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Articles from ERIC: Reports (October 1, 2003)

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A Dialogue in Diversity: Taking the First Steps. Marks, Melissa J.; Smrekar, Jocelynn L. 263
A Quantitative Look at Student Attitudes/Perceptions about Block Scheduling. Corley, Edward L. 254
A Statistics Course with No Instructor? Why Students Would Revolt. Earley, Mark A. 225
Accountability and Productivity in Illinois Community Colleges, Fiscal Year 2003. 264
Afterschool Programs Help Working Families. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 16. Report 411
Alternative Schools. Policy and Legislation across the United States. Research Report 1. Lehr, Camilla A.; Lanners, Eric J.; Lange, Cheryl M. Author abstract 187
An Evidentiary Framework for Operationalizing Academic Language for Broad Application to K-12 Education: A Design Document. CSE Report. Bailey, Alison L.; Butler, Frances A. 396
Anchor-Based Methods for Judgmentally Estimating Item Difficulty Parameters. LSAC Research Report Series. Hambleton, Ronald K.; Sireci, Stephen G.; Swaminathan, H.; Xing, Dehui; Rizavi, Saba 285
Are Assistant Principals Prepared for Principalship? How Do Assistant Principals Perceive? Chan, T. C.; Webb, Linda; Bowen, Charles 259
Benchmarks--Standards Comparisons. Math Competencies: EFF Benchmarks Comparison [and] Reading Competencies: EFF Benchmarks Comparison [and] Writing Competencies: EFF Benchmarks Comparison. 282
Best Practices in Professional Development: Meeting Teachers at Their "Point of Need". Ragland, Rachel G. 283
Brick and Click Libraries: Proceedings of a Regional Academic Library Symposium (Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri, October 10, 2003). Ury, Connie Jo, Ed.; Baudino, Frank, Ed. Conference notes 625
Closing the College Participation Gap: A National Summary. Ruppert, Sandra S. 222
Communication Barriers in Distance Education. Isman, Aytekin; Dabaj, Fahme; Altinay, Fahriye; Altinay, Zehra 201
Compilation of Master Plan Policies for Illinois Higher Education, 2003. 224
Completion and Partial Completion of Courses in TAFE, Australia. Working Paper No. 51. Book review 427
Declining Public Support for Charter Schools: Results from the 2003 State of the State Survey. Policy Report No. 18. Reimann, Christopher B.; Donahue, Tara B. Report 303
Diagnosing Communication Disorders in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students. ERIC Digest. Crowley, Catherine J. 282
Distance Learning in Postsecondary Career and Technical Education. Johnson, Scott D.; Benson, Angela D.; Duncan, John; Shinkareva, Olga N.; Taylor, Gail Diane; Treat, 291
Economic Segregation of Higher Education Opportunity, 1973 to 2001. 294
Educating our Children Together: A Sourcebook for Effective Family- School- Community Partnerships. Carter, Susanne Children's review 327
Education, Section J. Extracted from the 2003 New York State Statistical Yearbook. 28th Edition. Revised and Expanded. 217
Evaluating the Integration of Technology in a Teacher Preparation Program. Klecker, Beverly M.; Lennex, Lesia; Lackner, Katherine 224
Evaluation of Years 1 and 2 of the McKelvey Foundation Program To Distribute Scholarships to Entrepreneurial Rural Students in the States of Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia. Cowley, Kimberly S.; Finch, Nicole L.; Meehan, Merrill L. 127
Feasibility Study for the PISA ICT Literacy Assessment: Report to Network A. Lennon, Marylou; Kirsch, Irwin; Von Davier, Matthias; Wagner, Michael; Yamamoto, Kentaro Author abstract 364
Federal Funding for Educational Technology and How It Is Used in the Classroom: A Summary of Findings from the Integrated Studies of Educational Technology. 263
Fifth Year Teacher: From Mentored to Mentoring! Sillman, Kathleen; Dana, Thomas M.; Miller, Matthew 283
First Things First: Pre-Kindergarten as the Starting Point for Education Reform. 258
Follow-Up Study of Fiscal Year 2002 Career and Technical Education Program Graduates. 284
From Usable to Useful Assessment Knowledge: A Design Problem. CSE Report. Baker, Eva L. 172
Gallup Goes to School: The Importance of Confidence Intervals for Evaluation "Adequate Yearly Progress" in Small Schools. Policy Brief. Coladarci, Theodore Report 227
Gavilan College Student Profile of Opening Enrollment, Fall 2000-Fall 2003. Willett, Terrence 275
Generation 1.5 Students and College Writing. ERIC Digest. 234
Gifted Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ERIC Digest. Neihart, Maureen 246
Governance in the Twenty-First-Century University: Approaches to Effective Leadership and Strategic Management. ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report. Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series. Gayle, Dennis John; Tewarie, Bhoendradatt; White, A. Quinton, Jr. 265
Grandparents Living with Grandchildren: 2000. Census 2000 Brief. Simmons, Tavia; Dye, Jane Lawler 254
Great Expectations: A Guide to Alabama's High School Graduation Exam. Revised. Book review 519
Head Start: Increased Percentage of Teachers Nationwide Have Required Degrees, but Better Information on Classroom Teachers' Qualifications Needed. Report to Congressional Requesters. Shaul, Marnie S. 273
High-Stakes Tests versus High-Quality Education. Montgomery, Paula S.; Ranney, Lisa; Growe, Roslin 249
Higher Education Studies, Reports and Surveys in the SREB States. Andrews, Heather, Comp. 256
Hispanics in College: Participation and Degree Attainment. ERIC Digest. Fry, Richard 265
How Are Boston Pilot School Students Faring? Student Demographics, Engagement, and Performance, 1997-2002. Feldman, Jay; Tung, Rosann; Ouimette, Monique 277
How Florida's Voters Enacted UPK When Their Legislature Wouldn't. Hampton, Jim 410
Immigrants and TANF: A Look at Immigrant Welfare Recipients in Three Cities. Occasional Paper. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program to Assess Changing Social Policies. Tumlin, Karen C.; Zimmerman, Wendy 299
Improving Principal Evaluation. ERIC Digest. Lashway, Larry 266
Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2003. Sixth Edition. DeVoe, Jill F.; Peter, Katharin; Kaufman, Phillip; Ruddy, Sally A.; Miller, Amanda K.; Planty, Mike; 178
Institutionalization and Sustainability of the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education Program. Bailey, Thomas R.; Matsuzuka, Yukari; Jacobs, James; Morest, Vanessa Smith; Hughes, Katherine L. 296
Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: The Latino Experience in the Recession and Recovery. Kochhar, Rakesh 286
Labor Market Outcomes of Hispanics by Generation. ERIC Digest. Fry, Richard 309
Language Use and English-Speaking Ability: 2000. Census 2000 Brief. Shin, Hyon B.; Bruno, Rosalind 261
Learning to Teach: Sharing the Wisdom of Practice. Carnegie Perspectives. Shulman, Lee S. Report 220
Maine's Balance of Representation: Information and Results. Report 252
Measuring and Reporting Physician's Performance in a University Medical Center. Kazan-Fishman, Ana Lucia Clinical report 223
Moral and Ethical Issues in Teacher Education. ERIC Digest. Benninga, Jacques S. 298
Multisensory Instruction in Foreign Language Education. Robles, Teresita del Rosario Caballero; Uglem, Craig Thomas Chase 148
Narrowing the Gaps in Educational Attainment within States: A Policymaker's Guide to Assessing and Responding to Needs for Community College Services. McGuinness, Aims C., Jr.; Jones, Dennis P. 252
National Job Corps Study: Findings Using Administrative Earnings Records Data. Final Report. Schochet; Peter Z.; McConnell, Sheena; Burghardt, John Report 561
NCLB Implementation Report: State Approaches for Calculating High School Graduation Rates. Swanson, Christopher B. 281
Outlook. Number 288. 119
Paraprofessional Support of Students with Disabilities in General Education. Final Report. Giangreco, Michael F. 163
Paying Teachers for Their Worth: Policies on Teacher Compensation at the School District and Regional Levels. Murray, James E.; Brown, Kathleen Sullivan 226
Postsecondary Institutions in the United States: Fall 2002 and Degrees and Other Awards Conferred: 2001-02. E.D. Tabs. Knapp, Laura G.; Kelly, Janice E.; Whitmore, Roy W.; Wu, Shiying; Gallego, Lorraine M. 214
Pre-Service Teachers Taught Classroom Technology by In-Service Teachers. Durnin, John H. 229
Prekindergarten Expansion Grant Evaluation, 2002-03. Curry, Janice 285
Preservice Versus Inservice Teachers' Assessment Literacy: Does Classroom Experience Make a Difference? Mertler, Craig A. 248
Preventing Drug Use among Children and Adolescents: A Research-Based Guide for Parents, Educators, and Community Leaders. Second Edition. Robertson, Elizabeth B.; David, Susan L.; Rao, Suman A. 450
Preventing Drug Use among Children and Adolescents: A Research-Based Guide for Parents, Educators, and Community Leaders. Second Edition. In Brief. Robertson, Elizabeth B.; David, Susan L.; Rao, Suman A. 172
Programs Offered and Programs Completed at North Dakota Institutions of Postsecondary Education, July 1, 2002-June 30, 2003. 152
Public Schools: Comparison of Achievement Results for Students Attending Privately Managed and Traditional Schools in Six Cities. Report to the Chairman, Committee on Education and the Workforce, House of Representatives. 160
Raising Minority Academic Achievement: The Department of Defense Model. ERIC Digest. Bridglall, Beatrice L.; Gordon, Edmund W. 215
Research Brief: Oregon Opportunity Grant. 265
Review of Michigan's Grade Level Content Expectations. Report 437
School Choice under the No Child Left Behind Act: Issues and Implications for Students with Disabilities. Report 142
Schools as Centers of Community: A Citizen's Guide For Planning and Design. Second Edition. Bingler, Steven; Quinn, Linda; Sullivan, Kevin 399
Serving Those Most In Need or Not? A Report on the Implementation of the NCLB's Supplemental Education Services in New York City. 294
Shaping Positive School Culture: Judgments of School Administrators. Chiang, Linda H. 241
Shifting Attention from "Discipline Problems" to "Virtue Awareness" in American Indian and Alaska Native Education. ERIC Digest. Jacobs, Don Trent 240
Student Loan Programs. As Federal Costs of Loan Consolidation Rise, Other Options Should be Examined. Report to Congressional Requesters. 139
Teachers' Responses to High-Stakes Testing and the Validity of Gains: A Pilot Study. CSE Report. Koretz, Daniel M.; Hamilton, Laura S. 283
Teaching Democracy. ERIC Digest. Patrick, John J. 164
The Abbott Preschool Program: Fifth Year Report on Enrollment and Budget. Applewhite, Erain; Hirsch, Lesley Author abstract 550
The Challenge of System-Building in the After-School Field: Lessons from Experience. Discussion Paper. Halpern, Robert 146
The Effect of Specific Language Features on the Complexity of Systems for Automated Essay Scoring. Cohen, Yoav; Ben-Simon, Anat; Hovav, Myra 225
The Involvement of Students in Their Special Education Mediations. Briefing Paper. Mueller, Melissa; Engiles, Anita; Peter, Marshall Brief article 302
The Relationship of Item-Level Response Times with Test-Taker and Item Variables in an Operational CAT Environment. LSAC Research Report Series. Swygert, Kimberly A. Report 285
The Rise of the Second Generation: Changing Patterns in Hispanic Population Growth. Suro, Roberto; Passel, Jeffrey S. 278
The Sitter Service in Scotland: A Study of the Costs and Benefits. Insight. Wilson, Valerie; Hall, Stuart; Rankin, Nicola; Davidson, Julia; Schad, Dominic 397
The Transition from Student to Teacher: Developing a Self-Assessment Culture for Professionalism in Teacher Preparation Programs. Poole, Jonelle; Wessner, Jennifer 229
Tomorrow's Leaders: Who Are They and How Will They Lead? Growe, Roslin; Fontenot, Candace; Montgomery, Paula S. 259
Training Teachers to Design Interactive Homework. ERIC Digest. Battle-Bailey, Lora 292
Update on Affirmative Action in Higher Education: A Current Legal Overview. Springer, Ann 108
Using Rasch Measurement To Evaluate the Organizational Climate Index. Borkan, Bengu; Capa, Yesim; Figueiredo, Claudia; Loadman, William E. 175
Violence in U.S. Public Schools: 2000 School Survey on Crime and Safety. Statistical Analysis Report. Miller, Amanda K. 272
What New "AYP" Information Tells Us about Schools, States, and Public Education. Hall, Daria; Wiener, Ross; Carey, Kevin 316
What...Another Survey??? Patterns of Response and Nonresponse from Teachers to Traditional and Web Surveys. Mertler, Craig A. 168
Where Are the Academically Successful Puerto Rican Students? Five Success Factors of High Achieving Puerto Rican High School Students. JSRI Working Paper No. 61. Antrop-Gonzalez, Rene; Velez, William; Garrett, Tomas Author abstract 225
Working More Productively To Produce Similar Patterns of Educational Performance among Racial/Ethnic Groups in the United States. Urban Diversity Series. Miller, L. Scott 336

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