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Articles from ERIC: Reports (July 1, 2008)

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2005-06 NCAA[R] Gender-Equity Report. DeHass, Denise Report 578
2007 GED Testing Program Statistical Report. Author abstract 337
48 Capabilities of Highly Educated People. Greene, Richard Tabor 585
A Book Club for a Nation, Built Chapter by Chapter. The Big Read. Final Report. Sloan, Kay; Honeyford, Michelle; Bass, Kristin Author abstract 363
A Book Club for a Nation, Built Chapter by Chapter. The Big Read. Final Report. Executive Summary. Author abstract 251
A Genre-based Analysis of English Research Article Abstracts and the Linguistic Feature of Personal Pronouns for Financial Economics. Ning, Zhen-ye Report 195
A Guide to the Kentucky System of Interventions. 344
A Network for Educational Change in the Great Lakes Region: A View through the Lens of Educational Service Agencies. Peters, Randal E.; Svedkauskaite, Asta Author abstract 493
A New Safety Net for Low-Income Families. Zedlewski, Sheila; Chaudry, Ajay; Simms, Margaret Report 171
A Positive Stigma for Child Labor? Patrinos, Harry Anthony; Shafiq, M. Najeeb 167
Academic Libraries: 2006. First Look. NCES 2008-337. Holton, Barbara; Hardesty, Laura; O'Shea, Patricia Report 337
Accelerated Middle Schools. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract 383
Access to Elementary Education in India. Country Analytical Review. Govinda, R.; Bandyopadhyay, Madhumita Report 275
Access to Success:Patterns of Advanced Placement Participation in U.S. High Schools. Policy Information Report. Handwerk, Philip; Tognatta, Namrata; Coley, Richard J.; Gitomer, Drew H. Author abstract 448
Addressing Cognitive Processes in e-learning: TSOI Hybrid Learning Model. Tsoi, Mun Fie; Goh, Ngoh Khang Report 221
All-in-One and One-for-All: A Proposed Model of Lifelong Technology Education. Lee, Lung-Sheng Report 223
America in the Civil War Era: A History Institute for Teachers. Footnotes. Volume 13, Number 13. Kuehner, Trudy Report 180
America's Children in Brief: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2008. Author abstract 232
An Assessment of Social Studies Competency of Turkish Classroom Teachers. Acar, Filiz Evran Report 337
An Online Social Constructivist Tool: A Secondary School Experience in the Developing World. Kok, Ayse Report 188
Anxiety and Second/Foreign Language Learning Revisited. Zheng, Ying Author abstract 175
Assisted Performance--A Pragmatic Conception of Online Learning. Jalil, Habibah Ab.; McFarlane, Angela; Ismail, Ismi Arif; Rahman, Fadzilah Report 209
Autoethnography: A Method of Research and Teaching for Transformative Education. Belbase, Shashidhar; Luitel, Bal Chandra; Taylor, Peter Charles Author abstract 210
Back to the Basics: In Defense of Achievement (and Achievement Tests) in College Admissions. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.12.08. Geiser, Saul Report 159
Beyond Social Justice: The Threat of Inequality to Workforce Development in the Western United States. Kelly, Patrick J. Report 301
Beyond the Numbers: Understanding California's High School Dropouts. Partnership for Urban Education Research (PUER). Huang, Jeric Report 397
Building on the Basics: The Impact of High-Stakes Testing on Student Proficiency in Low-Stakes Subjects. Civic Report No. 54. Winters, Marcus A.; Greene, Jay P.; Trivitt, Julie R. Report 279
Business English: An Individualised Learning Programme -- An Effective but Defective ESP Program. Chi, Gui-min Report 130
Calculating the Ability of Within-School Teacher Supply to Meet the Demands of New Requirements: The Example of the Michigan Merit Curriculum. REL Technical Brief. REL 2008-No. 005. Keesler, Venessa; Wyse, Adam; Jones, Nathan; Schneider, Barbara Author abstract 318
California's Approach to Math Instruction Still Doesn't Add Up. CenterView. Author abstract 174
Career and Technical Education in the United States: 1990 to 2005. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2008-035. Levesque, Karen; Laird, Jennifer; Hensley, Elisabeth; Choy, Susan P.; Cataldi, Emily Forrest; Hudson 272
Characteristics of Arizona School Districts in Improvement. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 054. Crane, Eric W.; Huang, Chun-Wei; Derby, Kenwyn; Makkonen, Reino; Goel, Aditi M. Report 282
Characteristics of California School Districts in Program Improvement. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 055. Crane, Eric W.; Huang, Chun-Wei; Derby, Kenwyn; Makkonen, Reino; Goel, Aditi M. Report 257
Conducting a Trail of Web Conferencing Software: Why, How, and Perceptions from the Coalface. Reushle, Shirley; Loch, Birgit Report 255
Considering a Private Residential Treatment Program for a Troubled Teen? Questions for Parents and Guardians to Ask. Author abstract 269
Descriptive Summary of 2003-04 Beginning Postsecondary Students: Three Years Later. NCES 2008-174. Berkner, Lutz; Choy, Susan Report 356
Designing e-Education Supports in e-Health Based Systems. Nicholas, Ikhu-Omoregbe Report 228
Designing Motivational Learning Systems in Distance Education. Balaban-Sali, Jale Report 237
Developing Early Warning Systems to Identify Potential High School Dropouts. Issue Brief. Heppen, Jessica B.; Therriault, Susan Bowles 337
Diagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disability: United States, 2004-2006. Data from the National Health Interview Survey. Vital and Health Statistics. Series 10, Number 237. Pastor, Patricia N.; Reuben, Cynthia A. Report 357
Diet Quality of American Young Children by WIC Participation Status: Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999-2004. WIC-08-NH. Cole, Nancy; Fox, Mary Kay Author abstract 392
Differences Between Public and Private Institutions of Taiwan's HTVE System in Determinants of Competitiveness. Huang, Chien-ern; Yuan, Young; Huang, Chien-fu Report 213
Distance Education in the Age of Globalization: An Overwhelming Desire towards Blended Learning. Sethy, Satya Sundar Report 235
E-Learning in Romanian Higher Education: A Study Case. Asandului, Laura; Ceobanu, Ciprian Report 301
Early & Often: Designing a Comprehensive System of Financial Aid Information. A Report of the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. 451
Early & Often: Designing a Comprehensive System of Financial Aid Information. Abridged Report of the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. 405
Economics of Distance Education Reconsidered. Laaser, Wolfram Report 198
Effects of Preschool Curriculum Programs on School Readiness. Report from the Preschool Curriculum Evaluation Research Initiative. NCER 2008-2009. Report 476
Emergency Response Information for School Facilities. 242
Empirical Issues in the Design of Group-Randomized Studies to Measure the Effects of Interventions for Children. MDRC Working Papers on Research Methodology. Bloom, Howard; Zhu, Pei; Jacob, Robin; Raudenbush, Stephen; Martinez, Andres; Lin, Fen Report 312
Ensuring College Success: Scaffolding Experiences for Students and Faculty in an Early College School. Newton, Anne; Vogt, Kristen 445
Evaluating Online Learning: Challenges and Strategies for Success. Innovations in Education. Report 424
Evaluation of the Early Start to Emancipation Preparation Tutoring Program, Los Angeles County, California: Final Report. Courtney, Mark E.; Zinn, Andrew; Zielewski, Erica H.; Bess, Roseana J.; Malm, Karin E.; Stagner, Mat Report 489
Evaluation of the Life Skills Training Program, Los Angeles County, California: Final Report. Courtney, Mark E.; Zinn, Andrew; Zielewski, Erica H.; Bess, Roseana J.; Malm, Karin E.; Stagner, Mat Author abstract 563
Evaluation of the Skills of K-12 Students Regarding the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S) in Turkey. Kurt, Adile Askim; Coklar, Ahmet Naci; Kilicer, Kerem; Yildirim, Yusuf Author abstract 209
Evaluation of the Texas Technology Immersion Pilot: Third-Year (2006-07) Traits of Higher Technology Immersion Schools and Teachers. Shapley, Kelly; Maloney, Catherine; Caranikas-Walker, Fanny; Sheehan, Daniel 868
Evaluations Backgrounder: A Summary of Formal Evaluations of the Academic Impact of Afterschool Programs. Author abstract 413
Examining the Links between Grade 12 Mathematics and Remedial Courses in Nevada Public Colleges and Universities. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 058. Fong, Anthony B.; Huang, Min; Goel, Aditi M. Report 517
Exploring the Pragmatic Competence of EFL Learners in the Production and Judgement of Formal Written Requests. Siu, Fiona Kwai Peng Author abstract 384
Facilitating Adult Learner Interactions to Build Listening and Speaking Skills. CAELA Network Brief. McKay, Sharon; Schaetzel, Kirsten Author abstract 136
Forward Thinking: Progress Report. 241
Gaining Momentum, Losing Ground. Progress Report, 2008. Report 389
Gaining Momentum, Losing Ground. Tapping America's Potential, Progress Report 2008. Report 363
High School Diploma and GED Attainment in Florida. Research Note 1. Sass, Tim R. Author abstract 186
High School Dropout and Graduation Rates in the Central Region. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 040. Randel, Bruce; Moore, Laurie; Blair, Pam Report 278
High School Feedback Report for 2005 and 2006 Graduates. Morris, Don; Romanik, Dale Report 412
Hispanic Administrators in Kentucky. Ballestero, Victor; Wright, Sam Report 271
Illinois State Library Strategic Plan: 2008-2011. White, Jesse 166
Improving Formative Assessment Practice with Educational Information Technology. CRESST Report 739. Vendlinski, Terry P.; Niemi, David; Wang, Jia; Monempour, Sara Author abstract 259
Improving Student Learning through Strategic Compensation. A TeacherSolutions Report from the Teacher Leaders of TLN-Kansas. Author abstract 222
Increasing Access through Multigrade Teaching and Learning. Policy Brief Number 5. Little, Angela; Blum, Nicole; Diwan, Rashmi Report 202
Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators: Students, Parents and Educators Speak up about Science Education. Farris-Berg, Kim 520
Invisible Ink in Collective Bargaining: Why Key Issues Are Not Addressed. Cohen, Emily; Walsh, Kate; Biddle, RiShawn 249
Iranian Journal of Language Studies (IJLS). Volume 2, Issue 3. Periodical review 334
Learning in the Workplace for Garage Mechanics and Technicians. Jans, Ruben, Bollen, Ria, Report 245
Learning Together: A Study of Six B.A. Completion Cohort Programs in Early Care and Education. Year 1 Report. Author abstract 533
Materials Development in English as a Second Language: An Indian Experience. Meganathan, Rama Author abstract 190
Mobile Learning in Higher Education: An Empirical Assessment of a New Educational Tool. McConatha, Douglas; Praul, Matt; Lynch, Michael J. Report 344
Modeling Spring Mass System with System Dynamics Approach in Middle School Education. Nuhoglu, Hasret Report 230
National Plans of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Where Are the Youngest Children? Working Papers in Early Childhood Development, No. 50. Engle, Patrice 538
Opportunities Gained and Lost: Perceptions and Experiences of Sixth Grade Students Enrolled in a Title I Reading Class. Donalson, Kathleen Author abstract 355
Out of Many, One: Toward Rigorous Common Core Standards From the Ground Up. Report 505
Policy Statement on Grade Configuration. Issue 5. 293
Practice on Assessing Grammar and Vocabulary: The Case of the TOEFL. Zhuang, Xin Report 251
Preparing Teachers to Teach in Rural Schools. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 045. Barley, Zoe A.; Brigham, Nancy Report 372
Problems of Female School Teachers in Kerala. Nath, Baiju K. Author abstract 305
Promoting Teachers' Positive Attitude towards Web Use: A Study in Web Site Development. Akpinar, Yavuz; Bayramoglu, Yusuf Report 223
Public Speaking Course and the Hearing-Impaired College Student: Classroom Communication, Challenges and Rewards. Hureau, Marcelle S. M. Report 221
Quality Management Builds Solid eTraining. Echard, Rachel D.; Berge, Zane L. Report 212
Questions and Answers about Child Care: A Sloan Work and Family Research Network Fact Sheet. 245
Reaching the Critical Mass: The Twenty Year Surge in High School Physics. Findings from the 2005 Nationwide Survey of High School Physics Teachers. AIP Report. Number R-442. Neuschatz, Michael; McFarling, Mark; White, Susan Report 270
Reasons for Student Discontinuation in Engineering Degree Courses Offered at a Distance. Ariadurai, S. Anbahan; Manohanthan, Rajalingam Report 307
Recommendations for Assessing English Language Learners: English Language Proficiency Measures and Accommodation Uses. Recommendations Report (Part 3 of 3). CRESST Report 737. Wolf, Mikyung Kim; Herman, Joan L.; Bachman, Lyle F.; Bailey, Alison L.; Griffin, Noelle 344
Reenrollment of High School Dropouts in a Large, Urban School District. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 056. Berliner, BethAnn; Barrat, Vanessa X.; Fong, Anthony B.; Shirk, Paul B. Report 194
Restrictions on Research Awards: Troublesome Clauses 2007/2008. Author abstract 382
Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary School Districts: School Year 2005-06 (Fiscal Year 2006). First Look. NCES 2008-345. Zhou, Lei Report 446
Size Matters for EFA. Policy Brief Number 4. Little, A. Report 158
State Policies on Teacher Evaluation Practices in the Midwest Region. REL Technical Brief. REL 2008-No. 004. Brandt, Chris; Thomas, Julia; Burke, Matt Report 329
Strategies for Promoting Gender Equity in Developing Countries: Lessons, Challenges, and Opportunities. Book review 405
Structure and Functions of the Continuing Education Centers at Turkish Universities. Arslan, Mehmet Metin Report 245
Successful Leadership in High Poverty, Urban Schools. Implications from UCEA. Jacobson, Stephen; Terry Orr, M.; Young, Michelle D. 203
Suitability of AIOU Television and Its Impact on Students' Achievements. Siraj, Syed Abdul Report 232
Test Drive: Six States Pilot Better Ways to Measure and Compare Community College Performance. An Achieving the Dream Policy Brief. 298
The Comparison of Oral Language Acquisition for Grade 1-3 in Taiwan and America. Wu, Min-Ping; Hsieh, Sheng-Wen Report 223
The Differences Between Novels and Films--Enhance Literature Teaching by Using Films. Bao, Bo Report 140
The Effect of an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) on Student Achievement in Algebraic Expression. Chien, Tsai Chen; Md. Yunus, Aida Suraya; Ali, Wan Zah Wan; Bakar, Ab. Rahim Report 336
The Examination of the Basic Skill Levels of the Students in Accordance with the Perceptions of Teachers, Parents and Students. Hotaman, Davut Report 285
The National School Lunch Program: Background, Trends, and Issues. Economic Research Report Number 61. Ralston, Katherine; Newman, Constance; Clauson, Annette; Guthrie, Joanne; Buzby, Jean Report 180
The National School Lunch Program: Background, Trends, and Issues. ERS Report Summary. Ralston, Katherine; Newman, Constance; Clauson, Annette; Guthrie, Joanne; Buzby, Jean Author abstract 347
The New Method of Problem Solving in Physics Education by Using SCORM-Compliant Content Package. Gonen, Selahattin; Basaran, Bulent Report 189
The Organisation of a Distance Postgraduate Dance Programme and the Participation of Students Specialising in Dance. Goulimaris, Dimitris; Koutsouba, Maria; Giosos, Yiannis Report 268
The Organization of the Faculty Development Programs for Research Assistants: The Case of Education Faculties in Turkey. Kabakci, Isil; Odabasi, H. Ferhan Report 303
The Status of Large-Scale Assessment in the Pacific Region. REL Technical Brief. REL 2008-No. 003. Ryan, Jennifer; Keir, Scott Report 330
The Validity and Reliability Studies of the Computer Anxiety Scale on Educational Administrators (CAS-EA). Agaoglu, Esmahan; Ceyhan, Esra; Ceyhan, Aykut; Simsek, Yucel Report 273
The View of Knowledge and the New National Curriculum in Norway. Rune, Krumsvik Author abstract 261
To Build New Strengths: The Future of Clinton Community College, and of North Country Community College. Education Policy Brief. Shaffer, David Report 142
Towards a Theory for the Study of Responsible Business Practices in Higher Education. Eaton, Sarah Elaine Author abstract 273
Trends in California Teacher Demand: A County and Regional Perspective. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 057. White, Melissa Eiler; Fong, Anthony B. Report 308
Trends in the Participation and Performance of Students with Disabilities. Technical Report 50. Thurlow, Martha; Quenemoen, Rachel; Altman, Jason; Cuthbert, Marge Author abstract 388
Turkish EFL Student Teachers' Perceptions on the Role of Electronic Portfolios in Their Professional Development. Kocoglu, Zeynep Author abstract 220
Using Multimedia Social Stories to Increase Appropriate Social Engagement in Young Children with Autism. Ozdemir, Selda Report 191
Virtual Students' Perceptions of e-Learning in Iran. Yaghoubi, Jafar; Malek Mohammadi, Iraj; Iravani, Hooshang; Attaran, Mohammad; Gheidi, Ahmad Report 276
Weblog as a Learning Tool in Higher Education. Namwar, Yousef; Rastgoo, Azam Report 287
WWC Quick Review of the Article "The Advantage of Abstract Examples in Learning Math". Author abstract 210
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Making a Difference? The Effects of Teach for America in High School". Author abstract 316

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