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Articles from ERIC: Reports (May 1, 2005)

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"One Day I Will Make It". A Study of Adult Student Persistence in Library Literacy Programs. NCSALL Research Brief. Porter, Kristin E.; Cuban, Sondra; Comings, John P.; Chase, Valerie Abstract 235
2004 National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (NSOPF:04) Report on Faculty and Instructional Staff in Fall 2003. E.D. TAB. NCES 2005-172. Cataldi, Emily Forrest; Fahimi, Mansour; Bradburn, Ellen M.; Zimbler, Linda Report 238
A "Hybrid" Bacteriology Course: The Professor's Design and Expectations; The Students' Performance and Assessment. Krawiec, Steven; Salter, Diane; Kay, Edwin J. Abstract 248
Accreditation, Public Policy and Presidential Leadership. Letter from the President. Eaton, Judith S. Abstract 226
Achievement Effects of Embedded Multimedia in a Success for All Reading Program. Chambers, Bette; Cheung, Alan; Madden, Nancy A.; Slavin, Robert E.; Gifford, Richard Report 195
Alabama Education News. Volume 28, Number 9. White, Rebecca Leigh, Ed. Report 249
All Together Now: State Experiences in Using Community-Based Child Care to Provide Pre-Kindergarten Child Care and Early Education. CLASP Child Care and Early Education Series. Policy Brief No. 5. Schumacher, Rachel; Ewen, Danielle; Hart, Katherine; Lombardi, Joan Abstract 253
Alternative Assessment Strategy and Its Impact on Student Comprehension in an Undergraduate Microbiology Course. Margulies, Barry J.; Ghent, Cynthia A. Abstract 314
America's Public School Libraries: 1953-2000. NCES 2005-324. Michie, J. S.; Holton, B. A. 204
An Emerging View on Accountability in American Higher Education. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.8.05. Leveille, David E. Report 279
An Evaluation of a Higher Education Service Organization: Assessing Student Satisfaction and Productivity. Akdere, Mesut Abstract 171
An Examination of Higher Education and Community Partnerships: Implications for Institutional Research. Akdere, Mesut; Egan, Toby Marshall Abstract 144
An Exploratory Examination of Grade Inflation at The University of Georgia. Mathies, Charles; Bauer, Karen Webber; Allen, Marsha Abstract 242
An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Organizational Strategy and Performance among California's Largest Unified School Districts. Abode, Philip Sanmi Abstract 395
Analysis of Stopout Behavior at a Public Research University: The Multi-Spell Discrete-Time Approach. Johnson, Iryna Y. Abstract 180
Annual Evaluation Report for Rural Physics Teacher Resource Agents Covering Period from June 2004 to May 2005. Fulp, Sherri L.; Banilower, Eric R. Author abstract 352
Assigning Deviant Youths to Minimize Total Harm. Working Papers Series. SAN05-04. Cook, Philip J.; Ludwig, Jens Abstract 285
Autism and Genes. Abstract 195
Autism Overview: What We Know. Report 199
Autism Overview: What We Know. Report 177
AYP in Illinois and the Nation. Issues in Education. IERC 2005-I-1. Loucks, Hazel E.; Cameron, Eleanor G. Report 173
Big Can Be Great: Enhancing Undergraduate Education at Research-Extensive Universities. Ryan, John F. Abstract 332
Borrowers Who Drop Out: A Neglected Aspect of the College Student Loan Trend. National Center Report #05-2. Gladieux, Lawrence; Perna, Laura Report 147
Building a Portfolio of High Schools: A Strategic Investment Toolkit. Allen, Lili; Almeida, Cheryl; Murphy, Lucretia; Steinberg, Adria Report 278
Can You Hear Me? The Right of Young Children to Participate in Decisions Affecting Them. Working Papers in Early Childhood Development, No. 36. Lansdown, Gerison 230
Charter Schools' Performance and Accountability: A Disconnect. Policy Brief. Bracey, Gerald W. Author abstract 270
Charter Schools: Oversight Practices in the District of Columbia. GAO-05-490. Report 232
College Scholarship Fraud Prevention Act of 2000: Annual Report to Congress. May 2005. Abstract 618
Community Resource Mapping. Essential Tools: Improving Secondary Education and Transition for Youth with Disabilities. Crane, Kelli; Mooney, Marianne Book review 157
Comparing Hong Kong and Sweden ICT Policy in Education; Reaching the Third Phase. Hollingsworth, W. Craig Abstract 250
Compilation of Projects Addressing the Early Childhood Provisions of IDEA: Discretionary Projects Supported by the Office of Special Education Programs under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Fiscal Year 2004. Abstract 220
Convergence: Human Intelligence The Next 100 Years. Fluellen, Jerry E., Jr. Abstract 235
Cracks in the Education Pipeline: A Business Leader's Guide to Higher Education Reform. Book review 207
Culminating Experience Empirical and Theoretical Research Projects, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Spring, 2005. Watson, Sandy White, Ed. Abstract 459
Cuyahoga County Early Childhood Initiative Evaluation: Phase II Final Report. Executive Summary. Fischer, Rob; Coulton, Claudia 624
Declaration of Education: Keeping Our Promise to the District's Children. Executive Summary. Book review 304
Declining by Degrees. Carnegie Perspectives. Merrow, John Author abstract 265
Developing Institutional Indicators: The Role of Institutional Research. McLaughlin, Gerald; McLaughlin, Josetta; Kennedy-Phillips, Lance Abstract 208
Developing Writing through Reading, Talking and Listening. Dobie, Margaret; McDaid, Pat 313
Diversity & the Ph.D.: A Review of Efforts to Broaden Race & Ethnicity in U.S. Doctoral Education. 362
Diversity & the Ph.D.: A Review of Efforts to Broaden Race & Ethnicity in U.S. Doctoral Education. Executive Summary. 217
Dropout and Graduation Rates 2003-2004. Research Brief. Volume 0410. 185
Dual Enrollment. The Progress of Education Reform, 2005. Volume 6, Number 3. Periodical review 469
Dyscalculia Defined. NetNews. Volume 5, Number 4. Abstract 241
Educational Expenditures and Student Engagement: When Does Money Matter? Pike, Gary R.; Smart, John C.; Kuh, George D.; Hayek, John C. Abstract 129
Effects of Total SATA[R] Test Time on Performance and Fatigue. Research Notes. RN-37. Ackerman, Phillip L.; Kanfer, Ruth; Wolman, Stacey D. 221
Emerging State-Level Themes: Strengths and Stressors in Educational Accountability Reform. Topical Review 4. Nagle, Katherine Report 177
Engineering Learning: Multiple Influences on the Development of Analytical and Group Skills. Strauss, Linda C.; Terenzini, Patrick T. Abstract 193
English Language Arts Core Curriculum (Prekindergarten?Grade 12). n/a Report 180
Enhancing the Freshman Year Experience: Focus on What Makes a Difference. Delaney, Anne Marie Abstract 244
Evaluation of a Faith-Based Socioemotional Support Program for Parents of African American Youth with Antisocial Behaviors. Francis-Williams, Nicole Abstract 465
Faculty Commitment to Performance Based Funding for Academic Programs. Sandiford, Janice R.; Montoya, Rolando, Jr. 172
Faculty Salary: Issues in Multiple Regressions. Liu, Richard; Liu, Rebecca Abstract 271
Federal Literacy Facts: An Update on Literacy-Related Developments at the National Level, May 2005. 176
From Best Research to What Works: Improving the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: A Forum (Washington, D. C., May 5, 2005). Abstract 196
Graduation Exam Participation and Performance of English Language Learners with Disabilities, 1999-2000. ELLs with Disabilities Report 2. Liu, Kristi; Barrera, Manuel; Thurlow, Martha; Guven, Kamil; Shyyan, Vitaliy Report 285
Head Start. Further Development Could Allow Results of New Test to Be Used for Decision Making. Results in Brief. Report 276
High School Agenda: Who's Doing What. Report 130
Highlights From the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey (ALL). Issue Brief NCES 2005-117rev. Lemke, Mariann; Miller, David; Johnston, Jamie; Krenzke, Tom; Alvarez-Rojas, Laura; Kastberg, David; Abstract 310
How Are California's Charter Schools Performing? Abstract 203
Indiana's Early Literacy Intervention Grant Program, 1997-2004. Plucker, Jonathan A.; Simmons, Ada B.; Ravert, Russell Abstract 302
Institutes, Foundations and Think Tanks: Neoconservative Influences on U.S. Public Schools. Kovacs, Philip; Boyles, Deron Abstract 175
Is More Better? The Impact of Postsecondary Education on the Economic and Social Well-Being of American Society. American Higher Education Report Series. Williams, Adriane; Swail, Watson Scott Report 148
Learning to Make Sense of the Dilemmas of Teaching Practice: An Exploration of Preservice Teachers' Development of Reflective Judgment. Schoen, Lea Report 281
Making Progress Toward Graduation: Evidence from the Talent Development High School Model. Kemple, James J.; Herlihy, Corinne M.; Smith, Thomas J. Report 252
Measurement Issues in the Alignment of Standards and Assessments: A Case Study. CSE Report 653. Herman, Joan L.; Webb, Noreen M.; Zuniga, Stephen A. Case study 238
Measuring and Reporting Institutional Sustainability. Litten, Larry Abstract 196
Mind over Matter: The Brain's Response to Drugs. Teacher's Guide. Revision. Publication No. 05-3592. Report 294
Modelling Institutional Similarities: A Study that Explores Why Peers are Peers and the Validity of the US News Framework for Assessing Quality. Brodnick, Robert; Rogers, Mike Abstract 195
North Carolina Math/Science/Special Education (MSSE) $1,800 Teacher Bonus Program: An Initial Evaluation. Policy Matters. Clotfelter, Charles; Glennie, Elizabeth; Ladd, Helen; Vigdor, Jacob Report 251
Outlook. Number 305. 130
Parent and Family Involvement in Education: 2002?03. E.D. TAB. NCES 2005-043. Vaden-Kiernan, Nancy; McManus, John; Chapman, Chris Abstract 144
Part C Updates: Seventh in a Series of Updates on Selected Aspects of the Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities, Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Danaher, Joan, Ed.; Armijo, Caroline, Ed. Abstract 240
Peer Assessment and Compliance Review (PACR) Innovative Strategies Report. California Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Programs. Macro, Bronwen; Huang, Lee Ann Report 318
Private Scholarships Count: Access to Higher Education and the Critical Role of the Private Sector. McSwain, Courtney; Cunningham, Alisa; Keselman, Yuliya; Merisotis, Jamie 218
Promoting Student Success in Community College and Beyond. The Opening Doors Demonstration. Brock, Thomas; LeBlanc, Allen; MacGregor, Casey Abstract 235
Public Secondary School Dropouts in Pennsylvania 2003-04. Report to the General Assembly. Hruska, Richard A., Comp. Report 295
Public, Private and Nonpublic Schools High School Graduates, 2003-04. Bobek, Joanne R., Comp. Report 338
Reaching Higher Ground: Parental Outreach Programs at the Postsecondary Level. Torres, Celina; Marquez, Amalia Report 277
Reasons for Adults' Participation in Work-Related Courses, 2002-03. Issue Brief. NCES 2005-088. DeBell, Matthew; Mulligan, Gail Report 328
Recommendations for Senate WIA Reauthorization Legislation: Title I Youth Provisions. Harris, Linda Report 312
Rethinking Resistance in Schools: Power, Politics, and Illicit Pleasures. Occasional Paper Series 14. Silin, Jonathan G.; Schultz, Steven; Bevacqua, Stephanie; Laslocky, Jenna; Tobin, Joseph; Taubman, P Abstract 334
School Enrollment--Social and Economic Characteristics of Students: October 2003. Population Characteristics, P20-554. Shin, Hyon B. Report 119
Senior Exit Survey: Class of 2004. Wimberly, George L.; Bernstein, David J. Report 187
Staff in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2003, and Salaries of Full-Time Instructional Faculty, 2003-04. E.D. TAB. NCES 2005-155. Knapp, Laura G.; Kelly-Reid, Janice E.; Whitmore, Roy W.; Huh, Seungho; Zhao, Luhua; Levine, Burton; Author abstract 302
State University System of Florida Board of Governors Strategic Plan 2005-2013. Abstract 318
Steady Progress: State Public Reporting Practices for Students with Disabilities after the First Year of NCLB (2002-2003). Technical Report 40. Wiley, Hilda Ives; Thurlow, Martha L.; Klein, Jean A. Report 136
Students Using Handheld Computers to Learn Collaboratively in a First Grade Classroom. Fritz, Megan Lynne Author abstract 518
Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities. Abstract 138
Students' Perceptions of Academic Writing as a Mode of Communication. Majidi, Mojdeh Abstract 177
Studying Educational Attainment among First-Generation Students in the United States. Ishitani, Terry T. Abstract 163
Successful African-American Mathematics Students in Academically Unacceptable High Schools. Sheppard, Peter A., IV Abstract 455
Tackling the Achievement Gap Head on: A Background and Discussion Paper for Community Groups Interested in Helping All Children Succeed in School. Mueller, Dan Report 271
Teacher's Guide to the Internet. Blaylock, Jenny L. Abstract 222
Teaching Peace in Fearful Times. n/a Abstract 115
Texans Getting Academically Prepared (TGAP): Year Five Evaluation Report, September 2003-August 2004. Shapley, Kelly; Pieper, Amy; Vicknair, Keven; Sheehan, Daniel; Weiher, Gregory R.; Hughes, Christina 389
The Achiever. Volume 4, Number 7. Ashby, Nicole, Ed. 158
The Current Status of School Counseling Outcome Research. Research Monograph, Number 2. McGannon, Wendy; Carey, John; Dimmitt, Carey Report 302
The Dynamics Of Variable Fees: Exploring Institutional and Public Policy Responses. Research and Occasional Paper Series. CSHE.5.05. Ward, David; Douglass, John Aubrey Report 185
The Effect of Environmental Field Trips on Student Learning in Middle School. Legutko, Robert S. Author abstract 212
The Forum Guide to Education Indicators. NFES 2005-802. Szuba, Tom Abstract 262
The Harbour School, A Very Special School. IssueTrak: A CEFPI Brief on Educational Facility Issues. Stenzler, Yale Report 274
The Impact of Participation in Service-Learning on High School Students' Civic Engagement. CIRCLE Working Paper 33. Billig, Shelley; Root, Sue; Jesse, Dan Abstract 531
The Movement to Transform High School. Forum Report. Frey, Susan 178
The Presence of Learning Disabled Youth in Our Juvenile Institutions: Excusable or Gross Negligence. Inesia-Forde, Angelina Abstract 261
The Relationship between Personal and Social Growth and Involvement in College and Subsequent Alumni Giving. Thomas, James A.; Smart, John Abstract 193
The Relationship between Shyness and Internet Addiction: A Quantitative Study on Middle and Post Secondary School Students. Hollingsworth, W. Craig Abstract 216
The Relationship of the Component Skills of Reading to Performance on the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS). NCSALL Research Brief. Strucker, John; Yamamoto, Kentaro; Kirsch, Irwin Report 211
The Road Less Traveled? Students Who Enroll in Multiple Institutions. Postsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Report. NCES 2005-157. Peter, Katharin; Cataldi, Emily Forrest Report 195
The State of Public Education: Massachusetts Board of Education 2004 Annual Report. Abstract 296
The State's Prime Numbers. Author abstract 372
The Way the Money Goes: An Investigation of Flows of Funding and Resources for Young Children Affected by HIV/AIDS. Working Papers in Early Childhood Development. Young Children and HIV/AIDS Sub-Series, No. 37. Dunn, Alison 488
Things to Remember During the Teacher Hiring Season. Newsletter. Abstract 249
Touching History: Evaluating a Birmingham Seminar on Teaching Civics and the Struggle for Civil Rights through Teacher Partnerships. Bennett, Sharareh Frouzesh; Soule, Suzanne Report 214
Transfer Credits and Transfer Students at the University Colleges of British Columbia: A Study of the Baccalaureate Graduates of 1998-2001. Church, Roderick Report 655
Transfer Students' Persistence and Contribution to College Graduation Rate--A Case of Four-Year Public Institution. Zhu, Lillian Y. Abstract 230
U.S. Department of Education, Office of the Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress: No. 50, October 1, 2004-March 31, 2005. Report 229
Understanding Environmental Literacy in America and Making It a Reality: Three-Year Report 2002/2003/2004. 231
Using Case Studies to Teach Science. Education: Classroom Methodology. Herreid, Clyde Freeman Report 168
Virginia Annual Report. Discipline, Crime, and Violence: School Year 2003-2004. Report 323
Voices from around the World: International Undergraduate Student Experiences. Terkla, Dawn Geronimo; Roscoe, Heather S.; Etish-Andrews, Jane Abstract 206
Why Rural Matters 2005: The Facts about Rural Education in the 50 States. Johnson, Jerry; Strange, Marty Author abstract 300
Will State Regulation of Teacher Education Diminish Program Diversity? An Examination of Three Virginia Universities. Duke, Daniel L.; Tucker, Pamela D.; Bucko, Scott; Duffey, Gena; McBride, Melissa Abstract 283
Women in the Labor Force: A Databook. Report 985. Report 351
Women's Education and Earnings in California. Werschkul, Misha; Gault, Barbara; Caiazza, Amy; Hartmann ,Heidi Abstract 286
Workforce Intermediaries: Powering Regional Economies in the New Century. Fischer, David Jason Report 224

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