial: A Tier 2 Mathematics Intervention for First Graders with Difficulties in Mathematics. Rolfhus, Eric; Clarke, Ben; Decker, Lauren E.; Williams, Chuck; Dimino, Joseph 471
Fully Bayesian Estimation of Data from Single Case Designs. Rindskopf, David 272
Getting to Outcomes: A User's Guide to a Revised Indicators Framework for Education Organizing. Gold, Eva; Simon, Elaine; Peralta, Renata Report 573
Global Competency Education. Research Brief 2013-1. Di Giacomo, F. Tony; Fishbein, Bethany G.; Monthey, Wanda; Pack, Catherine 437
Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities: Ensuring Meaningful Diplomas for All Students. 319
Great Explorations in Math and Science[R] (GEMS[R]) The Real Reasons for Seasons. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 293
Green Revolving Funds: An Introductory Guide to Implementation & Management. Indvik, Joe; Foley, Rob; Orlowski, Mark Abstract 417
Group 1: General Education Teachers with Individual Value-Added Student Achievement Data. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 378
Group 2: Grades 1-12 General Education Teachers without Individual Value-Added Student Achievement Data. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Report 383
Group 2a: Early Childhood Education Teachers. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Report 382
Group 3: Special Education Teachers. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 387
Group 3a: Special Education Teachers--Autism Program. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 382
Group 3b: Special Education Teachers--Early Childhood Education. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 394
Group 4: Non-Itinerant English Language Learner (ELL) Teachers. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 381
Group 5: Itinerant English Language Learner (ELL) Teachers. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 383
Group 6: Shared Special Subject Teachers. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 375
Group 7: Visiting Instruction Service (VIS) Teachers. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 372
Group 8: Student Support Professionals. IMPACT: The District of Columbia Public Schools Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel, 2012-2013. Abstract 403
Growing What Works: Lessons Learned Replicating Promising Practices for Latino Student Success. Santiago, Deborah A.; Lopez, Estela Report 344
Half of One, 6/12 of Another: Understanding Relative Item Difficulties in a Fractions Assessment under Development. Williams, Laura K.; Mendiburo, Maria; Hasselbring, Ted 508
Have We Identified Effective Teachers? Validating Measures of Effective Teaching Using Random Assignment. Research Paper. MET Project. Kane, Thomas J.; McCaffrey, Daniel F.; Miller, Trey; Staiger, Douglas O. Report 346
High Ability and Learner Characteristics. Hindal, Huda; Reid, Norman; Whitehead, Rex Abstract 390
Higher Education Profiles & Trends 2013. Report 262
How America Saves for College, 2013. Sallie Mae's National Study of Parents with Children under Age 18. Report 317
How Generalizable Is Your Experiment? An Index for Comparing Samples and Populations. Tipton, Elizabeth 405
How Late Is Too Late? The Influence of Summer Outreach on FAFSA Completion and College Enrollment for the Uncommitted High School Graduate. Owen, Laura; Bettinger, Eric; Long, Bridget Terry; Oreopoulos, Phil 449
How Non-Linearity and Grade-Level Differences Complicate the Validation of Observation Protocols. Lazarev, Valeriy; Newman, Denis 466
How Useful Are Traditional Admission Measures in Predicting Graduation within Four Years? Research Report 2013-1. Mattern, Krista D.; Patterson, Brian F.; Wyatt, Jeffrey N. Report 314
Human Trafficking of Children in the United States: A Fact Sheet for Schools. Abstract 241
Hybrid-Mentoring Programs for Beginning Elementary Science Teachers. Bang, EunJin Abstract 364
Impact of the Teacher Study Group Professional Development Program on Student Vocabulary and Observed Teaching Practice: A Replication in First Grade Classrooms. Gersten, Russell; Dimino, Joseph; Jayanthi, Madhavi; Newman-Gonchar, Rebecca; Taylor, Mary Jo 624
Impacts of Study Abroad on American Students' Intercultural Competence--A Propensity Score Analysis. Rui, Ning 378
Implementation Challenges and Results. Walters, Kirk; Sorensen, Nicholas 484
Implications from the Diagnosis of a School Culture at a Higher Education Institution. Gun, Bahar; Caglayan, Esin Report 257
Improving At-Risk Learners' Understanding of Fractions. Fuchs, Lynn S.; Schumacher, Robin F.; Long, Jessica; Namkung, Jessica; Hamlett, Carol L.; Cirino, Pa Report 389
Improving Student Outcomes with mCLASS: Math, a Technology-Enhanced CBM and Diagnostic Interview Assessment. Wang, Ye; Gushta, Matthew 510
Improving Teacher Practice: Experimental Evidence on Individualized Teacher Coaching. Kraft, Matthew A.; Blazar, David L. 429
Improving the Design of Science Intervention Studies: An Empirical Investigation of Design Parameters for Planning Group Randomized Trials. Westine, Carl; Spybrook, Jessaca 417
Improving the Quality of and Access to Federally Funded, Digital Out of School Time Tutoring. Burch, Patricia; Heinrich, Carolyn; Good, Annalee 451
Inclusive Education Reform in Bangladesh: Pre-Service Teachers' Responses to Include Students with Special Educational Needs in Regular Classrooms. Malak, Md. Saiful Report 305
Inequality and Educational Attainment: Evidence from Massachusetts. Papay, John P.; Murnane, Richard J.; Willett, John B. 522
Instructional Gaming: Using Technology to Support Early Mathematical Proficiency. Nelson-Walker, Nancy J.; Doabler, Christian T.; Fien, Hank; Gause, Marshall; Baker, Scott K.; Clarke 663
Intact School Matching in Education: Exploring the Relative Importance of Focal and Local Matching. Wong, Vivian C.; Hallberg, Kelly; Cook, Thomas D. 443
Integrating Non-Mathematical Domains into Mathematical Development: Key Factors to Consider in Constructing Effective Interventions. Purpura, David J.; Ganley, Colleen 390
International Comparative Assessments: Broadening the Interpretability, Application and Relevance to the United States. Research in Review 2012-5. Di Giacomo, F. Tony; Fishbein, Bethany G.; Buckley, Vanessa W. 472
Interview with Charles M. Reigeluth: Applying Instructional Design to Educational Reform. Simsek, Ali Abstract 278
iPads as a Literacy Teaching Tool in Early Childhood. Beschorner, Beth; Hutchison, Amy Abstract 195
Is Europe Open to a Student-Oriented Framework for Literature? A Comparative Analysis of the Formal Literature Curriculum in Six European Countries. Witte, Theo; SAcentsmihaian, Florentina 295
Issue Brief on Diversity. Abstract 226
ITRI Informational Text Reading Inventory: Grade 3 Teacher Guide. Report 302
ITRI Informational Text Reading Inventory: Grade 5 Teacher Guide. Report 285
Kids & Family Reading Reporta"cents. 4th Edition. 721
Latent Class Analysis of Youth Behavioral and Emotional Risk: Associations with Demographic Characteristics. Kim, Jihye; Kamphaus, Randy W. 494
Learning Goals and Strategies in the Self-regulation of Learning. Gaeta Gonzalez, Martha Leticia Report 291
Lessons from the NFL for Managing College Enrollment. Lucido, Jerome A. Abstract 704
Lessons Learned in Conducting a Lottery-Based Study of Core Knowledge Charter Schools. White, Thomas G.; Grissmer, David W.; Altenhofen, Shannon; Larson, Jennifer 472
Leveraging Rigorous Local Evaluations to Understand Contradictory Findings. Boulay, Beth; Martin, Carlos; Zief, Susan; Granger, Robert 408
Linking Implementation Fidelity to Impacts in an RCT. Unlu, Fatih; Bozzi, Laurie; Layzer, Carolyn; Smith, Arthur; Price, Cristofer; Hurtig, Richard 297
Literacy Is Transformative. The Thirty-Fifth Yearbook A Doubled Peer Reviewed Publication of the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers. Szabo, Susan, Ed.; Martin, Linda, Ed.; Haas, Leslie, Ed.; Garza-Garcia, Lizabeth, Ed. 700
Making It Happen: How Career Academies Can Build College and Career Exploration Programs. Visher, Mary G.; Altuna, Jacklyn N.; Safran, Stephanie Report 719
Making Sense of the "Zero Effect" of Comprehensive Teacher Induction Programs: A Mediational Analysis. Hong, Yihua; Hong, Guanglei 890
Measurement of Classroom Teaching Quality with Item Response Theory. Kelcey, Ben; McGinn, Daniel; Hill, Heather 434
Measuring the Quantity and Quality of Instructional Interactions for Middle School Literacy Improvement. Carlson, Sarah E.; Nelson-Walker, Nancy J.; Kennedy, Patrick C.; Biancarosa, Gina; Turtura, Jessica; 443
Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents: A Synthesis of Research and Input from the Listening Session Held by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the White House Domestic Policy Council and Office of Public Engagement. Jarjoura, G. Roger; DuBois, David L.; Shlafer, Rebecca J.; Haight, Konrad A. Report 484
Methods for Analyzing Data from a Randomized Control Trial with a Nationally Representative Sample. Bell, Stephen H.; Puma, Michael J.; Cook, Ronna J.; Heid, Camilla A. 449
Methods That Examine the Extent to Which the Quality of Children's Experiences in Elementary School Moderate the Long-Term Impacts of Head Start. Mashburn, Andrew J.; Downer, Jason T. 501
Michigan School Privatization Survey 2012. Hohman, James M.; Kollmeyer, Josiah M. Abstract 381
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