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Articles from ERIC: Reports (June 1, 2004)

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A Follow up: Developing Growing Need for Soft-Skills in IT Professionals. Swanson, Dewey A.; Phillips, Julie Abstract 263
A Practical Introduction to the XML, Extensible Markup Language, by Way of Some Useful Examples. Snyder, Robin Abstract 166
Academic Freedom and The Research University. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.2.04. Atkinson, Richard C. Report 178
Adding Interactivity to a Non-Interative Class. Rogers, Gary; Krichen, Jack Abstract 265
Addressing the Needs of an Increasingly Diverse Society. OUS Diversity Report, 2004. Abstract 262
Agencies for International Cooperation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training: A Guide to Sources of Information. Maintz, Julia; Kronner, Hans, Ed. Book review 191
Alignment of Idaho State Standards With The Idaho Direct Mathematics Assessment In Grades 4, 6, and 8. Leffler, James Abstract 380
Annual Financial and Statistical Report, 2002-2003. 154th Edition. Report 193
Are Your High School Constituents Successful in College? The Issue. Abstract 189
ARL: A Bimonthly Report on Research Library Issues and Actions from ARL, CNI, and SPARC. Number 234. Brewer, Joseph M.; Hook, Sheril J.; Simmons-Welburn, Janice; Williams, Karen; Landesman, Margaret M. 229
Assessment Methodology in Technical Courses. Fogle, Ty; Insabella, Mary Abstract 251
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guidance on Providing Supports and Services to Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Their Families. Technical Assistance Manual. Osbourn, Pat; Scott, Fletcher Abstract 265
Beyond the Emperor's New Clothes: The Role of the Central Office in Systemwide Instructional Improvement. Benchmark. Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 2004. Leverett, Larry Abstract 190
Building a Vision for the Future of Career and Technical Education in Maine. A Report on the CTE Visioning Conference (Portland, Maine, June 15-17, 2004). Abstract 257
Building Blocks for Father Involvement: Building Block 1--Appreciating How Fathers Give Children a Head Start. 361
Building Lasting Connections to Employers: Developing Community-Wide Intermediaries. Research to Practice Brief. Issue 1. Lueking, Richard Abstract 177
Building Organization Capacity for a Focus on Youth Development. Promising Practices in Citywide Afterschool Initiatives. 266
Built for Quality: The Capacity Needed to Oversee Charter Schools. Authorizer Issue Brief. Number 3. Smith, Nelson; Herdman, Paul 247
Can Michigan Meet the NCLB Challenge? Interpreting the 2004 Priority Schools List. Policy Report Number 21. Reimann, Christopher B.; Lee, Kwanghyun Author abstract 250
Center for Instructional Technology: A Strategic Imperative. Volzer, Debra; Weaver, Mark Abstract 205
Charter Schools in California: An Experiment Coming of Age. Edwards, Brian; Perry, Mary; Brazil, Noli; Studier, Carol Abstract 262
Childhood Vision: What the Research Tells Us. Report 181
Children Left Behind: Series Summary and Recommendations. Education Policy Briefs. Volume 2, Number 4, Summer 2004. Skiba, Russell; Rausch, M. Karega; Ritter, Shana Abstract 350
Classroom Assessment in Web-Based Instructional Environment: Instructors' Experience. Creasy, Kim; Liang, Xin Report 228
Collaborative Initiatives within an Information Technology Organization. Fears, Lisa Abstract 191
Commission Review of New Academic Programs Proposed by the Public Higher Education Systems, 2002 to 2004. Commission Report 04-08. Abstract 341
Context, Components, and Initial Impacts on Ninth-Grade Students? Engagement and Performance. The Talent Development High School Model. Kemple, James J.; Herlihy, Corinne M Abstract 419
Creating a Successful, Citywide System of Before- and Afterschool Programs. Promising Practices in Citywide Afterschool Initiatives. 215
Creative Problem-Solving Software and Portals. Hijazi, Sam; Smith, M. Leigh; Alvarado-Vazquez, Edgardo Abstract 217
Cross-Cultural Communication: Saudi, Ukrainian, and Russian Students Online. Al-Jarf, Reima Sado Abstract 171
DETC Accreditation Overview. Abstract 211
Development of Key Performance Indicators for the Engineering Technology Education Programs in Taiwan. Lee, Lung-Sheng; Lai, Chun-Chin Report 194
Different Ways of Knowing for the Middle Grades: Cohort 1. Evaluation Report. Ross, Steven M.; Wilson-Relyea, Barbara; McDonald, Aaron; Goldfeder, Elizabeth; Nunnery, John; Munoz Report 290
Digital Ink for Online Teaching. Bernhardt, William; Kress, Michael; Lewental, Mark; Miller, Peter Abstract 241
Distance Education as a Catalyst for Change in Higher Education. Christo-Baker, Elizabeth Anne Abstract 231
Distance Education Survey, 2004: A Report on Course Structure and Educational Services in Distance Education and Training Council Member Institutions. Abstract 196
Does It Matter Where I Go to College? Effects of Physics Departments on Student Outcomes. AIP Report, Number R-433.03. Ivie, Rachel; Nies, Kim Abstract 184
DVD Portfolios as a Strategic Career Move. Phillips, Scott L. Report 282
E-Portfolios for Student Teachers--Second Year of a Pilot Program. Hall, Tim; Weimer, George 260
Early Implementation of Supplemental Educational Services under the No Child Left Behind Act. Year One Report Doc. # 2004-11. Anderson, Leslie M.; Weiner, Lisa Abstract 197
Earning, Learning, and Choice: Career and Technical Education Works for Students and Employers. Report of the NAVE Independent Advisory Panel. Abstract 276
EDJJ Notes. Volume 3, Number 3. Gagnon, Joe, Ed. 150
Education and Training in Forensic Science: A Guide for Forensic Science Laboratories, Educational Institutions, and Students. Special Report. Book review 375
Educational and General Budgets Summary and Analysis, Fiscal Year 2005. Abstract 266
Educational Attainment in the United States: 2003. Population Characteristics. Stoops, Nicole Abstract 185
Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature PPSS 2004-09. Shakeshaft, Charol Abstract 205
Effective Continuing Education for Licensed Real Estate Professionals. Tilton, Wendy A. Report 393
Eliminating Outreach at the University of California: Program Contributions and the Consequences of their Reductions. Policy Brief. Torres, Celina Author abstract 374
Encouraging Strong Family Relationships. Policy Matters: Setting and Measuring Benchmarks for State Policies. A Discussion Paper for the "Policy Matters" Project. Anyabwile, Thabiti 590
Enhancing Teaching using MATLAB Add-Ins for Excel. Hamilton, Paul V. Abstract 200
Enrollment Projections: Maryland Public Colleges and Universities, 2004-2013. Keller, Michael J. Report 176
Establishing a Web-Based Data Collection System for National School Lunch and National School Breakfast Program Data. Technical Report. E-FAN-04-005-3. Bell, Loren; Kenyon, Anne; Heinrich, Todd; Zullo, Dea Abstract 182
Evaluating G.R.E.A.T.: A School-Based Gang Prevention Program. Research for Policy. Esbensen, Finn-Aage Report 340
Evaluation of the National School Lunch Program Application/Verification Pilot Projects, Volume V: Analysis of Applications. Nutrition Assistance Program Report Series. Report No. CN-04-AV4. Hulsey, Lara; Gleason, Philip; Ohls, James Abstract 312
Exemplary History Benchmarks Among the Seven States in the Central Region. Kendall, John S.; Rode, Lisa; Snyder, Chris Abstract 309
Faculty/Student Surveys Using Open Source Software. Kaceli, Sali Report 149
Federal Policy and Latinos in Higher Education. Santiago, Deborah A.; Brown, Sarita Abstract 256
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Five-Year Strategic Plan. FY 2004-2008. Abstract 197
Focus on Basics: Connecting Research and Practice. Volume 7, Issue A. Abstract 291
Focus on Technology's Impact on Postsecondary Education. Network News. Volume 23, Number 1. L'Orange, Hans P., Ed. Periodical review 172
Full-Day and Half-Day Kindergarten in the United States: Findings from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99. NCES 2004-078. Walston, Jill; West, Jerry Abstract 184
Getting Involved: The Parent, School, and Community Involvement Guide. Report 124
Giving 110%: A Portrait of a Michigan Teacher's Work Week. Policy Report Number 22. Burian-Fitzgerald, Marisa; Harris, Debbi Author abstract 481
Grade Expectations for Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities, Summer 2004 (Arts). 245
Grade Inflation: It's Not Just an Issue for the Ivy League. Carnegie Perspectives. Merrow, John Report 585
Guide to the NCELA Resource Collection. Book review 257
Helping Your Child Learn History, with Activities for Children in Preschool through Grade 5. Revised. Reed, Elaine; Lehr, Fran Book review 199
Higher Education Opportunities for Students with Disabilities: A Primer for Policymakers. Steele, Patricia E.; Wolanin, Thomas R. Abstract 206
How CBO Analyzes the Sources of Lenders' Interest Income on Guaranteed Student Loans. A CBO Report. Alsalam, Nabeel Book review 288
How CBO Analyzes the Sources of Lenders' Interest Income on Guaranteed Student Loans. A CBO Report. Alsalam, Nabeel Report 288
Illinois Community College System Selected Programs and Services for Underrepresented Groups. Focus Area: Addressing the Needs of Students with Disabilities. Author abstract 298
Implications for the Early Learning Field. No Child Left Behind Policy Brief. Kauerz, Kristie; McMaken, Jessica Report 172
Increasing Student Attendance: Strategies From Research and Practice. Railsback, Jennifer Abstract 292
Increasing the Interest of Elementary Age Students in Computer Science though Day Camps. Cliburn, Dan; Weisheit, Tracey; Griffith, Jason; Jones, Matt; Rackley, Hunter; Richey, Eric; Stormer Abstract 303
Information Literacy and Technology Across the Curriculum. Brennan, Thomas H.; Rowe, Cathy Abstract 200
Information Technology Benchmarks: A Practical Guide for College and University Presidents. Smallen, David; Leach, Karen Author abstract 284
Innovative WIC Practices: Profiles of 20 Programs. E-FAN-04-007. Gordon, Anne; Hartline-Grafton, Heather; Nogales, Renee Report 206
Institutional Ethos, Peers and Individual Outcomes. Discussion Paper Number 68. Zimmerman, David J.; Rosenblum, David; Hillman, Preston Abstract 210
Instructional Technology in Computer Science Education. Jenny, Frederick J. Abstract 166
Issues in Assessing English Language Learners' Opportunity To Learn Mathematics. CSE Report 633. Herman, Joan L.; Abedi, Jamal Abstract 359
KATE X: Kansans' Attitudes Toward Education. Abstract 340
Language Minorities and Their Educational and Labor Market Indicators: Recent Trends. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2004-009. Klein, Steven; Bugarin, Rosio; Beltranena, Renee; McArthur, Edith Abstract 165
Leadership for Turning Around Low-Performing Schools: A Western Regional Roundtable. Issue Brief. Abstract 156
Leading Strategic & Cultural Change through Technology. Proceedings of the Association of Small Computer Users in Education (ASCUE) Annual Conference (37th, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, June 6-10, 2004). Smith, Peter, Ed.; Smith, Carol L., Ed. Conference news 649
Learning and Academic Engagement in the Multiversity: Student Experience in the Research University--21st Century (SERU21) Project. Results of the First University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey. Flacks, Richard; Thomson, Gregg; Douglass, John; Caspary, Kyra Report 280
Library Tools for Connecting with the Curriculum. Fernekes, Robert W.; Skinner, Debra; Shepherd, Sonya S. Gaither Abstract 165
Minnesota Department of Education Agricultural Education Program Descriptions 01.0000-01.9095. Abstract 277
Monitoring the Future: National Results on Adolescent Drug Use. Overview of Key Findings, 2003. NIH Publication No. 04-5506. Johnston, Lloyd D.; O'Malley, Patrick M.; Bachman, Jerald G.; Schulenberg, John E. 258
Moving Forward: Head Start Children, Families, and Programs in 2003. Head Start Series. CLASP Policy Brief No. 5. Hart, Katherine; Schumacher, Rachel Abstract 237
Multi Media Madness--Improving Professional Development for Instructional Technology. Thibeault, Nancy 205
National Assessment of Vocational Education Final: Report to Congress. Executive Summary. Silverberg, Marsha; Warner, Elizabeth; Fong, Michael; Goodwin, David Report 270
National Assessment of Vocational Education. Final Report to Congress. Silverberg, Marsha; Warner, Elizabeth; Fong, Michael; Goodwin, David. Abstract 160
National Health Education Standards: Developing an "Exit Competencies" Assessment Instrument. Garman, J. F.; Hayduk, D. M.; Posey, N. L.; Teske, C. J.; Crider, D. A. Abstract 238
Online Professional Development for Mathematics Teachers: A Strategic Analysis. Ginsburg, Alan; Gray, Tracy; Levin, Douglas Abstract 232
OUS Diversity Report, 2004: Addressing the Needs of an Increasingly Diverse Society. Report 220
Participation and Performance of English Language Learners with Disabilities on Minnesota Standards-Based Assessments, 1999-2000. ELLs with Disabilities Report 1. Albus, Deb; Thurlow, Martha; Barrera, Manuel; Guven, Kamil; Shyyan, Vitaliy 171
Participation and Performance of English Language Learners with Disabilities on Minnesota Standards-Based Assessments, 2000-2001. ELLs with Disabilities Report 4. Albus, Deb; Barrera, Manuel; Thurlow, Martha; Guven, Kamil; Shyyan, Vitaliy Abstract 278
Paying for College: Changes Between 1990 and 2000 for Full-Time Dependent Undergraduates. Findings from The Condition of Education 2004 NCES 2004?075. Choy, Susan P. Abstract 259
Personal Support for Pupils in Scottish Schools. 254
Physics and Astronomy Senior Report: Class of 2001. AIP Report, Number R-211.32. Mulvey, Patrick J.; Nicholson, Starr Abstract 232
Planning and Coordinating the Development of California Campuses: The Commission's Role in the Review of New University Campuses, Community Colleges, and Educational Centers. Commission Report 04-09. Report 286
Portable and Mobile Classroom (PortMoC). Gerraughty, James F. Abstract 281
Possibilities for the Visiting e-Lecture. Julian, June Abstract 168
Priorities for Allocating Corporate Resources to Improve Education. Hood, Lisa K.; Rubin, Melanie B. Abstract 510
Progress Report--Microsoft Office 2003 Lynchburg College Tutorials. Murray, Tom Abstract 272
Promoting Caring and Supportive Relationships between Adults and High School Age Youth. Promising Practices in Citywide Afterschool Initiatives. 222
Reading At Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America. Research Division Report #46. Bradshaw, Tom; Nichols, Bonnie Report 304
Reading, Writing, and Reading-Writing in the Second Language Classroom: A Balanced Curriculum. Hsu, Jeng-yih Abstract 328
Recognition & Respect. Standards of Good Practice in the Employment of Graduate Employees. Item Number 36-0716. Report 224
Relationships between Computer Skills and Technostress: How Does This Affect Me? Shepherd, Sonya S. Gaither Abstract 179
Report of the Build Subsidized Child Care Rate Policy Task Force: Recommendations for Action. Stoney, Louise 339
Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education: School Year 2001-02. ED.Tabs. NCES 2004?341. Cohen, Crecilla; Johnson, Frank. Abstract 121
Rural Medical Education: Review of the Literature. Curran, Vernon R.; Bornstein, Stephen; Jong, Michael; Fleet, Lisa Report 465
Rural School Facilities: State Policies that Provide Students with an Environment to Promote Learning. Policy Brief. McColl, Ann; Malhoit, Gregory C. Abstract 254
School Funding Ten Years after Michigan's Proposal A: Does Equity Equal Adequacy? Chicago Fed Letter. Number 203. Mattoon, Richard Report 177
Science Graduation Requirements. Research Brief. Muir, Mike 427
Science Teaching and California's Future: CenterView. Abstract 157
Serving 11 Institutions WebCT from a Central Location. Hoyt, Rob; Workman, Jim; McNulty, Aaron Abstract 208
Small Schools and Small Learning Communities. Policy Statement. Issue 4. 172
Space Utilization and Comparison Report. A SCHEV Report. Abstract 267
Special Edition. Volume 1, Issue III, June 2004. McDonough, Benton, Ed. 150
Standards for Special Education, Amended June 2004. Abstract 289
State Education Data Systems That Increase Learning and Improve Accountability. Policy Issues. Number 16. Palaich, Robert M.; Griffin Good, Dixie; van der Ploeg, Arie Abstract 201
State Education Indicators with a Focus on Title I, 2000-01. Williams, Andra; Blank, Rolf K.; Potts, Abigail; Toye, Carla Report 298
State Standards and Assessments: Critical Elements Checklist. Abstract 150
Strategic Planning at a Small College--Executive Overview. Agnew, Robert Abstract 186
Streaming Media Seminar--Effective Development and Distribution of Streaming Multimedia in Education. Mainhart, Robert; Gerraughty, James; Anderson, Kristine M. Abstract 185
Student Access, Institutional Capacity, and Public Higher Education Enrollment Demand, 2003-2013. Commission Report 04-07. Abstract 405
Student Mentoring Programs: Education's Monitoring and Information Sharing Could Be Improved. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-04-581. Shaul, Marnie S. Abstract 494
Taking the Roundtable to the Next Level. The Roundtable on Higher Education: Linking North Dakota and Its University System. Meeting Highlights. Abstract 305
Teacher Preparation Cost Study: A Comparative Analysis of Select Alabama and National Programs. Hirsch, Eric; Emerick, Scott; Barnes, Gary; Berry, Barnett 385
Teachers Matter: Evidence from Value-Added Assessments. Research Points, Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 2004. Rowan, Brian Abstract 312
Technology Planning Strategies. Decker, Kathy Abstract 229
Technophobes Teaching with Technology. Lecher, Mark Abstract 307
The Achiever. Volume 3, Number 10. 138
The Condition of Education 2004 In Brief. NCES 2004-076. Livingston, A., Ed.; and Wirt, J., Ed. Report 193
The Condition of Education 2004. NCES 2004-077. Wirt, John; Choy, Susan; Rooney, Patrick; Provasnik, Stephen; Sen, Anindita; Tobin, Richard Abstract 263
The Dropout Crisis: Promising Approaches in Prevention and Recovery. Steinberg, Adria; Almeida, Cheryl Report 308
The Early Childhood Challenge: Preparing High-Quality Teachers for a Changing Society. A White Paper of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Abstract 287
The Effect of a Computerized Teaching Assistant on Student Interaction, Student Satisfaction, and Retention Rates of Students in a Distance Course. Reindl-Johnson, Cheryl Abstract 160
The Implications of Information and Communications Technologies for Distance Education: Looking toward the Future. Final Report. Arafeh, Sousan Abstract 380
The Potential Impact of Offshore Outsourcing on Information Systems Education Programs. Pollack, Thomas A. Abstract 199
The Rugged Frontier: A Decade of Charter Schooling in Arizona. Hassel, Bryan C.; Terrell, Michelle Godard Abstract 265
The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Students. Callahan, Carolyn M.; Sowa, Claudia J.; May, Kathleen M.; Tomchin, Ellen Menaker; Plucker, Jonathan Book review 380
The Use of Multiple Monitor and KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) Technologies in an Educational Setting. Snyder, Robin Abstract 263
Too Much Information--Too Much Apprehension. Hijazi, Sam Abstract 220
Understanding the North Carolina Pretest?Grade 3. Assessment Brief, Volume 9, Number 6. Abstract 210
Using Children's Books in the College Spanish Class. Garcia, Maripaz Abstract 737
Utilizing a CMS to Facilitate Computer Science Instruction. Dunn, Deborah; Lingerfelt, Dennis Author abstract 224
Virtual District, Real Improvement: A Retrospective Evaluation of the Chancellor's District, 1996-2003. Phenix, Deinya; Siegel, Dorothy; Zaltsman, Ariel; Fruchter, Norm Abstract 227
Web Accessibility--Does Your Web Site Make the Grade? Anderson, Melanie O. Abstract 198
What Else Can You Do with Your Course Management System? Gigliotti-Guridi,Chandra Abstract 162
Working Together, Staying Vital. Proceedings of the Joint Conference of the Western Australian District High Schools Administrators' Association and the National Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia (20th, Fremantle, Western Australia, June 2004). Boylan, Colin, Ed.; Hemmings, Brian, Ed. Author abstract 354
You've Got Mail! Managing a Campus-Wide eMail Migration. Diedriech, David; Colvin, Nathaniel Abstract 182
Youth Development & Youth Leadership. A Background Paper. Edelman, Andrea; Gill, Patricia; Comerford, Katey; Larson, Mindy; Hare, Rebecca Abstract 152

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