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Articles from ERIC: Reports (March 1, 2009)

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"Who Leaves?" Teacher Attrition and Student Achievement. Working Paper 23. Boyd, Donald; Grossman, Pamela; Lankford, Hamilton; Loeb, Susanna; Wyckoff, James Report 296
2008 Admissions and Transfer Experiences of Students Continuing Their Post-Secondary Studies in British Columbia. Research Results. Author abstract 278
2008-09 Tuition and Fee Rates: A National Comparison. Author abstract 334
A Field Observation on the Philosophy of Teaching Islamic and Arabic Studies. Yaakub, Muhamadul Bakir Hj. Author abstract 211
A History of NAEP Achievement Levels: Issues, Implementation, and Impact 1989-2009. Bourque, Mary Lyn Report 258
A History of NAEP Assessment Frameworks. Jago, Carol Report 255
A Review of CBO's Activities in 2008 under the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act. A CBO Report. Lex, Leo Report 172
A Road Map for Mathematics Achievement for All Students: Findings from the National Mathematics Panel. Research Brief. Brown, Carolyn Author abstract 401
A Skilled and Educated Workforce: An Assessment of the Number and Type of Higher Education and Training Credentials Required to Meet Employer Demand. 391
Academic Internationalism: U.S. Universities in Transition. Stevens, Mitchell L.; Miller-Idriss, Cynthia Report 499
Access and Equity for all Students: Students with Disabilities. Report 09-02. Humphrey, Karen; Angeli, Mallory Report 218
Access in U.S. Higher Education: What Does the For-Profit Sector Contribute? PROPHE Working Paper Series. WP No. 14. Kinser, Kevin Author abstract 385
Achieving the Dream Colleges in Pennsylvania and Washington State: Early Progress toward Building a Culture of Evidence. Jenkins, Davis; Ellwein, Todd; Wachen, John; Kerrigan, Monica Reid; Cho, Sung-Woo 605
Alabama Education News. Volume 32, Number 6. Sibley, Michael O., Ed. Periodical review 204
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: A Guide to Entry-Level Jobs and Training and Education Opportunities for "Making Connections" Communities. Griffen, Sarah Report 218
An Analytic Method for Measuring Student Academic Preparation by School and Gender. Report 09-03. Wilson, Stacy; Fuller, Ryan; Angeli, Mallory Author abstract 245
An Empirical Study on Teaching Urban Young Children Music and English by Contrastive Elements of Music and Songs. Lee, Ling-Yu Liza Author abstract 308
An Evaluation of Bias in the 2007 National Household Education Surveys Program: Results from a Special Data Collection Effort. NCES 2009-029. Van de Kerckhove, Wendy; Montaquila, Jill M.; Carver, Priscilla R.; Brick, J. Michael Report 294
An Evaluation of Kernel Equating: Parallel Equating with Classical Methods in the SAT Subject Tests[TM] Program. Research Report. ETS RR-09-06. Grant, Mary C.; Zhang, Lilly; Damiano, Michele Author abstract 214
An Exploratory Investigation of the Effect of Individualized Computer-Based Instruction on Rifle Marksmanship Performance and Skill. CRESST Report 754. Chung, Gregory K. W. K.; Nagashima, Sam O.; Espinosa, Paul D.; Berka, Chris; Baker, Eva L. Author abstract 227
Analyzing the Subjective Consciousness of the Hearing-Impaired Students in Fine-Art Teaching. Gao, Yang Author abstract 130
Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative: Progress Report of Activities and Outcomes during Program Year Three (July 1, 2007--June 30, 2008). Author abstract 285
Assessment of Rifle Marksmanship Skill Using Sensor-Based Measures. CRESST Report 755. Nagashima, Sam O.; Chung, Gregory K. W. K.; Espinosa, Paul D.; Berka, Chris; Baker, Eva L. Author abstract 205
BC Transfer System: New Members Policy. Author abstract 295
British Columbia Jurisdictional Report to the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada for the Period April 1, 2008-March 31, 2009. Author abstract 172
Career-Focused Services for Students with Disabilities at Community Colleges. Author abstract 387
Census in Schools Educator Update, March 2009. Report 168
Characteristics of Private Schools in the United States: Results From the 2007-08 Private School Universe Survey--First Look. NCES 2009-313. Broughman, Stephen P.; Swaim, Nancy L.; Keaton, Patrick W. Author abstract 460
Charles Silberman's "Crisis in the Classroom, The Remaking of American Education": A Critical Analysis. Costley, Kevin C. Book review 387
Classroom Life in the Age of Accountability. Occasional Paper Series 22. Boldt, Gail Masuchika, Ed.; Salvio, Paula M., Ed.; Taubman, Peter M., Ed. Periodical review 263
Collaborate, Engage, and Interact in Online Learning: Successes with Wikis and Synchronous Virtual Classrooms at Athens State University. Rich, Lisa Logan; Cowan, Wendy; Herring, Susan D.; Wilkes, William 212
College Performance of New Maryland High School Graduates. Student Outcome and Achievement Report (SOAR). Report 423
College Rankings: History, Criticism and Reform. Myers, Luke; Robe, Jonathan 422
College-Going and University Eligibility: Differences between Racial/Ethnic Groups. Report 09-11. Griffin, Adrian Report 122
Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G-8 Countries: 2009. NCES 2009-039. Miller, David C.; Sen, Anindita; Malley, Lydia B.; Burns, Stephanie D. Abstract 272
Competitive Edge: A Cross-National Examination of Mathematics Achievement in 53 Jurisdictions. Ngwudike, Benjamin C. Author abstract 413
Completing the Affordability Picture: The Need for More Data on Financial Aid. Report 09-09. Jones, Jessika Report 295
Culminating Experience Action Research Projects, Volume 15, Part 2, Fall 2009. McAllister, Deborah A., Ed. 428
Designing Targeted Educational Voucher Schemes for the Poor in Developing Countries. Shafiq, M. Najeeb 170
Destination Math. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 261
Developing Programmes to Promote Ethnic Diversity in Early Childhood: Lessons from Northern Ireland. Working Papers in Early Childhood Development, Number 52. Connolly, Paul 240
Development and Initial Validation of a Satisfaction Scale on Diversity. Ioannou, Andri Author abstract 181
Development of Sensor-Based Measures of Rifle Marksmanship Skill and Performance. CRESST Report 756. Espinosa, Paul D.; Nagashima, Sam O.; Chung, Gregory K. W. K.; Parks, Daniel; Baker, Eva L. Author abstract 243
Difficulties First-Year University Mathematics Students Have in Reading Their Mathematics Textbook. Technical Report. No. 2009-1. Shepherd, Mary D.; Selden, Annie; Selden, John 303
Digest of Education Statistics, 2008. NCES 2009-020. Snyder, Thomas D.; Dillow, Sally A.; Hoffman, Charlene M. Report 685
District-Wide Reform of Mathematics and Science Instruction: Case Studies of Four SCALE Partner Districts. WCER Working Paper No. 2009-2. Clune, William H. 242
Doorways I: Student Training Manual on School-Related Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response. Author abstract 236
Doorways II: Community Counselor Reference Materials. On School-Related Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response. Author abstract 261
Doorways II: Community Counselor Training Manual on School-Related Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response. Author abstract 250
Doorways III: Teacher Reference Materials. On School-Related Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response. Author abstract 265
Doorways III: Teacher Training Manual on School-Related Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response. Author abstract 307
Early Childhood Technology Integrated Instructional System (EC-TIIS): Phase 3. Final Report. Robinson, Linda; Schneider, Carol; Daytner, Gary; Johanson, Joyce; Hutinger, Patricia 463
Educational Policies for Integrating College Competencies and Workforce Needs: Cases from Brazil, Mongolia, Ukraine, and the United States. Issue Brief. Bastedo, Michael; Batkhuyag, Batjargal; Prates, Eufrasio; Prytula, Yaroslav Report 216
Effects of Virtual Education on Academic Culture: Perceived Advantages and Disadvantages. Jefferson, Renee N.; Arnold, Liz W. Author abstract 173
English Literacy of Foreign-Born Adults in the United States: 2003. Issue Brief. NCES 2009-034. Warkentien, Siri; Clark, Michael; Jacinto, Beth Report 283
Enrollment in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2007; Graduation Rates, 2001 & 2004 Cohorts; and Financial Statistics, Fiscal Year 2007. First Look. NCES 2009-155. Knapp, Laura G.; Kelly-Reid, Janice E.; Ginder, Scott A. 285
Ethical Decision-Making in College: Choosing between Right, Wrong, and the Space in between. A SERU Project Research Paper. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.2.09. Yeung, Fanny P.F.; Keup, Jennifer R. 312
Ethical Decision-Making in College: Choosing between Right, Wrong, and the Space in between. Research & Occasional Paper Series. CSHE.2.09. Yeung, Fanny P. F.; Keup, Jennifer R. Author abstract 310
Evaluating the Relationship between THEA Scores and Graduation Rates among College Students. Jones, Lakia; Kadhi, Tau Author abstract 151
Evaluation of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program: Impacts after Three Years. Executive Summary. NCEE 2009-4051. Wolf, Patrick; Gutmann, Babette; Puma, Michael; Kisida, Brian; Rizzo, Lou; Eissa, Nada Report 375
Evaluation of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program: Impacts after Three Years. NCEE 2009-4050. Wolf, Patrick; Gutmann, Babette; Puma, Michael; Kisida, Brian; Rizzo, Lou; Eissa, Nada Report 442
Evidence Based Education Request Desk. EBE #387. 142
Expanding Choice: Tax Credits and Educational Access in Montana. Carpenter, Dick M., II; Ross, John K. Author abstract 265
Fall 2008 Enrollment at Iowa Colleges and Universities. Greiner, Keith Report 279
Fast Facts about Online Learning. Report 273
FCAT Retakes: Trends in Multiple Attempts at Satisfying FCAT Graduation Requirements. Research Brief. Volume 0805. Froman, Terry; Brown, Shelly 290
Federal Student Aid: Recent Changes to Eligibility Requirements and Additional Efforts to Promote Awareness Could Increase Academic Competitiveness and SMART Grant Participation. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-09-343. 299
Fees at California's Public Colleges and Universities. Fuller, Ryan Author abstract 150
Fees at California's Public Colleges and Universities. Report 09-04. Fuller, Ryan 228
Fifty Years of Federal Teacher Policy: An Appraisal. Sykes, Gary; Dibner, Kenne Author abstract 343
Final Report: Results from Accessing Curriculum through Technology Tools (ACTTT), A Model Development Project. Johanson, Joyce; Clark, Letha; Daytner, Katrina; Robinson, Linda 395
First Language of Examinees and Its Relationship to Differential Item Functioning. Research Report. ETS RR-09-11. Sinharay, Sandip; Dorans, Neil J.; Liang, Longjuan Author abstract 224
From PLATO to Podcasts: Fifty Years of Federal Involvement in Educational Technology. Cherian, Mathew Author abstract 297
Getting the Word Out About the National Assessment: The National Assessment Governing Board and Changes in NAEP Reporting. Stevens, John H. 149
Great Expectations: Arizona Teens Speak Up. Forum 411. Edition 1, Issue 4. Report 227
High School Flexibility Enhancement: A Literature Review. Author abstract 364
High Schools in the United States. Quick Stats Fact Sheet. Report 135
Higher Education Counts: Achieving Results. 2009 Executive Summary. Abstract 334
Higher Education Counts: Achieving Results. 2009 Report. Abstract 297
Hispanicity and Educational Inequality: Risks, Opportunities and the Nation's Future. Tomas Rivera Lecture Series. Tienda, Marta Report 324
Home-School Relations. The Montessori Observer. Volume 30, Number 1. Abstract 178
How Eight State Education Agencies in the Northeast and Islands Region Identify and Support Low-Performing Schools and Districts. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-No. 068. Hergert, Leslie F.; Gleason, Sonia Caus; Urbano, Carole Author abstract 357
How Eight State Education Agencies in the Northeast and Islands Region Identify and Support Low-Performing Schools and Districts. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-No. 068. Hergert, Leslie F.; Gleason, Sonia Caus; Urbano, Carole Author abstract 346
I CAN Learn[R] Pre-Algebra and Algebra. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Product/service evaluation 264
I Have A Dream. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 338
IDRA Newsletter. Volume 36, No. 3. Goodman, Christie L., Ed. Brief article 157
Impact Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Education's Student Mentoring Program. Final Report. NCEE 2009-4047. Bernstein, Lawrence; Rappaport, Catherine Dun; Olsho, Lauren; Hunt, Dana; Levin, Marjorie Author abstract 575
Improving Elementary Science Instruction and Student Achievement: The Impact of a Professional Development Program. Borman, Kathryn M.; Cotner, Bridget A.; Lee, Reginald S.; Boydston, Theodore L.; Lanehart, Rheta 538
Is the Supply in Demand? Exploring How, When, and Why Teachers Use Research. Behrstock, Ellen; Drill, Karen; Miller, Shazia Report 322
Just Ask! 4 Important Questions to Ask when Choosing a College. Report 179
Kumon Math. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report 283
Lasting Connections: Using Internships to Retain Recent College Graduates in New England. Policy Brief 09-3. Sasser, Alicia Author abstract 336
Legislative Review. A Look at Higher Education in Week 10: March 9-13, 2009. Report 456
Legislative Review. A Look at Higher Education in Week 11: March 16-20, 2009. Periodical review 256
Legislative Review. A Look at Higher Education in Week 12: March 23-27, 2009. Periodical review 217
Legislative Review: A Look at Higher Education in Week 9: March 02-06, 2009. 591
Lessons Learned from Breaking Through. In Brief. Bragg, Debra D.; Barnett, Elisabeth Report 268
Libraries Use Broadband Internet Service to Serve High Need Communities. Data Note. Number 1. Pastore, Erica; Henderson, Everett Report 226
Making a Difference? The Effects of Teach for America in High School. Working Paper 17. Revised. Xu, Zeyu; Hannaway, Jane; Taylor, Colin Report 320
Making Aid More Effective by 2010: 2008 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration Indicators in Selected FTI Countries. Author abstract 319
Making Sense of the Nursing Education Crises in California: A Program Planning Study Prospectus. Report 09-10. Wilson, Stacy Report 216
MCEETYA Four-Year Plan, 2009-2012: A Companion Document for the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians. 423
Meeting the State's Future Needs through a Competitive Higher Education Facility and Technology Infrastructure. Second Report on the Condition of Higher Education in Ohio. Report 390
Middle College High School. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 237
Milwaukee Longitudinal School Choice Evaluation: Annual School Testing Summary Report 2007-08. SCDP Milwaukee Evaluation Report #9. Gray, Nathan L.; Wolf, Patrick J.; Jensen, Laura I. 382
Mini-Digest of Education Statistics, 2008. NCES 2009-021. Snyder, Thomas D. 256
Minority-Serving Institutions of Higher Education: Serving Communities, Revitalizing the Nation. Book review 407
Models for Effective and Scalable Teacher Professional Development. Research Report. ETS RR-09-07. Thompson, Marnie; Goe, Laura Author abstract 196
National Assessment Governing Board and Voluntary National Tests: A Tale of Tribulations without Trials. Guerra, Michael Report 276
National CrossTalk. Volume 17, Number 1. Trombley, William, Ed. Abstract 244
National Efforts to Bring Reform to Scale in America's High-Poverty Elementary and Secondary Schools: Outcomes and Implications. Borman, Geoffrey D. Author abstract 310
National Trends Report: Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) Round 6, Fiscal Year 2007. Report 443
Observing and Providing Feedback to Teachers of Adults Learning English. CAELA Network Brief. Marshall, Brigitte; Young, Sarah Report 234
Odyssey Math. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 263
Open Learning: What Do Open Textbooks Tell Us about the Revolution in Education? Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.1.09. Matkin, Gary W. 178
Outlook. Number 343. 180
Parent and Student Experiences with Choice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. SCDP Milwaukee Evaluation Report #13. Stewart, Thomas; Wolf, Patrick J. 410
Partnerships between Community Colleges and Prisons: Providing Workforce Education and Training to Reduce Recidivism. 282
Perspective, March 2009. Report 385
Poverty and Education Report: Students Are Not to Blame--Understanding the Structural Causes of Family Poverty. BCTF Research Report. Section XII. 2009-EI-01. White, Margaret Report 404
Poverty and Potential: Out-of-School Factors and School Success. Berliner, David C. Author abstract 305
Preparing Teachers to Design Instruction in Middle School Earth Science: Comparing the Impacts of Three Professional Development Programs on Teaching and Learning. Penuel, William R.; Gallagher, Lawrence P. 519
Preservice Teachers' Use of Spatio-Visual Elements and their Level of Justification Dealing with a Geometrical Construction Problem. Tapan, Menekse Seden; Arslan, Cigdem Author abstract 235
Privatization in Higher Education: Cross-Country Analysis of Trends, Policies, Problems, and Solutions. Issue Brief. Holzhacker, Denilde; Chornoivan, Olena; Yazilitas, Demet; Dayan-Ochir, Khishigbuyan Report 376
Proposed Revisions to the Commission's Guidelines for Approval of Community College Centers. Report 09-08. Wilson, Stacy Author abstract 215
Public Libraries--A Wise Investment: A Return on Investment Study of Colorado Public Libraries. Steffen, Nicolle; Lietzau, Zeth; Lance, Keith Curry; Rybin, Amanda; Molliconi, Carla 443
Publication Bias: A Threat to the Objective Report of Research Results. Ioannou, Andri Report 140
Pupils with Declining Attainment between Key Stages 3 and 4: Profiles, Experiences and Impact of Underachievement and Disengagement. Research Brief. DCSF-RB086. Callanan, Meg; Kinsella, Rachel; Graham, Jenny; Turczuk, Ola; Finch, Steven Abstract 476
Qualitatively Different: Mathematics Education for Teachers. Newsletter. Oakes, Abner Report 241
Quality Child Care: An Investment in Families, an Investment in Colorado's Economy. Bianchi, Jon-Paul 304
Quality Criteria of Research Perceived by Academics in Social Sciences at Higher Education. Bakioglu, Aysen; Kurnaz, Ozlem Author abstract 309
Ready or Not...: Perspectives on Literacy and Essential Skills in this Economic Downturn--A Canadian Baseline Study. Murray, Janet; Yerichuk, Deanna; Murray-Smith, Nick Report 255
Recognising Fathers: A National Survey of Fathers Who Have Children with Learning Disabilities. Towers, Christine Author abstract 521
Reflective Practice: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. The CEET Faculty Development Program on Teaching and Learning. Second Edition: 2009 College Portfolio. Volumes I-IV. Book review 439
School Choice and Home Prices: Evidence from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. SCDP Milwaukee Evaluation Report #12. Winters, Marcus A. 277
Score Equity Assessment:Development of a Prototype Analysis Using SAT[R] Mathematics Test Data Across Several Administrations. Research Report. ETS RR-09-08. Dorans, Neil J.; Liu, Jinghua Author abstract 203
Screening and Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Queries: An Occasional Paper Compiling States' Approaches to Current Topics. Shaw, Evelyn, Comp.; Hatton, Deborah, Comp. Author abstract 335
Section 7033 of the America COMPETES Act: Hispanic-Serving Institutions and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Gartrell, Sandra Report 278
Senate Rostrum: The Newsletter of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, March 2009. 405
Special Collections in ARL Libraries: A Discussion Report from the ARL Working Group on Special Collections. Author abstract 248
Stochastic Approximation Methods for Latent Regression Item Response Models. Research Report. ETS RR-09-09. von Davier, Matthias; Sinharay, Sandip Author abstract 173
Strategic Plan to Ensure Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Connecticut Public Higher Education, 2009. Annual Report. Abstract 328
Strategies to Enhance the Likelihood that Teachers Will Integrate Technology into Their Classrooms. Patter, Regis C., Jr. Author abstract 305
Strengthening Career and Technical Education and 21st Century Skills in Philadelphia. 370
Strengthening Career and Technical Education and 21st Century Skills in Philadelphia. Executive Summary. 403
Student Perceptions of Interactive Whiteboards in a Third Grade Classroom. Genesi, Deanna Joy Abstract 200
Student Transience in North Carolina: The Effect of School Mobility on Student Outcomes Using Longitudinal Data. Working Paper 22. Xu, Zeyu; Hannaway, Jane; D'Souza, Stephanie Report 306
Successful Education Research: Guidelines for Getting Going, Getting Funded and Getting Published. Deacon, Roger; Parker, Ben Author abstract 475
Summer Food Service Program. Nourishing News. Volume 3, Issue 8. Author abstract 169
Supporting and Supervising Teachers Working With Adults Learning English. CAELA Network Brief. Young, Sarah Report 191
Sustainability, Crossdisciplinarity and Higher Education--From an Agronomic Point of View. Koutsouris, Alex Report 222
Talent Development Middle Grades Program. WWC Intervention Report. Author abstract 215
Teacher Professional Development Focused on Formative Assessment: Changing Teachers, Changing Schools. Research Report. ETS RR-09-10. Wylie, E. Caroline; Lyon, Christine J.; Goe, Laura Report 161
Teaching of Psychology: Ideas and Innovations. Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Undergraduate Teaching of Psychology (23rd, Tarrytown, New York, March 20-21, 2009). Howell-Carter, Marya, Ed.; Gonder, Jennifer, Ed. Report 270
Teaching Science and Mathematics Subjects Using the Excel Spreadsheet Package. Ibrahim, Dogan 204
Technical Manual: 2002 Series GED Tests. Ezzelle, Carol; Setzer, J. Carl Book review 264
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: What It Means for Higher Education. Report 09-06. Jones, Jessika Report 261
The Benefits and Challenges of Registered Apprenticeship: The Sponsors' Perspective. Lerman, Robert; Eyster, Lauren; Chambers, Kate Author abstract 403
The Careers Project: An Economic Analysis of Ten Industry Clusters in California. CRB 09-002. de Cos, Patricia L.; Mulcahy, Nicolina; Chan, Julie Author abstract 265
The Challenge to States: Preserving College Access and Affordability in a Time of Crisis. 175
The College and Career Readiness Act: Findings from Evaluation--Year One. In Brief. Khan, Sadya; Castro, Erin; Bragg, Debra D.; Barrientos, Jessica I.; Baber, Lorenzo Report 336
The Comprehensive Longitudinal Evaluation of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program: Summary of Second Year Reports. SCDP Milwaukee Evaluation Report #6. Wolf, Patrick J. Author abstract 264
The Effect of Metacognitive Strategy Training on Mathematical Problem Solving Achievement. Ozsoy, Gokhan; Ataman, Aysegul Report 180
The Effect of Milwaukee's Parental Choice Program on Student Achievement in Milwaukee Public Schools. SCDP Comprehensive Longitudinal Evaluation of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. Report #11. Greene, Jay P.; Marsh, Ryan H. Abstract 270
The Effect of Rehearsal Learning and Warm-up on the Speed of Different Swimming Strokes. Magno, Carlo; Mascardo, Elizabeth Author abstract 250
The Effects of Transitions on Access to Higher Education. Issue Brief. Belyakov, Alexander; Cremonini, Leon; Mfusi, Mankolo; Rippner, Jennifer Report 341
The Engaged Organization: Corporate Employee Environmental Education Survey and Case Study Findings. Gullo, Krista; Haygood, Leah Report 298
The Evaluation of a Pilot Mentoring Program for Beginner Science and Mathematics Teachers: Summative Project Evaluation Report. McConney, Andrew; Maor, Dorit Author abstract 441
The Fiscal Impact of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program: 2009 Update. SCDP Milwaukee Evaluation Report #7. Costrell, Robert M. Report 380
The Influence of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Factors on the Development of Rifle Marksmanship Skills. CRESST Report 753. Chung, Gregory K. W. K.; Nagashima, Sam O.; Espinosa, Paul D.; Berka, Chris; Baker, Eva L. Author abstract 211
The Law of Unintended Consequences Revisited: The Case of Ricci v. DeStefano. Vedder, Richard; Denhart, Matthew; Malesick, Michael; Templeton, Jordan 409
The MacArthur Foundation in Nigeria: Report on Activities. 261
The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program: Descriptive Report on Participating Schools. SCDP Milwaukee Evaluation Report #8. Kisida, Brian; Jensen, Laura I.; Wolf, Patrick J. Report 184
The MPCP Longitudinal Educational Growth Study Second Year Report. SCDP Milwaukee Evaluation Report #10. Witte, John F.; Wolf, Patrick J.; Cowen, Joshua M.; Fleming, David J.; Lucas-McLean, Juanita Abstract 427
The NAEP Long-Term Trend Assessment: A Review of Its Transformation, Use, and Findings. Stedman, Lawrence C. Report 401
The Pearl of Great Price: Achieving Equitable Access to Primary and Secondary Education and Enhancing Learning in Sri Lanka. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 29. Aturupane, Harsha Report 229
The Quality Imperative: A State Guide to Achieving the Promise of Extended Learning Opportunities. Princiotta, Daniel; Fortune, Ayeola Report 399
The Quiet Crisis: The Impact of the Economic Downturn on the Nonprofit Sector. Bridgeland, John M.; McNaught, Mary; Reed, Bruce; Dunkelman, Marc Report 224
The Social Construction of School Readiness. Shallwani, Sadaf Abstract 265
The Student Union Development Handbook for a Stronger Student Movement. Proteasa, Viorel; Tabone, Matt; Kirkeboen, Stein Erik; Hartmann, Pascal; Weber, Regina; Stojanovic, 339
Threshold to Transfer Writing Skills from L1 to L2. Ito, Fumihiko Author abstract 756
Time to Work or Time to Play: The Effect of Student Employment on Homework, Housework, Screen Time, and Sleep. Working Paper 423. Kalenkoski, Charlene Marie; Pabilonia, Sabrina Wulff Report 179
To Be a Member of The Governing Board. Ravitch, Diane Report 331
To Learn and Earn: Arizona's Unfinished Business in Human Capital. Welch, Nancy Report 309
Transfer Student Experiences and Success at Berkeley. A SERU Project Research Paper. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.3.09. Alexander, Sereeta; Ellis, Debbie; Mendoza-Denton, Rodolfo Author abstract 227
Transforming Disability Policy for Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities. Disability Policy Research Brief. Number 09-01. O'Day, Bonnie; Stapleton, David Report 192
University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP) Algebra. WWC Intervention Report. Author abstract 308
University Quality and Graduate Wages in the UK. CEE DP 99. Hussain, Iftikhar; McNally, Sandra; Telhaj, Shqiponja Abstract 173
Update on the 2009-10 State Budget. Report 09-07. Woolfork, Kevin Author abstract 284
Update on the Improving Teacher Quality Program. Report 09-05. Humphrey, Karen Abstract 166
Using Blended Learning for Enhancing EFL Prospective Teachers' Pedagogical Knowledge and Performance. Badawi, Mohamed Farrag Author abstract 296
Validation Study II: Alignment of Texas College and Career Readiness Standards with Entry-Level Career and Technical Education College Courses at Texas Postsecondary Institutions. Conley, David T.; McGaughy, Charis; Cadigan, Katie; Forbes, Jennifer; Young, Brittney 504
Virtual Schools. Literature Review. Blazer, Christie 249
Western Policy Exchanges. Report 218
What Indiana's Education Schools Aren't Teaching About Reading. Abstract 485
What Is the Relationship between Reading Scores on the THEA and Graduation Rates? Simpson, Nicole; Kadhi, Tau Author abstract 143
When Private Schools Take Public Dollars: What's the Place of Accountability in School Voucher Programs? Finn, Chester E., Jr.; Hentges, Christina M.; Petrilli, Michael J.; Winkler, Amber M. Report 321
Why America Needs High-Quality Early Care and Education. Author abstract 219
Wildfires and Schools. 198
WWC Quick Review of the Article "Promoting Academic and Social-Emotional School Readiness: The Head Start REDI Program". Author abstract 364
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Rewarding Persistence: Effects of a Performance-Based Scholarship Program for Low-Income Parents". Author abstract 333

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