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Articles from ERIC: Reports (September 1, 2008)

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"Program of Studies" and College Readiness Standards Alignment. 227
2008 Arts Education Assessment Framework. Periodical review 187
A Brief History of Alternate Assessments Based on Alternate Achievement Standards. Synthesis Report 68. Quenemoen, Rachel Report 524
A Call to Restructure Restructuring: Lessons from the No Child Left Behind Act in Five States. Scott, Caitlin Report 194
A Formative Study of the Implementation of the Inquiry Team Process in New York City Public Schools: 2007-08 Findings. Robinson, Marian A.; Kannapel, Patricia; Gujarati, Joan; Williams, Hakim; Oettinger, Andrea Report 581
A Practical Guide to Accelerating Student Achievement across Cultures: Strategies for Administrators, Teachers, Students, and Parents. Report 233
A Pre-Kindergarten Achievement Gap? Scope and Implications. Wang, Aubrey H. Report 185
A Study of Classroom Literacy Interventions and Outcomes in Even Start. NCEE 2008-4028. Judkins, David; St. Pierre, Robert; Gutmann, Babette; Goodson, Barbara; von Glatz, Adrienne; Hamilto Report 391
A Study of Four Federal Graduate Fellowship Programs: Education and Employment Outcomes. Kraus, Lewis E.; Henke, Robin R.; Nevill, Stephanie; Linnard, David; Pflueger, Jeff; Mattox, Tiffany Abstract 550
A Summary of Activities, Accomplishments and Hispanic Education Attainment: 2001-08. Report 429
Accelerated Math. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 260
Accelerating Student Learning in Ohio. Five Policy Recommendations for Strengthening Public Education in the Buckeye State. Report 208
Access & Equity for All Students: Students with Disabilities and LGBT Students. Commission Report 08-18. Report 298
Activity and Language in Advanced Graduate Study. Barowy, William; Thormann, Joan Report 314
Adolescent Development of Trust. CIRCLE Working Paper 61. Flanagan, Connie; Gallay, Leslie Author abstract 297
Alberta Post-Secondary Graduate Outcomes Survey: 2005-06 Transfer Graduates. 285
Alberta Post-Secondary Graduate Outcomes Survey: Class of 2005-06. 292
Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention on College Campuses: Model Programs. Book review 274
Apply to Succeed: Ensuring Community College Students Benefit from Need-Based Financial Aid. Report 365
Assessing the Feasibility of a Test Item Bank and Assessment Clearinghouse: Strategies to Measure Technical Skill Attainment of Career and Technical Education Participants. Derner, Seth; Klein, Steve; Hilber, Don 296
Assessing, Recording and Analysing Learner Progress and Outcomes. 331
Building on Success: Educational Diversity and Equity in Kentucky Higher Education. Choices before the Commonwealth. Final Report. Ancheta, Angelo; Ledesma, Maria; Trent, William; Kurlaender, Michal; Yun, John; Lee, Chungmei; Siege 214
Church-Owned Higher Education and the Democratization of Romania. Szolar, Eva Report 232
Commissioner's Annual Report to the Education Committees of the Senate and General Assembly on Violence, Vandalism and Substance Abuse in New Jersey Public Schools, July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007. 311
Community Colleges:Still an Affordable Route to a Degree? Commission Report 08-14. Report 304
Core Aims for Three Credits of First-Year Communications: Written Communications. Richmond, Alexandra Author abstract 290
Creating and Sustaining Successful K-8 Magnet Schools. Innovations in Education. Report 338
Delphi Study of Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners with Disabilities: Recommendations from Educators Nationwide. ELLs with Disabilities Report 21. Thurlow, Martha; Shyyan, Vitaliy; Barrera, Manuel; Liu, Kristi Author abstract 333
Determining the Study Skills of Student Teachers. Tural Dincer, Guner; Akdeniz, Ali Riza Report 354
Developing the "Compendium of Strategies to Reduce Teacher Turnover in the Northeast and Islands Region." A Companion to the Database. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 052. Ellis, Pamela; Grogan, Marian; Levy, Abigail Jurist; Tucker-Seeley, Kevon Report 276
Development of the Integrated Communication Model. Ho, Hua-Kuo Report 224
Disproportionality: A Look at Special Education and Race in the Commonwealth. Education Research Brief. Deninger, Matthew Report 222
Does it Pay to Invest in Computer Based Testing Technology? Realities to Implement an Internet Based University Entrance Examination (iB PAU). Garcia Laborda, Jesus; Magal Royo, Teresa Report 333
Dropout and Completion Rates in the United States: 2006. Compendium Report. NCES 2008-053. Laird, Jennifer; Cataldi, Emily Forrest; KewalRamani, Angelina; Chapman, Chris Author abstract 323
Dropout Prevention. IES Practice Guide. NCEE 2008-4025. Dynarski, Mark; Clarke, Linda; Cobb, Brian; Finn, Jeremy; Rumberger, Russell; Smink, Jay Report 350
Dropout Prevention. What Works Clearinghouse Topic Report. Report 224
ECS Special Education Handbook: 2008/2009 School Year. Book review 168
Eighth Grade: First Findings from the Final Round of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K). First Look. NCES 2008-088. Walston, Jill; Rathbun, Amy; Hausken, Elvira Germino Report 448
eMINTS Program Evaluation Report: An Investigation of Program Fidelity and Its Impact on Teacher Mastery and Student Achievement. Martin, Wendy; Strother, Scott; Weatherholt, Tara; Dechaume, Merav 399
Encore Performances: Tapping the Potential of Midcareer and Second-Career Teachers. Haselkorn, David; Hammerness, Karen 395
Enrollments and Degrees Report, 2006. AIP Report Number R-151.43. Mulvey, Patrick J.; Nicholson, Starr Report 305
Evaluation of the PhunkyFoods Programme. Final Report. Teeman, David; Reed, Frances; Bielby, Gill; Scott, Emma; Sims, David 252
Evidence Based Education Request Desk. EBE #359. 252
Examining Context and Challenges in Measuring Investment in Professional Development: A Case Study of Six School Districts in the Southwest Region. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 037. Chambers, Jay G.; Lam, Irene; Mahitivanichcha, Kanya Report 447
Examining Differential Distractor Functioning in Reading Assessments for Students with Disabilities. CRESST Report 743. Abedi, Jamal; Leon, Seth; Kao, Jenny C. Report 280
Examining Differential Item Functioning in Reading Assessments for Students with Disabilities. CRESST Report 744. Abedi, Jamal; Leon, Seth; Kao, Jenny C. Report 279
Exploring Data Use and School Performance in an Urban Public School District: Evaluation of Seattle Public Schools' Comprehensive Value-Added Assessment System. CRESST Report 742. Herman, Joan L.; Yamashiro, Kyo; Lefkowitz, Sloane; Trusela, Lee Ann Author abstract 231
Focus on Basics: Connecting Research & Practice. Volume 9, Issue B. Garner, Barbara, Ed. Periodical review 354
From Digital Divides to Digital Inequality -- The Emerging Digital Inequality in the Norwegian Unitarian School. Krumsvik, Rune J. Report 216
From Isolation to Collaboration: Promoting Teacher Leadership through PLCs. Rasberry, Melissa A.; Mahajan, Girija Report 247
Go8 Guiding Principles for Implementing Part B of the "Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research". Go8 Consultation Paper. 422
Group Work vs. Whole Class Activity. Tanveer, Asma Report 168
Help Wanted: State Capacity for School Improvement. AIR[R] Research Brief. Le Floch, Kerstin Carlson; Boyle, Andrea; Therriault, Susan Bowles Report 265
Helping Your Child through Early Adolescence. Report 196
Helping Your Child with Homework. 245
Helping Your Preschool Child. 245
Houghton Mifflin Reading[c]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 264
IDRA Newsletter. Volume 35, No. 8. Goodman, Christie L., Ed. Periodical review 226
Impact of Federal Commodity Programs on School Meal Nutrition. Policy Highlight. 311
Improving College System Pathways: Project Highlights Reports. 324
Improving Outcomes for Learners through Self-Evaluation. 346
Inside Thai Private Higher Education: Exploring Private Growth in International Context. PROPHE Working Paper Series. WP No. 12. Praphamontripong, Prachayani Author abstract 200
Introduction to Dance of the Imagination for Children Education. Hsu, Shu-ting Report 186
Investing for the Future: Post-Secondary Education Issues and the Canadian Federal Election. 209
Is University Education a Golden Key for a Happy Life? Lee, Jeong-Kyu Report 253
Latino Legislative Hearing on Pre-K & the Early Grades: NALEO Education Leadership Initiative. A Report of the NALEO Educational Fund. Author abstract 297
Lessons Learned in Systemic District Reform: A Cross-District Analysis from the Comprehensive Aligned Instructional System (CAIS) Benchmarking Study. Waters, Louise Bay; Vargo, Merrill Report 314
Maryland's Opinion on K-12 Education and School Choice. School Choice Survey in the State. DiPerna, Paul Report 430
Massachusetts Regional Alignment Workshops: Final Report. Conley, David T.; McGaughy, Charis; Ward, Terri; Martinez, Mary 222
Mathematics Framework for the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Periodical review 360
Medicaid: Extent of Dental Disease in Children Has Not Decreased, and Millions Are Estimated to Have Untreated Tooth Decay. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-08-1121. Cosgrove, James C. Report 428
Middle Grades Reform. Literature Review. Blazer, Christie 241
Middle School Principals' Interpretation of State Policy and Guidance on Instructional Strategies for ELLs with Disabilities. ELLs with Disabilities Report 20. Liu, Kristi; Koo, Haesook; Barrera, Manuel; Thurlow, Martha Author abstract 196
Middle School Principals' Perspectives on Academic Standards-Based Instruction and Programming for English Language Learners with Disabilities. ELLs with Disabilities Report 22. Liu, Kristi; Thurlow, Martha; Koo, Haesook; Barrera, Manuel Report 295
Missouri Minimum Standards for School Buses. Nicastro, Chris L. 266
Mobility of BC Transfer Students -- Fall 2006 to Calendar Year 2007. Research Summary. Heslop, Joanne Author abstract 222
Mobility of BC Transfer Students--Fall 2006 to Calendar Year 2007. Research Results. Heslop, Joanne Periodical review 210
Monitoring the Future: National Survey Results on Drug Use, 1975-2007. Volume I, Secondary School Students. NIH Publication No. 08-6418A. Johnston, Lloyd D.; O'Malley, Patrick M.; Bachman, Jerald G.; Schulenberg, John E. Report 466
Moving from Case-by-Case Transfer to Formal Articulation: Assessing the Business Case. Research Results. Finlay, Finola; Box, Dale Report 452
One-to-One Computing in Public Schools: Lessons from "Laptops for All" Programs. Report 210
Outlook. Number 337. 155
Parent's Guide to Special Education in Missouri. 342
Part C Updates. 10th Edition. Goode, Sue; Lazara, Alex; Danaher, Joan Book review 478
Postsecondary Career/Technical Education: Changes in the Number of Offering Institutions and Awarded Credentials from 1997 to 2006. Issue Brief. NCES 2008-001. Clery, Sue 346
Pre Service Elementary Teachers' Concerns about Teaching Science. Hatton, Mary Report 276
Present, Engaged, and Accounted for: The Critical Importance of Addressing Chronic Absence in the Early Grades. Executive Summary. Report. Chang, Hedy N.; Romero, Mariajose Clinical report 255
Present, Engaged, and Accounted for: The Critical Importance of Addressing Chronic Absence in the Early Grades. Report. Chang, Hedy N.; Romero, Mariajose 293
Preserving a Critical National Asset: "America's Disadvantaged Students and the Crisis in Faith-Based Urban Schools". Author abstract 294
Prevalence and Implications of Overweight and Obesity in Children's Health and Learning Behavior: The Case of Kinondoni and Njombe Districts in Tanzania. Kafyulilo, Ayoub Cherd Report 381
Program Planning and Review to Promote Responsiveness to Public Needs, 2007-08. Commission Report 08-15. Report 242
Projections of Education Statistics to 2017. Thirty-Sixth Edition. NC ES 2008-078. Hussar, William J.; Bailey, Tabitha M. Report 257
Quality Schools, Healthy Neighborhoods, and the Future of DC: Policy Report. Filardo, Mary; Allen, Marni; Huvendick, Nancy; Sung, Ping; Garrison, David; Turner, Margery Austin; Report 426
RAND's Rose-Colored Glasses: How RAND's Report on U.S. Competitiveness in Science and Technology Gets It Wrong. Ezell, Stephen J.; Atkinson, Robert D. Report 408
Reading Framework for the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Report 618
Reading, Mathematics, and Science Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners with Disabilities: Insights from Educators Nationwide. ELLs with Disabilities Report 19. Barrera, Manuel; Shyyan, Vitaliy; Liu, Kristi K.; Thurlow, Martha L. Author abstract 350
Reducing Behavior Problems in the Elementary School Classroom. IES Practice Guide. NCEE 2008-012. Epstein, Michael; Atkins, Marc; Cullinan, Douglas; Kutash, Krista; Weaver, Robin Report 296
Reinventing District Central Offices to Expand Student Learning. Issue Brief. Honig, Meredith I.; Copland, Michael A. Report 263
Report of the Commission on the Use of Standardized Tests in Undergraduate Admission. Report 405
Restructuring under the No Child Left Behind Act in Maryland. 2007-08 Follow-Up Report. Neuman-Sheldon, Brenda Report 206
Review of a Proposal to Establish a School of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside. Commission Report 08-16. 168
Review of Proposal by Palomar Community College District to Establish the North Palomar Educational Center. Commission Report 08-13. Report 169
Same Vague Expression, Different Conceptualizations. Yang, Xi-yao; Wu, Yong-an Report 208
Science Framework for the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Report 538
Sexual Harassment: It's Not Academic. Law overview 656
Socialization in Online Programs. Promising Practices in Online Learning. Watson, John; Gemin, Butch Author abstract 235
State Policies and Procedures and Selected Local Implementation Practices in Response to Intervention in the Six Southeast Region States. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 063. Sawyer, Richard; Holland, Dana; Detgen, Amy Report 494
State Systems of Support under NCLB: Design Components and Quality Considerations. AIR[R] Research Brief. Le Floch, Kerstin Carlson; Boyle, Andrea; Therriault, Susan Bowles Report 236
Status and Trends in the Education of American Indians and Alaska Natives: 2008. NCES 2008-084. DeVoe, Jill Fleury; Darling-Churchill, Kristen E. Report 352
Successful Magnet High Schools. Innovations in Education. Report 340
Sustaining a Public Agenda for Higher Education: A Case Study of the North Dakota Higher Education Roundtable. Lane, Jason E. Author abstract 151
Teaching as a Second Career. 329
Tenure and Promotion 101: What You Need to Know? White, F. A. Report 113
The 21st Century GI Bill: What it means for California. Commission Report 08-12. Report 290
The Development of Advertising and Marketing Education: The First 75 Years. Applegate, Edd Report 193
The Impact of Baby Boomer Retirements on Teacher Labor Markets. Chicago Fed Letter. Number 254. Aaronson, Daniel; Meckel, Katherine Author abstract 114
The Impact of Two Professional Development Interventions on Early Reading Instruction and Achievement. NCEE 2008-4030. Garet, Michael S.; Cronen, Stephanie; Eaton, Marian; Kurki, Anja; Ludwig, Meredith; Jones, Wehmah; U Report 573
The Improving Teacher Quality Program: 2008 Grants and Current Research. Commission Report 08-17. Report 311
The Influence of Cognitive Factors on Guesses About the Meaning of English Word Groups and Phrases. Qi, Rong-jun; Li, Feng-zhi Report 139
The Quantifying Analysis of Effectiveness of Music Learning Through the Dalcroze Musical Method. Wang, Dennis Ping-Cheng Author abstract 337
The Role of E-Learning in Science Education. NSTA Position Statement. 152
The Rural Institute Transition Projects E-News. Volume 5, Issue 5. 166
The Truman Commission: International Developments for Colleges. Burke, Kenneth M. Report 137
The Value of Workplace Exposure and Career-Connected Education for Low-Income Teens. Policy Brief #2. 225
Three Independent Evaluations of Healthy Kids Programs Find Substantial Gains in Children's Dental Health Care. In Brief, September 2008, Number 2. Hughes, Dana; Howell, Embry; Trenholm, Christopher; Hill, Ian; Dubay, Lisa Report 237
Tools of the Mind. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 258
Topics of Reading Passages in ELT Coursebooks: What Do Our Students Really Read? Arikan, Arda Author abstract 172
Training Early Intervention Assistants in California's Community Colleges. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 060. Kellegrew, Diane Hammon; Pacifico-Banta, Jean; Stewart, Kari Report 392
Untapped Talent: The African American Presence in Physics and the Geosciences. AIP Report. Number R-444. Czujko, Roman; Ivie, Rachel; Stith, James H. Author abstract 377
Verbal Techniques. The Montessori Observer. Volume 29, Number 3. Abstract 183
Walking a Tightrope: The Balancing Act of Learning Advising. Refereed Proceedings of the 2007 Annual International Conference of the Association of Tertiary Learning Advisors of Aotearoa New Zealand. Volume 3. Manalo, Emmanuel, Ed.; Bartlett-Trafford, Julie, Ed.; Crozier, Susan, Ed. Conference news 494
What Students Need To Know about America's Wars, Part I: 1622-1919. Footnotes. Volume 13, Number 21. Kuehner, Trudy Report 161
What Students Need to Know about the Frontier Wars. Footnotes. Volume 13, Number 24. Skarstedt, Vance Report 274
Who's Playing College Sports? Money, Race and Gender. Cheslock, John 203
WWC Quick Review of the Report "San Francisco Bay Area KIPP Schools: A Study of Early Implementation and Achievement". Author abstract 263

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