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Articles from ERIC: Reports (July 1, 2011)

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2008-09 Baccalaureate and beyond Longitudinal Study (B&B:08/09). First Look. NCES 2011-236. Cataldi, Emily Forrest; Green, Caitlin; Henke, Robin; Lew, Terry; Woo, Jennie; Shepherd, Bryan; Sieg Abstract 308
A Companion to the Film, "Putting Mathematics Education in Its Place". Working Paper No. 41. Corbett, Michael Report 466
A Glance at Standard Development Studies and Accreditation Process as Sustaining Tools for Quality in Teacher Education in Turkey. Yuksel, Ismail; Adiguzel, Abdullah Abstract 258
A Snapshot of Philadelphia's Accelerated Schools. Edmunds, Kimberly; Fonseca, Ean 351
Aboriginal Postsecondary Education: Formal Instruction for the Adult Aboriginal Population. Made in B.C.: A History of Postsecondary Education in British Columbia. Volume 4. Cowin, Bob Abstract 300
Accelerated Math[TM]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract 220
Achievement Trends of Schools and Students in Arizona's Title I School Improvement Program. REL Technical Brief. REL 2011-No. 017. Crane, Eric W.; Barrat, Vanessa X.; Huang, Min Abstract 286
Advanced Technological Education Survey 2011 Fact Sheet. Wingate, Lori; Westine, Carl; Gullickson, Arlen Abstract 207
Aligning Afterschool with the Regular School Day: The Perfect Complement. MetLife Foundation Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 50. Abstract 266
Aligning Career and Technical Education with High-Wage and High-Demand Occupations in Tennessee. Issues & Answers. REL 2011-No. 111. Mokher, Christine 431
Aligning Career and Technical Education with High-Wage and High-Demand Occupations in Tennessee. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2011-No. 111. Mokher, Christine 405
America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2011. Cook, Traci; Blachman, Dara; Dye, Jane; Macartney, Suzanne; Lukacs, Susan; Howie, LaJeana; Kena, Gra Abstract 260
America's Promise Alliance: 10 Indicators of Academic Achievement and Youth Success. Gifford, Beth; Evans, Kelly; Berlin, Lisa; Bai, Yu 471
Appalachian Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 231
Boosting Adolescent and Young Adult Literacy: An Examination of Literacy Teaching and Learning in Philadelphia's Accelerated High Schools. Gold, Eva; Edmunds, Kimberly; Maluk, Holly; Reumann-Moore, Rebecca Abstract 1057
Breaking New Ground: An Impact Study of Career-Focused Learning Communities at Kingsborough Community College. Visher, Mary G.; Teres, Jedediah Abstract 464
Breaking New Ground: An Impact Study of Career-Focused Learning Communities at Kingsborough Community College. Executive Summary. Visher, Mary G.; Teres, Jedediah Abstract 452
Building Motivation in the K-12 Art Classroom. Andrews, Page Abstract 168
California Institute of Technology: Caltech Energy Conservation Investment Program. Green Revolving Funds in Action: Case Study Series. Caine, Rebecca 306
CASE's ESEA Reauthorization Recommendations. Abstract 190
Central Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 226
Clarification of the Blurred Boundaries between Grounded Theory and Ethnography: Differences and Similarities. Aldiabat, Khaldoun; Le Navenec, Carol-Lynne 212
Complete to Compete: From Information to Action--Revamping Higher Education Accountability Systems. Reindl, Travis; Reyna, Ryan Abstract 289
Consequences of Neglect: Performance Trends in California Higher Education. Moore, Colleen; Offenstein, Jeremy; Shulock, Nancy Abstract 392
Cracking the Code: Synchronizing Policy and Practice for Performance-Based Learning. Patrick, Susan; Sturgis, Chris 321
Critical Choices: How Colleges Can Help Students and Families Make Better Decisions about Private Loans. Reed, Matthew Abstract 410
Curriculum Reform and Teacher Autonomy in Turkey: The Case of the History Teaching. Ozturk, Ibrahim Hakki Abstract 228
Difficulties in Teaching and Learning Grammar in an EFL Context. Al-Mekhlafi, Abdu Mohammed; Nagaratnam, Ramani Perur Abstract 296
Disadvantaged Students: School Districts Have Used Title I Funds Primarily to Support Instruction. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-11-595. Scott, George A. Abstract 322
Early Warning Indicator Systems. Ryan, Molly Report 314
Enabling the BC Transfer System: A Discussion Paper. 444
Encouraging Meaningful Parent/Educator Collaboration: A Review of Recent Literature. Hedeen, Timothy; Moses, Philip; Peter, Marshall 306
Evaluation of Green Dot's Locke Transformation Project: Findings from the 2007-08, 2008-09, and 2009-10 School Years. CRESST Report 799. Herman, Joan L.; Rickles, Jordan; Hansen, Mark; Thomas, Larry; Gualpa, Alice; Wang, Jia Abstract 234
Evaluation of New Texas Charter Schools: Final Report (2007-10). Maloney, Catherine; Sheehan, Daniel; Rainey, Katharine 688
Evaluation of New Texas Charter Schools: Final Report (2007-10). Executive Summary. Maloney, Catherine; Sheehan, Daniel; Rainey, Katharine 509
Evaluation of Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading: Effective Tools for Developing Literacy through Science in the Early Grades--Unit on Planets and Moons. CRESST Report 803. Goldschmidt, Pete; Jung, Hyekyung Abstract 344
Evidence-Centered Design for Simulation-Based Assessment. CRESST Report 800. Mislevy, Robert J. Abstract 230
Female Students in High School Physics: Results from the 2008-09 Nationwide Survey of High School Physics Teachers. Focus On. White, Susan; Tesfaye, Casey Langer Abstract 170
Fit of Item Response Theory Models: A Survey of Data from Several Operational Tests. Research Report. ETS RR-11-29. Sinharay, Sandip; Haberman, Shelby J.; Jia, Helena Abstract 196
Forum Guide to Ensuring Equal Access to Education Websites: Introduction to Electronic Information Accessibility Standards. NFES 2011-807. Abstract 344
Graduate and First-Professional Students: 2007-08. Stats in Brief. NCES 2011-174. Choy, Susan P.; Cataldi, Emily Forrest Abstract 229
Great Books. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract 217
Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions: Informing Action for the Nine County Capital Region and Its Youth. London, Jonathan; Erbstein, Nancy 565
High Flyers: Policies and Strategies that Boost Developmental Education Success in Florida's Community Colleges. Ajose, Lande; Bhatt, Ria Sengupta; Kaur, Gagandeep 346
High School Dropout Rates among Minority Students in a Northern California Suburban Area. Chapman, Alexander Abstract 201
How to Awaken an Appreciation for the Value of Practicing Learning Skills in an Environment of Poverty, Theft, Destruction and Violent Behavior. Fish, James C. Abstract 298
IDEA National Assessment Implementation Study. Final Report. NCEE 2011-4027. Bradley, M.C.; Daley, Tamara; Levin, Marjorie; O'Reilly, Fran; Parsad, Amanda; Robertson, Anne; Wern Abstract 602
Improving the Odds for Adolescents: State Policies That Support Adolescent Health and Well-Being. Report. Schwarz, Susan Wile; Aratani, Yumiko Abstract 182
Improving the Way We Design Games for Learning by Examining How Popular Video Games Teach. CRESST Report 798. Wainess, Richard; Kerr, Deirdre; Koenig, Alan Abstract 211
Increasing Secondary Reading Comprehension and Reading Proficiency across Content Areas. Zimmerman, Marty Abstract 326
Integrating Mental Health Promotion and Substance Abuse Prevention on College Campuses. Prevention Update. Report 242
It's Not a Matter of Time: Highlights from the 2011 Competency-Based Summit. Sturgis, Chris; Patrick, Susan; Pittenger, Linda 346
Keeping Informed about School Vouchers: A Review of Major Developments and Research. Usher, Alexandra; Kober, Nancy Abstract 187
Knowing and Doing: What Teachers Learn from Formative Assessment and How They Use the Information. CRESST Report 802. Frohbieter, Greta; Greenwald, Eric; Stecher, Brian; Schwartz, Heather Abstract 274
Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions for Diversity. Jones, Anne Abstract 145
Language Learning Strategy Use: A Study of Pre-Service Teachers in Malaysia. Wong, Mary Siew-Lian Abstract 227
Latent Variable Regression 4-Level Hierarchical Model Using Multisite Multiple-Cohorts Longitudinal Data. CRESST Report 801. Choi, Kilchan Abstract 366
Legislation for a Demand-Driven System. Go8 Backgrounder 22. Report 307
Mapping the Interrelationships of Reading Enjoyment, Attitudes, Behaviour and Attainment: An Exploratory Investigation. Clark, Christina; De Zoysa, Sarah 303
Mid-Atlantic Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 223
Midwest Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 228
Monitoring the Future National Survey Results on Drug Use, 1975-2010. Volume II, College Students & Adults Ages 19-50. Johnston, Lloyd D.; O'Malley, Patrick M.; Bachman, Jerald G.; Schulenberg, John E. Abstract 660
National Assessment of IDEA Overview. NCEE 2011-4026. Abstract 441
National Literacy Trust Survey in Partnership with Nursery World: Investigating Communication, Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years Sector. Halden, Amanda; Clark, Christina; Lewis, Fiona Abstract 323
National Postsecondary Enrollment Trends: Before, during, and after the Great Recession. Signature[TM] Report 1. Dunbar, Afet; Hossler, Don; Shapiro, Doug; Chen, Jin; Martin, Sarah; Torres, Vasti; Zerquera, Desire Report 459
Northeast and Islands Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 330
Northwest Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 354
Pacific Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 304
Physics Graduate Degrees: Results from the Enrollments and Degrees & the Degree Recipient Follow-Up Surveys. Focus On. Mulvey, Patrick J.; Nicholson, Starr Abstract 341
Post Graduate Students' Computing Confidence, Computer and Internet Usage at Kuvempu University--An Indian Study. Dange, Jagannath K. Abstract 235
Preserving the Federal Pell Grant Program. BHEF Policy Brief. Abstract 340
Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM) (4th, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, July 6-8, 2011). Pechenizkiy, Mykola; Calders, Toon; Conati, Cristina; Ventura, Sebastian; Romero, Cristobal; Stamper Conference news 1732
Professional Development for Teachers: What Two Rigorous Studies Tell Us. Quint, Janet Abstract 234
Promoting Educational Opportunity: The Pell Grant Program at Community Colleges. AACC Policy Brief 2011-03PBL. Baime, David S.; Mullin, Christopher M. Abstract 273
Reading Engagement: A Comparison between E-Books and Traditional Print Books in an Elementary Classroom. Jones, Troy; Brown, Carol Abstract 253
Recovering the Power Inside: A Qualitative Study of Critical Reading in an Iranian University. Ghajar, Sue-san Ghahremani; Kafshgarsouteh, Masoumeh 341
Reflections of Preservice Information Technology Teachers Regarding Cyberbullying. Akbulut, Yavuz; Cuhadar, Cem 246
Reforming Public School Systems through Sustained Union-Management Collaboration. Rubinstein, Saul A.; McCarthy, John E. Report 305
Revisiting Materials for Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes. Garcia Laborda, Jesus Abstract 210
Revitalizing Quality Using Guidance Counseling in Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions: Exploring Students' Views and Attitudes at Haramaya University. Seyoum, Yilfashewa Abstract 283
Romanian Pupils at the Spanish Primary Schools: Continuities and Discontinuities between Former and Current Educational Experiences. Ion, Georgeta Abstract 223
RTI Scheduling Processes for Middle Schools. Information Brief. Prewett, Sara; Mellard, Daryl; Lieske-Lupo, Jessica Abstract 283
School Improvement Grants: Early Implementation under Way, but Reforms Affected by Short Time Frames. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-11-741. Scott, George A. Abstract 789
Six-Year Attainment, Persistence, Transfer, Retention, and Withdrawal Rates of Students Who Began Postsecondary Education in 2003-04. Web Tables. NCES 2011-152. Skomsvold, Paul; Radford, Alexandria Walton; Berkner, Lutz Abstract 411
Six-Year Attainment, Persistence, Transfer, Retention, and Withdrawal Rates of Students Who Began Postsecondary Education in 2003-04. Web Tables. NCES 2011-152. Skomsvold, Paul; Radford, Alexandria Walton; Berkner, Lutz Abstract 368
Southeast Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 384
Southwest Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 412
Speaking in the Classroom. McBain, Robert Abstract 219
States Now Collect Quality Data but Need to Act to Improve Student Achievement. Data for Action 2010: DQC's State Analysis. National Summary. 271
STEM: Good Jobs Now and for the Future. ESA Issue Brief #03-11. Langdon, David; McKittrick, George; Beede, David; Khan, Beethika; Doms, Mark Abstract 291
Supporting and Scaling Change: Lessons from the First Round of the Investing in Innovation (i3) Program. Smith, Kim; Petersen, Julie Abstract 249
Supporting Data Use While Protecting the Privacy, Security and Confidentiality of Student Information: A Primer for State Policymakers. Report 344
Teachers Perspective of Using English as a Medium of Instruction in Mathematics and Science Subjects. Mansor, Norudin; Badarudin, Mohamed Ishak; Mat, Azman Che Abstract 236
The Ability of Conceptual Monitoring and the Quality of Working Memory at Children With Calculation Difficulties. Arsic, Sladjana; Eminovic, Fadilj; Stankovic, Ivona Report 435
The Complexity of Language Learning. Nelson, Charles Abstract 200
The Dispositions Improvement Process. Brewer, Robin D.; Lindquist, Cynthia; Altemueller, Lisa Abstract 210
The Impact of the NISL Executive Development Program on School Performance in Massachusetts: Cohort 2 Results. Nunnery, John A.; Ross, Steven M.; Chappell, Shanan; Pribesh, Shana; Hoag-Carhart, Elizabeth Abstract 219
The Impact of Tuition Fees and Support on University Participation in the UK. CEE DP 126. Dearden, Lorraine; Fitzsimons, Emla; Wyness, Gill Abstract 305
The Influence of Gender Bias on Children in Childcare Settings. Ikram, R Report 238
The Interactions between Global Education Initiatives and National Education Policy and Planning Processes: A Comparative Case Study of the Education For All Fast Track Initiative in Rwanda and Ethiopia. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 67. Bermingham, Desmond Abstract 359
The Mission of the High School: A New Consensus of the Purposes of Public Education? Policy Information Perspective. Barton, Paul E.; Coley, Richard J. 317
The Nation's Report Card [TM]: Geography 2010. National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grades 4, 8, and 12. NCES 2011-467. Abstract 260
The Relationship between Self Concept and Response towards Student's Academic Achievement among Students Leaders in University Putra Malaysia. Ahmad, Jamaludin; Ghazali, Mazila; Hassan, Aminuddin Abstract 274
The Rise of Childhood Poverty in Georgia: Implications for Public School Planning and Pedagogy. Boggs, Olivia M. Abstract 281
The Single Group with Nearly Equivalent Tests (SiGNET) Design for Equating Very Small Volume Multiple-Choice Tests. Research Report. ETS RR-11-31. Grant, Mary C. Report 181
There Still Be Dragons: Racial Disparity in School Funding Is No Myth. Miller, Raegen; Epstein, Diana Report 365
Third International Mathematics and Science Study 1999 Video Study Technical Report: Volume 2--Science. Technical Report. NCES 2011-049. Garnier, Helen E.; Lemmens, Meike; Druker, Stephen L.; Roth, Kathleen J. Abstract 424
Three Women's Educational Doctoral Program Experiences: A Case Study of Performances and Journeys. Selmer, Sarah; Graham, Meadow; Goodykoontz, Erin Case study 257
Tool Use in a Psychomotor Task: The Role of Tool and Learner Variables. Juarez-Collazo, Norma A.; Lust, Griet; Elen, Jan; Clarebout, Geraldine Abstract 392
Traveling through Time: The Forum Guide to Longitudinal Data Systems. Book Four of Four: Advanced LDS Usage. NFES 2011-802. Book review 425
Two Decades of Increasing Diversity More than Doubled the Number of Minority Graduate Students in Science and Engineering. InfoBrief. NSF 11-319. Einaudi, Peter Report 546
Understanding Factors That Influence Academic Performance in Tenth Grade Students. Smith, Denise Abstract 320
Understanding Subgroups in Common State Assessments: Special Education Students and ELLs. NCEO Brief. Number 4. Abstract 193
University of Chicago School Mathematics Project 6-12 Curriculum. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract 287
Unlocking Doors and Expanding Opportunity: Moving Beyond the Limiting Reality of College and Career Readiness in California High Schools. K-12 Policy. Abstract 360
Western Region: A Report Identifying and Addressing the Educational Needs. 394

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