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Articles from ERIC: Reports (May 1, 2011)

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(Re)constructing and (Re)presenting Heritage: Education and Representation in an American Indian Homeland Preservation Project. Graybeal, Lesley Marie Abstract 345
2011 Education Appropriations Guide. Issue Brief. Delisle, Jason; Cohen, Jennifer 317
A Correlational Study of Extracurricular Involvement and Homework Performance of Third Grade Students. Johnson, Rachel; Moulden, Ryan Abstract 496
A Correlational Study of Nature Awareness and Science Achievement. Chandler, Kelly; Swartzentruber, Monica Abstract 353
A Global Talent Magnet: How a San Francisco/Bay Area Global Higher Education Hub Could Advance California's Comparative Advantage in Attracting International Talent and Further Build US Economic Competitiveness. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.9.11. Douglass, John; Edelstein, Richard; Hoareau, Cecile Abstract 702
A Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation Systems: A Tool to Assist in the Development of Teacher Evaluation Systems. Goe, Laura; Holdheide, Lynn; Miller, Tricia Abstract 332
A Snapshot of Arts Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 2009-10. First Look. NCES 2011-078. Parsad, Basmat; Spiegelman, Maura Report 762
A Strategic Spending Review of Syracuse City School District. Frank, Stephen Abstract 290
Academic Curriculum for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities: Special Education Teacher Perspectives a Decade after IDEA 1997. Karvonen, Meagan; Wakeman, Shawnee Y.; Browder, Diane M.; Rogers, Melinda A. S.; Flowers, Claudia Report 307
Accelerating the Academic Achievement of Students Referred to Developmental Education. CCRC Brief. Number 55. Edgecombe, Nikki Abstract 349
Achieving Ambitious Goals: Case Studies of Scaling-Up Programs for Advancing Low-Skilled Adults. Endel, Barbara; Anderson, Nate Abstract 342
Adolescent Substance Use in the U.S.: Facts for Policymakers. Fact Sheet. Stagman, Shannon; Schwarz, Susan Wile; Powers, Danielle Abstract 186
Alternative Measures of Teacher Performance. Policy-to-Practice Brief. Potemski, Amy; Baral, Mahua; Meyer, Cassandra Report 168
An Analysis of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Vocational Technical Education Framework for Culinary Arts and Its Effectiveness on Students Enrolled in Post-Secondary Culinary Programs. D'Addario, Albert S. Abstract 330
An Institutional Code of Ethics--A Response to Attitude of Israeli Teachers' Education College Students towards Academic Plagiarism. Reingold,, Roni; Baratz, Lea Report 217
An Investigation of Non-Thesis Master's Program Geography Teacher Candidates' Attitudes towards Teaching Profession regarding Several Socio-Cultural Features. Sezer, Adem; Kara, Hasan; Pinar, Adnan Abstract 259
Annual Report: Discipline, Crime, and Violence, School Year 2009-2010. 428
Are England's Academies More Inclusive or More "Exclusive"? The Impact of Institutional Change on the Pupil Profile of Schools. CEE DP 125. Wilson, Joan Abstract 916
Assemble Collocation and Colligation in Chinese Writing Web Tools for New Immigrants in Taiwan. Lu, Meg; Lin, Chien Hui; Chuang, Tsung Yen; Ku, Tsun; Tsai, Chia Min Abstract 189
Assessing Library Automation and Virtual Library Development in Four Academic Libraries in Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria. Gbadamosi, Belau Olatunde Abstract 184
Baseline Analyses of SIG Applications and SIG-Eligible and SIG-Awarded Schools. NCEE 2011-4019. Hurlburt, Steven; Le Floch, Kerstin Carlson; Therriault, Susan Bowles; Cole, Susan Abstract 518
Bayesian Unimodal Density Regression for Causal Inference. Karabatsos, George; Walker, Stephen G. 632
California's Fiscal Crisis: What Does It Mean for Schools? Q&A. Abstract 253
Changing Policies on Campus. Prevention Update. 370
Characteristics of Private Schools in the United States: Results from the 2009-10 Private School Universe Survey. First Look. NCES 2011-339. Broughman, Stephen P.; Swaim, Nancy L.; Hryczaniuk, Cassie A. Abstract 461
Clear Direction. The Montessori Observer. Volume 32, Number 2. 161
Connecticut Public Higher Education: 2011 System Trends. Report. Report 126
Constraints in Teacher Training for Computer Assisted Language Testing Implementation. Garcia Laborda, Jesus; Litzler, Mary Frances Abstract 290
Contracted Providers: Overcoming Challenges in a Portfolio School District. CRPE Working Paper #2011-2. Miller, Jackqueline N. Abstract 267
Crime, Violence, Discipline, and Safety in U.S. Public Schools. Findings from the School Survey on Crime and Safety: 2009-10. First Look. NCES 2011-320. Neiman, Samantha Abstract 264
Critique of a Language-Learning Website. Kan, Soh Or Abstract 303
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: Federal Support for Developing Language and Literacy. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-11-357. Scott, George A. Abstract 333
Decreasing Bullying Behaviors through Discussing Young-Adult Literature, Role-Playing Activities, and Establishing a School-Wide Definition of Bullying in Accordance with a Common Set of Rules in Language Arts and Math. Holmgren, Jennifer; Lamb, Jennifer; Miller, Megan; Werderitch, Christina Report 502
Despite Its Many Benefits, Vocational Education and Training Lacks Esteem. Briefing Note. Abstract 225
Developing 20/20 Vision on the 2020 Degree Attainment Goal: The Threat of Income-Based Inequality in Education. Nichols, Andrew Howard Abstract 332
Developing Common Accommodations Policies: Discussion Points for Consortia. NCEO Brief. Number 2. Report 200
Diversity Matters: New Directions for Institutional Research on Undergraduate Racial/Ethnic and Economic Diversity. SERU Project and Consortium Research Paper. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.8.11. Thomson, Gregg Abstract 228
Education and Certification Qualifications of Departmentalized Public High School-Level Teachers of Core Subjects: Evidence from the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2011-317. Hill, Jason G. Abstract 391
Educational Assessment via a Web-Based Intelligent System. Huang, Jingshan; He, Lei; Davidson-Shivers, Gayle V. Abstract 235
Effects of Social Skill Instruction. Calhoun, Trish Abstract 232
English Language Influence on THE-Reuters 2010 University Rankings; The Evidence: A South Korean Model in a Global Context. Jambor, Paul Z. Abstract 235
Evaluation of the Enhanced Assessment Grants (EAGs) SimScientists Program: Site Visit Findings. CRESST Report 791. Herman, Joan; Dai, Yunyun; Htut, Aye Mon; Martinez, Marcela; Rivera, Nichole Abstract 214
Evaluation Summary of the Expanding Opportunities Interagency Inclusion Initiative: Increasing and Enhancing Access, Participation and Supports for All Children in High Quality Inclusive Programs and Services. Report 330
Evaluations Backgrounder: A Summary of Formal Evaluations of Afterschool Programs' Impact on Academics, Behavior, Safety and Family Life. Abstract 256
Examining American Post-Secondary Education. Research Report. ETS RR-11-22. Liu, Ou Lydia Abstract 380
Examining the Role of Principals in the Retention of New Teachers. Cross, Katherine Abstract 355
Faculty Productivity and Costs at the University of Texas at Austin: A Preliminary Analysis. Vedder, Richard; Matgouranis, Christopher; Robe, Jonathan Abstract 282
Financing College in Hard Times: Work and Student Aid. The CSU Crisis and California's Future. Abstract 361
Following Their Footsteps: What Happens to Students Who Move from Research Universities to Other BC Public Post-Secondary Institutions? Heslop, Joanne 484
Forum Guide to Crime, Violence, and Discipline Incident Data. NFES 2011-806. Abstract 265
Fostering Model-Based School Scientific Argumentation Among Prospective Science Teachers. Aduriz-Bravo, Agustin Abstract 278
From GED to College Degree: Creating Pathways to Postsecondary Success for High School Dropouts. Garvey, John Abstract 461
GED Preparation through Distance Learning in Rural Pennsylvania. Prins, Esther; Drayton, Brendaly; Gungor, Ramazan; Kassab, Cathy 350
Healthy Schools Network, 2011 Yearbook. 142
High School Feedback Report for 2008 and 2009 Graduates. Romanik, Dale; Rembowski, Mary Abstract 325
History Electives in High School: Making Social Studies Engaging. Kelsey, Sean Abstract 258
Identification of Good Practices in the Implementation of Innovative Learning Methodologies. Lincaru, Cristina; Ciuca, Vasilica; Grecu, Liliana; Atanasiu, Draga; Dragoiu, Codruta Abstract 197
Impacts of a Violence Prevention Program for Middle Schools: Findings after 3 Years of Implementation. Executive Summary. NCEE 2011-4018. Silvia, Suyapa; Blitstein, Jonathan; Williams, Jason; Ringwalt, Chris; Dusenbury, Linda; Hansen, Wil Report 329
Impacts of a Violence Prevention Program for Middle Schools: Findings after 3 Years of Implementation. NCEE 2011-4017. Silvia, Suyapa; Blitstein, Jonathan; Williams, Jason; Ringwalt, Chris; Dusenbury, Linda; Hansen, Wil Report 402
Implementing Education Policy: Getting from "What Now?" to What Works. Education Grantmakers Institute (Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 2-4, 2011). 353
Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth in the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems through Interagency Communication and Collaboration. Practice Guide. Gonsoulin, S.; Read, N.W. Abstract 290
Increasing Choice or Inequality? Pathways through Early Education in Andhra Pradesh, India. Working Papers in Early Childhood Development, No. 58. Studies in Early Childhood Transitions. Streuli, Natalia; Vennam, Uma; Woodhead, Martin Abstract 249
Increasing Respectful Behavior through Verbal/Physical Recognition and Mini-Lessons with Ninth through Twelfth Grade Students in Family and Consumer Science and Special Education. Baker, Melissa; Paver, Jacquelyn; Zabelin, Richard Report 545
Increasing Student Physical Fitness through Increased Choice of Fitness Activities and Student Designed Fitness Activities for Ninth through Twelfth Graders in Physical Education Class. Jacob, Margo A. Abstract 570
Integrating Cultural Perspectives of First Generation Latino Students and Families into the College Admissions Process. Rosso, Ryan R. Report 339
Integrating Theater Arts into the Classroom: The New Responsibilities of the Elementary School Teacher. Brock, Jessica Abstract 297
International School Feeding: USDA's Oversight of the McGovern-Dole Food for Education Program Needs Improvement. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-11-544. Melito, Thomas Abstract 367
Learning Communities for Students in Developmental Math: Impact Studies at Queensborough and Houston Community Colleges. NCPR Brief. Weissman, Evan; Butcher, Kristin F.; Schneider, Emily; Teres, Jedediah; Collado, Herbert; Greenberg, Abstract 343
Learning Together: How Families Responded to Education Incentives in New York City's Conditional Cash Transfer Program. Greenberg, David; Dechausay, Nadine; Fraker, Carolyn Abstract 396
Learning Together: How Families Responded to Education Incentives in New York City's Conditional Cash Transfer Program. Executive Summary. Greenberg, David; Dechausay, Nadine; Fraker, Carolyn Abstract 410
Leaving No Worker Behind: Community Colleges Retrain the Michigan Workforce--and Themselves. Hilliard, Tom Abstract 478
Leveraging the Power of State Longitudinal Data Systems: Building Capacity to Turn Data into Useful Information. 355
Linking Home-Based Child Care and State-Funded Preschool: The Community Connections Preschool Program (Illinois Action for Children). Evaluation Phase 1-Implementation Study. Forry, Nicole; Anderson, Rachel; Zaslow, Martha; Chrisler, Alison; Banghart, Patti; Kreader, J. Lee Abstract 434
Local Authorities Improving Life Chances: A Review of a New Approach to Raising Literacy Levels. McCoy, Emily Abstract 399
Middle School Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study: Findings after the Second Year of Implementation. Executive Summary. NCEE 2011-4025. Garet, Michael S.; Wayne, Andrew J.; Stancavage, Fran; Taylor, James; Eaton, Marian; Walters, Kirk; Report 260
Middle School Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study: Findings after the Second Year of Implementation. NCEE 2011-4024. Garet, Michael S.; Wayne, Andrew J.; Stancavage, Fran; Taylor, James; Eaton, Marian; Walters, Kirk; Report 329
Monitoring the Future National Survey Results on Drug Use, 1975-2010. Volume I, Secondary School Students. Johnston, Lloyd D.; O'Malley, Patrick M.; Bachman, Jerald G.; Schulenberg, John E. Abstract 798
National CrossTalk. Volume 19, Number 1. Abstract 282
National Educational Technology Trends: 2011. Transforming Education to Ensure All Students Are Successful in the 21st Century. Jones, Rachel; Fox, Christine; Levin, Douglas Abstract 323
Navigating the Closure Process. Authorizing Matters. Issue Brief. Shaw, Matthew 278
Numbers and Types of Public Elementary and Secondary Local Education Agencies from the Common Core of Data: School Year 2009-10. First Look. NCES 2011-346. Keaton, Patrick Abstract 237
Outlook. Number 365. 126
Overcoming Exclusion through Quality Schooling. Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 65. Govinda, R.; Bandyopadhyay, Madhumita Report 275
Overcoming Language and Cultural Barriers in School: Helping Hispanic Students Acquire Success in Elementary School. Ivey, Pauline S. Abstract 239
Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Inquiry: An Instrument to Assess It and Its Application to High School In-Service Science Teachers. Espinosa-Bueno, Juana Silvia; Labastida-Pina, Diana Veronica; Padilla-Martinez, Kira; Garritz, Andon Abstract 376
People and Technology Today: Some Educational Implications. Rodriguez-Sedano, Alfredo; Paris, Ana Costa; Mut, Maite Dassoy Abstract 214
Philadelphia's Renaissance Schools: A Report on Start up and Early Implementation. Gold, Eva; Good, Deborah; Robertson-Kraft, Claire; Callahan, M. Kate Abstract 186
Philadelphia's Renaissance Schools: Start up and Early Implementation. Executive Summary. Abstract 191
Physics Undergraduate Degrees: Results from the 2008 Survey of Enrollments and Degrees. Focus On. Mulvey, Patrick J.; Nicholson, Starr Abstract 215
Predicting 6-Year Graduation and High-Achieving and At-Risk Students. Rogulkin, Dmitri Abstract 228
Preparing for Growth: Human Capital Innovations in Charter Public Schools. Chadwick, Christi; Kowal, Julie Abstract 278
Presidential Leadership for Public Purpose: A Special Report by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. Report 262
Principal Directed Collaborative Planning in the Elementary School. Hay, Sydney Martin Abstract 389
Proceedings of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Actes de la Rencontre Annuelle 2010 du Groupe Canadien d'Etude en Didactique des Mathematiques (34th, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, May 21-25, 2010). Liljedahl, Peter, Ed.; Oesterle, Susan, Ed.; Allan, Darien, Ed. Abstract 869
Progress Report Year 4: National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST). The Development and Impact of POWERSOURCE[C]. CRESST Report 795. Baker, Eva L. Abstract 350
Promising Practices Supporting Low-Income, First-Generation Students at DeVry University. Miller, Abby; Taylor Smith, Chandra; Nichols, Andrew Abstract 258
Promoting Full-Time Attendance among Adults in Community College: Early Impacts from the Performance-Based Scholarship Demonstration in New York. Richburg-Hayes, Lashawn; Sommo, Colleen; Welbeck, Rashida Report 407
Propelling Students into Active Grammar Participation. Jurhill, Dennis A. Report 345
Proposed Framework for Digitally Inclusive Communities. Final Report. Report 192
Public Education Finances, 2009. Abstract 241
Public Elementary and Secondary School Student Enrollment and Staff Counts from the Common Core of Data: School Year 2009-10. First Look. NCES 2011-347. Chen, Chen-Su Report 473
Public School Graduates and Dropouts from the Common Core of Data: School Year 2008-09. First Look. NCES 2011-312. Stillwell, Robert; Sable, Jennifer; Plotts, Chris Report 509
Racial Gaps in Early Childhood: Socio-Emotional Health, Developmental, and Educational Outcomes among African-American Boys. Report. Aratani, Yumiko; Wight, Vanessa R.; Cooper, Janice L. Abstract 604
Reflections on Teaching Social Studies to ESL Students. McBain, Robert 312
Reforming Districts through Choice, Autonomy, Equity, and Accountability: An Overview of the Voluntary Public School Choice Directors Meeting. Portfolio School Districts Project. Gross, Betheny; Lake, Robin Abstract 246
Reinvesting in Arts Education: Winning America's Future through Creative Schools. Dwyer, M. Christine Abstract 397
Review of "Yearning to Break Free: Ohio Superintendents Speak out". Horn, Catherine; Dworkin, Gary Abstract 300
School Foodservice Costs: Location Matters. Economic Research Report Number 117. Ollinger, Michael; Ralston, Katherine; Guthrie, Joanne Abstract 291
School Foodservice Costs: Location Matters. ERS Report Summary. Ollinger, Michael; Ralston, Katherine; Guthrie, Joanne Abstract 196
School Meal Programs: More Systematic Development of Specifications Could Improve the Safety of Foods Purchased through USDA's Commodity Program. Report to the Ranking Member, Committee on Education and the Workforce, House of Representatives. GAO-11-376. Shames, Lisa Abstract 301
Science Competencies That Go Unassessed. Gilmer, Penny J.; Sherdan, Danielle M.; Oosterhof, Albert; Rohani, Faranak; Rouby, Aaron Abstract 248
Score Comparability for Language Minority Students on the Content Assessments Used by Two States. Research Report. ETS RR-11-27. Young, John W.; Holtzman, Steven; Steinberg, Jonathan Abstract 195
Shifting Trends in Special Education. Scull, Janie; Winkler, Amber M. Report 475
Slow off the Mark: Elementary School Teachers and the Crisis in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education. Epstein, Diana; Miller, Raegen T. Abstract 441
Speaking of Salaries: What It Will Take to Get Qualified, Effective Teachers in All Communities. Adamson, Frank; Darling-Hammond, Linda Abstract 398
Special Education in High School Redesign. Book review 178
Student and Teacher Safety in Chicago Public Schools: The Roles of Community Context and School Social Organization. Steinberg, Matthew P.; Allensworth, Elaine; Johnson, David W. Abstract 381
Student Reports of Bullying and Cyber-Bullying: Results from the 2007 School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey. Web Tables. NCES 2011-316. DeVoe, Jill; Murphy, Christina Report 316
Students' Difficulties With Multiple Representations in Introductory Mechanics. Nguyen, Dong-Hai; Rebello, N. Sanjay Abstract 228
Summer Learning Loss: Why Its Effect Is Strongest among Low-Income Students and How It Can Be Combated. Information Capsule. Volume 1011. Blazer, Christie Report 312
Teachers' Opinion Concerning Common Exams Administered in Elementary Schools. Caliskan, Huseyin Abstract 354
Texas' Child Population: More Kids, More Diversity, More Responsibility. Deviney, Frances; Phillips, Pace 224
The Adult Learner and the Applied Baccalaureate: Lessons from Six States. Bragg, Debra D.; Ruud, Collin M. Report 470
The Affects on Preschool Students When Social Skills Lessons Are Introduced. Davis, Pamela J. Abstract 249
The Applied Baccalaureate: What We Know, What We Learned, and What We Need to Know. Ruud, Collin M.; Bragg, Debra D. Report 343
The CBAL Reading Assessment: An Approach for Balancing Measurement and Learning Goals. Research Report. ETS RR-11-21. Sheehan, Kathleen M.; O'Reilly, Tenaha Abstract 220
The Condition of Education 2011 in Brief. NCES 2011-034. Aud, Susan, Ed.; Hannes, Gretchen, Ed. Report 224
The Condition of Education 2011. NCES 2011-033. Aud, Susan; Hussar, William; Kena, Grace; Bianco, Kevin; Frohlich, Lauren; Kemp, Jana; Tahan, Kim Abstract 289
The Development and Impact of POWERSOURCE[c]: Year 3. CRESST Report 793. Phelan, Julia; Vendlinski, Terry; Choi, Kilchan; Herman, Joan; Baker, Eva L. Report 287
The Development and Impact of POWERSOURCE[c]: Year 5. CRESST Report 792. Phelan, Julia; Vendlinski, Terry; Choi, Kilchan; Dai, Yunyun; Herman, Joan; Baker, Eva L. Abstract 455
The Effectiveness of Teaching Traditional Grammar on Writing Composition at the High School Level. Jaeger, Gina Abstract 196
The Health and Education Benefits of Universal Primary Education for the Next Generation: Evidence from Tanzania. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 62. Sabates, Ricardo; Westbrook, Jo; Hernandez-Fernandez, Jimena Report 210
The Importance of School-Wide Enrichment Programs in Elementary School Settings. Burris, Lauren Report 281
The Importance of the Foreign Language Learning Contributing to World Peace. Sahin, Yusuf Report 440
The Integration of Interior Architecture Education with Digital Design Approaches. Yazicioglu, Deniz Ayse Abstract 376
The Learning Trip: Using the Museum Field Trip Experience as a Teaching Resource to Enhance Curriculum and Student Engagement. Tuffy, Jennifer Abstract 293
The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Preparing Students for College and Careers. Abstract 298
The Nation's Report Card: Civics 2010. National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grades 4, 8, and 12. NCES 2011-466. Report 319
The New 3 E's of Education: Enabled, Engaged, Empowered--How Today's Educators Are Advancing a New Vision for Teaching and Learning. Speak Up 2010 National Findings: K-12 Teachers, Librarians & Administrators. Abstract 372
The Relationship between Music and Visual Arts Formal Study and Academic Achievement on the Eighth-Grade Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) Test. Baker, Richard Allen, Jr. Report 466
The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning: Profiles of Emerging Models. Staker, Heather Abstract 352
The State Fiscal Stabilization Fund and Higher Education Spending: Part 2 of 4. Cohen, Jennifer S. 329
The U.S.-China E-Language Project: A Study of a Gaming Approach to English Language Learning for Middle School Students. Green, Patricia J.; Sha, Mandy; Liu, Lu Report 499
The Vanishing West: 1964-2010--The Disappearance of Western Civilization from the American Undergraduate Curriculum. Ricketts, Glenn; Wood, Peter R.; Balch, Stephen H.; Thorne, Ashley 481
Theatre Arts Programs: Impact of Cognitive Development in Elementary School Students. Miller, Lauren. Report 206
Thoughtful Homework or Busy Work: Impact on Student Academic Success. Tokarski, Jennifer E. Report 319
Toward Meaningful Assessment: Lessons from Five First-Grade Classrooms. Occasional Paper Series 26. Kates, Laura R. Abstract 497
U.S. Educational Achievement on International Assessments: The Role of Race and Ethnicity. RTI Research Report Series. Occasional Paper. Dalton, Ben Abstract 301
Un Nuevo Dia: As Latino Population Grows, so Must College Attainment. Lumina Foundation Focus[TM]. Spring 2011. Brennan, Patricia L. Report 226
Understanding Ocean Acidification. Book review 240
Unfulfilled Expectations: Recent College Graduates Struggle in a Troubled Economy. Work Trends. Godofsky, Jessica; Zukin, Cliff; Van Horn, Carl Abstract 374
Unity in the Elementary School Classroom: Building Community Through Increasing Positive Social Interactions Between and Among Students. Piatt-Jaeger, Sally Abstract 276
University Research Funding: The United States Is Behind and Falling. Atkinson, Robert D.; Stewart, Luke A. Abstract 379
Unlocking Potential: Results of a National Survey of Postsecondary Education in State Prisons. Issue Brief. Gorgol, Laura E.; Sponsler, Brian A. Report 283
Using Key Conceptual Ideas to Improve Teacher Use of Formative Assessment Data. CRESST Report 794. Vendlinski, Terry P.; Phelan, Julia Abstract 215
Veterans' Education Benefits: Enhanced Guidance and Collaboration Could Improve Administration of the Post-9/11 GI Bill Program. GAO-11-356R. Scott, George A. 802
What Savings Are Produced by Moving to a Four-Day School Week? Griffith, Michael Abstract 196
What School Leaders Can Do to Increase Arts Education. 334
Who Wins? Who Pays? The Economic Returns and Costs of a Bachelor's Degree. de Alva, Jorge Klor; Schneider, Mark Abstract 474
Workforce Competitiveness Collection. "LINCS" Resource Collection News. Report 137
XY Needs in Education. Neidlinger, Jennifer Abstract 311

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