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Articles from ERIC: Reports (August 1, 2004)

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"Community for All" Tool Kit: Resources for Supporting Community Living. Report 232
"Rigorous Courses" and Student Achievement In High School: An Options Paper for the Governor of California. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.13.04. Shireman, Robert Report 184
A Descriptive Evaluation of the Federal Class-Size Reduction Program: Final Report. Millsap, Mary Ann; Giancola, Jennifer; Smith, W. Carter; Hunt, Dana; Humphrey, Daniel C.; Wechsler, 372
A Glossary of School Finance Terms. Abstract 136
A Governor's Guide to Children's Cabinets. Segal, Ann; Grossman, Lisa Abstract 275
A Profile of the Upward Bound Program: 2000-2001. Cahalan, Margaret W.; Curtin, Thomas R. Report 285
A Study of the Ongoing Alignment of the NWEA RIT Scale with the South Carolina Palmetto Achievement Challenge Tests (PACT). Cronin, John Report 253
Accelerating Success: A Design Guide for Starting a New School Incubator. Lake, Robin; Rainey, Lydia Book review 215
Addressing Barriers to Student Learning & Promoting Healthy Development: A Usable Research-Base. Author abstract 346
Adolescents? Trust and Civic Participation in the United States: Analysis of Data from the IEA Civic Education Study. CIRCLE Fact Sheet. Torney-Purta, Judith; Richardson, Wendy Klandl; Barber, Carolyn Henry Abstract 302
Advising Degree-Bound ABE Students. The Advisor. Author abstract 125
Afterschool and Service-Learning. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 9. Report 214
Afterschool and Students with Special Needs. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 1. Report 143
Afterschool, Community Service and Volunteerism. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 10. Report 156
Afterschool: A Natural Platform for Career Development. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 19. Report 264
Alabama Education News. Volume 28, Number 1. White, Rebecca Leigh, Ed. Periodical review 224
Aligning the NWEA RIT Scale with the South Carolina High School Assessment Program. Cronin, John Report 392
Almost There in Public Reporting of Assessment Results for Students with Disabilities. Technical Report 39. Thurlow, Martha L.; Wiley, Hilda Ives 239
Analysis of the Integration of Skill Standards into Community College Curriculum. Aragon, Steven R.; Woo, Hui-Jeong; Marvel, Matthew R. Report 386
Arizona Academic Standards, Grade 3. Report 174
ARL: A Bimonthly Report on Research Library Issues and Actions from ARL, CNI, and SPARC. Number 235. Case, Mary, M.; Matz, Judith 198
Assessing Changes in the Projected NWEA RIT Scale Cut Scores for the 2002 and 2004 Study of Alignment with the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Tests. Cronin, John; McCall, Martha Report 255
Assessing the Mental Health Status of Youth in Juvenile Justice Settings. Juvenile Justice Bulletin. Wasserman, Gail A.; Ko, Susan J.; McReynolds, Larkin S. Abstract 219
Character Education and Civic Engagement Listening Session Meeting Summary (Arlington, Virginia, March 30, 2004). Abstract 368
Charter Challenges: Policy Issues Facing Charter Schools in Hawai'i. Charter School Policy Issue No. 1. 186
Charter School Achievement On The 2003 National Assessment Of Educational Progress. Nelson, F. Howard; Rosenberg, Bella; Van Meter, Nancy Abstract 256
Charting the Landscape, Mapping New Paths: Museums, Libraries, and K-12 Learning (August 30-31, 2004). Abstract 351
Commercial Activities in Schools: Use of Student Data is Limited and Additional Dissemination of Guidance Could Help Districts Develop Policies. GAO-04-810. Abstract 338
Commercial Activities in Schools: Use of Student Data Is Limited and Additional Dissemination of Guidance Could Help Districts Develop Policies. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-04-810. Shaul, Marnie S. Report 367
Connecting English Language Proficiency, Statewide Assessments, and Classroom Performance. Albus, Debra; Klein, Jean A.; Liu, Kristin; Thurlow, Martha 580
Data and Characteristics of the Illinois Public Community College System. Abstract 304
Data and Characteristics of the Illinois Public Community College System. Brief article 304
Detangling Data Collection: Methods for Gathering Data. Out-of-School Time Evaluation Snapshot. Number 5. Abstract 129
Developments in School Finance, 2003. Fiscal Proceedings from the Annual State Data Conference of July 2003. NCES 2004-325. Fowler, William J., Jr., Ed. Abstract 130
Distance Learning in Postsecondary Career and Technical Education: A Comparison of Achievement in Online vs. On-Campus CTE Courses. Benson, Angela D.; Johnson, Scott D.; Taylor, Gail D.; Treat, Tod; Shinkareva, Olga N.; Duncan, John Report 305
Doing School Choice Right. Proceedings of a Meeting on Communities and Choice (Washington, DC, August 30-31, 2004). Harvey, James; Rainey, Lydia Report 242
Educational Outcomes of Postsecondary Occupational Students. CCRC Brief Number 22. Bailey, Thomas; Alfonso, Mariana; Scott, Marc; Leinbach, Timothy Report 260
Educator Perceptions of Instructional Strategies for Standards-Based Education of English Language Learners with Disabilities. ELLs with Disabilities Report 7. Thurlow, Martha; Albus, Deb; Shyyan, Vitaliy; Liu, Kristin; Barrera, Manuel Report 221
Effective Higher Education Recruitment Strategies: Findings from a Research Study of San Antonio College. Cortez, Josie Danini; Cortez, Albert Abstract 313
Effects of Students' Pre- and Post-Laboratory Concept Maps on Students' Attitudes toward Chemistry Laboratory in University General Chemistry. Kilic, Ziya; Kaya, Osman Nafiz; Dogan, Alev Report 343
English Language Learner Students in U.S. Public Schools: 1994 and 2000: Issue Brief. NCES 2004?035. Meyer, David; Madden, David; McGrath, Daniel J. Abstract 242
Essential Knowledge and Skills Needed by Teachers to Support the Achievement of Students with Disabilities. EPRRI Issue Brief Five. Thompson, Sandra; Lazarus, Sheryl; Clapper, Ann; Thurlow, Martha Report 319
Evaluation of the National School Lunch Program Application/Verification Pilot Projects Volume III: Impacts on Participation. Nutrition Assistance Program Report Series Report No. CN-04-AV5. Gleason, Philip; Hulsey, Lara; Burghardt, John Abstract 205
Evaluation of the National School Lunch Program Application/Verification Pilot Projects, Volume IV: Analysis of Pilot Operations and Costs. Nutrition Assistance Program Report Series. Report No. CN-04-AV6. Burghardt, John; Tasse, Tania; Ohls, James Report 266
Evaluation, Placement, and Progression: Three Sites of Concern for Student Achievement. Research Monograph Series. RM04192. Lucas, Samuel R. Author abstract 229
Evaluators Meeting Summary. Abstract 180
Factors That Influence Participation in Secondary Vocational Education. MPR Reference No. 8879-400. Agodini, Roberto; Uhl, Stacey; Novak, Timothy 256
Family Support during the Transition to Adulthood. Policy Brief #3. Schoeni, Robert; Ross, Karen 178
Federal Literacy Facts: An Update on Literacy-Related Developments at the National Level. Abstract 138
Federal Support for Education: FY 1980 to FY 2003. NCES 2004-026. Sonnenberg, William C. Abstract 159
From Kindergarten Through Third Grade Children's Beginning School Experiences. NCES 2004?007. Rathbun, Amy; West, Jerry; Hausken, Elvira Germino Abstract 226
Guide to U.S. Department of Education Programs. Abstract 300
Hispanic Achievement. The Progress of Education Reform, 2004. Volume 6, Number 3. Report 265
Identification of Children Who are Gifted in Dance. Implementation Handbook For Educators. Calvert, Eric; Ehle, David; Goertz, Jeanie; Lowther, Ray; Metzger, Stephanie; Pistone, Nancy Book review 222
Identification of Children Who Are Gifted in Music: Implementation Handbook for Educators. Book review 222
Identification of Children Who Are Gifted in the Visual Arts: Implementation Handbook for Educators. Book review 188
Identification of Children Who Are Gifted in Theatre/Drama Implementation Handbook For Educators. Calvert, Eric; Ehle, David; Goertz, Jeanie; Lowther, Ray; Metzger, Stephanie; Pistone, Nancy Book review 199
Increasing School Completion: Learning from Research-Based Practices That Work. Research to Practice Brief. Improving Secondary Education and Transition Services through Research. Volume 3, Issue 3. Lehr, Camilla A. Abstract 238
Indiana's Academic Standards. Integrated Mathematics I--Mathematics. Report 328
Indiana's Academic Standards: Economics--Social Studies. Report 129
Indiana's Academic Standards: Grade 8 English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. Report 158
Indiana's Academic Standards: Grade 9--English/Language Arts. Abstract 277
Indiana's Academic Standards: United States History--Social Studies. Abstract 184
Indiana's Academic Standards: World History and Civilization--Social Studies. Abstract 173
Informal Formative Assessment of Students' Understanding of Scientific Inquiry. CSE Report 639. Ruiz-Primo, Maria Araceli; Furtak, Erin Marie Abstract 197
Interpreting Continuity and Change in Secondary School English Language Teacher Education in Singapore. Zhang, Lawrence Jun Report 243
K-12 Guidelines for English Language Proficiency. Version 2. Abstract 190
Leading the Way to America's Future: A Monograph about the Launch and Implementation of the Kellogg MSI Leadership Fellows Program, 2002-2004. Report 263
Local Assessment System Implementation Study (2003-2004): Technical Report. 206
Meeting NCLB Requirements for Family Involvement. Epstein, Joyce L. Abstract 209
Meeting NCLB Requirements for Family Involvement. Epstein, Joyce L. Brief article 209
Mixed Method Instruction across Business Disciplines. Bell, Reginald L.; Quazi, Rahim; Jasper, Jan Report 174
Monitoring the Future: National Survey Results on Drug Use, 1975-2003. Volume I: Secondary School Students 2003. NIH Publication No. 04-5507. Johnston, Lloyd D.; O'Malley, Patrick M.; Bachman, Jerald G.; Schulenberg, John E. 320
PIRLS 2006 Assessment Framework and Specifications: Progress in International Reading Literacy Study. Mullis, Ina V.S.; Kennedy, Ann M.; Martin, Michael O.; Sainsbury, Marian Report 254
PLAINTalk. Volume 9, Number 3. Thomas, Alice, Ed. 191
Politics: The Missing Link of Responsible Civic Education. CIRCLE Working Paper 18. Report Executive Summary. Stroupe, Kenneth S., Jr.; Sabato, Larry J. Report 314
Pre-Service Science Teachers' Views on Their Online Argumentation about What Is Happening in Middle School Science Classrooms during Their Practicum Period. Kaya, Osman Nafiz; Dogan, Alev; Kilic, Ziya; Ebenezer, Jazlin Author abstract 378
Promoting Quality through Professional Development: A Framework for Evaluation. Issues and Opportunities in Out-of-School Time Evaluation. Number 8. Bouffard, Suzanne; Little, Priscilla M. D. Abstract 132
Promoting Sustained Growth in the Representation of African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans among Top Students in the United States at All Levels of the Education System. Miller, L. Scott Report 412
Qualifications of the Public School Teacher Workforce: Prevalence of Out-of-Field Teaching, 1987-88 to 1999-2000. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2002-603. Revised. Seastrom, Marilyn McMillen; Gruber, Kerry J.; Henke, Robin; McGrath, Daniel J.; Cohen, Benjamin A. 337
Quality in the Classroom: How Does Teach For America Measure Up? Issue Brief #1. Decker, Paul; Mayer, Daniel; Glazerman, Steven Brief article 168
Reading Education Issues: Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions. Keller, Sarah Ann Report 469
Relationships between a Statewide Language Proficiency Test and Academic Achievement Assessments. LEP Projects Report 4. Kato, Kentaro; Albus, Debra; Liu, Kristin; Guven, Kamil; Thurlow, Martha Abstract 614
Report to the State Board of Education on the Status of Minority Teachers in Tennessee, 2004. Report 357
Results of the Student Satisfaction Survey Conducted in Spring 2004. Beachler, Judith A. Report 166
School Operations and Maintenance: Best Practices For Controlling Energy Costs. A Guidebook for K-12 School System Business Officers and Facilities Managers. Abstract 293
Special Education--Not So Special for Some: Qualified Teachers in Short Supply for Special Education Students. CenterView. Abstract 224
Standards and Quality in Scottish Further Education Colleges in Academic Years 2004-5 to 2007-8. National Briefing Document. 391
Status of Distance Education in Arkansas. Abstract 153
Student Consolidation Loans: Further Analysis Could Lead to Enhanced Default Assumptions for Budgetary Cost Estimates. Report to the Chairman, Committee on the Budget, House of Representatives. GAO-04-843. Ashby, Cornelia M. Report 378
Sustaining School and Community Efforts to Enhance Outcomes for Children and Youth: A Guidebook and Tool Kit. Book review 457
Teacher Attrition and Mobility: Results from the Teacher Follow-Up Survey, 2000-01. E.D. Tabs. NCES 2004-301. Luekens, Michael T.; Lyter, Deanna M.; Fox, Erin E. Abstract 295
The Characteristics of Occupational Students in Postsecondary Education. CCRC Brief Number 21. Bailey, Thomas; Leinbach, Timothy; Scott, Marc; Alfonso, Mariana; Kienzl, Gregory; Kennedy, Benjamin Report 222
The Characteristics, Experiences, and Outcomes of Youth with Emotional Disturbances. A Report from the National Longitudinal Transition Study-2. Volume 3, Issue 2. Wagner, Mary; Cameto, Renee Report 468
The Context and Meaning of Family Strengthening in Indian America. Besaw, Amy; Kalt, Joseph P.; Lee, Andrew; Sethi, Jasmin; Wilson, Julie Boatright; Zemler, Marie 260
The Emergence of Psychiatric Disabilities in Postsecondary Education. Issue Brief. Volume 3, Issue 1. Sharpe, Michael N.; Bruininks, Brett D.; Blacklock, Barbara A.; Benson, Betty; Johnson, Donna M. Abstract 222
The Expert Mathematician. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract 126
The Impacts of Charter Schools on Student Achievement: Evidence from North Carolina. Working Papers Series. SAN04-01. Bifulco, Robert; Ladd, Helen F. Report 179
The Importance of Orientation and Mobility Skills for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind. Revised. Gense, D. Jay; Gense, Marilyn 448
The Incentive Effects of Higher Education Subsidies on Student Effort. Staff Report No. 192. Sahin, Aysegul 260
The North Carolina 2004 SAT Report: Reporting on the Nation, the State, the 117 Public School Systems, Charter Schools, North Carolina School of the Arts, and North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Abstract 227
The North Carolina Competency Tests: A Handbook for Students in the Ninth Grade for the First Time in 2001?2002 and Beyond. Abstract 254
The Promise and the Power of Distance Learning in Rural Education. Policy Brief. Hobbs, Vicki Report 239
The Real Truth about Low Graduation Rates, An Evidence-Based Commentary. Swanson, Christopher B. Author abstract 297
The Signaling Power of Occupational Certification in the Automobile Service and Information Technology Industries. Bartlett, Kenneth R. Report 543
Time Spent in Volunteer Activity: 2002 and 2003. CIRCLE Fact Sheet. Helms, Sara E. Abstract 163
Tribal TANF and CCDF Guide to Financial Management, Grants Administration, and Program Accountability. 244
Trust in Government-Related Institutions and Civic Engagement among Adolescents: Analysis of Five Countries from the IEA Civic Education Study. CIRCLE Working Paper 17. Torney-Purta, Judith; Richardson, Wendy Klandl; Barber, Carolyn Henry Report 656
Understanding How Participation in an After School Arts Program Affects Students in Their General Education Classroom. Gacherieu, Dustin R. Report 348
Unfulfilled Promise: Ensuring High Quality Teachers for Our Nation's Students. No Child Left Behind: A Status Report from Southeastern Schools. Extensive Findings. Author abstract 307
Utah's Alternate Assessment Administration Manual and Assessment Tasks, 2004-2005. Utah Performance Accountability System for Students. Abstract 484
Who Benefits from Postsecondary Occupational Education? Findings from the 1980s and 1990s. CCRC Brief Number 23. Bailey, Thomas; Kienzl, Gregory; Marcotte, David 357
Who Teaches Reading in Public Elementary Schools? The Assignments and Educational Preparation of Reading Teachers. Issue Brief. NCES 2004-034. Meyer, David; McGrath, Daniel J. Abstract 232
Why America Needs National Board Certified Teachers. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Abstract 246
Work Study and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Just the Facts. Cebula, Ray 258
Youth Volunteering in the States: 2002 and 2003. CIRCLE Fact Sheet. Helms, Sara E. Report 246

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