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Articles from ERIC: Reports (March 1, 2003)

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"Up the Back Holler, Down the Dusty Road, Cross the Windy Prairie": Issues, Perspectives, and Strategies for Research in the Crisis of Improving Mathematical Education of Rural Youth. Working Paper Series. Hatfield, Larry L. 279
"What Will It Take" Project. Washington Quality Education Model. Final Report. Conley, David; Freund, William 283
A Call For High School Reform. Lichtenstein, Gary 279
A Comparative Study of the Needs and Sources of Support of African American and White Urban and Rural Caregivers of Young Children with Special Needs. Darling, Sharon M. 283
A General Scope of Practice for Professional School Counselors. McCurdy, Kenneth G. 200
A Guide to State Laws and Regulations on Professional School Counseling. Lum, Christie 256
A Guide to Teaching about the War on Terrorism. Footnotes. Volume 8, Number 1. Dickler, Paul Author abstract 154
A Pilot Study on a Coordinated Approach to Language Instruction. Viswat, Linda J.; Duppenthaler, Catherine E.; Nishi, Kaori; Podziewski, Kyle 255
A Preliminary Report on the Effects of the TAP Program on the Attraction and Retention of Fully Credentialed Teachers in API 1-5 Schools. Planning, Assessment, and Research Division Publication. Neuhaus, Rudolf 334
A Qualified Teacher for Every Student: Keeping the Good Ones. Menlove, Ronda; Garnes, Lori; Salzberg, Charles 302
A Sampling of Success Stories of Federal Investment in University Research. 170
A Sense of Belonging: A Tracer Study of ALMAYA's Parents Cooperative Kindergarten, Israel. Early Childhood Development: Practice and Reflections. Following Footsteps. Levin-Rozalis, Miri; Shafran, Naama 376
A Snapshot of Head Start Children, Families, Teachers, and Programs: 1997 and 2001. CLASP Head Start Series, Policy Brief. Schumacher, Rachel; Rakpraja, Tanya 306
A Study in Content Area Language Acquisition. Broer, Kathleen 266
A Study in Content Language Acquisition. Broer, Kathleen 201
Abuso de Medicamentos Prescritos y la Juventud: Boletin Informativo. 194
Academic Aspirations and Expectations: Perceptions of Rural Seventh Graders and Their Parents. Cowley, Kimberly S.; Meehan, Merrill L.; Wilson, Robert A.; Wilson, Nancy M. 318
Accelerated Learning Program (ALP): Grade 3-8 Evaluation, 2001-02. Baenen, Nancy; Yaman, Kimberly; Lindblad, Mark 236
Accelerating Reading and Spelling with Synthetic Phonics: A Five Year Follow Up. Insight. Johnston, Rhona S.; Watson, Joyce E. 226
Access and Achievement Building Block: Making the Case for All To Achieve. Scurry, Jamie E. 259
Action Research: Enhancing Collaboration, Nurturing Professionals. Gooden, Kelly 270
Admissions and Transfer Experiences of Students Continuing Their Studies in British Columbia: Findings from the BC College & Institute Student Outcomes Survey, 2002. Lawrance, Jill 282
Adult Basic and Literacy Education Program: Revised Indicators of Program Quality, Fiscal Year 2004. 329
Adults with Asperger Syndrome: How They Have Helped My Teaching. Hurlbutt, Karen 297
Alaska Native Education: Past, Present and Future. Andersen-Spear, Doreen 289
Alignment Analysis and Content Validity of the Wisconsin Assessment for Students with Disabilities. WCER Working Paper No. 2003-2. Roach, Andrew T.; Elliott, Stephen N.; Webb, Norman L. Author abstract 400
An Analysis of the College's Economic Impact, 1997-2002. Martin, Fred H. 269
An Early Report on Comprehensive High School Conversions. Wallach, Catherine A. Author abstract 136
An Evaluation of Milwaukee Area Technical College District. Report. Wade, Kate; Monroe, Kellie; Bajkiewicz, David; Coulthart, Tim; Osmanski, Thomas; Smyth, Conor; Somme 302
Are There Civic Returns to Education? NBER Working Paper Series. Dee, Thomas S. 187
Assessing Student Services and Academic Support Services. Morante, Edward A. 276
Assessment of Benefits and Costs of Out of School Care: Insight. 278
Assisting Parents of Gay and Lesbian Youth. Bracciale, Marie T.; Sanabria, Samuel; Updyke, E. Jane 183
Associate Degrees Awarded in British Columbia: 1993/94 to 2001/02. Author abstract 327
Associate Degrees Awarded in British Columbia: 1993/94 to 2001/02. 270
B.C. Post-Secondary Admissions Information: High School Counsellor Perspectives. Orum, Jennifer Author abstract 112
Beating the Odds: A City-By-City Analysis of Student Performance and Achievement Gaps on State Assessments. Results from the 2001-2002 School Year. Casserly, Michael 267
Better Teachers, Better Preschools: Student Achievement Linked to Teacher Qualifications. NIEER Preschool Policy Matters, Issue 2. Barnett, W. Steven 239
Beyond Islands of Excellence: What Districts Can Do To Improve Instruction and Achievement in All Schools. A Project of the Learning First Alliance [and] A Leadership Brief. Togneri, Wendy; Anderson, Stephen E. 269
BRAC's Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) Teacher Training Program. Panel Paper (Summary). Haiplik, Brenda 295
Bridging the Digital Divide through Technology Integration into the Special Education Program: Faculty Attitudes toward Technology Accessibility for Diverse Learners. Kurubacak, Gulsun; Basal, Mine Author abstract 234
Challenge and Change for EFL Oral Communication Instruction. Asato, Moriatsu 238
Charter School Accountability in New York: Findings from a Three-Year Study of Charter School Authorizers. Charter School Research Project. Ascher, Carol; Echazarreta, Juan; Jacobowitz, Robin; McBride, Yolanda; Troy, Tammi; Wamba, Nathalis 291
Children as Sex Offenders, Why? Deranek, Traci; Gilman, David A. 165
Children Entering School Ready To Learn: School Readiness Information. School Year 2002-03 by State and County. 353
Classroom Teachers' Views on Inclusion. Research Institute on Secondary Education Reform for Youth with Disabilities (RISER) Brief. King, M. Bruce; Youngs, Peter 273
Classrooms and Curriculum Come Alive with Music: A Sequential Approach of Teaching Music to Elementary Students Using Daily Oral Music Lessons. Sharp, Lanette 317
Closing the Door on Afterschool Programs: An Analysis of How the Proposed Cut to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Will Affect Children and Families in Every State. 237
Cognitive Conflict, Direct Teaching and Student's Academic Level. Zohar, Anat; Kravetsky, Simcha-Aharon 269
College and University Enrollment in Connecticut, Fall 2002. 271
College Persistence, Graduation, and Remediation. Research Summary. RS-09. Camara, Wayne J. 199
Community College's Expanding Role in Teacher Preparation. Zientek, Linda; Kadhi, TauGamba; Capraro, Robert M. 235
Community Learning Project. Final Report. Harris, Marsha; Coulter, Gail 224
Community Partnerships Increase Services and Outcomes for Students with Psychological Disabilities. Stringari, Tim 282
Comparing Essays Written under Different Timing Conditions. Research Summary. RS-08. Camara, Wayne J. 253
Costs, Culture, and Complexity: An Analysis of Technology Enhancements in a Large Lecture Course at UC Berkeley. Harley, Diane; Henke, Jonathan; Lawrence, Shannon; McMartin, Flora; Maher, Michael; Gawlik, Marytza; Report 233
Critical Multiculturalism, Pedagogy, and Rhetorical Theory: A Negotiation of Recognition. Clary-Lemon, Jennifer 357
Crossing the Bridge: An Evaluation of the Drug Treatment Alternative-to-Prison (DTAP) Program. A CASA White Paper. 356
Curriculum Drama: Using Imagination and Inquiry in a Middle School Social Studies Classroom. Occasional Paper Series 10. Franklin, Catherine Author abstract 292
Delaware Early Learning Foundations for School Success. 340
Delaware Student Testing Program: A Score Results Guide for Educators. 217
Delaware Student Testing Program: A Score Results Guide for Parents. 328
Destroying the Art of Cartography: Teaching Illustrations Using ArcView. Hill, Miriam Helen 150
Developing Curriculum for Democracy through International Partnerships. ERIC Digest. Hamot, Gregory E. 155
Developing Situational Learning Events: A Practical Merger of Real-Life Events with Content Instruction. Salyer, B. Keith; Thyfault, Alberta 243
Does a Business School's Writing Center Encourage Students To Write Like Men? Nadeau, Jean-Paul 290
Does Education Improve Citizenship? Evidence from the U.S. and the U.K. Working Paper. Milligan, Kevin; Moretti, Enrico; Oreopoulos, Philip 262
Dual Enrollment Programs: Easing Transitions from High School to College. CCRC Brief. Bailey, Thomas R.; Hughes, Katherine L.; Karp, Melinda Mechur 264
Economic Affirmative Action in College Admissions: A Progressive Alternative to Racial Preferences and Class Rank Admissions Plans. Issue Brief Series. Kahlenberg, Richard 209
Education Empowerment Zones: Revitalizing Ohios Cities through School Choice. Hall, Joshua C.; Staley, Samuel R.; Hisrich, Matthew S.; Barry, Aengus L. 272
Education for Employment: Implementation and Resource Guide. Bulletin. 267
Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program: Title VII-B of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assitance Act, as Amended by The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Draft Non-Regulatory Guidance. 228
Education, Equity and Social Cohesion: A Distributional Model. Wider Benefits of Learning Research Report. Green, Andy; Preston, John; Sabates, Ricardo 281
Effect of Defaulted Student Loans on Return to Work Efforts. Policy & Practice Brief #7. Cebula, Ray; Hager, Ronald M. 297
Elementary Math Achievement for Rural Development: Effects of Contextual Factors Intrinsic to the Modern World. Working Paper. Bickel, Robert; Howley, Caitlin 295
Emotional Intelligence Skills: Significant Factors in Freshmen Achievement and Retention. Nelson, Darwin B.; Nelson, Kaye W. 183
Empowering Students with Special Needs through Service-Learning. Karayan, Silva; Gathercoal, Paul 266
Empowering Young Black Males--III: A Systematic Modular Training Program for Black Male Children & Adolescents. Lee, Courtland C. 289
English and Math Placement Surveys: Students and Instructors--Fall 2002. Report. Meuschke, Daylene M.; Gribbons, Barry C. Survey 285
Ensuring Rural Survival: Designing Professional Development That Builds Local Capacity. Mitchem, Katherine J.; Richards, Ann 299
Errors in Standardized Tests: A Systemic Problem. Rhoades, Kathleen; Madaus, George 354
Essential Principles of High-Quality Online Teaching: Guidelines for Evaluating K-12 Online Teachers. 274
Establishing BEST Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship Programs for Youth Workers. Dawson, Amy L.; MacAllum, Keith; Warner, Nicole 286
Evaluating Rural Progress in Mathematics Achievement: Is "Adequate Yearly Progress" (AYP) Feasible, Valid, Reliable, and Fair? Working Paper. Lee, Jaekyung 341
Evaluating Teaming Skills in a Rural University Clinical Experience: Continuation across Two Summers. Friedland, Billie L.; Walz, Lynn M. 290
Evaluation of the Technology Workforce Development Grants Program. Report. Webb, Roger P.; Lee, Peter 230
Evaluations of School Readiness Initiatives: What Are We Learning? SERVE's Expanded Learning Opportunities National Leadership Area Research Report. Brown, Elizabeth G.; Scott-Little, Catherine 344
Every Child, Every School: Success from the Start. Special Report. 302
Evidence-Informed Approaches to Teaching Science at Junior High School Level: Outcomes in Terms of Student Learning. Leach, John; Ametller, Jaume; Hind, Andy; Lewis, Jenny; Scott, Phil 210
Extending Multicultural Counselor Competence to Sexual Orientation. Bidell, Markus Paul 264
Fact and Fantasy: Eight Myths about Early Childhood Education and Care. Cleveland, Gordon; Krashinsky, Michael 316
Fall 2002 Student Profile. Based upon First Census Data. Glyer-Culver, Betty. 301
Federal Information Resources for Professional Counselors. A Sourcebook of Free and Low-Cost Resources To Support and Enrich Your Work as a Professional Counselor. Lum, Christie 203
Federal Outlook for Exceptional Children: Budget Considerations and CEC Recommendations, Fiscal Year 2004. 272
Feeding Low-Income Children When School Is Out: The Summer Food Service Program. Final Report. Gordon, Anne; Briefel, Ronette; Needels, Karen; Wemmerus, Nancy; Zavitsky, Teresa; Rosso, Randy; Tas Report 404
Fighting for the Profession: A History of AFT Higher Education. Item Number 36-0701. Report 203
Financing Higher Education: The Appropriate Balance among Appropriations, Tuition and Fees, and Financial Aid To Achieve the Goals of "Closing the Gaps.". 247
Fiscal Year 2002 Unit Cost Report for the Illinois Public Community Colleges. 266
Fiscal Year 2003 Salary Report for the Illinois Public Community Colleges. 277
Food Stamp Employment and Training Program: Better Data Needed To Understand Who Is Served and What the Program Achieves. Report to Congressional Requesters. 294
Free-Choice Learning at a Metropolitan Zoo. Coll, Richard K.; Tofield, Sara; Vyle, Brent; Bolstad, Rachel 266
From Vision to Reality--Developing World Language Programs in Elementary Grades: Lessons Learned. Report To TEACH Wisconsin. Conzemius, Anne; Sandrock, Paul 243
Gathering Data for Connecticut Towns: A Primer, Volume 1. Birth to 8 Years. Cooke, Michelle Beaulieu; Canny, Priscilla F.; Oliveira, Peg 208
General Self-Efficacy of College Students with Disabilities. Albiero-Walton, Julianne 181
Getting a Grant: Sources of Funding and How To Pursue Them. Lum, Christie 212
Global English and German Today. Occasional Paper. Harris, Gabriele 276
Global Rural Autism Asperger Information Network: A Distance Learning Inservice Training Program. Bock, Marjorie A.; Swinney, Lori; Smart, Kathy 294
Granted: Three Wishes To Improve Access to the General Curriculum. Childs, Peggy L. 305
Great Expectations: State of Education, 2003. Author abstract 119
Helping Rural Special Education Preservice Teachers Survive the Virtual Wilderness. Menlove, Ronda; Peterson, Darcie 290
How Do Educators' Cultural Belief Systems Affect Underserved Students' Pursuit of Postsecondary Education? PREL Briefing Paper. George, Patricia; Aronson, Rosa 271
How Significant Is Culture in the Development of Coping Styles among Latinas? Quinones del Valle, Rose M.; Arredondo, Patricia 236
How Successful Ethnic Minority Students Construct Identities: Observations from Yunnan Province, PRC. Lee, MaryJo Benton 299
Icelandic: Linguistic Maintenance or Change? The Role of English. Occasional Paper. Hilmarsson-Dunn, Amanda 277
IDEA: Focusing on Improving Results for Children with Disabilities. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Education Reform of the Committee on Education and the Workforce. House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, First Session. 270
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: Industrial Maintenance General Maintenance Cluster. 232
Implementation of the State Children's Health Insurance Program: Synthesis of State Evaluations. Background for the Report to Congress. Rosenbach, Margo; Ellwood, Marilyn; Irvin, Carol; Young, Cheryl; Conroy, Wendy; Quinn, Brian; Kell, 354
Implementing the Shurley Method at Reelsville Elementary School To Raise Achievement Scores: Effective or Ineffective? Harris, Angela Nicole; Gilman, David A. 216
Improving Engagement in Science: A Biosocial System Perspective. Hanrahan, Mary U. 299
Improving Our Students' Speaking Skills: Using Selective Error Correction and Group Work To Reduce Anxiety and Encourage Real Communication. Sato, Koichi Correction notice 244
Improving the Motivation of Unsuccessful Learners in the Japanese High School EFL Context. Atsuta, Hiromi 209
In Praise of Weakness: Chartering, the University of the United States, and Dartmouth College. Research & Occasional Paper Series. CSHE.2.03. Trow, Martin Author abstract 118
In the Margins of the Privileged Text: Deconstructing Creative Nonfiction's Pedagogy of Entitlement. Papay, Twila Yates 269
Including Students with Disabilities and Achieving Accountability: Educators' Emerging Challenge. Ward, Martin J.; Montague, Nicole; Linton, Thomas H. 244
Influencing Student Learning: A School-Wide Action Research Project. Crow, Nedra A.; Spencer, Betty 273
Information and Communication Technologies and Continuing Health Professional Education in Canada. A Survey of Providers Final Report. 284
Integrating Web Conferencing and Field Work for Preparing Rural Special Educators. Chapman, Carrie; Knapczyk, Dennis 286
Interdisciplinary Research for Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Rural Schools: Considerations for Creating a Mathematics and Vocational Education Research Agenda. Working Paper. Harmon, Hobart L. 291
Invest Early: Good Beginnings Last a Lifetime. Kansas Kids Count Data Book, 2003. 315
Issues of Development, Democratic Prospects, and Citizenship Education: Theoretical Perspectives on Sub-Saharan Africa. Abdi, Ali A. 274
Kemow Eta' manik ("Weaving Our Learning"): A Methodological Proposal To Increase Quality of Education in Rural Areas of El Quiche, Guatemala. Ramirez de Arellano, Julio D. 265
Knowledge Management in Education: Defining the Landscape. Petrides, Lisa A.; Nodine, Thad R. 253
Knowledge, Innovation and Internationalisation. 279
Language as Cultural Practice: Engaging Minority Language Use within Intercultural Education. Luykx, Aurolyn 285
Learning Genetics with Multiple Representations: A Three Dimensional Analysis of Conceptual Change. Tsui, Chi-Yan; Treagust, David F. 253
Live Broadcasting Online: Interactive Training for Rural Special Educators. Ludlow, Barbara L.; Duff, Michael C. 278
Louisiana School-Based Health Centers Annual Services Report, 2001-2002. 304
Low Wages = Low Quality: Solving the Real Preschool Teacher Crisis. NIEER Preschool Policy Matters, Issue 3. Barnett, W. Steven 227
Maryland Higher Education Commission Trend Book, 2003. 215
Maryland's Plan for Family, School, and Community Involvement: Recommendations for Reaching Academic Success for All Students through Family, School, and Community Partnerships. Author abstract 284
Masculinity Ideology and Gender Role Conflict across Cultures: Implications for Counseling African, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino Men. Janey, Bradley A. 175
Mathematics Education in Rural Communities: A Mathematician's View. Working Paper Series. Mahoney, Carolyn R. 297
Mathematics Learning and Teaching in Rural Communities: Some Research Issues. Working Paper. Silver, Edward A.; Castro, Alison M. Conference notes 299
Mathematics Teacher Education in Rural Communities: Developing a Foundation for Action. Working Paper. Cooney, Thomas J. 275
Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Rural Contexts: A Social Systems Perspective. Working Paper. Arnold, Michael L. 306
Maximizing Home Visit Time In Rural Early Intervention. Jung, Lee Ann 306
Michigan's Role in Monitoring Home Schools. Policy Report No. 15. Donahue, Tara; Plank, David N. Report 316
Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges. 266
Moving Toward a Classroom Inclusion Model. Carney, Rachel; Horseherder, Bessie; Littlefox, Judith; Trujillo, Roger; Wimmer, Ylandra; Prater, Gr 301
Needs Assessment Survey: Doing Business with China. Report. Meuschke, Daylene M.; Gribbons, Barry C. Survey 270
New-Model Scholarship: How Will It Survive? Optimizing Collections and Services for Scholarly Use. Smith, Abby 249
Newborn Screening: Characteristics of State Programs. Toiv, Helene F.; Austin, Janina; Gardiner, Emily Gamble; Tynan, Ann; Hill, Ariel; Milne, Kevin; Moon 372
Ninos en Riesgo: Boletin Informativo. 266
No Teacher Left Behind: Mentoring and Supporting Novice Teachers. Andrews, Shirley P.; Martin, Ellice 192
No Time for Complacency: Teen Births in California. Constantine, Norman A.; Nevarez, Carmen R. 301
Observing Teaching: A Reform-Based Framework for Looking into Classrooms. Schneider, Rebecca; Blumenfeld, Phyllis 130
Online Advanced Placement Courses: Experiences of Rural and Low-Income High School Students. WCALO Special Studies. Marcel, Kathleen W. 307
Opening Doors to Earning Credentials: Curricular and Program Format Innovations That Help Low-Income Students Succeed in Community Colleges. Kazis, Richard; Liebowitz, Marty 275
Outlook. Number 283. 116
Perceived Effects of State-Mandated Testing Programs on Teaching and Learning: Findings from a National Survey of Teachers. Pedulla, Joseph J.; Abrams, Lisa M.; Madaus, George F.; Russell, Michael K.; Ramos, Miguel A.; Miao, 317
Physical Activity and the Stages of Motivational Readiness for Change Model. Marcus, Bess H.; Lewis, Beth A. 251
Physics Bachelors with Master's Degrees. AIP Report. Ivie, Rachel; Stowe, Katie 286
Planning and Teaching Report-Writing. PEN. Hayes, Julie 194
Power, Resistance, and Invisibility in High School Video Production: An Exploration of Participation Styles across Genders, Ethnicities, and Schools. Beaty, Lara Margaret 308
Prekindergarten in U.S. Public Schools: 2000-2001. Statistical Analysis Report. Smith, Timothy; Kleiner, Anne; Parsad, Basmat; Farris, Elizabeth; Greene, Bernard 337
Prevalence and Development of Child Delinquency. Child Delinquency Bulletin Series. Snyder, Howard N.; Espiritu, Rachele C.; Huizinga, David; Loeber, Rolf; Petechuk, David 318
Professional Development: Leading Organizational Change in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest. Stern, Stefanie 274
Program Descriptions. A Companion to "Safe and Sound: An Educational Leader's Guide to Evidence-Based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs". 198
Program Review Rating Scales: Introduction and Overview. 198
Promoting Positive Citizenship: Priming Youth for Action. CIRCLE Working Paper 05. Zaff, Jonathon F.; Malanchuk, Oksana; Michelsen, Erik; Eccles, Jacquelynne Author abstract 381
Providing Psychological Consultative Services to Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities: A Collaborative Effort between Rural School Districts and a University Training Program. Jerez, Ric; Brady, Sharon; Cates, Dennis 275
Putting a Human Face on Chemistry: A Project for Liberal Arts Chemistry. Kriz, George; Popejoy, Kate 134
Putting Parenting First: Why It's Time for Universal Paid Leave. PPI Policy Report. Atkinson, Robert D. 316
Race and Disability: Racial Bias in Arizona Special Education. Policy Report. Ladner, Matthew 257
Race-Neutral Alternatives in Postsecondary Education: Innovative Approaches to Diversity. 269
Re-Thinking the Mentoring Role in PDS Classrooms. Conners, Keith J.; Adamchak, Jan 270
Reaching More Hungry Children: The Seamless Summer Food Waiver. Issue Brief. Tasse, Tania; Ohls, Jim 249
Reading First: Lessons from Successful State Reading Initiatives. Denton, David R. 356
Reauthorizing the Higher Education Act (HEA): Issues and Options. Wolanin, Thomas, Ed. 404
Relationship between Attitude towards Technical Education and Academic Achievement in Mathematics and Science of the First and Second Year High School Students, Caritas Don Bosco School, SY 2002-2003. Magno, Carlo Report 678
Reports on Progress and Outcomes: A Report on the State Assistive Technology Act Projects, 2000-2001. 252
Research and Clinical Center for Child Development Annual Report, 2001-2002. Chen, Shing-Jen, Ed.; Murohashi, Harumitsu, Ed.; Fujino, Yuki, Ed. 228
Research Perspectives on School Reform: Lessons from the Annenberg Challenge. 128
Revisiting Bakke and Diversity-Based Admissions: Constitutional Law, Social Science Research, and the University of Michigan Affirmative Action Cases. Briefing Paper. Ancheta, Angelo N. 283
Role of Developmental (Remedial) Education for Recent High School Graduates Attending Washington Community and Technical Colleges--System Summary for Students Enrolled in 2001-2002. Research Report. 279
Rural Students Becoming Rural Teachers: How Long Do They Stay? Yeager, Noranne; Marshall, Peggy; Madsen, Kim 297
Rural Survival. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES) (23rd, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 20-22, 2003). Menlove, Ronda, Ed. Conference news 239
Sacred Acts, Secular Spaces: Why Public Schools Should Follow a Policy of Religious Accommodation. McJunkin, Kyle Stewart 170
Safe and Sound: An Educational Leader's Guide to Evidence-Based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs. 241
Safe and Sound: An Educational Leader's Guide to Evidence-Based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs. Author abstract 180
Saving Education & Ourselves: The Moral Case for Self-Reliance in Education. 278
School Counseling: A Scope of Practice for the 21st Century. McCurdy, Kenneth G. 195
School-Based Management Leads to Shared Responsibility and Quality in Education. Gamage, David 255
School-Wide Discipline Practices: A Look at the Effectiveness of Common Practices. Garnes, Lori; Menlove, Ronda 245
Self-Perceptions of Rural College Special Education Preservice Teachers: Assessing the Application of Curriculum Content Knowledge to the Actual Classroom. Brown, Mark 306
Skills and Training in the Non-Profit Sector. CPRN Research Series on Human Resources in the Non-Profit Sector. McMullen. Kathryn; Schellenberg, Grant 286
Smart Start and Preschool Child Care Quality in North Carolina: Change Over Time and Relation to Children's Readiness. Bryant, Donna; Maxwell, Kelly; Taylor, Karen; Poe, Michele; Peisner-Feinberg, Ellen; Bernier, Kathle 330
So What If Education Survives! Who Cares and Who Should. Madsen, Kim 272
Socializing Youth for Citizenship. CIRCLE Working Paper 03. Zaff, Jonathon F.; Malanchuk, Oksana; Michelsen, Erik; Eccles, Jacquelynne Author abstract 373
Socioeconomic Status, Race/Ethnicity, and Selective College Admissions. A Century Foundation Paper. Carnevale, Anthony P.; Rose, Stephen J. Clinical report 306
Special Education Administration at a Crossroads: Availability, Licensure, and Preparation of Special Education Administrators. Lashley, Carl; Boscardin, Mary Lynn 236
State Profiles of Child Well-Being: Results from the 2000 Census. A Kids Count/PRB Report on Census 2000. Mather, Mark; Rivers, Kerri L. 316
State Support to Low-Performing Schools. Reeves, Cynthia 214
Status of Online Testing in SREB States. Thomas, William R. 249
Strategic Plan To Ensure Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Connecticut Public Higher Education. 2003 Annual Report. 334
Strategies To Help Students Cope with the High Information Flow in World Regional Geography Courses. Heath, Douglas E. 288
Strengthening Rural Schools: Training Paraprofessionals in Crisis Prevention and Intervention. Allen, Melissa; Ashbaker, Betty Y.; Stott, Kathryn A. 292
Student Opinion Survey: 2002 Findings and Comparisons between the 2002 and 1999 Studies. Internal Report. Yindra, Kathy; Huppertz, Mary 283
Student-Led Crime Prevention: A Real Resource with Powerful Promise. Singh, David 259
Survey of the Recipients of Maryland Teacher Scholarships. Albert, Lindsay A. 252
Systems in Tension: Perceptions of Business and Education in Partnership. Despres, Blane Rolland 364
Teaching Science On-Line: A Reflection on a Year's Experience. Bentley, Michael L. 231
Technology Integration in an Elementary Science Classroom: Its Impact on Teaching and Learning. Popejoy, Kate 247
Technology Rich Biology Labs: Effects of Misconceptions. Kuech, Robert; Zogg, Gregory; Zeeman, Stephan; Johnson, Mark 314
Telling Their Stories: Women Construct/Instruct through Survival Rhetoric. Meagher, Eileen M. 324
Test and Evaluation of a Course Designed for Mobile Learning. ZIFF Papiere. Strohlein, Georg; Fritsch, Helmut 282
Testing and Predictions of Pupil Success. Ediger, Marlow 201
The 2003 Secondary School Tracking Report. Diminishing Support in a Harsher Environment. 362
The Circle of Collaboration. Burnham, Jacki; Discher, Stephanie; Ingle, Krista 232
The Competitive Disadvantage: Teacher Compensation in Rural America. Policy Brief. Jimerson, Lorna 333
The Draw of Home: How Teachers' Preferences for Proximity Disadvantage Urban Schools. NBER Working Paper. Boyd, Donald; Lankford, Hamilton; Loeb, Susanna; Wyckoff, James 241
The Effect of Integrated Basic Education Programs on Women's Social and Economic Well-Being in Bolivia. Hua, Haiyan; Burchfield, Shirley 296
The Effects of Using ACT Composite Score and High School Average on College Admission Decisions for Racial/Ethical Groups. ACT Research Report Series. Noble, Julie Report 308
The Fact Book: Report for the Florida Community College System. 289
The Federal Role in Vocational-Technical Education. CCRC Brief. Jacobs, James; Grubb, W. Norton 253
The Future of Career and Technical Education. Daggett, Willard R. 282
The Impact of Co-teaching between Science Student Teachers and Primary Classroom Teachers on Children's Enjoyment and Learning of Science and Student Teacher Confidence. Murphy, Colette; Beggs, Jim; Carlisle, Karen 213
The Impact of Individual Teachers on Student Achievement: Evidence from Panel Data. Rockoff, Jonah E. 238
The Impact of Involvement in a Science Fair on Seventh Grade Students. Yasar, Senay; Baker, Dale 377
The Institutional Context of School to Work Transition in Saudi Arabia. Wiseman, Alexander W.; Alromi, Naif H. 268
The Internet and the French Language. Occasional Paper. Tattersall, Alex 248
The LSS Review. Volume 2, Number 1. Rohland, Mark, Ed. Abstract 721
The Merck Institute for Science Education: A Successful Intermediary for Education Reform. CPRE Research Report Series. Corcoran, Tom 286
The Montana Behavioral Initiative: Student Results and System Outcomes. Rude, Harvey; Bailey-Anderson, Susan; Dotter, Susan 277
The Montana Training for Inclusive Education (TIE) Final Evaluation. Colling, Kyle; Fishbaugh, Mary Susan E.; Hermanson, Michael 247
The Principal as Instructional Leader: A Position for Enhancing Mathematics Learning in Rural Schools. Working Paper. Glascock, Catherine H. 314
The Problem of Translating English Linguistic Terminology into Arabic. Abdellah, Antar Solhy 197
The Realities of Date Rape. Presley, Cara; Watson, Jennifer; Williams, Audrey R. 167
The Rewards and Challenge of Teaching Innovation in University Physics: Four Years Reflection. Chang, Wheijen 206
The Role of Adolescent Extracurricular Activities in Adult Political Participation. CIRCLE Working Paper 02. Kirlin, Mary Report 284
The Role of Metacognition in Facilitating Conceptual Change. Yuruk, Nejla; Ozdemir, Omer; Beeth, Michael E. 183
The Social Construction of Rural Mathematics: Conjectures, Contradictions and a Few Hypotheses. Working Paper Series. DeYoung, Alan J. 309
The State of Charter Schools in Colorado, 2001-02: The Characteristics, Status and Performance Record of Colorado Charter Schools. Fitzgerald, Joy 233
The Status of Physics 12 in BC: Reflections from UBC Science Teacher Candidates. Nashon, Samson Madera 203
The Uses and Applications of Learning Technologies in the Modern Classroom: Finding a Common Ground Between Kinaesthetic and Theoretical Delivery. Glass, Samuel 282
The Vocabulary of Physics and Its Impact on Student Learning. Itza-Ortiz, Salomon F.; Rebello, N. Sanjay; Zollman, Dean A. 217
The Wishing Crystal: Joint Construction in the Junior-Primary Classroom. PEN. Parkin, Bronwyn 315
This Works: Improving Urban Education. Civic Bulletin. Greene, Jay P. 176
Time and Learning. ERIC Digest. Metzker, Bill 262
Treatment, Services, and Intervention Programs for Child Delinquents. Child Delinquency Bulletin Series. Burns, Barbara J.; Howell, James C.; Wiig, Janet K.; Augimeri, Leena K.; Welsh, Brendan C.; Loeber, 326
Turkish Preservice Special Education Teachers' Experiences, Perspectives and Expectations on Use of Technology: Integrating Technology in the College Classroom. Basal, Mine; Kurubacak, Gulsun Author abstract 227
Turkish Preservice Special Education Teachers' Experiences, Perspectives and Expectations on Use of Technology: Integrating Technology in the College Classroom. Basal, Mine; Kurubacak, Gulsun 261
Twenty Years of Strengthening Institutions & Bridging Cultures. 263
Unbraiding the Rhetoric about Student Achievement and Teacher Quality in Georgia. Livingston, Donald R.; Livingston, Sharon 272
Undergraduate Access to the University of California after the Elimination of Race-Conscious Policies. Robinson, Nina 298
Understanding Learning Styles and Study Strategies of Korean Students in American Colleges and Universities: A Research Study with Recommendations for Faculty and Academic Advisors. Tucker, Donald L. Report 273
Uniting Rural, Urban and Suburban America! Live Internet-Based Paraeducator and Teacher Training in Idaho, Utah, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Forbush, David E.; Morgan, Robert L. 269
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