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Articles from ERIC: Reports (February 1, 2005)

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"No Child Left Behind": Expanding the Promise. Guide to President Bush's FY 2006 Education Agenda. Abstract 409
2003-04 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:04). Student Financial Aid Estimates for 2003-04. NCES 2005-158. Berkner, Lutz; He, Shirley; Lew, Stephen; Cominole, Melissa; Siegel, Peter; Griffith, James 210
21st Century Challenges. Reexamining the Base of the Federal Government. GAO-05-325SP. Abstract 226
A Call to Action for National Foreign Language Capabilities. Abstract 302
A Comparative Analysis of Training and Development and Work-Family Education Systems in a Large Corporate Organization. Gibson, Sharon K. 143
A Declaration on Learning--A Commentary Discourse. Walton, John S. 144
A Descriptive Analysis of the Perceived Effectiveness of Virginia Tech's Faculty Development Institute. Banks, Claretha H. 142
A Holistic Equilibrium Theory of Organization Development. Yang, Baiyin; Zheng, Wei 143
A Quantitative Case Study Focused on Using a Human Resource Development System to Analyze the Program Performance Assessment Strategies of Federally Funded Career and Technical Education Programs in 12 Minnesota Technical Colleges. Brown, James M.; Conbere, John Case study 148
A Review of the Implementation of the "Better Behaviour-Better Learning" Report. Report 534
A Rural Community's Perceptions of the Importance of Math and Math Education in Appalachia. Summary Report. The Padua Project. Report 344
A Survey of Personal and Environmental Factors Influencing the Engagement of Two Professional Groups in Informal Workplace Learning Activities. Lohman, Margaret C. 147
A Tough Nut to Crack in Ohio: Charter Schooling in the Buckeye State. Russo, Alexander Abstract 196
Addressing Students' Needs in Foreign Language Learning for Engineers. Garcia Laborda, Jesus Report 232
Adult Learning Theories and their Application in Selecting the Functionality of Synchronous Learning Tools. Murugiah, Santhiru S. 152
Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Exam Results for 2003-2004. Connolly, Faith; Powell, Marilyn Abstract 509
Alabama Education News. Volume 28, Number 6. Periodical review 199
All Together Now: State Experiences In Using Community-Based Child Care To Provide Pre-Kindergarten. Schumacher, Rachel; Ewen, Danielle; Hart, Katherine; Lombardi, Joan Abstract 367
An Assessment of the Reliability and Validity of the Bartlett-Kotrlik Inventory of Self-Learning in Korea. Cho, Insik J.; Ellinger, Andrea D.; Hezlett, Sarah A. 147
An Empirical Study Comparing the Effect of Feedback, Training and Executive Coaching on Leadership Behavior Change. Saling, Nona 147
An Exploration of Communities of Practice: From Lave and Wenger's Seminal Work to a U.S. Government Agency's Knowledge Sharing Program. Chindgren, Tina M. 117
An Investigation of Leadership Styles and Psychological Contracts. Chu, Hui-Chin; Fu, Chi-Jung 148
Analysis of the Integration of Skill Standards into Community College Curriculum. Aragon, Steven R.; Woo, Hui-Jeong; Marvel, Matthew R. 134
AprenDes-PERU: Innovations in Decentralization and Active Schools. Report on Year 1. Aprendes Performance Monitoring Plan. Revision. Montane, Angelica; Chesterfield, Ray Abstract 219
Arizona Healthy School Environment Model Policy Implementation Pilot Study. Team Nutrition Grant. Abstract 236
Attention in Preschoolers: Associations with Temperament and Motivation. FPG Snapshot #23. Author abstract 199
Attitudes of Young People toward Diversity. Fact Sheet. Olander, Michael; Kirby, Emily Hoban; Schmitt, Krista Abstract 153
Basic Education in El Salvador: Consolidating the Foundations for Quality and Equal Opportunities. Rincon, Hernan, Ed.; Sala, Mariella, Ed.; Sala, Fiorella, Ed.; Tarnapol Whitacre, Paula, Ed.; Lee, T 222
Behind the Miracle: Emerging Insights from South African Business Leadership Experiences. Lynham, Susan A.; Taylor, Robert K.; Dooley, Larry M. 147
Bomb Threats in Schools. Problem-Oriented Guides for Police. Problem-Specific Guides Series. Guide Number 32. Newman, Graeme R. Book review 409
Bringing Creativity into Being: Underlying Assumptions That Influence Methods of Studying Organizational Creativity. Taylor, Mark; Callahan, Jamie L. 142
Building a Leadership Community: One University's Experience. Kolb, Judith A.; Gray, Barbara L. 149
CAATS--Comprehensive Assessments Aligned with Teacher Standards: A Five Step Design Model for Assessing Teachers Validly and Reliably. Wilkerson, Judy R.; Lang, William Steve 227
Californians Redefine Academic Freedom. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.3.05. Trow, Martin Report 164
Career and Technical Education in Pennsylvania: Opportunities for Commonwealth Policy. Muller, Rob; Hoye, J. D.; Kazis, Richard Brief article 264
Career Development and Older Workers: Study Evaluating Adaptability in Older Workers Using Hall's Model. Strate, Merwyn L.; Torraco, Richard J. 149
Career Services for Graduate Students: A Case Study. Kim, Eunok A. 126
Collaborative Efforts to Improve Student Transitions. House Bill 3103 Progress Report. Report 273
Common Factors of High Performance Teams. Jackson, Bruce; Madsen, Susan R. 143
Community-Based Facilitated Enrollment: Meeting Uninsured New Yorkers Where They Are. Lawler, Kate; Costello, Anne Marie Abstract 565
Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G8 Countries: 2004. NCES 2005-021. Sen, Anindita; Partelow, Lisette A.; Miller, David C. Abstract 247
Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G8 Countries: 2004. NCES 2005?021. Sen, Anindita; Partelow, Lisette A.; Miller, David C. Report 399
Comparison of Historically Non-Democratic Nationality Faculty in Democratic Decision-Making in US Higher Education Institutions. Miller, Michael T.; Lu, Mei Yan Abstract 277
Computer Software Training and HRD: What Are the Critical Issues? Altemeyer, Brad 139
Construct Validation of the Louisiana School Analysis Model (SAM) Instructional Staff Questionnaire. Bray-Clark, Nikki; Bates, Reid 122
Continuation of the Study of the Benefits of a Human Resource Internship through Appreciative Inquiry. Mackey, Debbie L.; Thomas, Connie 146
Cross-National Research Collaboration in Human Resource Development. Harada, Kiyoe 120
Decision Driven Scenario Planning for Process-Level Interventions. Chemarck, Thomas J.; Payne, Tiffani D. 145
Developing a Collaborative Team Approach to Support Family and Community Connections With Schools: What Can School Leaders Do? Ferguson, Chris Abstract 230
Developing a Collaborative Team Approach to Support Family and Community Connections with Schools: What Can School Leaders Do? A Strategy Brief of the National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools. Ferguson, Chris 255
Developing an Evaluation Plan for a Fully Online Degree Program in HRD. Chapman, Diane D. 145
Developing Knowledge Management (KM): Contributions by Organizational Learning and Total Quality Management (TQM). Hung, Richard Yu-Yuan; Lien, Bella Ya-Hui 146
Development of Competency-Based Assessment Centers. Chen, Hsin-Chih; Naquin, Sharon S. 127
Diploma Options for Students with Disabilities. Developments in Secondary Education and Transition. Information Brief. Vol. 4, Issue 1. Johnson, David R.; Thurlow, Martha; Cosio, Anna; Bremer, Christine D. Abstract 235
District and School Leadership. The Progress of Education Reform. Volume 6, Number 2. Weiss, Suzanne Periodical review 403
Diversity's Impact on the Executive Coaching Process. Maltbia, Terrence E.; Power, Anne 132
Do Charter Schools Help Their Students? Civic Bulletin No. 38. Hoxby, Caroline Report 381
Do Returns to Schooling Differ by Race and Ethnicity? WP 2005-02. Barrow, Lisa; Rouse, Cecilia Elena Author abstract 222
Does Andragogy Work in Taiwan? An Analysis from Eastern Cultural Perspective. Ray, Carl W., Jr.; Chu, Hui-chin 143
Does Place Influence Mathematics Achievement Outcomes? An Investigation of the Standing of Appalachian Ohio School Districts. Working Paper Series 23. Howley, Craig B.; Howley, Aimee A.; Hopkins, Terri Abstract 314
Easy Approaches to Establishing Validity in a Task-Based Teacher Performance Assessment System. Lang, William Steve; Wilkerson, Judy R. 226
EDJJ Notes. Volume 4, Number 1. Gagnon, Joe, Ed. 139
Effect of Improved Access to Technology on Instruction in Rural East Texas as Perceived by Academic Instructors. Cowell, Charles; Hopkins, Pamela Clinton; Jorden, Debra; Dobbs, Rita; Allen, Clayton 147
Effective Evaluation of Training: Beyond the Measurement of Outcomes. Bates, Reid; Coyne, Thomas H. 152
Employer Assessment of Work-Related Competencies and Workplace Adaptation. Reio, Thomas G., Jr.; Sutton, Faye C. 144
Encouragement Not Gender Key to Success in Science. Carnegie Perspectives. Holmgren, Janet L.; Basch, Linda Report 374
Engaging in the Future of eLearning: A Scenarios-Based Approach. Martin, Graeme; Pate, Judy 149
Engaging the Online Learner: Perceptions of Public and Private Sector Educators. Alagaraja, Meera; Dooley, Larry M. 150
Evaluating the Performance of Charter Schools in Connecticut. Miron, Gary Abstract 332
Executing Organizational Strategy -- A Literature Review and Research Agenda. Chermack, Thomas J.; Provo, Joanne; Danielson, Monica 141
Exploratory Research on the Effect of Autonomous Learners to Team Learning within Healthcare Systems. Goodman, Patricia R.; Chalofsky, Neal 149
Exploring the Relationship between Human Resource Development Functions and the Mentoring Process: A Qualitative Study. Cole, Ann F.; McArdle, Geri; Clements, Kimberly D. 141
Factors that Contribute to Women's Career Development in Organizations: A Review of the Literature. Knorr, Helena 141
Family Literacy and HRD: A Preliminary Program Evaluation of Next Step. Reio, Thomas G., Jr.; Wormley, Karen; Boyle, Mike A. 143
Fast Facts: Recent Statistics from the Library Research Service, Nos. 214-224. February 11-March 31, 2005. Steffen, Nicolle Olivia; Lance, Keith Curry; Lietzau, Zeth; Dickenson, Don Abstract 293
Flaws and Failings: A Preliminary Look at the Problems Already Encountered in the Implementation of the District of Columbia's New Federally Mandated School Voucher Program. Special Report. Abstract 495
Fostering Ethical Practice in HRD: Towards an Ethic of the Inner Voice. Dirkx, John M. 148
GED Acquisition Rates From An At-Risk Youth Program's Curriculum as Influenced by Three Criteria: Multiple Intelligence Usage, Class Size, and Its Mentorship Program. Fleming, Angela Rene Abstract 304
Gender Differences in Participation and Completion of Undergraduate Education and How They Have Changed Over Time. Postsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Reports. NCES 2005-169. Peter, Katharin; Horn, Laura Report 334
Guam Department of Education Annual State of Public Education Report, SY 2003-2004. Report 344
Handbook for Implementing a Comprehensive Work-Based Learning Program According to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Third Edition. Essential Tools: Improving Secondary Education with Transition for Youth with Disabilities. Johnson, David R.; Sword, Carrie; Habhegger, Barbara Book review 350
Head Start: Comprehensive Approach to Identifying and Addressing Risks Could Help Prevent Grantee Financial Management Weaknesses. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-05-176. Abstract 279
Heads Up: Concussion in High School Sports. Guide for Coaches. Children's review 130
High School Graduation Requirements and Students with Disabilities. Developments in Secondary Education and Transition. Information Brief. Vol. 4, Issue 2. Johnson, David R.; Thurlow, Martha; Cosio, Anna; Bremer, Christine D. Abstract 304
Higher Education Counts: Accountability Measures for the New Millennium. 2005 Report. 468
Higher Education-Community Partnerships: An HRD Perspective. Akdere, Mesut; Egan, Toby Marshall 149
How Do Formal Mentors Assist Their Proteges? A Study of Mentors Assigned to Cooperative Education Students and Interns. Hezlett, Sarah A. 147
HRD Cohort Graduate Programs: An Approach to Creating a Sustainable Learning Community and Developmental Culture. Gilley, Jerry W.; Levya-Gardner, Brenda; Korth, Sharon; Conbere, Jon; Gibson, Sharon; Gilley, Ann 139
Human Resource Development Practices in Russia: A Structured Literature Review. Plakhotnik, Maria S. 150
If E-Learners Get There, Will They Stay? The Role of E-Learning Self-Efficacy. Mungania, Penina; Reio, Thomas G., Jr. 140
Importance Placed on Managerial Leadership Competencies across Countries: What Managers Need to Know. Kowske, Brenda J.; Anthony, Kshanika 145
Improving Beta Test Evaluation Response Rates: A Meta-Evaluation. Russ-Eft, Darlene; Preskill, Hallie 124
Initial and Continuing Staff Development for Teaching Staff in Scottish Further Education Colleges. 321
Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms: 1994?2003. ED TAB. NCES 2005-015. Parsad, Basmat; Jones, Jennifer; Greene, Bernard Abstract 401
Kanbay's Global Leadership Development Program: A Case Study of Virtual Action Learning. Marsh, Catherine; Johnson, Carrie Case study 131
Knowledge Sharing Through Online Communities of Practice: The Impact of Cultural Variations. Ardichvili, Alexandre; Maurer, Martin; Wentling, Tim 144
Leadership Development and Organizational Culture: Which Comes First? Hasler, Michael G. 141
Leadership Development for Organizational Change in a "New" UK University. Turnbull, Sharon; Edwards, Gareth 140
Limited English Proficient Students: Increased Accountability Under NCLB. Policy Brief. Batt, Laura; Kim, Jimmy; Sunderman, Gail Brief article 183
Maryland Instructional Leadership Framework. Author abstract 455
Met Expectations Hypothesis: The Use of Direct Measures to Develop Participant Surveys. Banks, Claretha H. 128
Moving into Town--and Moving On: The Community College in the Lives of Traditional-Age Students. Adelman, Clifford Abstract 579
National Drug Control Strategy. Update. 319
National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:04), 2003-04. Student Financial Aid Estimates for 2003-04. E.D. TAB. NCES 2005-158. Berkner, Lutz; He, Shirley; Lew, Stephen; Cominole, Melissa; Siegel, Peter Abstract 231
New Learning '05: What New Learning Emerged from the 2005 AHRD Conference and How Did It Happen? Hatcher, Tim; Wiessner, Colleen Aalsburg Conference news 144
No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: Annual Report to Congress. Abstract 532
On Course for Success: A Close Look at Selected High School Courses That Prepare All Students for College and Work. Abstract 305
One-Third of a Nation: Rising Dropout Rates and Declining Opportunities. Policy Information Report. Barton, Paul E. Abstract 258
Oregon Title I-A Handbook. No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Public Law 107-110, January 8, 2002. 332
Organization Development and Change in Universities. Torraco, Richard J.; Hoover, Richard E.; Knippelmeyer, Sheri A. 144
Partnerships in On-Line Learning: Development of an On-Line Curriculum for Application in a for Profit Firm and an Undergraduate Human Resource Degree Program. Brooks, Catherine K.; Nafukho, Fredrick M.; Forrester, Jami 129
Pedagogy in Practice: An Observational Study of Literacy, Numeracy and Language Teachers. Benseman, John; Lander, Josie; Sutton, Alison Abstract 250
Performance Support Systems in University Teaching-Introduction and Empirical Validation. Stoyanov, Slavi; Bastiaens, Theo J. 143
Portfolio Assessment as an Alternate Appraisal Method: A Faculty Perspective. Clements, Kimberly D.; McArdle, Geri; Cole, Ann F. 148
Power, Control, and Gender: Training as Catalyst for Dysfunctional Behavior at the United States Air Force Academy. Callahan, Jamie L. 147
Predicting FCAT Performance. Research Brief. Volume 0408. Froman, Terry; Rubiera, Vilma 200
Preparing New Jersey Students for College and Careers. Evaluation of New Jersey GEAR UP. Heisel, Margaret Abstract 188
Preparing New Jersey Students for College and Careers: Evaluation of New Jersey GEAR UP. New Jersey Gear Up: Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. Abstract 270
Project CREW: A Novel Approach Linking Career Counseling to Workforce Development. Haynes, Ray K.; Johnson, Nichola D. 142
Public Elementary and Secondary Students, Staff, Schools, and School Districts: School Year 2002?03. E.D. TAB. NCES 2005-314. Hoffman, Lee; Sable, Jennifer; Naum, Julia; Gray, Dell Abstract 174
Public High School Graduation and College-Readiness Rates: 1991-2002. Education Working Paper No. 8. Greene, Jay P.; Winters, Marcus A. Report 499
Quality in Distance Education: A Preliminary Review of the Literature. Claus, Edna Q.; Dooley, Kim E. 136
Reclaiming Relevance: HRD and Career Development. McDonald, Kimberly S.; Hite, Linda M. 105
Reflections on Courageous Leadership. Paterson , Jim Brief article 303
Reflections on Courageous Leadership. Paterson , Jim Abstract 303
Representing Rural Context in Doctoral-Level Math Education Courses: A Guide for Mathematics Education Professors. Occasional Paper No. 12. Theobald, Paul Book review 268
Resident Graduate Charges at California's Public Universities. Factsheet 05-02. Abstract 237
Rising to the Challenge: Are High School Graduates Prepared for College and Work? A Study of Recent High School Graduates, College Instructors, and Employers. Author abstract 363
School Accountability Reports: A Five-Year Review of Progress (2000-2005). Report 479
School's Out. Graziano, Claudia Abstract 159
Social Dialogue over Vocational Education and Training in Europe. Stringfellow, Emma; Winterton, Jonathan 152
Some Efficient and Effective Classroom Designs That Accommodate Technology for Promoting Learning. Comprehensive Written Exam. Rogers, Vicki Abstract 134
State Board of Education School Report Card for 2003-2004: A State Summary. Bulletin 2005, Number 99. Abstract 157
State Ombudsman Programs. Juvenile Justice Practices Series. Juvenile Justice Bulletin. NCJ 204607. Jones, Judith; Cohn, Alvin W. Abstract 310
Strategic Plan to Ensure Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Connecticut Public Higher Education, 2005. Annual Report. 380
Teacher Supply and Demand: FY 2004 Report to the Legislature. Abstract 342
Texas Roundup: Charter Schooling in the Lone Star State. Smith, Nelson Abstract 262
The Achiever. Volume 4, Number 2. Ashby, Nicole, Ed. 204
The AHRD Globalization Pre-Conference: Anachronism or Hiatus? Interpretive Case Study. Beck, Jules K. 130
The Core Model: What Factors Influence Associational Involvement in Workforce Development? Hawley, Joshua D.; McCormick, Lynn; Melendez, Edwin 148
The Educational Benefits of Sustaining Cross-Racial Interaction among Undergraduates. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.2.05. Chang, Mitchell J.; Denson, Nida; Saenz, Victor; Misa, Kimberly Report 221
The For-Profit Sector: U.S. Patterns and International Echoes in Higher Education. PROPHE Working Paper Series. WP No. 5. Kinser, Kevin; Levy, Daniel C. 255
The Free Rider and Cooperative Learning Groups: Perspectives from Faculty Members. McArdle, Geri; Clements, Kimberly D.; Hutchinson-Lendi, Kim 136
The Great Learning Street Debate. Nair, Prakash 472
The Investment Payoff: A 50-State Analysis of the Public and Private Benefits of Higher Education. Abstract 179
The Invisible Realities of Welfare Reform in Wisconsin: Perspectives of African American Women and Their Employers. Alfred, Mary V. 146
The Media and Technology Charter High School. Wernick, Laura Brief article 185
The Mediating Role of Organizational Citizenship Behavior between Organizational Identification and Its Consequences. Patnaik, Siddharth; Biswas, Soumendu 151
The Perspectives of PSU and NIDA Students toward Cooperative International Graduate Study in Human Resource Development. Nualskul, Suebsku K.; Schwindt, Robert C. 147
The Relationship between Enactive Mastery Experiences and Online-Course Self Efficacy (OCSE). Kim, Sooyoung 147
The Right Connections: Navigating the Workforce Development System. InfoBrief. Issue 13. Brantley, Mac; Kaufmann, Barbara Abstract 216
The Unfinished Agenda: Charting a Course for the Second Decade of Massachusetts Education Reform. Calendar 239
The Use of Business Principles in Higher Education. Rodgers, Stephanine Martin 148
The Use of Fit in Teacher Selection: Do Principals and Superintendents Think Alike? Bowman, Jeffry S. 144
The Uses of Local Norms: A Question & Answer Overview. Research Brief. Volume 0406. Froman, Terry 314
To What Extent Does Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) Affect Physicians Practice? Johnson, Kathleen A. 143
Toward A Theory of HRD Learning Participation. Wang, Greg G.; Wang, Jia 143
Towards a Theory of Human Capital Transformation through Human Resource Development. Storberg-Walker, Julia 144
Transformative Learning in Human Resource Development: Successes in Scholarly Practitioner Applications--Conflict Management, Discursive Processes in Diversity and Leadership Development. Fisher-Yoshida, Beth; Geller, Kathy D.; Wasserman, Ilene C. 144
University and Community College System of Nevada Master Plan. Abstract 308
Using State Assessments to Impute Achievement of Students Absent from NAEP: An Empirical Study in Four States. McLaughlin, Donald H.; Scarloss, Beth A.; Stancavage, Frances B.; Blankenship, Charles D. Report 274
Utilizing Methodological Pluralism to Develop Theory: Analytical Triangulation Enhancing Understanding of Managerial Effectiveness in Supporting Learning. Beattie, Rona S.; Ellinger, Andrea D.; Hamlin, Robert G. 112
Valuing the Adult Learner in E-Learning: A Conceptual Model for Corporate Settings. Waight, Consuelo L.; Stewart, Barbara 132
Vermont Public School Youth Needs Assessment Project. Final Report. Abstract 237
Vermont Youth HIV Prevention Needs Assessment Project Summary. Abstract 270
Virtual OD: Facilitating Groups Online. Milton, Judy; Watkins, Karen E.; Daley, Barbara J. 142
Voice in the Classroom: How an Open Classroom Environment Facilitates Adolescents' Civic Development. CIRCLE Working Paper 28. Campbell, David E. Abstract 225
What Do We Know? Seeking Effective Math and Science Instruction. Clewell, Beatriz Chu; Cosentino de Cohen, Clemencia; Deterding, Nicole; Manes, Sarah; Tsui, Lisa; Ca Abstract 144
Women in Physics and Astronomy, 2005. AIP Report, Number R-430.02. Ivie, Rachel; Ray, Kim Nies Abstract 290
Work-Life Programs and Organizational Culture: The Essence of Workplace Community. Chalofsky, Neal; Griffin, Mary Gayle 140
Working Boards in Tertiary Education: Lessons from Three Case Studies. Professional File. Number 25. Lang, Daniel W. 277
Workplace Learning in Morocco: Private Sector Practices. Cox, J. Ben; Al Arkoubi, Khadija 125
Writing in the Workplace: Implications for Human Resource Development. Akdere, Mesut; Azevedo, Ross E. 147
Young People and Vocational Education and Training Options. At A Glance. Woods, Davinia Abstract 127
Youth With Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System: Prevention and Intervention Strategies. Examining Current Challenges in Secondary Education and Transition. Issue Brief. Volume 4, Issue 1. Stenhjem, Pam Abstract 371

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