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Articles from ERIC: Reports (September 1, 2006)

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2003-04 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:04). Undergraduate Financial Aid Estimates for 12 States: 2003-04. E.D. TAB. NCES 2006-158. Berkner, Lutz; Wei, Christina Chang Report 334
2005 State Policies on Assessment Participation and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. Synthesis Report 64. Lazarus, Sheryl S.; Thurlow, Martha L.; Lail, Kathryn E.; Eisenbraun, Kristin D.; Kato, Kentaro 365
A Commission Resolution to Proceed with a University Eligibility Study for the Class of 2007. Working Paper WP/06-05. 216
A Comparison of IEP/504 Accommodations Under Classroom and Standardized Testing Conditions: A Preliminary Report on SEELS Data. Synthesis Report 63. Bottsford-Miller, Nicole; Thurlow, Martha L.; Stout, Karen Evans; Quenemoen, Rachel F. 313
A Review of the Literature on Second Language Learning. 2nd Edition. Archibald, John; Roy, Sylvie; Harmel, Sandra; Jesney, Karen; Dewey, Emily; Moisik, Scott; Lessard, P Author abstract 428
A State Guide to the Development of Universally Designed Assessments. Johnstone, Christopher; Altman, Jason; Thurlow, Martha 201
A Summary of Research on the Effects of Test Accommodations: 2002 through 2004. Technical Report 45. Johnstone, Christopher J.; Altman, Jason; Thurlow, Martha L.; Thompson, Sandra J. 494
A Test of Leadership: Charting the Future of U.S. Higher Education. Report 333
Accountability for Students with Disabilities Who Receive Special Education: Characteristics of the Subgroup of Students with Disabilities. A Summary of Quantitative Findings from the Educational Policy Reform Research Institute (EPRRI). Topical Review Seven. McLaughlin, Margaret J.; Malmgren, Kimber; Nolet, Victor Author abstract 460
Accounting for Intergenerational Income Persistence: Non-Cognitive Skills, Ability and Education. CEE DP 73. Blanden, Jo; Gregg, Paul; Macmillan, Lindsey 193
Afterschool Programs: At the STEM of Learning. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 26. Author abstract 332
An Economic Analysis of Textbook Pricing and Textbook Markets. ACSFA College Textbook Cost Study Plan Proposal. Koch, James V. Author abstract 192
An Interim Report on the Educational Opportunity Centers Program: 2002-03 and 2003-04, with Select Data from 2000-02. Hale, Margaret Marcus; Chan, Tsze Author abstract 318
An Introductory Global Overview: The Private Fit to Salient Higher Education Tendencies. PROPHE Working Paper Series. WP No. 7. Levy, Daniel C. 254
Are Public or Private Schools Doing Better? How the NCES Study Is Being Misinterpreted. Backgrounder No. 1968. Watkins, Shanea Author abstract 276
Certification and Private School Teachers Moving to Public Schools. Issue Brief. NCES 2006-081. Holt, Emily W.; McLaughlin, Mary; McGrath, Daniel J. Report 287
Characteristics of the 100 Largest Public Elementary and Secondary School Districts in the United States: 2003-04. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2006-329. Dalton, Ben; Sable, Jennifer; Hoffman, Lee Report 207
College-Going Rates of California Public High School Graduates: Statewide and Local Figures. Working Paper WP/06-03. 181
Combining Collaborative Learning with Learning Management Systems in Teaching Programming Language. Cavus, Nadire; Uzunboylu, Huseyin; Ibrahim, Dogan 264
Computer and Internet Use by Students in 2003. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2006-065. DeBell, Matthew; Chapman, Chris Report 258
Consequences and Validity of Performance Assessment for English Language Learners: Conceptualizing & Developing Teachers' Expertise in Academic Language. CSE Technical Report 700. Aguirre-Munoz, Zenaida; Parks, Jae Eun; Benner, Aprile; Amabisca, Anastasia; Boscardin, Christy Kim 304
Diversity in Washington Higher Education. 362
EDUCAIDS: Towards a Comprehensive Education Sector Response. A Framework for Action. 189
Educating School Teachers. Levine, Arthur Report 377
Educating School Teachers. Executive Summary. Levine, Arthur Author abstract 336
Education for Citizenship: A Portrait of Current Practice in Scottish Schools and Pre-School Centres. 389
Effective Preschool Curricula and Teaching Strategies. Pathways to Early School Success. Issue Brief No. 2. Klein, Lisa; Knitzer, Jane 286
Effective Preschool Curricula and Teaching Strategies: Executive Summary. Pathways to Early School Success. Issue Brief No. 2. Klein, Lisa; Knitzer, Jane 269
Effective Use of Electronic Data Systems: A Readiness Guide for District and School Leaders. Author abstract 266
Entrepreneurship: A Unique Opportunity for Higher Education. NCRCRD Policy Briefs. Hamerlinck, John; Emery, Mary Author abstract 179
Evaluations Backgrounder: A Summary of Formal Evaluations of the Academic Impact of Afterschool Programs. Author abstract 290
Evidence-Based Practice Empowers Early Childhood Professionals and Families. FPG Snapshot #33. Report 256
Expanding Beyond Academics: Who Benefits and How? Trends in Education Research. Issue Brief. Number 2. Deke, John; Haimson, Joshua Author abstract 196
Expanding Beyond Academics: Who Benefits and How? Trends in Education Research. Issue Brief. Number 2. Deke, John; Haimson, Joshua Clinical report 196
Fiscal Profiles, 2006: "The Fourteenth in a Periodic Series of Factsheets about the Financing of California Higher Education." California Postsecondary Education Commission Report 06-13. 344
Focus for Impact: The PacifiCorp Foundation for Learning's Early Childhood Literacy Initiative. Principles for Effective Education Grantmaking. Case Study Number 5. King, Caroline 490
Forum Guide to Decision Support Systems: A Resource for Educators. NFES 2006-807. Report 400
Getting Farther Ahead by Staying Behind: A Second-Year Evaluation of Florida's Policy to End Social Promotion. Civic Report No. 49. Greene, Jay P.; Winters, Marcus A. Author abstract 406
Grade Level of Achievement Reporting: Teacher and Administrator Handbook. Armstrong, Dale; Laird, Alice; Mulgrew, Anne 274
Graduation and Dropout Statistics: For Washington's Counties, Districts, and Schools, School Year 2004-2005. Ireland, Lisa Author abstract 469
Higher Education: Schools' Use of the Antitrust Exemption Has Not Significantly Affected College Affordability or Likelihood of Student Enrollment to Date. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-06-963. Ashby, Cornelia M. Report 357
How Productive Are Southeastern Wisconsin Schools? Regional Report. Volume 3, Number 10. Schmidt, Jeffrey K.; Lemke, Melissa 376
Impact of Intel Teach Essentials on Teachers' Instructional Practices and Uses of Technology. Martin, Wendy; Shulman, Simon 277
Industry, Philanthropy, and Universities: The Roles and Influences of the Private Sector in Higher Education. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.12.06. Vest, Charles M. Report 223
Intel Teach Essentials Instructional Practices and Classroom Use of Technology Survey Report. Martin, Wendy; Shulman, Simon 403
Is Bigger Better? A Comparison of Rural School Districts. Yan, Wenfan Report 238
Is the Indiana Early Literacy Intervention Grant Program Working? Palozzi, Vincent J.; Spradlin, Terry E.; Stanley, Kylie 234
Islam, Islamism, and Democratic Values. Footnotes. Volume 11, Number 4. Kuehner, Trudy Report 229
Item-Level Effects of the Read-Aloud Accommodation for Students with Reading Disabilities. Synthesis Report 65. Bolt, Sara E.; Thurlow, Martha L. 215
Lack of Consensus on How to Evaluate Programs for Preschool Children with Disabilities Leaves States Floundering. FPG Snapshot #32. Author abstract 169
Language Teaching: State of the Art. Salmani-Nodoushan, Mohammad Ali 252
Latino Students in Our Public Schools: A Closer Look. Geller, Jack M.; Werner, Marnie 462
Louisiana Literacy Plan: Literacy for All. Author abstract 270
Louisiana Literacy Plan: Literacy for All. 270
Mathematics Framework for the 2007 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Howe, Roger; Scheaffer, Richard; Lindquist, Mary Author abstract 402
Measuring Up Internationally: Developing Skills and Knowledge for the Global Knowledge Economy. National Center Report #06-7. Wagner, Alan 387
Models Matter--The Final Report of the National Longitudinal Evaluation of Comprehensive School Reform. Aladjem, Daniel K.; LeFloch, Kerstin Carlson; Zhang, Yu; Kurki, Anja; Boyle, Andrea; Taylor, James E Author abstract 343
Mortgaging Our Future: How Financial Barriers to College Undercut America's Global Competitiveness. A Report of the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. 320
Multiple Case Studies of Teachers and Classrooms Successful in Supporting Academic Success of High Potential Low Economic Students of Color. Tomlinson, Carol Ann; Gould, Holly; Schroth, Stephen; Jarvis, Jane Author abstract 471
NIH News in Health: September 2006. Wein, Harrison, Ed. 238
No Longer the Only Game in Town: Helping Traditional Public Schools Compete. Campbell, Christine; DeArmond, Michael; Guin, Kacey; Warnock, Deborah 333
On the Public-Private School Achievement Debate. Faculty Research Working Papers Series. Peterson, Paul E.; Llaudet, Elena 432
Our New Wisconsin Promise: A Quality Education for Every Child. Education, Economic Development, and Global Competitiveness in the 21st Century. Bulletin No. 07025. 226
Our New Wisconsin Promise: A Quality Education for Every Child. Education, Economic Development, and Global Competitiveness in the 21st Century. Bulletin No. 07025. Author abstract 226
Outlook. Number 317. 149
Pandemic Flu: A Planning Guide for Educators. Report 225
Parent-Child Literacy Strategy: Progress Report. 381
Principal and Teacher Leadership in Chicago. Continuing Analysis of Three Initiatives. Evaluation Report. Hart, Holly M.; Ponisciak, Stephen M.; Sporte, Susan E.; Stevens, W. David Author abstract 240
Progress with Student Teacher Placements. 305
Projections of Education Statistics to 2015. Thirty-Fourth Edition. NCES 2006-084. Hussar, William J.; Bailey, Tabitha M. Report 236
Promising InRoads: Year One Report of the Pennsylvania High School Coaching Initiative. Brown, Diane; Reumann-Moore, Rebecca; Hugh, Roseann; du Plessis, Pierre; Christman, Jolley Bruce 222
Public Education in Milwaukee: A Survey of Public Opinion. Survey 299
Quick Facts about Young Voters: 2006. Fact Sheet. Lopez, Mark Hugo 178
Raising More Money at the Nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Williams, Monica G.; Kritsonis, William Allan Report 160
Reading Framework for the 2007 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Author abstract 234
Rural Youth Education Project: First Wave. Author abstract 232
SBCTC System Direction: Creating Opportunities for Washington's Future. Author abstract 174
School and Parent Interaction by Household Language and Poverty Status: 2002-03. Issue Brief. NCES 2006-086. Enyeart, Christine; Diehl, Juliet; Hampden-Thompson, Gillian; Scotchmer, Marion Report 279
School District Leadership That Works: The Effect of Superintendent Leadership on Student Achievement. A Working Paper. Waters, Timothy J.; Marzano, Robert J. 221
Science in Afterschool Literature Review. Falkenberg, Karen; McClure, Patricia; McComb, Errin M. Report 282
State Strategies to Improve Low-Performing Schools: California's High Priority School Grants Program. Timar, Thomas; Rodriguez, Gloria; Simon, Virginia Adams; Ferrario, Kim; Kim, Kris Author abstract 241
Statewide Student Mobility Report. Report 228
Still Crazy after All These Years: Race in the Chicago School System. Payne, Charles Author abstract 220
Student Success. September 2006. Periodical review 244
Sustaining 21st Century Community Learning Centers: What Works for Programs and How Policymakers Can Help. Strategy Brief. Szekely, Amanda; Padgette, Heather Clapp Report 328
Sustaining Focus on Secondary School Reading: Lessons and Recommendations from the Alabama Reading Initiative. Research Brief. Bacevich, Amy; Salinger, Terry Report 300
Technical Guide for "Measuring Up 2006": Documenting Methodology, Indicators, and Data Sources. National Center #06-6. 262
The Achiever. Volume 5, Number 7. Ashby, Nicole, Ed. 178
The CERCA School Report Card: Communities Creating Education Quality. Final Report. Florez Guio, Ana; Chesterfield, Ray; Siri, Carmen 457
The CERCA School Report Card: Communities Creating Education Quality. Implementation Manual. Guio, Ana Florez; Chesterfield, Ray; Siri, Carmen 277
The Essential Supports for School Improvement. Research Report. Sebring, Penny Bender; Allensworth, Elaine; Bryk, Anthony S.; Easton, John Q.; Luppescu, Stuart Author abstract 548
The Gender Gap in California Higher Education: A Follow-up. Commission Report 06-23. 139
The Health Literacy of America's Adults: Results from the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy. NCES 2006-483. Kutner, Mark; Greenburg, Elizabeth; Jin, Ying; Paulsen, Christine Report 272
The Influence of Academic Values on Scholarly Publication and Communication Practices. Research and Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.13.06. Harley, Diane; Earl-Novell, Sarah; Arter, Jennifer; Lawrence, Shannon; King, C. Judson Report 256
The Nexus between Postsecondary Education and Workforce Development: Status Report for Second Policy Brief. Working Paper WP/06-04. 309
The Ramifications of No Child Left Behind and IDEA 2004: Who Is Left Suffering. Wilson, Carolyn H.; Christian, Silas H. 286
The Relationship of HIPAA to Special Education. Benitz, Catherine, Comp. Report 374
The Secretary's Fifth Annual Report on Teacher Quality: A Highly Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom. Report 287
The Socioeconomic Well-Being of Washington State: Who Attends Community and Technical College. Research Report No. 06-4. Report 308
The Third ACCLAIM Research Symposium. Mathematics Education: Reform and Resistance in the Life-Worlds of Rural Schools and Communities. A Proceedings Document (3rd, Newark, Ohio, May 18-20, 2006). Occasional Paper No. 14. 333
TIMSS Advanced 2008 Assessment Frameworks. Garden, Robert A.; Lie, Svein; Robitaille, David F.; Angell, Carl; Martin, Michael O.; Mullis, Ina V 257
To Stand the Test of Time: Long-Term Stewardship of Digital Data Sets in Science and Engineering. A Report to the National Science Foundation from the ARL Workshop on New Collaborative Relationships--The Role of Academic Libraries in the Digital Data Universe (Arlington, Virginia, September 26-27, 2006). Friedlander, Amy; Adler, Prudence 362
Transfer Is a Key Strategy in Baccalaureate Degree Attainment. Policy Brief. Clements-Sampson, Sara; Smith, Andi; Spaulding, Randy 289
TransQUAL Online User's Guide: Improving Student Transitions to Life after School. Version 3.0. Brewer, David 215
Understanding Adult ESL Content Standards. CAELA Brief. Young, Sarah Report 240
United States High School Sophomores: A Twenty-Two Year Comparison, 1980-2002. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2006-327. Cahalan, Margaret W.; Ingels, Steven J.; Burns, Laura J.; Planty, Michael; Daniel, Bruce Report 353
Universities and the Entrepreneurial State: Politics and Policy and a New Wave of State-Based Economic Initiatives. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.14.06. Douglass, John Aubrey Report 330
Using Data: The Math's Not the Hard Part. Issue Brief. Jerald, Craig D. Report 267
Using Systematic Item Selection Methods to Improve Universal Design of Assessments. Policy Directions. Number 18. Johnstone, Christopher; Thurlow, Martha; Moore, Michael; Altman, Jason 350
What Schools Want Parents to Know. Newsletter. Report 352
What State Policymakers Should Know about Federal Higher Education Policy. Policy Insights. Longanecker, David A. Report 226
Where Have Oregon's Graduates Gone? Survey of the Oregon High School Graduating Class of 2005. 262

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