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Articles from ERIC: Reports (February 1, 2003)

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A Brighter Future: Solutions to Policy Issues Affecting America's Children. McQuillan, Lawrence J., Ed. 266
A Learning Community for New Faculty. Ebersole, Tara 267
A Review of California's Cross Enrollment Program. Commission Report. 261
A Review of the Panoply of Effect Size Choices. Arnemann, Kelly 186
A Survey of Current Computer Information Science (CIS) Students. 174
A Tale of 3 Cities: Urban Perspectives on Special Education. Mandlawitz, Myrna 243
A Workshop Approach: Instructional Strategies for Working within the Constraints of Field Experiences in Elementary Science. Hanuscin, Deborah 150
Achieving Academic Goals through Place-Based Learning: Students in Five States Show How To Do It. Loveland, Elaina 287
Admission Policies and Attrition Rates in California Community College Nursing Programs. Seago, Jean Ann; Spetz, Joanne Report 377
Admission Policies and Attrition Rates in California Community College Nursing Programs. Background and Summary of Findings and Recommendations of the California Postsecondary Education Commission. Commission Report. Seago, Jean Ann; Spetz, Joanne 280
Advocates Secure Funds to Improve Child Care Environment. Child Advocates Making a Difference. Report 179
All Children Ready for School: The Case for Early Care and Education. A Guide for Policy Makers. Gruendel, Janice M.; Oliveira, Margaret; Geballe, Shelley 320
America's Children and the Environment: Measures of Contaminants, Body Burdens, and Illnesses. Second Edition. Woodruff, Tracey J.; Axelrad, Daniel A.; Kyle, Amy D.; Nweke, Onyemaechi; Miller, Gregory G. Clinical report 400
An Evaluation of the Counseling Services at Four Latino Plurality High Schools in the Chicago Public Schools. Valdez, Virginia; Rodriguez, Jose E. 283
An Infinite Game in a Finite Setting: Visualizing Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in America. Mantero, Miguel 188
An Investigation of ACCI's User Choice Proposals. Working Paper 47. Book review 237
An Investigation of ACCI's User Choice Proposals. Working Paper. Ferrier, Fran; Smith, Chris Selby 297
Appearance and Reality in the Sunshine State: The Talented 20 Program in Florida. Marin, Patricia; Lee, Edgar K. 298
Baltimore City Schools, 2001-2002: A Failing System Riddled with Inequities. NCSC Public School Analysis Series. 232
Benchmarking to the Best: A Comparative Study of School District Improvement of Student Achievement. 290
Biblored, Colombia's Innovative Library Network. Caballero, Maria Cristina 200
Bourdieu in the Classroom. Occasional Paper. Grenfell, Michael 273
Building Momentum: National Trends and Prospects for High-Performance Green Buildings. 179
Canadian Colleges and Institutes and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Productivity at Work. 266
Changes in Children's Cue and Strategy Use during Reading: Findings from the First Year of Professional Development in the South Carolina Reading Initiative. Technical Report. DeFord, Diane; Morgan, Denise N.; Saylor-Crowder, Karin; Pae, Tae-il; Johnson, Robert; Stephens, Dia 351
Child Care Subsidy Policies and Practices: Implications for Child Care Providers. New Federalism: Issues and Options for States, Series A. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Adams, Gina; Snyder, Kathleen; Tout, Kathryn 343
Childhood Lead Poisoning: Rhode Island Kids Count Issue Brief. 287
Clarifying Dispositions: Study of Administrator Candidate Perceptions. Stader, David L. 197
Class Size Reduction and Urban Students. ERIC Digest. Schwartz, Wendy 261
Class-Size Reduction Program Evaluation, 2001-02. A Report to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Speas, Carol 330
Classroom Management: Techniques, Policies, Procedures, and Programs to Ensure that Discipline "Rules" in Your Classroom. Logan, Janice G. 234
College Credit in High School: Increasing Postsecondary Credential Rates of Underrepresented Students. Hoffman, Nancy 289
Colorado Even Start Follow-Up Study: Trinidad State Junior College. Anderson, Beckie 350
Commission Recommendations Concerning Alternate Delivery Options for the State's Cal Grant Program. Commission Report 03-04. Report 320
Community Approaches to Serving Four-Year-Old Children in Wisconsin: Lessons Learned from Wisconsin Communities. Rodgers-Rhyme, Anne; Wright, Arlene 275
Constructivist Teaching and Student Achievement: The Results of a School-Level Classroom Observation Study in Washington. Technical Report. Abbott, Martin L.; Fouts, Jeffrey T. Report 262
Core Literacies. Perkins, Joan, Ed. 317
Creating a Community Approach to Serving Four-Year-Old Children in Wisconsin. Public Awareness Packet. Landsverk, Ruth Anne 337
Cuyahoga County Early Childhood Initiative Evaluation: Phase I Final Report and Executive Summary. Coulton, Claudia 359
Degrees and Certificates Earned, University of Hawaii, Community Colleges, Fiscal Year 2001-02. 280
Delaware Student Testing Program: State Summary Report Science and Social Studies Fall 2002 Administration, Grades 4 and 6. 298
Delaware Student Testing Program: Supplement Report of Student Questionnaire Survey, 2002 DSTP Administration for Grades 4 and 6 Science and Social Studies. 343
Determining "What Works" in Social Programs and Social Policies: Toward a More Inclusive Knowledge Base. Schorr, Lisbeth B. 273
Development and Initial Validation of the Encouraging Statistics Professor Scale. Watson, Freda S.; Kromrey, Jeffrey D.; Ferron, John M.; Dedrick, Robert F.; Hogarty, Kristine Y.; La 231
Differences in Motivations between Fundamental Christians and Atheists on the Reiss Profile of Fundamental Goals and Motivational Sensitivities. Beasley, Amy; Rowell, Kevin 274
Disadvantaged Students: Fiscal Oversight of Title I Could Be Improved. Report to Congressional Requesters. 270
Drugs of Abuse. Joseph, Donald E., Ed. 156
Dynamics of Race, Culture and Key Indicators of Health In the Nations 100 Largest Cities and Their Suburbs. The Social and Health Landscape of Urban and Suburban America Report Series. Andrulis, Dennis P.; Duchon, Lisa M.; Reidj, Hailey M. 279
Early Care and Education Programs are the Building Blocks for Our Children's Future: An Interagency Approach To Coordinate the Delivery of Early Child Care and Education Services in Delaware. Interagency Resource Management Committee, 2003 Annual Report. Gamel-McCormick, Michael; Cornwell, Janet 370
Education Reduces Crime: Three-State Recidivism Study. Executive Summary. Steurer, Stephen J.; Smith, Linda G. Report 305
Educational Accountability in Day Treatment and Residential Schools for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Report on a National Survey. EPRRI Issue Brief Three. Gagnon, Joseph Calvin; McLaughlin, Margaret J.; Leone, Peter 271
Educational Attainment: Analysis by Immigrant Generation. IZA Discussion Paper Series. Chiswick, Barry R.; DebBurman, Noyna 282
Effective Use of Adjunct Professors in Educational Leadership. Edmonson, Stacey; Fisher, Alice 196
Efficiencies at Texas Public Institutions of Higher Education, Fiscal Year 2001-Fiscal Year 2003. 302
Empathy or Antipathy? The Consequences of Racially and Socially Diverse Peers on Attitudes and Behaviors. Duncan, Greg J.; Boisjoly, Johanne; Levy, Dan M.; Kremer, Michael; Eccles, Jacque 228
Ending Social Promotion: Results from Summer Bridge. Charting Reform in Chicago Series. Roderick, Melissa; Engel, Mimi; Nagaoka, Jenny 409
Essential but Often Ignored: Child Care Providers in the Subsidy System. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program to Assess Changing Social Policies. Occasional Paper. Adams, Gina; Snyder, Kathleen; Tout, Kathryn 348
Expanding Access to Adult Literacy with Online Distance Education. Askov, Eunice N.; Johnston, Jerome; Petty, Leslie I.; Young, Shannon J. 276
Failing to Qualify: The First Step to Failure in School? Issue Brief. 231
Families Coping without Earnings or Government Cash Assistance. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program to Assess Changing Social Policies. Occasional Paper. Zedlewski, Sheila R.; Nelson, Sandi; Edin, Kathryn; Koball, Heather; Pomper, Kate; Roberts, Tracy 433
Federal Student Aid: Timely Performance Plans and Reports Would Help Guide and Assess Achievement of Default Management Goals. Report to the Secretary of Education. Ashby, Cornelia M. 281
Financial Report of Ontario Universities, 2001-02. Volume II: Affiliated and Federated Colleges and Universities. 307
Financial Report of the Ontario Universities, 2001-02. Volume I: Universities. 296
Focus on Basics: Connecting Research & Practice. Volume 6, Issue B. Periodical review 275
Getting Help with Child Care Expenses. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Occasional Paper. Giannarelli, Linda; Adelman, Sarah; Schmidt, Stefanie 324
Guidelines for Promoting Gender Equity in Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe. Papers on Higher Education. Miroiu, Mihaela 226
Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen. Revised. Walne, Marina; Narvaez, Darcia; Lehr, Fran 271
Higher Education Counts: Accountability Measures for the New Millennium. Data Analysis Update; Performance Improvement Targets. 2003 Report. 251
Higher Education in Cuba in the 2000s: Past and Future. Sabina, Elvira Martin 257
How Adult Literacy Practitioners Use Research. Occasional Research Paper. St. Clair, Ralf; Chen, Chia-Yin; Taylor, Lyndsay 281
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: Information Technology End User Applications Cluster. 224
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: Nursing Cluster. 230
Implementation of the Kansas Science Education Standards: A Principal/Teacher Perspective. Marlette, Stephen M.; Goldston, M. Jenice 173
Implementing a School Safety Project: An Evaluation of the I.S. 275 Brownsville Youth for Peace School Safety Project. Mino, Milton 284
In the Supreme Court of the United States, Barbara Grutter, Petitioner, versus Lee Bollinger, et al., Respondents on Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Brief for Respondents. 257
In the Supreme Court of the United States, Jennifer Gratz and Patrick Hamacher, Petitioners, versus Lee Bollinger, James J. Duderstadt, and the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan, Respondents on Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Brief for Respondents. 281
Including Special-Needs Students in the NAEP 1998 Reading Assessment. Part I: Comparison of Overall Results with and without Accommodations. A Report on 1998 NAEP Research Activities. Statistical Analysis Report. Lutkus, Anthony D.; Mazzeo, John 278
Inequality, Student Achievement, and College Admissions: A Remedy for Underrepresentation. Research & Occasional Paper Series. CSHE.1.03. Studley, Roger E. Report 249
Integrating Problem Solving with Theme-based Learning in "The Key Learning Community". Kalayci, Nurdan; Cohen, Michael R. 147
Interim Evaluation of In-District Alternative Education High School Programs. Mitchell, Stephanie; Waiwaiole, Gayle 282
Investigating Phenomena and Negotiating Ideas in the Middle School Science Classroom and Community: Would the Teacher Please Be Quiet? Jablon, Paul; Van Sickle, Meta 154
Investing Early: Intervention Programs in Selected U.S. States. Millennium Research Series. Cunningham, Alisa; Redmond, Christina; Merisotis, Jamie 287
Job Training + Education: A Pocket Guide for Policymakers. 306
Keeping American in Business: Advancing Workers, Businesses, and Economic Growth. [Report of] the American Assembly (102nd, Harriman, NY, February 6-9, 2003). 285
Language Proficiency and Home Languages of Students in New York City Elementary and Middle Schools. Stiefel, Leanna; Schwartz, Amy Ellen; Conger, Dylan 286
Leading for Learning Sourcebook: Concepts and Examples. Knapp, Michael S.; Copland, Michael A.; Ford, Brynnen; Markholt, Anneke; McLaughlin, Milbrey W.; Mil 261
Leading for Learning: Reflective Tools for School and District Leaders. CTP Research Report. Knapp, Michael S.; Copland, Michael A.; Talbert, Joan E. 293
Learn in Beauty: A Professional Development Project for Navajo Bilingual Teachers. Lockard, Louise; de Groat, Jennie; Bedonie, Clara 316
Matching Funds for Retention Incentives for Early Care and Education Staff: Evaluation. Year One Progress Report, 2001-2002. Policy Brief. Hamre, Bridget; Grove, Rebecca; Louie, Justin 262
Measuring Up: A Report on Education Standards and Assessment for Montgomery County, Maryland. Author abstract 315
Meeting the Challenge of Diversity and Change in the Preparation of Secondary Teachers. Barrett, Elden R.; Talbert, Tony 173
Men's and Women's Quality of Work in the New Canadian Economy. Work Network Research Paper. Hughes, Karen; Lowe, Graham S.; Schellenberg, Grant 286
Minority Views on the Report of the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics. de Varona, Donna; Foudy, Julie 293
Multivariate Variable Deletion Methods: Don't Do Stepwise. Kadhi, TauGamba Report 134
National Drug Control Strategy. Update. 330
Native American Entrepreneurship. Digest. Seymour, Nicole 306
New Designs for Career and Technical Education at the Secondary and Postsecondary Levels: Compendium of Design Reviews of Related Research, Policies, and Exemplary Practices. Wolff, Susan J.; Copa, George H. 278
NovaNet Student Outcomes, 2001-2002. Harlow, Kristin; Baenen, Nancy 253
Older Workers: Policies of Other Nations To Increase Labor Force Participation. Report to the Ranking Minority Member, Special Committee on Aging, U.S. Senate. 273
Open to All: Title IX at 30. 270
Opening Doors to Earning Credentials: Supporting CalWORKS Students at California Community Colleges. An Exploratory Focus Group Study. Nelson, Laura; Purnell, Rogeair 275
Ordinary Least Squares Regression, Discriminant Analysis, and Logistic Regression: Questions Researchers and Practitioners Should Address When Selecting an Analytic Technique. Fraas, John W.; Newman, Isadore 232
Organisation of Provision of Post-16 Education and Training: A Report to the DfES to Inform the Design of Guidance on the Conduct of Strategic Area Reviews. Research Report. Edem, Afiong; Spencer, Paul; Fyfield, Barry 305
Peace Pedagogy: Exposing and Integrating Peace Education in Teacher Education. Brantmeier, Edward J. 256
Percent Plans in College Admissions: A Comparative Analysis of Three States' Experiences. Horn, Catherine L.; Flores, Stella M. 303
Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities. NCES 2003-347. Brief article 295
Principals and Special Education: The Critical Role of School Leaders. DiPaola, Michael F.; Walther-Thomas, Chriss 251
Provider Missions and Their Development: A Report by the LSDA for the DfES. Edem, Afiong; Spencer, Paul; Fyfield, Barry 265
Purposes, Policies, Performance: Higher Education and the Fulfillment of a State's Public Agenda. National Center Report. 323
Q & A: Questions and Answers for Teachers About National Board Certification, 2003. 269
Reading and Adult English Language Learners: The Role of the First Language. ERIC Brief. Burt, Miriam; Peyton, Joy Kreeft 248
Reasonable Accommodation in Training Safety. Sandoz, Jeff 271
Research Findings from Games Involving Basic Fact Operations and Algebraic Thinking at a PDS. Ortiz, Enrique 168
Resources for Adults with Disabilities. 5th Edition. NICHCY Briefing Paper. Kupper, Lisa, Ed. 169
Reviewing the Community Learning Center: An Educational Center of the MiraCosta Community College District. A Report to the Governor and Legislature in Response to a Request from the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges. Commission Report. 274
School Leadership in Support of Teachers' Transformational Learning: Drawing from the Well of Human Resources. Drago-Severson, Eleanor; Pinto, Kristina C. 268
Should Kids Be Allowed to Burn the House Down? Interrogating the Role of Ideology and Critical Pedagogy in the Drama Classroom. Alrutz, Megan 264
State of the States: A Profile of Food and Nutrition Programs across the Nation. Hess, Doug; Weill, Jim 261
State Shortfalls Projected throughout the Decade: Higher Ed Budgets Likely to Feel Continued Squeeze. Policy Alert. Jones, Dennis 127
Student Involvement in the Community College Setting. ERIC Digest. Chaves, Christopher A. 287
Student Workers in High School and Beyond: The Effects of Part-Time Employment on Participation in Education, Training and Work. Vickers, Margaret; Lamb, Stephen; Hinkley, John 291
Suggested Classroom Practices To Help Students Who Are Reading Below Grade Level. Pruitt, Tomika 148
Supporting the Development of English Literacy in English Language Learners: Key Issues and Promising Practices. August, Diane 264
Teachers and Student Achievement in the Chicago Public High Schools. WP 2002-28. Revised. Aaronson, Daniel; Barrow, Lisa; Sander, William Report 265
Teachers, Technology, and Policy: What Have We Learned? Sanchez, N. A.; Nichols, P. 246
Teaching about Judicial Review. ERIC Digest. Patrick, John J. 150
Technology Professional Development of Teacher Education Faculty by Net Generation Mentors. Denton, Jon; Davis, Trina; Strader, Arlen; Clark, Frank; Jolly, Deborah 226
Ten Hypotheses about Socioeconomic Gradients and Community Differences in Children's Developmental Outcomes. Final Report. Willms, J. Douglas Report 619
Testing High Stakes Tests: Can We Believe the Results of Accountability Tests? Civic Report. Greene, Jay P.; Winters, Marcus A.; Forster, Greg 262
The Applied Theatre. Taylor, Philip 206
The Baltimore Curriculum Project: Final Report of the Four-Year Evaluation Study. Mac Iver, Martha Abele; Kemper, Elizabeth; Stringfield, Sam 273
The Best of Both Worlds: Blending History and Geography in the K-12 Curriculum. Boehm, Richard G.; Saxe, David Warren; Rutherford, David J. 370
The Campus Environment as Viewed through the Lens of the National Survey of Student Engagement. Research Report 2003-01. Belcheir, Marcia J. 280
The Foreign-Born Population in the United States: March 2002. Population Characteristics. Current Population Reports. Schmidley, Dianne 226
The Formative Years: Pathways to Substance Abuse among Girls and Young Women Ages 8-22. 318
The Growth in After-School Programs and Their Impact. Hollister, Robinson G. 289
The Hidden Crisis in the High School Dropout Problems of Young Adults in the U.S.: Recent Trends in Overall School Dropout Rates and Gender Differences in Dropout Behavior. Sum, Andrew; Harrington, Paul 262
The House-Tree-Person Test with Kids Who Have Been Sexually Abused. Deffenbaugh, Anne M. 176
The IEP: A Synthesis of Current Literature since 1997. Sopko, Kim Moherek 190
The Problem Areas of Adopted Children in Pampanga as Measured by the Mooney Problem Checklists. Bustos, Maricel T. 425
The Production of Subject English and English Subjects: Lessons from Culturally Diverse Urban Classrooms. Occasional Paper. Bourne, Jill 225
The Status of Teaching in the Southeast: Measuring Progress, Moving Forward. Policy Brief. Berry, Barnett; Luczak, John; Norton, John Report 322
The Status of Teaching in the Southeast: Measuring Progress, Moving Forward. Teaching Quality in the Southeast Policy Brief. Berry, Barnett; Luczak, John; Norton, John 261
The Training of Foreign Language Teachers: Recent Developments in Europe. Occasional Paper. Grenfell, Michael 275
The Workforce Paradox for Adults with Limited Literacy or English Language Proficiency: A Report from the Field. Pinkey, Diane; Hofer, Judy 272
There Are Infinitely Many Normal Distributions: Not All Normal Distributions Are Standard Normal. Schroeder, Carolyn M. 192
Toward a Conceptual Model for Statistics Anxiety Intervention. Watson, Freda S.; Kromrey, Jeffrey D.; Hess, Melinda R. 257
Toward a Relational Data Management System for Education. Gordon, Edmund W.; Bridglall, Beatrice L. 232
Training and Retaining Early Care and Education Staff. Bay Area Child-Care Retention Incentive Programs: Evaluation. Year One Progress Report, 2001-2002. PACE Policy Brief. Bridges, Margaret; Carlat, Jennifer Report 263
Training and Retaining Early Care and Education Staff. Training Projects: Evaluation. Year One Progress Report, 2001-2002. PACE Policy Brief. Burr, Elizabeth; O'Brien, Bridget 248
Transforming Principal Preparation. ERIC Digest. Lashway, Larry 266
Understanding "within" versus "between" ANOVA Designs: Benefits and Requirements of Repeated Measures. Lamb, Gordon D. 186
Universally Designed Instruction. ERIC/OSEP Digest. Orkwis, Raymond 212
University Applicant Survey, 2002. 306
Update on Student Achievement for Edison Schools Inc. Nelson, F. Howard; Van Meter, Nancy 259
Using National Board Standards To Redesign Master's Degrees for Teachers: A Guide for Institutions of Higher Education. Isenberg, Joan Packer 262
Using the History of Research on Sickle Cell Anemia to Affect Preservice Teachers' Conceptions of the Nature of Science. Howe, Eric M. 163
Who Owns the Glass Slipper? Transformation Ideology in Community Drama with Youth. Hager, Lori 327
Why Rural Matters, 2003: The Continuing Need for Every State To Take Action on Rural Education. Beeson, Elizabeth; Strange, Marty 319
Work and Play: Are They Really Opposites? Rosberg, Merilee A. 332
Workforce Training: Employed Worker Programs Focus on Business Needs, But Revised Performance Measures Could Improve Access for Some Workers. Report to Congressional Requesters. 285

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