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Articles from ERIC: Reports (August 1, 2012)

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2012 BC Education Facts. Report 427
A Brief Look at...the Texas B-On-Time Loan Program. Research Report. Shook, Melissa Abstract 244
A Guide to Personalizing Learning: Suggestions for the Race to the Top-District Competition. An Education White Paper. Evans, Meg Abstract 402
Adult College Completion Tool Kit. Tolbert, Michelle Abstract 401
Advisory Committee on Head Start Research and Evaluation: Final Report. Report 484
Balancing Passion and Practicality: The Role of Debt and Major on Students' Financial Outcomes. A Report to the 83rd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature. Neal, Micki; Fletcher, Carla; Shook, Melissa; Webster, Jeff Abstract 528
Balancing Passion and Practicality: The Role of Debt and Major on Students' Financial Outcomes. Research Report. Abstract 297
California: A Case Study in the Loss of Affirmative Action. A Policy Report. Gandara, Patricia Abstract 315
Campus and Community Coalitions. Issues in Prevention. Report 167
Characteristics of Recent Science and Engineering Graduates: 2008. Detailed Statistical Tables. NSF 12-328. Abstract 323
Cheat Sheet or Open-Book? A Comparison of the Effects of Exam Types on Performance, Retention, and Anxiety. Gharib, Afshin; Phillips, William; Mathew, Noelle Report 266
Collaboration in Academic R&D: A Decade of Growth in Pass-Through Funding. InfoBrief. NSF 12-325. Hale, Katherine Abstract 273
Decentralization for High-Quality Education: Elements and Issues of Design. RTI Research Report Series. Occasional Paper. Healey, F. Henry, III; Crouch, Luis Abstract 232
Digital Faculty: Professors, Teaching and Technology, 2012. Allen, I. Elaine; Seaman, Jeff Abstract 429
Drug Free Communities Support Program. Prevention Update. Report 230
Economic Diversity among Selective Colleges: Measuring the Enrollment Impact of "No-Loan" Programs. Issue Brief. Hillman, Nicholas Abstract 404
Education in the Commonwealth: Towards and beyond the Internationally Agreed Goals. Menefee, Trey; Bray, Mark Report 242
Effects of Differences in Working Memory Capacity on Patterns of Word Generation. Kawamura, Mimpei; Kobayashi, Yasutaka; Morioka, Shu Report 362
Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2011 and Student Financial Aid, Academic Year 2010-11. First Look (Preliminary Data). NCES 2012-156. Knapp, Laura G.; Kelly-Reid, Janice E.; Ginder, Scott A. Report 435
End-of-Year 2010-11 Progress Report to the Legislature: Implementation and Impact of the Workforce Investment Act, Title II Adult Education and Family Literacy Act. Report 435
First-Year Physics Graduate Students: Characteristics and Background. Data from the 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 Graduate Student Surveys. Focus On. Mulvey, Patrick; Nicholson, Starr Abstract 325
Higher Education: Gaps in Access and Persistence Study. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2012-046. Ross, Terris; Kena, Grace; Rathbun, Amy; KewalRamani, Angelina; Zhang, Jijun; Kristapovich, Paul; Ma Abstract 652
How Americans Would Slim Down Public Education. Farkas, Steve; Duffett, Ann Abstract 573
Innovations in Labor Market Information and Their Application: Applications for Workforce Programs. A Greenways Action Brief. Milfort, Myriam; Kelley, Jeremy Abstract 305
IPEDS Analytics: Delta Cost Project Database 1987-2010. Data File Documentation. NCES 2012-823. Lenihan, Colleen Abstract 319
London Literacy Champions, 1 June 2011 to 31 July 2012. Evaluation Report. Abstract 397
Making Loans Work: How Community Colleges Support Responsible Borrowing. Burdman, Pamela Abstract 477
Math Manipulatives to Increase 4th Grade Student Achievement. Couture, Katie Abstract 310
Motivation and Its Relationship with Learning Strategy. Liu, Yunzhen Report 249
New Schools, Overcrowding Relief, and Achievement Gains in Los Angeles--Strong Returns from a $19.5 Billion Investment. Policy Brief 12-2. Welsh, William; Coghlan, Erin; Fuller, Bruce; Dauter, Luke Abstract 539
Open Court Reading[c]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 388
Opportunities Suspended: The Disparate Impact of Disciplinary Exclusion from School. Losen, Daniel J.; Gillespie, Jonathan Report 428
Opportunities Suspended: The Disparate Impact of Disciplinary Exclusion from School. Executive Summary. Losen, Daniel J.; Gillespie, Jonathan Report 342
Performance-Based Funding of Higher Education: A Detailed Look at Best Practices in 6 States. Miao, Kysie Abstract 239
Pivotal Role of Policymakers as Leaders of P-20/Workforce Data Governance. Shah, Rebecca Report 302
Predicting Long-Term College Success through Degree Completion Using ACT[R] Composite Score, ACT Benchmarks, and High School Grade Point Average. ACT Research Report Series, 2012 (5). Radunzel, Justine; Noble, Julie Abstract 372
Protecting Your Child's Personal Information at School. Abstract 179
Putting It Together: A Guide to Financing Comprehensive Services in Child Care and Early Education. Johnson-Staub, Christine Report 418
Recent State Action on Teacher Effectiveness: What's in State Laws and Regulations? Mead, Sara Abstract 614
Roster of Physics Departments with Enrollment and Degree Data, 2011: Results from the 2011 Survey of Enrollments and Degrees. Focus On. Nicholson, Starr; Mulvey, Patrick J. Abstract 193
School Environment and Academic Achievement of Standard IX Students. Lawrence, A. S. Arul; Vimala, A. Abstract 196
School-Based Health Care State Policy Survey. Executive Summary. Report 287
Selecting Growth Measures for School and Teacher Evaluations. Working Paper 80. Ehlert, Mark; Koedel, Cory; Parsons, Eric; Podgursky, Michael Abstract 254
Social Justice, Competition and Quality: 21st Century Leadership Challenges. The 2012 Yearbook of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration. Perreault, George, Ed.; Zellner, Luana, Ed. Report 528
Sports Team Participation: A Risk Behavior Comparison of Montana High School Students Based on Sports Team Participation. 2011 Montana Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Abstract 328
Spotlight on: MiBLSi. Spotlight Briefs. Volume II. Report 354
State Policy Leadership for Higher Education: A Brief Summary of the Origins and Continuing Evolution of a Profession. Lingenfelter, Paul E. Report 267
Strategies for Success: Promising Ideas in Adult College Completion. Policy Exchanges. Lane, Patrick Abstract 177
Students with Special Needs: A Health Risk Behavior Comparison of Montana High School Students Based on Special Education Assistance. 2011 Montana Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Abstract 343
The Effects of Early Grade Retention on Student Outcomes over Time: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Florida. Program on Education Policy and Governance Working Papers Series. PEPG 12-09. Schwerdt, Guido; West, Martin R. Abstract 272
The ESU Consultation Report of the MAP-ESG Project. Blattler, Andrea; Heerens, Nicolaas; Baumann, Bastian; Ivosevic, Vanja; Pall, Allan Report 462
The Impact of School Buildings on Learning. Information Capsule. Volume 1204. Blazer, Christie Abstract 185
The Relational-Behavior Survey as a Predictor of HIV-Related Parental Miscommunication: Implications for HIV, Prevention and Education at Primary Healthcare Service Facilities. Chandler, Michele Denise; Chandler, Donald S.; Chandler, Donald S., Jr.; Race, James Abstract 289
The University-Innovation Nexus in Finland. Go8 Backgrounder 29. Grabert, Martin Abstract 351
Transforming Tenure: Using Value-Added Modeling to Identify Ineffective Teachers. Civic Report. No. 70. Winters, Marcus A. Report 326
Translating Research to Practice: Overcoming Barriers to Implementing Effective Off-Campus Party Intervention. Issues in Prevention. Report 158
Understanding Patterns and Precursors of ELL Success Subsequent to Reclassification. CRESST Report 818. Kim, Jinok; Herman, Joan L. Report 298
Unequal Education: Federal Loophole Enables Lower Spending on Students of Color. Spatig-Amerikaner, Ary Abstract 438
Updated Procedures for Determining Gifted Eligibility for Underrepresented Students. Research Note. RN1201. Froman, Terry Abstract 414
What Works Clearinghouse[TM] Reporting Guide for Study Authors. 161
Where to Begin? The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College. Burdman, Pamela Report 231
Where to Begin? The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College. Executive Summary. Burdman, Pamela Report 311
WWC Review of the Report "A Randomized Experiment of a Cognitive Strategies Approach to Text-Based Analytical Writing for Mainstreamed Latino English Language Learners in Grades 6 to 12". Abstract 300
WWC Review of the Report "Impact of the Thinking Reader[R] Software Program on Grade 6 Reading Vocabulary, Comprehension, Strategies, and Motivation". Abstract 389
WWC Review of the Report "Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Longitudinal Educational Growth Study Fifth Year Report". Abstract 355
WWC Review of the Report "Philadelphia's Renaissance Schools Initiative: 18 Month Interim Report". Abstract 373
WWC Review of the Report "The Effects of Student Coaching in College: An Evaluation of a Randomized Experiment in Student Mentoring". Report 548

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