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Articles from ERIC: Reports (June 1, 2009)

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"Asia Literacy" through Research-Oriented School-Engaged Teacher Education: From Volunteer Mandarin Teaching-Assistants to Volunteer Teacher-Researchers. Singh, Michael; Zhao, Da Cheng Abstract 257
"He Talks to You, Not at You": Attending to Learners' Perspectives to Enhance Understanding of Accomplished Teaching. Kriewaldt, Jeana Abstract 254
"I'm Tentatively Teaching": Crossing the Border from Student of Teaching to Teacher of Students. Pietsch, Marilyn; Williamson, John Abstract 221
"Interact with Puberty": Engaging Middle Schooling Students through Blended Learning. Knipe, Sally; Edwards, Miriam Abstract 199
"Over the Hill" Is Not so Far Away: Crossing Teaching Contexts to Create Benefits for All through Rural Teaching Experiences. Hudson, Suzanne; Millwater, Jan Abstract 340
"There's a Real Mix...It's Not All Doom and Gloom around Here!": Parents' Views on Raising Children in a Community Experiencing High Levels of Disadvantage. Peppard, Judith Abstract 337
A Career in College Unions and Student Activities. 179
A Catalyst for Change: LSTA Grants to States Program Activities and the Transformation of Library Services to the Public. Author abstract 319
A Cultural Study of American Religious Education in America. Lin, Hui-Chin; Jarvie, Douglas S.; Purcell, John A.; Larke, Patricia J.; Perkins, Lawrence L. Author abstract 243
A Definition of University Teaching: A Perhaps-Swiftean Modest Proposal. Jenner, Donald Report 207
A Final Case Study of SCALE Activities at California State University, Northridge: How Institutional Context Influenced a K-20 STEM Education Change Initiative. WCER Working Paper No. 2009-5. Hora, Matthew T.; Millar, Susan B. Author abstract 512
Access and Equity for All Students: Meeting the Needs of LGBT Students. Report 09-14. Angeli, Mallory Report 291
Access and Equity for All Students: Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities. Report 09-15. Angeli, Mallory Report 192
Access and Success for People of Color in Washington Community and Technical Colleges: Progress Report. Research Report Number 09-2. Report 374
Access and Success: Not Just a Dream! Eckersley, Bill; Davies, Merryn; Edwards, Tony; Vernuccio, Natalie; Williams, Jo Abstract 397
Advanced Technological Education Survey 2009 Fact Sheet. Wingate, Lori; Gullickson, Arlen 236
Alabama Department of Education Quick Facts, 2008. Book review 106
An Investigation into Effectiveness of Peer Feedback. Lin, Grace Hui Chin; Chien, Paul Shih Chieh Author abstract 364
Analysis of the Dynamics of the Sharing Knowledge between Cooperating Teacher and Teacher-in-Training: The Partners' Respective Roles. Liliane, Portelance; Colette, Gervais Report 379
Analyzing Performance by Grade 10 Hispanic High School Students on the Massachusetts State Assessment. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-No. 071. Sanchez, Maria Teresa; Ehrlich, Stacy; Midouhas, Emily; O'Dwyer, Laura Author abstract 386
Analyzing Performance by Grade 10 Hispanic High School Students on the Massachusetts State Assessment. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-No. 071. Sanchez, Maria Teresa; Ehrlich, Stacy; Midouhas, Emily; O'Dwyer, Laura Report 188
Annual Report: Discipline, Crime, and Violence, School Year 2007-2008. 419
Art Therapy Verses Psychotherapy. Del Giacco, Maureen Report 156
Arts Participation 2008: Highlights from a National Survey. Report 193
ASR Technology for Children with Dyslexia: Enabling Immediate Intervention to Support Reading in Bahasa Melayu. Husni, Husniza; Jamaludin, Zulikha Author abstract 435
Associations between Provider Training and Education and Other Quality Indicators in Low-Income Children's Primary Care Arrangements at 24 Months of Age. Research Brief. Publication #2009-18. Halle, Tamara; Forry, Nicole; Hair, Elizabeth; Westbrook, T'Pring; Dwyer, Kathleen 257
Best Practice Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity in Online Education. Version 2.0. 188
Beyond the Abaya: School Reform in the Middle East. Albon, Nerissa Abstract 417
Birth Cohort and the Black-White Achievement Gap: The Roles of Access and Health Soon After Birth. WP2008-20. Chay, Kenneth Y.; Guryan, Jonathan; Mazumder, Bhashkar Report 302
Blueprint for a Coastal Legacy: Connecticut Sea Grant Strategic Plan 2007-2013. Abstract 531
Blueprint. Number 3. White, April D., Ed. Author abstract 376
Bridging Borders: Global Perspectives in Education. Lath, Meenakshi Abstract 673
Bright Beginnings. WWC Intervention Report. Report 319
Building Alliances Series: Workforce Development. Brady, Cecilia Report 224
Can Education Save the Economy? Van Noy, Michelle; Zeidenberg, Matthew Report 316
Census in Schools Educator Update, June 2009. Report 156
Challenges Facing Chinese PE Curriculum Reform--Teachers' Talk. Jin, Aijing Abstract 249
Characteristics of Public and Bureau of Indian Education Elementary and Secondary School Library Media Centers in the United States: Results From the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey. NCES 2009-322. Goldring, Rebecca; Gruber, Kerry Report 688
Characteristics of Public School Districts in the United States: Results From the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey. First Look. NCES 2009-320. Aritomi, Paola; Coopersmith, Jared; Gruber, Kerry Report 757
Characteristics of Public, Private, and Bureau of Indian Education Elementary and Secondary School Principals in the United States: Results from the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey. First Look. NCES 2009-323. Battle, Danielle; Gruber, Kerry Report 687
Characteristics of Public, Private, and Bureau of Indian Education Elementary and Secondary School Teachers in the United States: Results From the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey. First Look. NCES 2009-324. Coopersmith, Jared Author abstract 666
Characteristics of Public, Private, and Bureau of Indian Education Elementary and Secondary Schools in the United States: Results From the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey. First Look. NCES 2009-321. Keigher, Ashley Report 660
Characteristics of the Community-Based Job Training Grant (CBJTG) Program. Eyster, Lauren; Stanczyk, Alexandra; Nightingale, Demetra Smith; Martinson, Karin; Trutko, John Author abstract 236
Cognitively Based Assessment of, for, and as Learning: A Framework for Assessing Reading Competency. Research Report. ETS RR-09-26. O'Reilly, Tenaha; Sheehan, Kathleen M. Report 240
Community College Access and Affordability for Occupational and Nontraditional Students. Castellano, Marisa; Overman, Laura T. Report 292
Comparative Education, Border Pedagogy, and Teacher Education in an Age of Internationalisation. Parkes, Robert J.; Griffiths, Tom G. Abstract 195
Comparing Chinese International and American-born Graduate Students' Beliefs about Teaching and Learning. Zhao, Fangxia Author abstract 210
Conducting A Comprehensive Needs Assessment. Newsletter. Author abstract 271
Connecting Communities: Emerging Communities of Practice with Schools and Universities in Partnership. Clarke, Maggie; Clarke, Deb Abstract 252
Construction of Chained True Score Equipercentile Equatings under the Kernel Equating (KE) Framework and Their Relationship to Levine True Score Equating. Research Report. ETS RR-09-24. Chen, Haiwen; Holland, Paul Report 148
Cross-Sectoral Leaders of Partnerships in Reforming Senior L/earning in Queensland: Implications for the Professional Learning of Education and Training Leaders. Singh, Michael; Chen, Xiafang; Harreveld, Bobby Abstract 288
Crossing Borders--Teacher Education in Context--Putting Pedagogy in Its Place. Arnold, Julie; Edwards, Tony Report 500
Crossing Boundaries between Cultures and Disciplines: Using Geography and Creative Arts to Build Bridges with Community Groups in One School. Reynolds, Ruth; Lane, Sue Abstract 328
Crossing Boundaries: Challenges of Academics Working in Professional Experiences. Le Cornu, Rosie Abstract 443
Crossing Boundaries: Developing Effective Interprofessional Relationships between Teachers and Paediatricians. Goepel, Jannie Abstract 372
Crossing the Date Line: Perspectives of Canadian Students Studying Education in an Australian Regional University. Dann, Chris; Allen, Bill; Readman, Kylie Abstract 492
Cyberbullying Knows No Borders. Miller, Jerold D.; Hufstedler, Shirley M. Abstract 366
Developing Intercultural Teachers: The Mumbai Global Experience Project. Johnson, Richard Abstract 223
Developing Reflective Thinking: Encouraging Pre-Service Teachers to Be Responsible for Their Own Learning. Rinchen, Sonam Abstract 559
Developing Teacher Subject Knowledge through Historical and Philosophical Perspectives. Oversby, John Abstract 143
Disproportionate Representation of Minorities in Special Education--How Bad? Gentry, Ruben Author abstract 262
Distant, On-line Education: Effects, Principles and Practices. Clardy, Alan Author abstract 312
Doors to Discovery [TM]. WWC Intervention Report. Report 400
Effects of the Economy on the Admission Process, 2008-09. National Association for College Admission Counseling, June 2009. Author abstract 182
Empty Promises: A Case Study of Restructuring and the Exclusion of English Language Learners in Two Brooklyn High Schools. 605
Engineering Problem Finding in High School Students. Franske, Benjamin James Report 401
English as the Needs of Students of a Public University in Timor Leste. Patricio, Sancho Da Costa Author abstract 338
Enhancing the Role of Colleges in Immigrant Integration to Employment: A Report on Consultations with Employers and Associations. Abstract 311
Evaluation of New Texas Charter Schools: Interim Report (2007-10). Maloney, Catherine; Sheehan, Daniel; Rainey, Katie 757
Evaluation of New Texas Charter Schools: Interim Report (2007-10). Executive Summary. Maloney, Catherine; Sheehan, Daniel; Rainey, Katie 660
Evidence Based Education Request Desk. EBE #449. 359
Examining Independent Study High Schools in California. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-No. 074. Barrat, Vanessa X.; Berliner, BethAnn Author abstract 404
Examining Independent Study High Schools in California. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-No. 074. Barrat, Vanessa X.; Berliner, BethAnn Author abstract 404
Examining Samoan Language Development in Samoan Bilingual Students' Understanding of Texts in English. Amituanai-Toloa, Meaola; McNaughton, Stuart; Kuin Lai, Mei Author abstract 341
Factors Affecting Turkish Students' Achievement in Mathematics. Demir, Ibrahim; Kilic, Serpil; Depren, Ozer Report 234
Fall 2008 College and University Enrollment in Connecticut: Comprehensive Report. Report. Abstract 124
Filming for Professional Learning: Collaborations in Innovation. Cloonan, Anne Abstract 277
Financial Accounting for Local and State School Systems: 2009 Edition. NCES 2009-325. Allison, Gregory S.; Honegger, Steven D.; Johnson, Frank Book review 267
Financing Higher Education: A Myriad of Problems, A Myriad of Solutions. Issue Brief. Lkhamsuren, Munkh-Erdene; Dromina-Voloc, Nataliya; Kimmie, Riedwaan Report 289
Formative Evaluation of the Understanding the Early Years Initiative. Final Report. 351
Fulfilling Dreams: Transitions into an ECE Online Preservice Teacher Education Degree. Taylor, Pauline Abstract 234
Global Policy Fellows Program: Lessons Learned. Cunningham, Alisa F. Report 372
Health Care Reform for Children with Public Coverage: How Can Policymakers Maximize Gains and Prevent Harm? Timely Analysis of Immediate Health Policy Issues. Kenney, Genevieve M.; Dorn, Stan Author abstract 255
How Do Students Perceive the Enhancement of their Own Learning? A Comparison of Two Education Faculties' Experiences in Building an Online Learning Community for Bachelor of Music Education and Bachelor of Education Students. Rowley, Jennifer; O'Dea, Jennifer Abstract 347
IDAs and Financial Aid: Understanding the Puzzle and Sharing Best Practices. Christensen, Tim 357
Identifying the Issues of Early Career Science and Mathematics Teachers. White, Bruce Abstract 634
Identity Formation--Influences that Shape Beginning Teachers' Professional Identity--Crossing the Border from Pre-Service to In-Service Teacher. MacGregor, Denise Abstract 367
Illinois State Library Strategic Plan: 2008-2011. Progress Report. White, Jesse 150
Illinois' Career Cluster Model. Jankowski, Natasha A.; Kirby, Catherine L.; Bragg, Debra D.; Taylor, Jason L.; Oertle, Kathleen M. 354
Integrating Online Multimedia into College Course and Classroom: With Application to the Social Sciences. Miller, Michael V. Author abstract 178
Internet Censorship in Turkey: University Students' Opinions. Ozkan, Hasan; Arikan, Arda Author abstract 232
Investigating Graduate Competences: Survey Results. 240
Is Adult & Community Education for Active Citizenship Important for Community Engagement by Government? Tobias, Robert 272
Is the School Fence the Biggest Border for Educators to Cross? Lewis, Felicity-ann Abstract 244
Jackson State University: Documentation of the Teachers for a New Era Learning Network. Case Study. 290
Job Corps: Better Targeted Career Training and Improved Preenrollment Information Could Enhance Female Residential Student Recruitment and Retention. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-09-470. Author abstract 344
Late High School Dropouts: Characteristics, Experiences, and Changes Across Cohorts. Descriptive Analysis Report. NCES 2009-307. Dalton, Ben; Glennie, Elizabeth; Ingels, Steven J. Report 426
Leadership Behaviour of College Students in Relation to Their Leisure Time Activities in College Life. Sethi, Priyanka 290
Leading in a Changing America: Presidential Perspectives from Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs). Santiago, Deborah A. Report 218
Learning to Achieve: A Review of the Research Literature on Serving Adults with Learning Disabilities. Taymans, Juliana M.; Swanson, H. Lee; Schwarz, Robin L.; Gregg, Noel; Hock, Michael; Gerber, Paul J. Author abstract 284
Legislative Update, June 9, 2009. Report 09-20. Blair, Julia Author abstract 165
Lexia Reading. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 251
Losing Ohio's Future: Why College Graduates Flee the Buckeye State and What Might Be Done about It. Report 318
Making New Links, 12th Grade and beyond: Technical Panel on 12th Grade Preparedness Research. Final Report. Author abstract 355
Making the Most of Interim Assessment Data. Lessons from Philadelphia. Christman, Jolley Bruce; Neild, Ruth Curran; Bulkley, Katrina; Blanc, Suzanne; Liu, Roseann; Mitchel Report 314
May Graduates. Author abstract 416
Measuring Learning Outcomes in Higher Education. ETS R&D Connections. Number 10. Liu, Ou Lydia Report 306
Mentoring Programs: The Great Hope or Great Hype? Critical Essay. ASHE/Lumina Fellows Series. Issue 7. Smith, Buffy Abstract 236
Movie Lessons for New Learning. Saltmarsh, David Abstract 569
National Education Standards: Getting beneath the Surface. Policy Information Perspective. Barton, Paul E. Report 403
National Graduate Teacher Standards: Implications for Professional Experience Policy and Practice. Walkington, Jackie Abstract 465
New Strategies in Delivering Education IDAs: Rethinking Program Design. Bryce-Laporte, Rene 350
On Our Way to the European Higher Education Space--A Proposal for a Teaching Guide for the Management Control Course in the Business Management and Administration Degree. Ruiz, Mercedes; Tirado, Pilar; Menor; Esther Author abstract 217
On the Front Lines of Schools: Perspectives of Teachers and Principals on the High School Dropout Problem. Bridgeland, John M.; Dilulio, John J., Jr.; Balfanz, Robert Author abstract 278
On the Policy Structure and Orientation of Governing the School Choice Problem in China's Basic Education. Xu, Zhi-yong Author abstract 206
On the Relationship between Locus of Control and the Grade Point Average of the Iranian Azad University EFL Students. Bozorgi, Simin Report 356
Organisational Innovations in the Integration of Learning and Earning: Professional Development, Curriculum, Student Outcomes and Teacher Education. Singh, Michael; Cui, Guihua; Harreveld, Bobby Abstract 250
Outlook. Number 346. 150
Partners on the Border: Schools and Universities Researching for Change. Williams, Jo; Davies, Merryn Abstract 200
Partnership for a Nation of Learners: Joining Forces, Creating Value. Kulpinski, Dan Book review 199
Patterns and Prevalence of School Access, Transitions and Equity in South Africa: Secondary Analyses of BT20 Large-Scale Data Sources. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 27. Fleisch, Brahm; Shindler, Jennifer Report 127
Philosophy for Children: Towards Pedagogical Transformation. Scholl, Rosie; Nichols, Kim; Burgh, Gilbert Abstract 200
Predicting College Retention and Dropout: Sex and Disability. Jorgensen, Shirley; Ferraro, Vittoria; Fichten, Catherine; Havel, Alice Report 299
Preparing the Future Workforce: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Policy in K-12 Education. Dickman, Anneliese; Schwabe, Amy; Schmidt, Jeff; Henken, Rob Author abstract 441
Proceedings of the Association of Small Computer Users in Education (ASCUE) Annual Conference (42nd, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, June 14-18, 2009). Smith, Peter, Ed. Author abstract 662
Professional Development of Teacher Educators: A Cross Border Story. Laws, Kevin; Harbon, Lesley; Nguyen, Nam; Trinh, Lap 344
Profiles in Excellence: Chicago, Illinois. Leveraging National Board Certification in a District-Wide Human Capital Initiative. Report 256
Program Planning and Review to Promote Responsiveness to Public Needs. Report 09-16. Wilson, Stacy Report 243
Promising Afterschool Practices: A Showcase of Innovative, Creative and Successful Afterschool Programs. Fourth Annual. Author abstract 204
Reading Squadron: Crossing Borders in Literacy Experiences for Preservice Teachers. Hudson, Suzanne; Dossel, Kylie; Hudson, Peter Abstract 519
Recognising Fathers: A National Survey of Fathers Who Have Children with Learning Disabilities. A Briefing Note for Policy makers, Commissioners and Services. Towers, Christine Report 238
Recognizing the Effects of Comprehension Language Barriers and Adaptability Cultural Barriers on Selected First-Generation Undergraduate Vietnamese Students. Phan, Christian Phuoc-Lanh Author abstract 235
Research Library Issues: A Bimonthly Report from ARL, CNI, and SPARC. RLI 264. Barrett, G. Jaia, Ed. Book review 181
Ron Brown Scholar Program. Evaluation Summary. Broton, Katie; Mueller, Dan Author abstract 303
School Executive Website Study. Thiede, Robert Author abstract 186
School Finance in Connecticut. Issue Brief. Truscheit, Tori 288
Sen's Capability Approach and Year 12 Completers' Post-School Destinations: Implications for Teacher Education. Singh, Michael; Li, Bingyi; Harreveld, Bobby Abstract 299
Setting the Direction for Special Education in Alberta. Minister's Forum: What We Heard. Conference news 237
Setting the Direction Framework. Author abstract 335
Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP). WWC Intervention Report. Author abstract 220
Small-Sample Equating with Prior Information. Research Report. ETS RR-09-25. Livingston, Samuel A.; Lewis, Charles Report 152
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Using Rubrics as a Tool for Building Justice into Assessment Practices. Alexander, Colette R.; Praeger, Sadie Abstract 696
Social Partnerships in Learning: Negotiating Disenfranchised Learner Identities. Wallace, Ruth Author abstract 266
Staffing Levels in the Dallas Independent School District. Author abstract 513
Standardized Testing Moratorium and Task Force Brief 2009. A Brief to the Minister of Education from the British Columbia Teachers' Federation. 231
State Budgeting for Higher Education in the United States as Reported for Fiscal Year 2007. Author abstract 364
State Test Score Trends through 2007-08. Part 1: Is the Emphasis on "Proficiency" Shortchanging Higher- and Lower-Achieving Students? Chudowsky, Naomi; Chudowsky, Victor; Kober, Nancy Author abstract 371
Still Striving: Trustees and Presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities' Unprecedented Dialogue about Governance and Accreditation. Abstract 317
Student Perceptions of What Makes Good Teaching. White, Bruce; Barnes, Alan; Lawson, Mike; Johnson, Wendy Abstract 412
Student Responses to Teaching in Teacher Education, 1900-1950. Vick, Malcolm Abstract 356
SuccessMaker[R]. WWC Intervention Report. Author abstract 408
Supporting Beginning Rural Teachers: Lessons from Successful Schools. White, Simone; Lock, Graeme; Hastings, Wendy; Reid, Jo-Anne; Green, Bill; Cooper, Maxine Abstract 286
Supporting Teachers as Researchers (STAR): A Model for Sustainable Professional Learning. Blackley, Josephine; Wells, Muriel Abstract 385
Tackling the STEM Crisis: Five Steps Your State Can Take to Improve the Quality and Quantity of its K-12 Math and Science Teachers. Abstract 210
Taking the "Tyranny" Out of Distance (Enhancing Professional Experience for Distance Education Students). Masters, Yvonne Abstract 408
Teacher Education: Crossing the Cultural Borders of Australia and Asia. Salter, Peta Abstract 565
Teacher Interns, Metacognition and Identity Formation. Brown, Alison Abstract 681
Teacher Leadership: Interns Crossing to the Domain of Higher Professional Learning with Mentors? Millwater, Jan; Ehrich, Lisa C. Abstract 495
Teacher Professional Development in California: Status of Review. Report 09-18. Agbassekou, Hanouvi Author abstract 179
Teacher Recruitment: Strategies for Widening the Teaching Pool in a Shrinking Economy. Policy-to-Practice Brief. Hayes, Kathleen T.; Behrstock, Ellen 209
Teachers' Perceptions of Strategy Based Reading Instruction for Reading Comprehension. Gibson, Katherine D. Report 199
Technical Assistance Model for Long Term Systems Change. Kahn, Lynne; Hurth, Joicey; Diefendorf, Martha; Kasprzak, Christina; Lucas, Anne; Ringwalt, Sharon Author abstract 237
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Opportunities for High School Improvement. Rutenberg, David Report 273
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Opportunities for High School Improvement. Summary Table. Rutenberg, David Report 132
The Benefit of Authoring "How-to" Books to Reduce the Writing Apprehension of Secondary Preservice Teachers. Daisey, Peggy Book review 282
The Bridge from Teacher Preparation to Beginning Teacher: Helping NESB Beginning Teachers Enter a Community of Teaching Practice. McCluskey, Kerryn Abstract 616
The Challenges of Producing Evidence-Based Claims: An Exploratory Study of NSF's Math and Science Partnership Community. WCER Working Paper No. 2009-4. Hora, Matthew T.; Millar, Susan B.; Arrigoni, Jessica; Kretchmar, Kerry Author abstract 331
The Civic Education and Engagement of Latina/o Immigrant Youth: Challenging Boundaries and Creating Safe Spaces. Research Paper Series on Latino Immigrant Civic and Political Participation. Number 5. Seif, Hinda 254
The Condition of Education 2009 in Brief. NCES 2009-082. Book review 217
The Condition of Education 2009. NCES 2009-081. Planty, Michael; Hussar, William; Snyder, Thomas; Kena, Grace; KewalRamani, Angelina; Kemp, Jana; Bi Book review 250
The Core Components of RTI: A Closer Look at Evidence-Based Core Curriculum, Assessment and Progress Monitoring, and Data-Based Decision Making. Special Report. Kashima, Yuri; Schleich, Bridget; Spradlin, Terry 327
The Effect of Interpersonal Relationships on Psychosomatic Symptoms: Moderating Role of Gender. Wang, Su-hsing; Luh, Wei-ming Author abstract 191
The Effects of Retention on Drop-Out and Graduation Rates. Research Brief. Bleyaert, Barbara 414
The Fiscal Impact of Tax-Credit Scholarships in Oklahoma. School Choice Issues in the State. Gottlob, Brian Author abstract 319
The Future of Museums and Libraries: A Discussion Guide. Book review 321
The Instructional Demands of Standards-Based Reform. Report 334
The Master Teacher: Role and Responsibilities in the Reform Process. McClean, Wilma A. Report 307
The Nation's Report Card: Arts 2008--Music & Visual Arts. National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grade 8. Highlights. NCES 2009-494. Report 237
The Nation's Report Card: Arts 2008--Music & Visual Arts. National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grade 8. NCES 2009-488. Keiper, S.; Sandene, B. A.; Persky, H. R.; Kuang, M. Report 407
The Qualifications and Classroom Performance of Teachers Moving to Charter Schools. Working Paper 27. Carruthers, Celeste K. Report 219
The Rural Institute Transition Projects E-News. Volume 6, Issue 2. 171
The Schools Network Corporate Plan: 2009-2010 to 2011-2012. Report 162
The Schools Teachers Leave: Teacher Mobility in Chicago Public Schools. Allensworth, Elaine; Ponisciak, Stephen; Mazzeo, Christopher Report 330
The Seven Organisational Levels of Discourse. Kloprogge, Eddy; Gleeson, Peter; Clarkson, Petruska Report 487
The Strong Field Framework: A Guide and Toolkit for Funders and Nonprofits Committed to Large-Scale Impact. Report 237
The Timing of Maternal Work and Time with Children. Working Paper 425. Stewart, Jay Author abstract 202
Two Cheers for School-Based Financial Education. Issue Brief. Mandell, Lewis Author abstract 571
Update on the Federal Stimulus Package and Funding to Higher Education. Report 09-19. Jones, Jessika Author abstract 253
Update on the Improving Teacher Quality Program. Report 09-17. Sidarous, Natalie Author abstract 155
Using "Core Reflection" in Teacher Education. Williams, Judy; Power, Kerith Abstract 219
Utilizing College Access & Completion Innovation Funds to Improve Postsecondary Attainment in California. Jones, Dennis P.; Ewell, Peter T. Author abstract 471
Value Added School Review Field Guide. Report 327
Why Fathers Matter to Their Children's Literacy. Clark, Christina Report 356
Work to School: Teachers from Industry. Green, Annette Abstract 385
WWC Quick Review of the Article "Effects of Social Development Intervention in Childhood 15 Years Later". Report 308
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Impact Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Education's Student Mentoring Program". Report 323
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Impacts of Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Results from the First Year of a Randomized Controlled Study". Author abstract 307
WWC Quick Review of the Report "National Board Certification and Teacher Effectiveness: Evidence from a Random Assignment Experiment". Report 284
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Reengaging High School Dropouts: Early Results of the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program Evaluation". Report 238
WWC Quick Review of the Report "The Enhanced Reading Opportunities Study: Findings from the Second Year of Implementation". Report 190
Year One Report on the Campaign for Better Schools: Building a Coalition, Gaining Recognition and Forging a Platform to Influence the Terms of the Mayoral Control Debate in NYC, May 2008-May 2009. Gold, Eva; Simon, Elaine; Evans, Shani Adia; Kay, Joseph; Henig, Jeffrey; Silander, Megan 299

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