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Articles from ERIC: Reports (November 1, 2009)

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2009 Fall Enrollment: North Dakota Institutions of Higher Education. Creating a University System for the 21st Century. Schepp, Julie; Duben-Kalash, Rebecca Report 338
A Brief Report on College Student Nannies. Jabs, Lorelle; Trzyna, Thomas; Purcell, William M. Report 110
A Multisite Cluster Randomized Trial of the Effects of CompassLearning Odyssey[R] Math on the Math Achievement of Selected Grade 4 Students in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Final Report. NCEE 2009-4068. Wijekumar, Kay; Hitchcock, John; Turner, Herb; Lei, PuiWa; Peck, Kyle Author abstract 479
A Statewide Examination of College Access Services and Resources in Virginia. Alleman, Nathan F.; Stimpson, Racheal L.; Holly, L. Neal Report 495
A Three-State Study of English Learner Progress. CRESST Report 764. Kim, Jinok; Herman, Joan L. Author abstract 217
Are You Getting the Most out of Your ARRA Spending? 430
Assessing Success in School Finance Litigation: The Case of New Jersey. Education, Equity, and the Law. No. 1. Goertz, Margaret E.; Weiss, Michael Abstract 385
Babies in Minnesota: The Well-Being and Vulnerabilities of Our Youngest Children. Chase, Richard; Valorose, Jennifer Report 289
Broadband for Education: The National Internet2 K20 Initiative's and WICHE's Recommendations to the FCC. Report 209
Census in Schools Educator Update, November 2009. Report 144
Challenges and Opportunities Facing Technology Education in Taiwan. Lee, Lung-Sheng Steven Report 209
Changes in Postsecondary Awards Below the Bachelor's Degree: 1997 to 2007. Stats in Brief. NCES 2010-167. Horn, Laura; Li, Xiaojie Author abstract 310
Complicated Choices: Struggling to Meet NCLB Requirements AND Remain Faithful to a School's Educational Vision and Practice. An Occasional Paper. Travers, Eva Report 294
Connecting Policy to Practice: Accommodations in States' Large-Scale Math Assessments for English Language Learners. CRESST Report 765. Wolf, Mikyung Kim; Griffin, Noelle; Kao, Jenny C.; Chang, Sandy M.; Rivera, Nichole M. Report 225
Cost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in Michigan. Chase, Richard; Anton, Paul; Diaz, Jose; MartinRogers, Nicole; Rausch, Ela Report 366
Cost Savings Analysis of School Readiness in Michigan. Executive Summary. Chase, Richard; Anton, Paul Author abstract 295
Critical Considerations for Planning and Implementing a CALL Program. Kabilan, Muhammad Kamarul Report 216
CTE's Role in Adolescent Literacy. Issue Brief. Abstract 147
Curbing Alcohol-Related Problems at College Sports Events. E-Fact Sheet. 307
Defining Parental Involvement: The Israeli Case. Fisher, Yael Report 196
Design and Implementation of a Caring Curriculum in Nursing Education. Ramirez, Becky Author abstract 164
Difficult Dialogues, Rewarding Solutions: Strategies to Expand Postsecondary Opportunities While Controlling Costs. Immerwahr, John Author abstract 271
Effective Employer Engagement: The Year Up Model. Author abstract 351
Effectiveness of Inclusion in an Indiana Middle School. Bowers, Clinton Todd Report 340
Eight-Year Trends in Federal Graduation Rates and Graduation Success Rates at NCAA Division I Institutions. Author abstract 334
Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2008, and Salaries of Full-Time Instructional Staff, 2008-09. First Look. NCES 2010-165. Knapp, Laura G.; Kelly-Reid, Janice E.; Ginder, Scott A. Report 184
Engaging Latino Youth in Community-Based Programs: Findings from the First Ten Years of the Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Project. Hobbs, Beverly B.; Sawer, Barbara Report 269
Enrollment Projections for Presentation & Discussion: 2010-11 Pupil Population Estimating Conference. Research Brief. Volume 0901. Blazer, Christie; Froman, Terry; Romanik, Dale Conference news 144
Equity and Excellence in Education. CenterView. Author abstract 172
Equity and Quality? Challenges for Early Childhood and Primary Education in Ethiopia, India and Peru. Working Papers in Early Childhood Development, No. 55. Studies in Early Childhood Transitions. Woodhead, Martin; Ames, Patricia; Vennam, Uma; Abebe, Workneh; Streuli, Natalia 228
Equity Handbook: How You and Your Student Union Can Help Give People Equal Opportunities in Higher Education. Bjork, Jenny; Brandl, Hartwig; Gielis, Inge; Green, Yonatan; Joensen, Alma; Vulliamy, Ben; Oye, Olav 435
Equity Overlooked: Charter Schools and Civil Rights Policy. Frankenberg, Erica; Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve Report 329
Estimation of Apprentice and Trainee Statistics. Technical Paper. Harvey, Brian Report 452
Examining the Effectiveness and Validity of Glossary and Read-Aloud Accommodations for English Language Learners in a Math Assessment. CRESST Report 766. Wolf, Mikyung Kim; Kim, Jinok; Kao, Jenny C.; Rivera, Nichole M. Report 308
Facilitating Adult Learning and a Researcher Identity through a Higher Education Pedagogical Process. Wright, Lisa L.; Lange, Elizabeth; Da Costa, Jose Report 228
Fall Enrollment Report 2009. 381
Family Mobility and Neighborhood Change: New Evidence and Implications for Community Initiatives. Coulton, Claudia; Theodos, Brett; Turner, Margery A. Report 207
Features of State Response to Intervention Initiatives in Northeast and Islands Region States. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-No. 083. Bocala, Candice; Mello, Daniel; Reedy, Kristin; Lacireno-Paquet, Natalie Author abstract 307
Fighting for Quality and Equality, Too: How State Policymakers Can Ensure the Drive to Improve Teacher Quality Doesn't Just Trickle down to Poor and Minority Children. K-12 Policy. Jerald, Craig D.; Haycock, Kati; Wilkins, Amy Author abstract 265
Grant Monitoring: Department of Education Could Improve Its Processes with Greater Focus on Assessing Risks, Acquiring Financial Skills, and Sharing Information. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-10-57. Ashby, Cornelia M. Abstract 317
Helping Immigrant and Refugee Students Succeed: It's Not Just What Happens in the Classroom. Kugler, Eileen Gale; Price, Olga Acosta Author abstract 245
How Much Can We Learn from International Comparisons of Intergenerational Mobility? CEE DP 111. Blanden, Jo Abstract 482
How Newcomers Learn the Social Norms of an Organization: A Case Study of the Socialization of Newly Hired Engineers. Research Brief. Korte, Russel 203
In the Works: A Compendium of Projects from across the Country. Report 199
Innovative Public Engagement Practices and Partnerships: Lifting Stakeholder Voices in Education Accountability Policy. Wills, Monica; Brewer, Curtis; Knoeppel, Robert; Witte, James; Pargas, Roy; Lindle, Jane Clark Author abstract 185
Integrating Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation with the Pyramid Model. Issue Brief. Perry, Deborah F.; Kaufmann, Roxane K. Abstract 190
Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning: An Annual Review of State-Level Policy and Practice, 2009. Watson, John; Gemin, Butch; Ryan, Jennifer; Wicks, Matthew 570
Learners with Profound and Complex Needs in Scotland's Colleges. 287
Learning Together: Improving Teaching, Improving Learning--The Roles of Continuing Professional Development, Collegiality and Chartered Teachers in Implementing "Curriculum for Excellence'". 339
Making Connections: Using Social Network Analysis for Program Evaluation. Issue Brief. Number 1. Honeycutt, Todd Report 188
Meeting Total Fat Requirements for School Lunches: Influence of School Policies and Characteristics. Economic Research Report Number 87. Newman, Constance; Guthrie, Joanne; Mancino, Lisa; Ralston, Katherine; Musiker, Melissa Report 217
Meeting Total Fat Requirements for School Lunches: Influence of School Policies and Characteristics. ERS Report Summary. Newman, Constance; Guthrie, Joanne; Mancino, Lisa; Ralston, Katherine; Musiker, Melissa Report 272
Monitoring the Future: National Survey Results on Drug Use, 1975-2008. Volume II, College Students and Adults Ages 19-50. NIH Publication No. 09-7403. Johnston, Lloyd D.; O'Malley, Patrick M.; Bachman, Jerald G.; Schulenberg, John E. Author abstract 330
More Like Real Life--Motivational Methods of Teaching in Upper Secondary School. Ivarsson-Jansson, Ewa; Cooper, Karen; Augusen, Harriet; Frykland, Marie Report 406
New and Experienced Teachers in a School Reform Initiative: The Example of Reading First. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-082. Nelsestuen, Kari; Scott, Caitlin; Hanita, Makoto; Robinson, LeAnne; Coskie, Tracy Report 278
Numbers of U.S. Doctorates Awarded Rise for Sixth Year, but Growth Slower. InfoBrief. NSF 10-308. Fiegener, Mark K. Author abstract 184
Outlook. Number 349. Periodical review 135
Patient Waiting. The Montessori Observer. Volume 30, Number 4. Abstract 169
Plus 50: Year One Evaluation Report. Abstract 334
Program Evaluation: A Variety of Rigorous Methods Can Help Identify Effective Interventions. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-10-30. Kingsbury, Nancy Author abstract 286
Promoting Gatekeeper Course Success among Community College Students Needing Remediation: Findings and Recommendations from a Virginia Study (Summary Report). Jenkins, Davis; Jaggars, Shanna Smith; Roksa, Josipa Author abstract 305
Public Elementary and Secondary School Student Enrollment and Staff Counts From the Common Core of Data: School Year 2007-08. First Look. NCES 2010-309. Noel, Amber M.; Sable, Jennifer Report 528
Putting Michigan in the Driver's Seat for the Race to the Top. Doherty, Kathryn; Walsh, Kate; Jacobs, Sandi Abstract 249
Recovery Act: Planned Efforts and Challenges in Evaluating Compliance with Maintenance of Effort and Similar Provisions. Report to the Republican Leader, U.S. Senate. GAO-10-247. Dodaro, Gene L. Report 276
Recycling at Penn State's Beaver Stadium. "Recycle on the Go" Success Story. Author abstract 147
Report Card on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training Programs. Report 366
School Meals Initiative (SMI). Nourishing News. Volume 4, Issue 4. Author abstract 195
Spiral of Rebellion: Conflict Seeking of Democratic Adolescents in Republican Counties. CIRCLE Working Paper #68. McDevitt, Michael Author abstract 369
State High School Exit Exams: Trends in Test Programs, Alternate Pathways, and Pass Rates. Zhang, Ying Report 220
State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada. Barbour, Michael K. Author abstract 221
State Test Score Trends through 2007-08, Part 4: Has Progress Been Made in Raising Achievement for Students with Disabilities? Chudowsky, Naomi; Chudowsky, Victor Report 425
States, Schools, and Colleges: Policies to Improve Student Readiness for College and Strengthen Coordination between Schools and Colleges. National Center Report #09-2. Callan, Patrick M.; Kirst, Michael W.; Shulock, Nancy B.; Spence, David S.; Walsh, Erin J.; Usdan, M Report 298
Strategies for Promoting Gatekeeper Course Success among Students Needing Remediation: Research Report for the Virginia Community College System. Roksa, Josipa; Jenkins, Davis; Jaggars, Shanna Smith; Zeidenberg, Matthew; Cho, Sung-Woo Author abstract 316
Student Achievement: Schools Use Multiple Strategies to Help Students Meet Academic Standards, Especially Schools with Higher Proportions of Low-Income and Minority Students. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-10-18. Ashby, Cornelia M. Author abstract 301
Students' Use of Tutoring Services, by Adequate Yearly Progress Status of School. Statistics in Brief. NCES 2010-023. Warkentien, Siri; Grady, Sarah Author abstract 195
Taking Human Capital Seriously: Talented Teachers in Every Classroom, Talented Principals in Every School. Principles and Recommendations for the Strategic Management of Human Capital in Public Education. Report 452
Teacher Retention: Problems and Solutions. McLaurin, Sidney E.; Smith, Willis; Smillie, Amanda 286
Teaching Effectiveness and the Conditions that Matter Most in High-Needs Schools: A Policy Brief. Berry, Barnett; Daughtrey, Alesha; Wieder, Alan Report 381
The Bracey Report on the Condition of Public Education, 2009. Bracey, Gerald Author abstract 143
The Effect of Classroom Performance Assessment on EFL Students' Basic and Inferential Reading Skills. El-Koumy, Abdel Salam Abdel Khalek Report 484
The Impact of Electronic Communication Technology on Written Language. Hamzah, Mohd. Sahandri Gani B.; Ghorbani, Mohd. Reza; Abdullah, Saifuddin Kumar B. Report 261
The Impact of Language on Educational Access in South Africa. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 24. Lafon, Michel Report 203
The Influence of Noncognitive Domains on Academic Achievement in K-12. Research Report. ETS RR-09-34. Lee, Jihyun; Shute, Valerie J. Report 122
The Post-Secondary Student Support Program: An Examination of Alternative Delivery Mechanisms. A Report to the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Usher, Alex Abstract 329
The Relationship between Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts TCAP Scores Among Third Grade Males. Kariuki, Patrick; Shelton, Whitney Author abstract 266
The Secretary's Sixth Annual Report on Teacher Quality. A Highly Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom. Report 260
The Spaces between Numbers: Getting International Data on Higher Education Straight. Adelman, Clifford Report 318
The State Fiscal Situation: The Lost Decade. Report 215
The Tab: How Connecticut Can Fix Its Dysfunctional Education Spending System to Reward Success, Incentivize Choice and Boost Student Achievement. A ConnCAN/Public Impact Research Report. Hassel, Bryan C.; Doyle, Daniela 521
The Value of Value-Added Data. K-12 Policy. Jerald, Craig D. Report 239
Toward a Definition of Verbal Reasoning in Higher Education. Research Report. ETS RR-09-33. Burton, Nancy W.; Welsh, Cynthia; Kostin, Irene; VanEssen, Thomas Report 195
Tuition and Fees in Public Higher Education in the West, 2009-2010. Detailed Tuition and Fees Tables. Report 255
Using State Tests in Education Experiments: A Discussion of the Issues. NCEE 2009-013. May, Henry; Perez-Johnson, Irma; Haimson, Joshua; Sattar, Samina; Gleason, Phil Report 276
Virginia's Opinion on K-12 Education and School Choice. School Choice Survey in the State. DiPerna, Paul Survey 614
Why Rural Matters 2009: State and Regional Challenges and Opportunities. Johnson, Jerry; Strange, Marty 413
Young People's Writing: Attitudes, Behaviour and the Role of Technology. Clark, Christina; Dugdale, George Author abstract 319
YouthBuild. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 338

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