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Articles from ERIC: Reports (July 1, 2010)

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2009 GED Testing Program Statistical Report. Report 420
2010 Critical Success Factors for the North Carolina Community College System. Twenty First Annual Report. 212
2010-11 NCAA[R] Division I Manual. Report 359
2010-11 NCAA[R] Division II Manual. Author abstract 332
21st Century Community Learning Centers Descriptive Study of Program Practices. Penuel, William R.; McGhee, Raymond, Jr. Abstract 473
21st Century Skills Map: The Arts. Dean, Colleen; Ebert, Christie M. Lynch; McGreevy-Nichols, Susan; Quinn, Betsy; Sabol, F. Robert; Sc 111
4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate: Overview. Author abstract 407
A Brief History of Educational Assessment in the Philippines. Magno, Carlo Author abstract 256
A Close Look in to Role of ICT in Education. Kaffash, Hamid Reza; Kargiban, Zohreh Abedi; Kargiban, Sodabeh Abedi; Ramezani, Mehrdad Talesh 266
A Comparative Study of University of Wisconsin-Stout Freshmen and Senior Education Major's Computing and Internet Technology Skills/Knowledge and Associated Learning Experiences. Sveum, Evan Charles Report 311
A Conceptual Framework for Assessing Performance in Games and Simulations. CRESST Report 771. Koenig, Alan D.; Lee, John J.; Iseli, Markus; Wainess, Richard Author abstract 369
A Recommendation for a New Internet-based Environment for Studying Literature. Kartal, Erdogan; Arikan, Arda Report 245
A Return to the "Mexican Room": The Segregation of Arizona's English Learners. Gandara, Patricia; Orfield, Gary Author abstract 245
A Study of Arizona's Teachers of English Language Learners. Rios-Aguilar, Cecilia; Gonzalez-Canche, Manuel; Moll, Luis C. Report 303
A Suggested Syllabus for the Advanced Level English Course at Gendarmerie Schools Command in Accordance with NATO STANAG 6001 Level 3 Perspective. Solak, Ekrem 348
A World Class Education: Strategic Plan, 2010-2015. Report 516
Accreditation Criteria: Policies, Procedures, and Standards. Author abstract 312
Actions that Could Increase Work Participation for Adults with Disabilities. Highlights of a Forum. GAO-10-812SP. Bertoni, Daniel Report 326
After the FAFSA: How Red Tape Can Prevent Eligible Students from Receiving Financial Aid. Cochrane, Debbie Frankle Abstract 212
Alphabetic Phonics. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 234
America's Children in Brief: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2010. Author abstract 255
Assessing the Distribution of Fiscal and Personnel Resources across Schools. A Report Prepared for Pasadena Unified School District. SSFR Research Report #01 (PUSD). Chambers, Jay G.; Levin, Jesse; Brodziak, Iliana; Chan, Derek 377
Assessing the Need for Evidence-Based Home Visiting (EBHV): Experiences of EBHV Grantees. Brief 1. Paulsell, Diane; Coffee-Borden, Brandon Report 259
Assessment of Young English Language Learners in Arizona: Questioning the Validity of the State Measure of English Proficiency. Garcia, Eugene E.; Lawton, Kerry; Diniz de Figueiredo, Eduardo H. Author abstract 275
Astronomy Enrollments and Degrees: Results from the 2008 Survey of Physics & Astronomy Enrollments and Degrees. Focus on. Nicholson, Starr; Mulvey, Patrick Author abstract 137
Back to School: A Guide to Continuing Your Education after Prison. Crayton, Anna; Lindahl, Nicole 334
Barton Reading & Spelling System[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 291
Black Boxes in Analytical Chemistry: University Students' Misconceptions of Instrumental Analysis. Carbo, Antonio Domenech; Adelantado, Jose Vicente Gimeno; Reig, Francisco Bosch Report 237
Building a Sustained School Facilities Remedy: Arizona's Innovative Blueprint for Capital Funding. Education, Equity, and the Law. No. 3. Hunter, Molly A. Abstract 325
Bullying and School Attendance: A Case Study of Senior High School Students in Ghana. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 41. Dunne, Mairead; Bosumtwi-Sam, Cynthia; Sabates, Ricardo; Owusu, Andrew Report 174
Challenges in Evaluating Special Education Teachers and English Language Learner Specialists. Research & Policy Brief. Holdheide, Lynn R.; Goe, Laura; Croft, Andrew; Reschly, Daniel J. 176
Characteristics of the 100 Largest Public Elementary and Secondary School Districts in the United States: 2007-08. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2010-349. Plotts, Chris; Sable, Jennifer Report 529
Charter Schools and the Teacher Job Search. Research Brief. Cannata, Marisa Report 286
Classroom Management and the ADHD Student. Colberg, Laura Author abstract 206
Comparing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and NCTM's "Curriculum Focal Points". Achieving the Common Core. Author abstract 205
Comparing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and the NAEP Framework. Achieving the Common Core. Author abstract 211
Comparing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics to California and Massachusetts Standards. Achieving the Common Core. Author abstract 207
Comparing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics to the Recommendations of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. Achieving the Common Core. Author abstract 205
Delaware Middle Schools Beating the Odds. Technical Report Number T2010.4. Grusenmeyer, Linda; Fifield, Steve; Murphy, Aideen; Nian, Qinghua; Qian, Xiaoyu 426
Department of Education: Improved Dissemination and Timely Product Release Would Enhance the Usefulness of the What Works Clearinghouse. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-10-644. Ashby, Cornelia M. Author abstract 312
Design Document for 12th Grade NAEP Preparedness Research Judgmental Standard Setting Studies: Setting Standards on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in Reading and Mathematics for 12th Grade Preparedness. Author abstract 391
Do States Have Certification Requirements for Preparing General Education Teachers to Teach Students with Disabilities? Experience in the Northeast and Islands Region. Issues & Answers. REL 2010-No. 090. Bocala, Candice; Morgan, Claire; Mundry, Susan; Mello, Daniel Report 380
Do the AZELLA Cut Scores Meet the Standards? A Validation Review of Arizona English Language Learner Assessment. Florez, Ida Rose Author abstract 340
Dustman, Milliner and Watchcase Maker: Skilling Australia. Conference Paper. Beddie, Francesca Report 146
Dyslexia Training Program. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 247
Effectively Linking Teacher and Student Data: The Key to Improving Teacher Quality. 355
Effectiveness of Fully Online Courses for College Students: Response to a Department of Education Meta-Analysis. Jaggars, Shanna Smith; Bailey, Thomas Report 270
Effects of Problem Based Economics on High School Economics Instruction. Final Report. NCEE 2010-4002. Finkelstein, Neal; Hanson, Thomas; Huang, Chun-Wei; Hirschman, Becca; Huang, Min Report 340
Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability Projects: Inspiring and Facilitating Implementation. Williams, Ashley Report 267
Error Rates in Measuring Teacher and School Performance Based on Student Test Score Gains. NCEE 2010-4004. Schochet, Peter Z.; Chiang, Hanley S. Author abstract 249
Essential Elements of High Performing, High Quality Part C Systems. NECTAC Notes No. 25. Lucas, Anne; Hurth, Joicey; Kasprzak, Christina Author abstract 265
Ethnographic Knowledge for Early Childhood. Adair, Jennifer Keys Book review 429
Evaluating the Effects of Differences in Group Abilities on the Tucker and the Levine Observed-Score Methods for Common-Item Nonequivalent Groups Equating. ACT Research Report Series 2010-1. Chen, Hanwei; Cui, Zhongmin; Zhu, Rongchun; Gao, Xiaohong Report 241
Evaluation of Mobile Authoring and Tutoring in Medical Issues. Alepis, Efthymios; Virvou, Maria Author abstract 259
Examining Two Strategies to Link Mixed-Format Tests Using Multiple-Choice Anchors. Research Report. ETS RR-10-18. Walker, Michael E.; Kim, Sooyeon Abstract 237
Exploring Malaysian Trainee Teachers' Adoption of the Internet as Information Tool. Teck-Chai, Lau; Kim-Hong, Yeoh; Ching-Ching, Choong 306
Exploring the Curriculum Dimensions of Theories-Based Adult Education--A Sample Course of Southeast Anatolian Region. Ultanir, Y. Gurcan; Ultanir, Emel 393
Federal Student Loan Programs: Opportunities Exist to Improve Audit Requirements and Oversight Procedures. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-10-668. Daly, Kay L. Report 327
For-Profit Higher Education: Growth, Innovation and Regulation. Bennett, Daniel L.; Lucchesi, Adam R.; Vedder, Richard K. 357
Foreign Science and Engineering Students in the United States. InfoBrief. NSF 10-324. Burrelli, Joan Report 295
Foundation + Collaboration + Inspiration. The Joyce Foundation 2009 Annual Report. 473
Framework for Evaluation of Equity Initiatives. Bexley, Emmaline; Harris, Kerri-Lee; James, Richard 237
From Paper to Pixel: Digital Textbooks and Florida's Schools. A White Paper. Mardis, Marcia; Everhart, Nancy; Smith, Daniella; Newsum, Janice; Baker, Sheila 289
Fundations[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 246
Girls' Access to Education in China: Actors, Cultures and the Windmill of Development Management. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 39. Wang, Xiaojun Grace Author abstract 381
Herman Method[TM]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 242
Implementing Outcomes Based Accountability in Children's Services. Case Studies. Bergeron, Caroline; Chamberlain, Tamsin; George, Nalia; Golden, Sarah; Mundy, Ellie; Southcott, Clar Case study 279
Implementing Outcomes-Based Accountability in Children's Services: An Overview of the Process and Impact. LG Group Research Report. Chamberlain, Tamsin; Golden, Sarah; Walker, Fiona Report 316
Implementing Structured English Immersion in Arizona: Benefits, Costs, Challenges, and Opportunities. Rios-Aguilar, Cecilia; Gonzalez-Canche, Manuel; Moll, Luis C. Author abstract 396
Intercultural Dialogue in the Museum Context. Jovana, Milutinovic; Olivera, Gajic Author abstract 311
Is Arizona's Approach to Educating Its ELS Superior to Other Forms of Instruction? Martinez-Wenzl, Mary; Perez, Karla; Gandara, Patricia Author abstract 270
Judging a Book by its Cover: An Evaluation Tool for the Evaluation, Selection and Inclusion of Multicultural Children's Literature in the Elementary Classroom. Schultz, Suzanne Report 203
Kids' Share 2010: Report on Federal Expenditures on Children through 2009. Isaacs, Julia; Steuerle, C. Eugene; Rennane, Stephanie; Macomber, Jennifer Report 360
Knowledge of Diverse Learners: Implications for the Practice of Teaching. Rahman, Fadzilah Abd; Scaife, Jon; Yahya, Nurul Aini; Jalil, Habibah Ab 351
Literacy Express. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 469
Local Authority Approaches to the School Admissions Process. LG Group Research Report. Rudd, Peter; Gardiner, Clare; Marson-Smith, Helen Report 262
Master Planning in Brazilian Higher Education: Expanding the 3-Year Public College System in the State of Sao Paulo. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.10.10. Pedrosa, Renato H. L. Author abstract 389
Measurement Issues in State Achievement Comparisons. Research Report. ETS RR-10-19. Zwick, Rebecca Abstract 198
Measures of Risk for Challenging Behaviors: A Comparison between the CBC and BDI. Wert, Barbara Yingling; Bauman, Dona C.; Nottis, Katharyn Ellen Ketter Report 210
Measuring What Matters: A Stronger Accountability Model for Teacher Education [Executive Summary]. Crowe, Edward 370
Measuring What Matters: A Stronger Accountability Model for Teacher Education. Crowe, Edward 348
National Evaluation of the Comprehensive Technical Assistance Centers. Interim Report. NCEE 2010-4033. Turnbull, Brenda J.; White, Richard N.; Sinclair, Elizabeth; Riley, Derek; Sipe, Cynthia L.; Pistori Author abstract 377
National Institute for Literacy. Literacy Information and Communication System ("LINCS"). Author abstract 149
New Jersey Teacher Salaries Are Comparable to Professional Pay in Private Sector. Issue Brief No. 5. Winters, Marcus A. Author abstract 209
Numbers and Types of Public Elementary and Secondary Schools from the Common Core of Data: School Year 2008-09. First Look. NCES 2010-345. Chen, Chen-Su Author abstract 293
Opinions of Teachers on Using Internet Searching Strategies: An Elementary School Case in Turkey. Kabakci, Isil; Firat, Mehmet; Izmirli, Serkan; Kuzu, Elif Bugra 258
Orton-Gillingham-Based Strategies (Unbranded). What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 229
Perspectives of Key Central Office Staff and School Principals Regarding Resource Allocation Policies and Procedures--Technical Appendix. A Report Prepared for Pasadena Unified School District. SSFR Research Report #02 (PUSD). Chambers, Jay G.; Harper, Dorothy T.; Manship, Karen; Rosas, Rigo; Brown, James R. 272
Perspectives of Key Central Office Staff and School Principals Regarding Resource Allocation Policies and Procedures--Technical Appendix. A Report Prepared for Twin Rivers Unified School District. SSFR Research Report #02 (TRUSD). Chambers, Jay G.; Brown, James R.; Tolleson, Ray; Manship, Karen; Knudson, Joel 288
Perspectives of Key Central Office Staff and School Principals Regarding Resource Allocation Policies and Procedures. A Report Prepared for Pasadena Unified School District. SSFR Research Report #02 (PUSD). Chambers, Jay G.; Harper, Dorothy T.; Manship, Karen; Rosas, Rigo; Brown, James R. 633
Perspectives of Key Central Office Staff and School Principals Regarding Resource Allocation Policies and Procedures. A Report Prepared for Twin Rivers Unified School District. SSFR Research Report #02 (TRUSD). Chambers, Jay G.; Brown, James R.; Tolleson, Ray; Manship, Karen; Knudson, Joel 524
Policy in Practice: The Implementation of Structured English Immersion in Arizona. Lillie, Karen E.; Markos, Amy; Estrella, Alexandria; Nguyen, Tracy; Trifiro, Anthony; Arias, M. Beat Author abstract 278
Positioning Techniques to Reduce the Occurrence of DeQuervain's Tendonitis in Nursing Mothers. Virzi, Alison Report 347
Positive Behavior Support in Delaware Schools: Developing Perspectives on Implementation and Outcomes. Executive Summary. Ackerman, Cheryl M.; Cooksy, Leslie J.; Murphy, Aideen; Rubright, Jonathan; Bear, George; Fifield, S 207
Pregaming: A High-Risk Behavior. Prevention Update. 419
Preparing Teachers for Diverse and Exceptional Student Populations--Textbooks Still Make a Difference. Womack, Sid T.; Hanna, Shellie L. Report 190
Professional School Counseling in the Rocky Mountain Region: Graduation Rates of CACREP vs. Non-CACREP Accredited Programs. Hancock, Mary D.; Boes, Susan R.; Snow, Brent M.; Chibbaro, Julia S. Report 135
Project Read[R] Phonology. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 485
Promoting Learner Engagement when Working with Adult English Language Learners. CAELA Network Brief. Miller, Susan Finn 317
Reaching Black Men. Commentary. Gassman, Marybeth Abstract 304
READ 180[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 264
Read Naturally[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 354
Reading Apprenticeship[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 335
Recovery Act: States Could Provide More Information on Education Programs to Enhance the Public's Understanding of Fund Use. Report to the Republican Leader, U.S. Senate. GAO-10-807. Ashby, Cornelia M. Author abstract 401
Reforms with Results: What Oklahoma Can Learn from Florida's K-12 Education Revolution. Ladner, Matthew 302
Rejecting the "At-Risk" Stereotype: Project U-STARS-PLUS Helps Kids "At-Potential." FPG Snapshot #61. 306
School Districts' Perspectives on the Economic Stimulus Package: Teaching Jobs Saved in 2009-10 but Teacher Layoffs Loom for Next School Year. Kober, Nancy; Scott, Caitlin; Rentner, Diane Stark; McMurrer, Jennifer; Dietz, Shelby Report 304
School Dropouts or Pushouts? Overcoming Barriers for the Right to Education. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 40. Reddy, Anugula N.; Sinha, Shantha Author abstract 269
Science and the Entrepreneurial University. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.9.10. Atkinson, Richard C.; Pelfrey, Patricia A. Book review 368
Science: It's Elementary. Year Four Evaluation Report. Banilower, Eric R.; Fulp, Sherri L.; Warren, Camille L. 305
Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley Elementary Mathematics. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 605
Section 619 Profile. 17th Edition. Book review 246
Shaping the Future of Mathematics Education. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (33rd, Freemantle, Western Australia, Australia, July 3-7, 2010). Sparrow, Len, Ed.; Kissane, Barry, Ed.; Hurst, Chris, Ed. Conference notes 235
Sharing Psycho-Educational Assessment Results: A Person-Centered Collaborative Approach. Buettner, Edwin G. Abstract 211
Single-Scorer School Grading Formula. Research Brief. Volume 1001. Froman, Terry; Shneyderman, Aleksandr 410
Social Media Arrive in School; Principals Look at Impacts. Armistead, Lew 283
Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Annual Report, 2009-2010. Abstract 170
Sports Subsidies Soar. Commentary. Toma, J. Douglas Abstract 225
State and Local Governments: Fiscal Pressures Could Have Implications for Future Delivery of Intergovernmental Programs. Report to the Ranking Member, Committee on the Budget, House of Representatives. GAO-10-899. Czerwinski, Stanley J. Report 300
Status and Trends in the Education of Racial and Ethnic Groups. NCES 2010-015. Aud, Susan; Fox, Mary Ann; KewalRamani, Angelina Report 244
Strategic Plan: July 2010 to June 2013. Abstract 274
Student Achievement in New York City Middle Schools Affiliated with Achievement First and Uncommon Schools. Final Report. Teh, Bing-ru; McCullough, Moira; Gill, Brian P. Report 421
Student Leadership Education in Elementary Classrooms. Hess, Lindsay Report 305
Student Victimization in U.S. Schools: Results from the 2007 School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey. NCES 2010-319. DeVoe, Jill Fleury; Bauer, Lynn Author abstract 437
Suggestions for Improving the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey Data Collection and Reporting. NPEC 2010-832. Albright, Brenda Report 294
Supplemental Analytic Sample Equivalence Tables for Student Characteristics and Achievement in 22 KIPP Middle Schools: A Report from the National Evaluation of KIPP Middle Schools. Tuttle, Christina Clark; Teh, Bing-ru; Nichols-Barrer, Ira; Gill, Brian P.; Gleason, Philip Report 223
Supporting Teachers Personally and Professionally in Challenging Environments. McNiff, Jean 252
Teacher Layoffs: An Empirical Illustration of Seniority vs. Measures of Effectiveness. Brief 12. Boyd, Donald J.; Lankford, Hamilton; Loeb, Susanna; Wyckoff, James H. 384
Teachers' and Students' Opinions about the Interactive Instructional Environment Designed for Bilingual Turkish Primary School Students in Norway. Eristi, Suzan Duygu; Belet, Serife Dilek 466
Teachers' Beliefs on Foreign Language Teaching Practices in Early Phases of Primary Education: A Case Study. Caner, Mustafa; Subasi, Gonca; Kara, Selma 420
The Arizona Home Language Survey: The Identification of Students for ELL Services. Goldenberg, Claude; Rutherford-Quach, Sara Report 358
The Black-White Achievement Gap: When Progress Stopped. Policy Information Report. Barton, Paul E.; Coley, Richard J. Report 305
The Children's Workforce: A Data Scoping Study. A Report for the Department of Children, School and Family (DCSF). CEE Special Report. Machin, Stephen; McNally, Sandra; Ou, Dongshu Abstract 301
The Education of English Language Learners in Arizona: A Legacy of Persisting Achievement Gaps in a Restrictive Language Policy Climate. Garcia, Eugene E.; Lawton, Kerry; Diniz de Figueiredo, Eduardo H. Author abstract 250
The Effectiveness of Mandatory-Random Student Drug Testing. NCEE 2010-4025. James-Burdumy, Susanne; Goesling, Brian; Deke, John; Einspruch, Eric Report 464
The EFQM Self-Assessment Processes in HEIs in Spain and in Jordan. Tari, Juan Jose; Madeleine, Carolina Report 194
The Enhanced Reading Opportunities Study Final Report: The Impact of Supplemental Literacy Courses for Struggling Ninth-Grade Readers. NCEE 2010-4021. Somers, Marie-Andree; Corrin, William; Sepanik, Susan; Salinger, Terry; Levin, Jesse; Zmach, Courtne Author abstract 631
The Productivity Push: System-Wide Reform Allows Arizona to Serve More Students. Lumina Foundation Focus[TM]. Summer 2010. Giegerich, Steve Author abstract 277
The Schools Network Corporate Plan: 2010-2011 to 2012-2013. Abstract 143
The State of State Standards--and the Common Core--in 2010. Carmichael, Sheila Byrd; Martino, Gabrielle; Porter-Magee, Kathleen; Wilson, W. Stephen Abstract 293
Traveling through Time: The Forum Guide to Longitudinal Data Systems. Book One of Four: What Is an LDS? NFES 2010-805. Book review 283
Tuition and Fees at Virginia's State-Supported Colleges and Universities, 2010-11. Zheng, Yan; Hix, Dan 320
Two-Generation Strategies and Involving Immigrant Parents in Children's Education. Crosnoe, Robert Report 202
Using Literature Circles to Increase Reading Comprehension in Third Grade Elementary Students. Briggs, Shawna R. Report 227
Using Web Blogs as a Tool to Encourage Pre-Class Reading, Post-Class Reflections and Collaboration in Higher Education. Al-Fadda, Hind; Al-Yahya, Maha Author abstract 174
Using Young Adult Literature and Literacy Theory to Teach Middle School Students How to Read through Critical Lenses. King, Kathleen O'Connell Report 301
Validity Evidence for Games as Assessment Environments. CRESST Report 773. Delacruz, Girlie C.; Chung, Gregory K. W. K.; Baker, Eva L. Author abstract 146
Vermont Public School Dropout and High School Completion Report for the 2008-2009 School Year. 278
Wave of the Future?: Integrating IR, Outcomes Assessment, Planning, Program Review, and Accreditation. Leimer, Christina 225
What Probably Works in Alternative Assessment. CRESST Report 772. Baker, Eva L. Author abstract 149
What Works Clearinghouse Quick Review of the Report "Efficacy of a Theory-Based Abstinence-Only Intervention Over 24 Months". Author abstract 413
Which Literacy Interventions Work for Adolescents that Continue to Struggle with Reading in High School and How Will They be Provided? Williams, Debra L. 275
Willingness of Medical Students for Hepatitis B & C Screening. Ahmad, Iftikhar; Mahsud, Muhammad Amin Jan; Hussain, Javed; Khan, Muhammad Hussain; Khan, Habibullah 352
Wilson Reading System[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 267
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Charter School Performance in New York City". Author abstract 294
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Head Start Impact Study: Final Report". Author abstract 472
WWC Quick Review of the Report "When Schools Close: Effects on Displaced Students in Chicago Public Schools". Report 318

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