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Articles from ERIC: Reports (November 1, 2003)

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A Framework for Making Quantitative Educational Research Articles More Reader-Friendly for Practitioners. Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J.; Leech, Nancy L. 187
A Guide to the Testing and Accountability Requirements of No Child Left Behind. For Parents, about Parents. Lonergan, James 296
A National Report Card for Technical Education Institutions: An Interim Report. Coulton, Bill 269
A Profile of the Low-Wage Immigrant Workforce. Immigrant Families and Workers. Facts and Perspectives Brief. Capps, Randy; Fix, Michael; Passel, Jeffrey S.; Ost, Jason; Perez-Lopez, Dan 253
A Validation of the Emotional Intelligence Inventory. Tapia, Martha; Marsh, George E., II 175
Academic Libraries, 2000. E.D. Tabs. Carey, Nancy; Justh, Natalie M.; Williams, Jeffrey W. 102
Adapting and Modifying Toys for Children with Special Needs. Simpson, Cynthia G.; Lynch, Sharon A. 237
Adult Reading Components Study (ARCS). A NCSALL Research Brief. Strucker, John; Davidson, Rosalind Report 169
Affiliation in the Workplace: Career Counselors and Organizations. Yetman, Karen; Elsdon, Ron; Gardner, Bob 139
All the World's a Stage: Using Theatre in Career Counseling. Bechtold, Patricia 223
An Analysis of Dr. Anna M. Ortiz's Research: Developing a Foundation in Ethnic Identity Development. Hubbard, Steven M. 217
An Investigation of the America-Reads Mississippi Program: What Works and What Doesn't Work. Wilson, Jennifer 244
Anxiety as a Mediating Effect on the Relation between Exposure to Violence and Victimization Moderated by Gender for 7th Grade Students. Tollett, Connie L. 194
Assessing Performance and Self Efficacy of Student Teachers. Jones, Reid; Dent, Lauren; Jenkins, Kathleen; Cronin, C. H.; House, Lynn J.; Jenkins, K. B. 213
Awards in Early Education, Childcare and Playwork: A Qualifications Framework for the Future. Insight. Martin, Carolyn; Wallace, Jennifer; Bell, Andrew 379
Back to School: Negotiating the Transition from Secondary to Tertiary Education. Kondrick, Linda C. 206
Beyond DreamWeaving: Honoring Our Connections. Russell, Martha M. 153
Bless the Chaos! Shifting Paradigms: From Independence to Interdependence. Carlton, Nancy 184
Building Bridges to the American Workplace: Employment Counseling with Immigrants and Refugees. Robbin, Larry 161
Career Spirituality -- Learning the R.O.P.E.S. Fine, Moshe 198
Career Tracks: Tomorrow's Counselors in Today's Career Centers. Albert, Marilyn; Carlton, Nancy; Schuster, Martha 190
Changing District Culture and Capacity: The Impact of the Merck Institute for Science Education Partnership. CPRE Research Report Series. RR-054. Corcoran, Tom; Lawrence, Nancy Report 291
Changing District Culture and Capacity: The Impact of the Merck Institute for Science Education Partnership. CPRE Research Report Series. RR-054. Corcoran, Tom; Lawrence, Nancy Report 359
Civic Education Trends in Post-Communist Countries of Central and Eastern Europe. ERIC Digest. Hamot, Gregory E. 149
Civics Curriculum and Civic Skills: Recent Evidence. Fact Sheet. Comber, Melissa K. Report 243
Cognitive Development of Fourth Graders in a High-Stakes State. Aagaard, Lola; Boram, Robert 237
Conditional Case for Certification of Evaluators. Russon, Craig 177
Converting Counselor Luddites: Winning Over Technology-Resistant Counselors. Jencius, Marty; Paez, Susan 213
Counseling the Long-Term Unemployed. Meyer, Dinorah M.; Chope, Robert C.; Weisblatt, Sheila E.; Knudson, Kathy 169
Counselor Preparation for a Cyber World: Curriculum Design and Development. Lewis, Jacqueline; Coursol, Diane 230
Creating Schools That Work: Lessons for Reform from Successful Urban High Schools. French, Dan Author abstract 359
Creative Career and Life Management. McIvor, Brian; Hawkins, Peter 181
Critical Issues as Identified by Aspiring, Novice and Experienced Principals. Roberson, Thelma; Schweinle, William; Styron, Ron 249
Cultivating Teacher Leadership for School Improvement. Bauer, Scott C.; Haydel, Juanita; Cody, Caroline 365
Cultural and Global Linkages of Emotional Support through Online Support Groups. Gary, Juneau Mahan 217
Cybercounseling & Cyberlearning: An Encore. Bloom, John W., Ed.; Walz, Garry R., Ed. 472
Dealing with Resistance in Career Coaching/Counseling. Lonergan, Deeta 123
Decentralized Budgeting in Education: Model Variations and Practitioner Perspectives. Hall, George; Metsinger, Jackie; McGinnis, Patricia 265
Designing Web Pages That Are Usable and Accessible to All. Wheaton, Joe E.; Granello, Paul F. 184
Developing Communities of Instructional Practice: Lessons from Cincinnati and Philadelphia. CPRE Policy Briefs. RB-39. Supovitz, Jonathan A.; Christman, Jolley Bruce Report 375
Development of a CD-ROM for Computer-Aided Instruction and Research. Granello, Paul F.; Wheaton, Joe E. 184
Direct Student Loan Program: Management Actions Could Enhance Customer Service. Report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, U.S. Senate. 114
Disability Studies: Information and Resources. Taylor, Steven, Ed.; Shoultz, Bonnie, Ed.; Walker, Pamela, Ed. Report 197
Does Educational Placement Matter in the Performance of Students with Disabilities? Luster, Jane Nell; Durrett, John 187
E-mail Rules! Organizations and Individuals Creating Ethical Excellence in Telemental-Health. Mitchell, Dan L.; Murphy, Lawrence 179
Early Childhood Development in the Montreal Study Area (Quebec). Understanding the Early Years. Author abstract 325
Educational Alternatives for Vulnerable Youth: Student Needs, Program Types, and Research Directions. Aron, Laudan Y.; Zweig, Janine M. Report 231
Effectiveness of a Graduate Measurement Course. Broadston, Pamela M.; Kennedy, Robert L. 305
Emotion Management: Assessing Student Behavior. McLin, Arthur, Jr. 214
Evaluating Student Teachers' Technology Use with Group Support Systems and Questionnaire. Klecker, Beverly M.; Hunt, Steve; Hunt, Darla; Lackner, Katherine 263
Evaluation of the Magnet Schools Assistance Program, 1998 Grantees. Final Report. Christenson, Bruce; Eaton, Marian; Garet, Michael S.; Miller, Luke C.; Hikawa, Hiroyuki; DuBois, Phy 173
Extraordinary Across the Board. Motwane, Aman 154
Facilitating the Job Search for Special Needs Clients. Bennett, Carolyn C. 131
Factors that Promote and Inhibit the Academic Achievement of Rural Elementary African American Males in a Mississippi School: A Qualitative Study. Wilson-Jones, Linda Report 257
Faculty Perspectives of the Blackboard Course Delivery System. Anderson, Jeffery W. 179
Fathers' Role in Children's Academic Achievement and Early Literacy. ERIC Digest. Gadsden, Vivian; Ray, Aisha 334
Federal Consulting: Strategies and Tools for the Career Development Professional. Kahnweiler, Jennifer B.; Pressman, Sue 174
From Career Decision-Making to Career Management: It's All about Lifelong Learning. Jarvis, Phil; Zielke, Jessi; Cartright, Charlsey 188
From Dink to Alphabet Soup and Back: The Ebb and Flow of Career Choice between Partners. Gelardin, Sally; Hochman, Alex 176
Global Realities: Celebrating Our Differences, Honoring Our Connections. Walz, Garry R., Ed.; Knowdell, Richard L., Ed. 568
Graduate Research Class Performance by Gender. Kennedy, Robert L.; Broadston, Pamela M. 299
Graduate Student Learning Styles and the Environmental Factor of Noise: A Pilot Study. van der Jagt, Johan W.; Anzelmo-Skelton, Nicki; Madison, Marion; Gum, Louann 229
Harnessing the Power of Career Transition Groups. Adoradio, Marianne; Oja, Anne 186
High School Dropout Rates for Latino Youth. ERIC Digest. Fry, Richard 279
History Standards in the Fifty States. ERIC Digest. Brown, Sarah Drake 143
How Teachers Change: A Study of Professional Development in Adult Education. NCSALL Reports Number 25. Smith, Cristine; Hofer, Judy; Gillespie, Marilyn; Solomon, Marla; Rowe, Karen Report 378
How Teachers Change: A Study of Professional Development in Adult Education. NCSALL Research Brief. Smith, Cristine; Hofer, Judy; Gillespie, Marilyn; Solomon, Marla; Rowe, Karen Report 245
Identifying Individual Excellence: The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process. Boivin-Brown, Allen; Haldane, Jean; Forster, Jerald 125
Implementing Internet Web Sites in Counseling Services. Sampson, James P., Jr.; Carr, Darrin L.; Panke, Julia; Arkin, Scott; Vernick, Stacie H.; Minvielle, 189
Incorporating Distance Learning into Counselor Education Programs: A Research Study. Wantz, Richard A.; Tromski, Donna M.; Mortsolf, Christina Joelle; Yoxtheimer, Greggory; Brill, Saman Report 248
Increasing the College Preparedness of At-Risk Students. Cabrera, Alberto F.; Prabhu, Radhika; Deil-Amen, Regina; Terenzini, Patrick T.; Lee, Chul; Franklin, 313
Interpersonal Communication in Behavioral Telehealth: What Can We Learn from Other Fields? Collie, Katharine R. 184
Key Skills To Help Youth Make Positive Life/Work Transitions. Zielke, Jessi 178
Latest Results from the New York City Voucher Experiment. Peterson, Paul E.; Howell, William G. 287
Literacy- and Beginning-Level Texts for English Language Learners. 113
Looking for a New Sport That Pays Well? Consider the Game of Federal Job Search. Troutman, Kathryn Kraemer 185
Managing Community Colleges: Assessment at the Century Mark. Jenner, Donald Report 245
Measuring the Success of Education Reform in Kentucky. Sultana, Qaisar 214
Mission Middle College (The Middle College Concept). Lang-Jolliff, Jennifer 218
Multimedia in the Counselor Education Classroom: Transforming Learning with Video Technology. Baltimore, Michael L. 214
Multiple Intelligences: Intake Strategies and Career Decision Making. Young, Lin; McCready, Rochelle; Jackson, Gregory 199
Narrative Journal: Blending Old Theories with New Techniques. Hirschbein, Lee Walker 179
NCSALL Study Circle Guide: Teaching and Learning in Authentic Contexts. Report 283
North Dakota University System Annual Enrollment Report, 2002-2003. Schepp, Julie; Padilla, Gina 146
On Becoming a Pragmatic Researcher: The Importance of Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodologies. Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J.; Leech, Nancy L. 228
On-Demand Interactive Clinical Supervision Training: Using Multimedia for Building Basic Skills in Supervision. Baltimore, Michael L.; Brown, Lori 257
Outlook. Number 289. 119
Parent's Interests, Current Involvement and Level of Parental Involvement in School Activities. Gbadamosi, Tara; Lin, Huey-Ling 286
Pathways to a Four-Year Degree: Determinants of Degree Completion among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students. Cabrera, Alberto F.; Burkum, Kurt R.; La Nasa, Steven M. 271
Planning for CyberLearning: A Framework for Counselor Educators. Albrecht, Annette C.; Jones, Dennis G. 178
Policies That Part: Early Career Experiences of Co-Working Academic Couples. Creamer, Elizabeth G. 171
Predicting Final Examination Grades in a Self-Paced Introductory Psychology Course: The Role of Motivational Orientation, Learning Strategies, Procrastination, and Perception of Daily Hassels. Skidmore, Ronald L. 283
Preservice Teacher, Faculty and Online Instructional Designer Partnerships through Technology Integration into Special Education Curriculum. Kurubacak, Gulsun; Basal, Mine Author abstract 208
Projections of Education Statistics to 2013. Thirty-Second Edition. Gerald, Debra E.; Hussar, William J. 210
Providing Highly Mobile Students with an Effective Education. ERIC Digest. Walls, Charles A. 268
Public High School Dropouts and Completers from the Common Core of Data: School Year 2000-01. Statistical Analysis Report. Young, Beth Aronstamm 282
Puede afectar la instruccion en musica el desarrollo cognitivo de los ninos? ERIC Digest. (Can Music Instruction Affect Children's Cognitive Development? ERIC Digest). Rauscher, Frances H. 330
Reclaiming Early Childhood Teacher Education: A Critical Constructivist Approach. Livingston, Donald R. 271
Reflections at 35,000 Feet: An Open Letter to the ACCLAIM Doctoral Cohort. Occasional Paper No. 5. Coladarci, Theodore 128
Remedial Education at Degree-Granting Postsecondary Institutions in Fall 2000. Statistical Analysis Report. Parsad, Basmat; Lewis, Laurie 361
Researching the Cybercounseling Process: A Study of the Client and Counselor Experience. Lewis, Jacqueline; Coursol, Diane; Wahl, Kay Herting 188
School Breakfast Scorecard, 2003: Thirteenth Annual Status Report on the School Breakfast Program. Woo, Nicole; Parker, Lynn; Weill, Jim; Vuong, Bi; Hess, Doug; Weinstein-Tull, Justin; Putney, Wanda 381
Should We Teach Old Dogs New Tricks? The Impact of Community College Retraining on Older Displaced Workers. WP 2003-25. Jacobson, Louis; LaLonde, Robert J.; Sullivan, Daniel Author abstract 390
Skills Shortages: Concepts, Measurement and Implications. Working Paper No. 52. Book review 337
Spirituality in Career from a New Zealand Maori Perspective. Furbish, Dale S.; Reid, Lynette 174
Staff in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2001, and Salaries of Full-Time Instructional Faculty, 2001-02. E.D. Tabs. Knapp, Laura G.; Kelly, Janice E.; Whitmore, Roy W.; Wu, Shiying; Huh, Seungho; Levine, Burton; Broy 316
Stretch, Bend, and Flex: The Experiences of First-Year Teachers from the Urban Teacher Training Collaborative. Newton, Anne; Beardsley, Linda; Shakespear, Eileen Author abstract 377
Students on the Move: Reaching and Teaching Highly Mobile Children and Youth. Urban Diversity Series. Popp, Patricia A.; Stronge, James H.; Hindman, Jennifer L. 256
Students' Attitudes in a Graduate Statistics Class. Kennedy, Robert L.; Broadston, Pamela M. 318
Supporting CACREP Programs and Curriculum with World Wide Web Resources. Keller, Thomas J.; Goodman, Ronald W. 196
Survey and Methodology for Assessing Adult Basic Education Teachers' Characteristics and Concerns. Report 243
Temperament, Learning Styles, and Demographic Predictors of College Student Satisfaction in a Digital Learning Environment. Stokes, Suzanne P. 348
Testing and Counseling: A Marriage Saved By the Internet. Jones, W. Paul 172
The Business Side of a Successful Career Practice. VanLier, Vivian 196
The Characteristics and Concerns of Adult Basic Education Teachers. A NCSALL Research Brief. Smith, Cristine; Hofer, Judy Report 168
The Characteristics and Concerns of Adult Basic Education Teachers. NCSALL Reports #26. Smith, Cristine; Hofer, Judy Report 245
The Construction of Criteria for Selecting Social Studies Lesson Plans for Electronic Portfolios. Sunal, Cynthia Szymanski; McCormick, Theresa; Shwery, Craig S.; Sunal, Dennis W. 204
The Effect of Students' Gender on Attitude toward Social Studies and the Illustration of Historical Images at a Selected Middle School. Kariuki, Patrick; Wilson, Lisa 207
The Efficacy of Exposure-Based Cognitive Therapy with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Gardner, Yun Hui 193
The Evolution of a Distance Career Counseling Model: Implications for Training, Practice and Supervision of Cybercounselors. Malone, James F.; Miller, Karen S.; Miller, Randy M. 222
The Living Career: Complexity, Chaos, Connections and Career. Bloch, Deborah P. 167
The New O*NET Assessment Tools for Career Exploration. Wall, Janet 177
The Nexus of Access and Curriculum, Analyzing the Teaching of Developmental and Honors Courses within Community Colleges. Outcalt, Charles L.; Kisker, Carrie B. Survey 270
The Not So Accidental Tourist -- Internships Abroad. Holland, Marcie Kirk 168
The Positive Uses of Contradiction. Carnegie Perspectives. Bond, Lloyd Report 367
The Power of Positive Uncertainty: Making Creative Career Decisions. Gelatt, H. B.; Gelatt, Carol 185
The Relationship between Testing Condition and Student Test Scores. Skidmore, Ronald L.; Aagaard, Lola 220
The Social Construction of Rural Mathematics. Working Paper No. 17. Book review 193
The Sustainability of GEAR UP Project Initiatives in East Tennessee Middle Schools: A Study of the Residual Impacts of the University of Tennessee GEAR UP Partnership. Skolits, Gary; Lashley, Terry; King, Peggy 355
The Use of Research Evidence in Instructional Improvement: CPRE Policy Briefs RB-40. Corcoran, Tom Report 585
Title I as a Reform Strategy in Urban Schools. ERIC Digest. Wong, Kenneth 284
Transforming Mathematics Education: Barriers To Reform in High Poverty, Diverse Schools. Kitchen, Richard S. 208
Understanding Online Counseling Services through a Review of Definitions and Elements Necessary for Change. Tyler, J. Michael; Guth, Lorraine J. 253
Unisex Math: Narrowing the Gender Gap. Tapia, Martha; Marsh, George E., II 230
Universal Pre-Kindergarten: State of Play. Working Paper Series. Maeroff, Gene I. 400
University Research. Most Federal Agencies Need to Better Protect against Financial Conflicts of Interest. 193
Using Creative Arts in the Career Assessment Process. Willis, Carlotta J. 171
Using the Family of Origin in Career Counseling. Chope, Robert C. 152
Using Web-Based Surveys to Conduct Counseling Research. Granello, Darcy Haag; Wheaton, Joe E. 209
Valid, Reliable, and Appropriate Assessments for Adult English Language Learners. Kenyon, Dorry; Van Duzer, Carol Author abstract 268
Valid, Reliable, and Appropriate Assessments for Adult English Language Learners. ERIC Q & A. Kenyon, Dorry; Van Duzer, Carol 263
Vouchers: A School Choice. Costa, Alicia, Sister; Elseginy, Siham; Lusco, Ellen; Pinney, Jean 233
What Do We Do Now That the Evaluation Is Over? Methods for Transitioning the Responsibility of Evaluation to Program Staff. Cassata, Jennifer Coyne; Siddens, Stephanie K. 218
What Interns in School Administration Said They Learned from Their Internship: Program Implications. Marshak, John J. 282
When Values Matter. Zemsky, Robert, Ed. 344
Working with Career Stages. Jonas, M. Rose 172

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