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Articles from ERIC: Reports (September 1, 2002)

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"Learning To Live with a Lesser Form of Knowledge": Coming to Terms with the Characteristics of Teachers' Pedagogical Knowing. Husu, Jukka 253
[National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month Kit.]. 269
A Child Becomes a Reader: Proven Ideas from Research for Parents. Kindergarten to Grade 3. Armbruster, Bonnie B.; Lehr, Fran; Osborn, Jean 272
A Collection of NIDA NOTES. Articles That Address Research on Heroin. Reprint 269
A Demographic Profile of Cuban Americans. Boswell, Thomas D. 307
A First Look at Children in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A Kids Count/PRB Report on Census 2000. 277
A Management Tool Kit on Training Needs Assessment and Programme Design: An Integrated Resource for Management Development in Transition Countries. Companion. 286
A Profile of the Talent Search Program: 1999-2000. Humphrey, Justin G.; Carey, Nancy L.; Mansfield, Wendy Report 258
A Qualitative Investigation of Teachers and the Jason Multimedia Science Curriculum: Reported Use and Impact. Year Two Evaluation Report. Ba, Harouna; Goldenberg, Lauren B.; Anderson, Louisa 176
A Visit to the Library: Activities for Families with Children Ages 3 to 5 [Presented by]"Between the Lions[R]" = Una visita a la biblioteca: Actividades para familias con ninos de 3 a 5 anos [presentado por]"Between the Lions[R].". 215
Academy of the Canyons Report, Fall 2000-Spring 2002. Meuschke, Daylene M.; Dixon, P. Scott; Gribbons, Barry C. 278
Advancing Your Library's Web-Based Services. ERIC Digest. Feldman, Sari; Strobel, Tracy 276
AEL Continuous School Improvement Questionnaire. User Manual and Technical Report. Meehan, Merrill L.; Cowley, Kimberly S.; Craig, James R.; Balow, Nancy; Childers, Robert D. 240
An Urgent Crisis, an Effective and Affordable Remedy. Amendment 9: The Campaign to Reduce Class Size and Put Florida's Children First. Report 254
Applying Customer Satisfaction Theory to Community College Planning of Counseling Services. Hom, Willard C. 287
Art and Writing: Activities for Families with Children Ages 3 to 5 [Presented by]"Between the Lions[R]" = Arte y escritura: Actividades para familias con ninos de 3 a 5 anos [presentado por]"Between the Lions[R].". 214
Assessment Framework: 2006 National Assessment of Educational Progress in Economics. Buckles, Stephen; Melican, Claire 304
Basics for Parents: Parent to Parent Support. Santelli, Betsy 289
Becoming an Adult: Leaving Home, Relationships and Home Ownership among Australian Youth. Research Report. Hillman, Kylie J.; Marks, Gary N. 325
Behind the Label: The Functional Implications of Disability. SEELS (Special Education Elementary Longitudinal Study). Blackorby, Jose; Wagner, Mary; Cadwallader, Thomas; Cameto, Renee; Levine, Phyllis; Marder, Camille Clinical report 338
Bereavement Management and Counseling at the University Level. ERIC/CASS Digest. Wrenn, Robert L. 229
Biennial Performance Reports: Goals and Indicators. Quick Turn Around (QTA). Muller, Eve 287
Birth, Initiation of Breastfeeding, and the First Seven Days after Birth. Facts for Feeding. 235
Breaking the Silence: The Black Church Addresses HIV. Swartz, Aimee 318
Brief History of American Academic Credit System: A Recipe for Incoherence in Student Learning. Harris, John 237
Career Technical Education: A National Perspective. Results from a NASDCTEC Survey of the State Directors. 285
Catholic Schools and Bad Behavior. NBER Working Paper. Mocan, H. Naci; Scafidi, Benjamin; Tekin, Erdal 192
Change and Challenge in the Literature Curriculum. Ediger, Marlow 322
Characteristics of the 100 Largest Public Elementary and Secondary School Districts in the United States: 2000-01. Statistical Analysis Report. Young, Beth Aronstamm 279
Child Care: States Exercise Flexibility in Setting Reimbursement Rates and Providing Access for Low-Income Children. Report to Congressional Requesters. Shaul, Marnie S. 342
Child Care: States Have Undertaken a Variety of Quality Improvement Initiatives, but More Evaluations of Effectiveness Are Needed. Report to Congressional Requesters. Shaul, Marnie S. 353
Child Labor: Labor Can Strengthen Its Efforts To Protect Children Who Work. Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, Committee on Appropriations, U.S. Senate. 338
Child Poverty in Rhode Island: Rhode Island Kids Count Issue Brief. 303
Children in Single-Parent Families Living in Poverty Have Fewer Supports after Welfare Reform. IWPR Research in Brief. Lyter, Deanna M.; Sills, Melissa; Oh, Gi-Taik 216
Colleges and Universities That Do Not Require SATA[R] or ACT Scores. Research Notes. RN-18. Milewski, Glenn B.; Camara, Wayne J. 290
Considering Mediation for Special Education Disputes: A School Administrator's Perspective. Bar-Lev, Nissan B.; Neustadt, Sam; Peter, Marshall 223
Creating Financial Aid Programs That Work for Distance Learners. 265
Cutting Down the Tall Poppies: Horizontal Violence. Funk, Carole 263
Data-Driven Equity in Urban Schools. ERIC Digest. Schwartz, Wendy 248
Datalingvistik, 2000. Kjaersgaard, Poul Soren, Ed. 212
Declining Teen Labor Force Participation. Issues in Labor Statistics. Summary 02-06. Kirkland, Katie 285
Defining and Assessing Learning: Exploring Competency-Based Initiatives. Report of the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative Working Group on Competency-Based Initiatives in Postsecondary Education. Brochure [and] Report. Jones, Elizabeth A.; Voorhees, Richard A. 219
Delaware Student Testing Program: State Summary Report: Science & Social Studies, Spring 2002 Administration, Grades 8 and 11. 246
Developmental Education and College Opportunity in New England: Lessons for a National Study of State and System Policy Impacts. Pilot Study. Lucy-Allen, Dale; Merisotis, Jamie; Redmond, Christina 313
Dose-Response Issues Concerning the Relations between Regular Physical Activity and Health. Rankinen, Tuomo; Bouchard, Claude 255
Early Returns: Tax Credit Bonds and School Construction? Policy Report. Mead, Sara 281
Educational Leadership. Rohland, Mark, Ed. 356
Effective Standards-Based Practices for Native American Students: A Review of Research Literature. Apthorp, Helen S.; D'Amato, Elaine DeBassige; Richardson, Amy 253
Effective Use of Graduating Senior Survey as a Part of Program Assessment. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Lancey, Patrice M.; Salazar, Marjorie; Pet-Armacost, Julia 198
Estudiantes con discapacidades preparandose para la educacion postsecundaria: Conozca sus derechos y responsabilidades (Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities). 159
Evaluation of National Geographic School Publishing Nonfiction Literacy Materials. Summary Report. Metcalf, Kim K.; Smith, Carl B.; Legan, Natalie A. 311
Evaluation of the "Learning by Doing" Faculty Development Program for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) Center for Teaching and Learning. Final Report Summary. Schmitz, Connie C.; Luxenberg, Michael G. 302
Every Child, Every School: An Education Plan for the Chicago Public Schools. 252
Expanding the Circle: Respecting the Past Preparing for the Future. Ness, Jean E.; Huisken, Jennifer S. 253
Exploring with Technology: Activities for Families with Children Ages 3 to 5 [Presented by]"Between the Lions[R]" = Exploremos con tecnologia: Actividades para familias con ninos de 3 a 5 anos [presentado por]"Between the Lions[R].". 223
Fact Book, 2002-2003: A Compilation of Information for and about State Center Community College District. 276
Faculty Involvement in Developing and Measuring Student Learning Outcomes. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Larson, Elizabeth J. Hunt; Greene, Andrea L.; Corrigan, Joseph M. 200
Financial Performance of Academic Health Center Hospitals, 1994-2000. Dobson, Allen; Koenig, Lane; Sen, Namrata; Ho, Silver; Gilani, Jawaria 304
From Michigan's School-to-Work to Career Preparation System: How Do We Know It's Working? Policy Report No. 11. Neumark, David; Allen, Ann Report 586
Full Service Schools' Potential for Special Education. ERIC/OSEP Topical Brief. Warger, Cynthia L. 269
Fundamental Skills in Science: Observation. ERIC Digest. Haury, David L. 118
Gender and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Salary and Other Characteristics of Postsecondary Faculty: Fall 1998. Statistical Analysis Report. Bradburn, Ellen M.; Sikora, Anna C. Report 326
Growing Partnerships: Head Start Collaboration in Illinois, September 2002. Ruther, Gina; Gilmore, Gennie; Rich, Vanessa; Conley, Kimberly 315
Guide de l'education: Maternelle-12e annee, 2002-2003 (Guide to Education: Kindergarten-Grade 12, 2002-2003). 124
Guide to U.S. Department of Education Programs, 2002. 231
Handbook for the Identification and Review of Students with Severe Disabilities. Revised. 254
High School Social Studies Needs Assessment Report. 238
Hispanic Serving Institutions: Statistical Trends from 1990 to 1999. Stearns, Christina; Watanabe, Satoshi 318
Hispanic Students and Community Colleges: A Critical Point for Intervention. ERIC Digest. Saenz, Victor B. 285
How Does Spending on Special Education Students Vary across Districts? An Analysis of Spending by Urbanicity, District Size, Median Family Income, and Student Poverty Levels in 1999-2000. Report. Special Education Expenditure Project (SEEP). Chambers, Jay G.; Parrish, Thomas B.; Esra, Phil E; Shkolnik, Jamie L. 305
How to Start Intergenerational Programs in Communities. 289
Ignorance Only: HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, and Federally Funded Abstinence-Only Programs in the United States. Texas: A Case Study. Schleifer, Rebecca 257
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: Banking Cluster. 251
Improving the Preparation of Personnel To Serve Children with High-Incidence Disabilities: Learning, Emotional, and Behavioral Disabilities Teacher Preparation Program (LEBD). Final Report. Montague, Marjorie 266
In the Right Direction: High School English Language Arts. Activity Plans. 311
Informational Writing: High School Writing Across the Curriculum Matrix. 299
Instructional Models for Early Childhood Education. ERIC Digest. Golbeck, Susan L. 307
Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum for Gifted Students. ERIC Digest. Smutny, Joan Franklin 270
Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms: 1994-2001. E.D. Tabs. Kleiner, Anne; Farris, Elizabeth 298
Job Growth and Replacement Needs in Nursing Occupations. Working Paper. Shah, Chandra; Burke, Gerald 276
Juggling It All: Exploring Lawyers' Work, Home, and Family Demands and Coping Strategies. Report of Stage One Findings. LSAC Research Report Series. Wallace, Jean E. 289
Key Effectiveness Indicators (KEI Report): American River College Five-Year Profile, 1997-2002. Barr, Jim; Higgins, Jim; Grill, Cathie 268
Knowledge Management in Instructional Design. ERIC Digest. Spector, J. Michael; Edmonds, Gerald S. 224
Korean-American Entrepreneurs. CELCEE Digest. Park, Sung 242
Labor Market Trends for Technology-Focused Occupations and Career Fields: Implications for High School/High Tech Program Operators. Cuozzo, Lisa 293
Learning and Teaching Information Technology--Computer Skills in Context. ERIC Digest. Eisenberg, Michael B.; Johnson, Doug 169
Literacy Education after High School. ERIC Digest. Perin, Dolores 269
Mathematics Framework for the 2003 National Assessment of Educational Progress. 224
Medicaid and Financing of Health Care for Children in Foster Care: Findings from a National Survey. Health Services for Children in Foster Care. Number 1. Inkelas, Moira; Halfon, Neal Author abstract 362
Mental Health and Mass Violence: Evidence-Based Early Psychological Intervention for Victims/Survivors of Mass Violence. A Workshop To Reach Consensus on Best Practices (Warrenton, Virginia, October 29-November 1, 2001). 288
Minnesota's Post-Secondary Education Enrollment Data. Basic Data Series, 2001. 186
Modeling Student Outcomes in a General Education Course with Hierarchical Linear Models. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. DeMars, Christine E. 179
Mothers' Work: Single Mothers' Employment, Earnings, and Poverty in the Age of Welfare Reform. Levitan, Mark; Gluck, Robin 280
MUSE--Model for University Strategic Evaluation. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Kutina, Kenneth L.; Zullig, Craig M.; Starkman, Glenn D.; Tanski, Laura E. 185
National Assessment of Vocational Education: Interim Report to Congress. Silverberg, Marsha; Warner, Elizabeth; Goodwin, David; Fong, Michael 309
No Child Left Behind: A Desktop Reference. Ohnemus, Edward, Ed. 270
Ontario Universities--2002. Resource Document. 354
Oral French Interlanguage Corpora: Tools for Data Management and Analysis. Occasional Paper. Marsden, Emma; Myles, Florence; Rule, Sarah; Mitchell, Rosamond 232
Out of School Time Matters: What Community Foundations Can Do. Hornbeck, Becky 241
Outlook. Number 277. 150
Parent Counseling and Training: A Related Service under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Guidelines for Colorado Parents and Educators. 287
Participation and Performance of English Language Learners Reported in Public State Documents and Web Sites, 1999-2000. LEP Projects Report. Albus, Debra; Thurlow, Martha; Liu, Kristin 283
Piedmont Virginia Community College Management Information Book, 2002. 282
Poverty in the United States: 2001. Current Population Reports. Proctor, Bernadette D.; Dalaker, Joseph 312
Practicum in Counseling: A New Training Model. Cuccaro, Carlo; Casey, Jean M. 190
President to President: The Will To Act Project. Dempsey, Cedric W. 177
Primer for Maintaining Accurate Special Education Records and Meeting Confidentiality Requirements When Serving Children with Disabilities--Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Copenhaver, John 280
Professional Accreditation for International Continuing Education. Edelson, Paul Jay 272
Program Evaluation: Strategies for Assessing How Information Dissemination Contributes to Agency Goals. Report to Congressional Committees. Kingsbury, Nancy 261
Project-Based and Experiential Learning in After-School Programming. Seidel, Steven; Aryeh, Laura; Steinberg, Adria 323
Promising Partnership Practices, 2002: The 5th Annual Collection from Members of the National Network of Partnership Schools. Jansorn, Natalie Rodriguez, Ed.; Salinas, Karen Clark, Ed. 260
Promoting the Self-Determination of Students with Severe Disabilities. ERIC Digest. Wehmeyer, Michael 204
Public Alternative Schools and Programs for Students at Risk of Education Failure: 2000-01. Statistical Analysis Report. Kleiner, Brian; Porch, Rebecca; Farris, Elizabeth 280
Reading Framework for the 2003 National Assessment of Educational Progress. 246
Reading with Children: Activities for Families with Children Ages 3 to 5 [Presented by]"Between the Lions[R]" = La lectura con los ninos: Actividades para familias con ninos de 3 a 5 anos [presentado por]"Between the Lions[R].". 219
Ready To Read, Ready To Learn--First Lady Laura Bush's Education Initiatives. 215
Recent Changes in New York Welfare and Work, Child Care, and Child Welfare Systems. State Update. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Fender, Lynne; O'Brien, Carolyn; Thompson, Terri; Snyder, Kathleen; Bess, Roseana 286
Recent Changes in State Special Education Part B Monitoring Systems. Tschantz, Jennifer 278
Report from the Centre for Language and Communication Studies on the Ninth Year of Extracurricular Foreign Language Modules for Students of Other Disciplines and the Fifth Year of Foreign Language Modules in the B.A. (Mod.) in Information and Communications Technology, 1 October 2001-30 September 2002. 234
Report of Student Performance in Writing, 2001-2002: Grades 4 and 7. North Carolina Testing Program. 250
Report on the Strategic Planning Process in Lincoln County, West Virginia. Chadwick, Kristine 305
Roster of Astronomy Departments with Enrollment Degree Data, 2001. AIP Report. Nicholson, Starr; Mulvey, Patrick J. 213
Roster of Physics Departments with Enrollment and Degree Data, 2001. AIP Report. Nicholson, Starr; Mulvey, Patrick J. 222
Rural America at a Glance. Rural Development Research Report. 262
San Antonio College Fact Book, 2001-2002. 284
San Diego Community College District Student Satisfaction Survey, 2001. 278
Santa Barbara City College Institutional Effectiveness Annual Report, 2001-02. 284
School Safety Study: Phase II (ARS 15-231.03). Arora, Alka 270
School Vouchers: Characteristics of Privately Funded Programs. Report to the Honorable Judd Gregg, U.S. Senate. Shaul, Marnie S. 289
School-Age NOTES, 2002-2003. Scofield, Richard T., Ed. 239
Scientifically-Based Reading Research: A Primer for Adult and Family Literacy Educators. Research to Practice. Padak, Nancy; Rasinski, Tim; Mraz, Maryann 280
Scoring Best on All Life's Tests--By Using Your "Whole Brain.". Rubenzer, Ronald L. 154
Section 504/ADA: Guidelines for Educators and Administrators. Revised. 268
Self-Determination and the Education of Students with Disabilities. ERIC Digest. Wehmeyer, Michael 272
Self-Efficacy and the Inclusion of Students with AAC Needs, October 1998-September 2001. Final Project Report. Goetz, Lori; Hunt, Pam; Soto, Gloria 268
September 11: What Our Children Need to Know. Report 686
Sequenced Benchmarks for K-8 Science. Kendall, John S.; DeFrees, Keri L.; Richardson, Amy 132
Skills Training Works: Examining the Evidence. Smith, Whitney; Wittner, Jenny; Spence, Robin; Van Kleunen, Andy 283
Smart Investment 2002 Public Opinion Survey: Highlights & Key Findings [and] Statewide Community Perception Analysis, 2002. Summary Report. Sutton, Lorna; Purcell, Jennifer K. 274
Speech and Language Disorders. Fact Sheet = Trastornos del Habla y Lenguaje. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades. Disease/Disorder overview 173
Spina Bifida. Fact Sheet = Espina Bifida. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades. 250
State ESEA Title I Participation Information for 1999-2000. Final Summary Report. Sinclair, Beth 271
State Policies on Community College Remedial Education: Findings from a National Survey. Jenkins, Davis; Boswell, Katherine 276
State Policies on Community College Workforce Development: Findings from a National Survey. Jenkins, Davis; Boswell, Katherine 276
State Special Education Forms. Quick Turn Around (QTA). Ahearn, Eileen M. 274
State Title I Migrant Participation Information, 1998-99. Henderson, Allison; Daft, Julie 332
Statistics & Input-Output Measures for Colorado Public Libraries, 2001. 237
Strand Tracker: Non-Fiction Objectives. The National Literacy Strategy. 165
Strategies for Improving Miners' Training. CDC Workplace Safety and Health Information Circular, 2002. Peters, Robert H., Ed. 412
Student Aid and Tax Benefits: Better Research and Guidance Will Facilitate Comparison of Effectiveness and Student Use. Report to Congressional Committees. Ashby, Cornelia M. 288
Summary of Evaluation Results of Advanced Placement ProgramA[R] (APA[R]) Vertical Teams for English. Research Notes. RN-17. 286
Summer School Programs: A Look at the Research, Implications for Practice, and Program Sampler. By Request Series. Boss, Suzie; Railsback, Jennifer 270
Supplemental Security Income. Part 1: A Bridge to Work [and] Part 2: So You Have Decided To Apply [and] Part 3: Your Right To Appeal. Parent Briefs. Goldberg, Marge; Moses, Judith 308
Talking, Singing, Rhyming: Activities for Families with Children Ages 3 to 5 [Presented by]"Between the Lions[R]" = Hablar, cantar, recitar: Actividades para familias con ninos de 3 a 5 anos [presentado por]"Between the Lions[R].". 271
Teaching and Learning Resources: Curriculum Guide for Career Academies. Raby, Marilyn; Markham, Thom; Lenz, Bob; Ryan, Tricia 282
Teens in Action: In Pursuit of Peace Curriculum. Final Evaluation Report. Powers, Stephen; Price-Johnson, Connie 280
Ten Educational Trends Shaping School Planning and Design. Stevenson, Kenneth R. 220
Ten-Year Check-Up: Have Federal Agencies Responded to Civil Rights Recommendations? Volume I: A Blueprint for Civil Rights Enforcement. Rudert, Eileen; Alba, Manuel; Zieseniss, Mireille; Wolf, Michael 263
The 2001 National Assessment of Educational Progress in Geography. ERIC Digest. Stoltman, Joseph P. 245
The 2002 Brown Center Report on American Education: How Well Are American Students Learning? With Sections on Arithmetic, High School Culture, and Charter Schools. Loveless, Tom. 321
The Approval Barrier to Suburban Charter Schools. Jain, Pushpam 268
The Children We Serve: The Demographic Characteristics of Elementary and Middle School Students with Disabilities and Their Households. SEELS (Special Education Elementary Longitudinal Study). Wagner, Mary; Marder, Camille; Blackorby, Jose Clinical report 281
The Closing of the Education Frontier? Policy Information Report. Barton, Paul E. 256
The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange: A Case Study of Consortium Development. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Smith, Theresa Y. 176
The Digital Library: A Biography. Strategies and Tools for the Digital Library. Greenstein, Daniel; Thorin, Suzanne E. 296
The Economic Impact of Dickinson College on Carlisle and Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Bellinger, William; McCann, Danielle 292
The Employment Experiences of Public Housing Residents: Findings from the Jobs-Plus Baseline Survey. Martinez, John M. 278
The Feminization and the Social Status of the Teaching Profession. Rots, Isabel; Sabbe, Elien; Aelterman, Antonia 253
The Fundamentals of Accreditation: What Do You Need To Know? 202
The Human Story: From Hominids to Homo Intelligens. A Curriculum Map for 5th Grade. Fluellen, Jerry E., Jr. 183
The LSS Review. Volume 1, Number 2. Rohland, Mark, Ed. Report 573
The North Carolina State Testing Results. Preliminary State - Level Data Only. Multiple-Choice. Grade 3 Pretest. End-of-Grade (Grades 3-8); and End-of-Course Tests. Reporting on the State and 117 Public School Systems and 92 Charter Schools. "The Green Book.". 171
The Preparation and Professional Development of Teachers of English Language Learners. ERIC Digest. Antunez, Beth 258
The Road to a College Diploma: The Complex Reality of Raising Educational Achievement for Hispanics in the United States. An Interim Report of the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. 287
The Role of the Library Media Specialist in the School Improvement Plan. Arome, Gladys 147
The Same High Standards for Migrant Students: Holding Title I Schools Accountable. Executive Summary. 314
The Same High Standards for Migrant Students: Holding Title I Schools Accountable. Volume I: Title I Schools Serving Migrant Students. Recent Evidence from the National Logitudinal Survey of Schools. Final Report. Kirby, Sheila Nataraj; Naftel, Scott; Berends, Mark; McCombs, Jennifer Sloan. 330
The Same High Standards for Migrant Students: Holding Title I Schools Accountable. Volume II: Title I Schools Serving Migrant Students. Recent Evidence from the National Logitudinal Survey of Schools. Final Report. Lennon, Jean; Markatos, Betty 321
The Same High Standards for Migrant Students: Holding Title I Schools Accountable. Volume III: Title I Schools Serving Migrant Students. Recent Evidence from the National Logitudinal Survey of Schools. Final Report. Goniprow, Alexander; Hargett, Gary; Fitzgerald, Nicholas 335
The Special Challenges of Offering Employment Programs in Culturally Diverse Communities: The Jobs-Plus Experience in Public Housing Developments. Kato, Linda Yuriko 293
The State of the South, 2002: Shadows in the Sunbelt Revisited. 323
The Superintendent in an Age of Accountability. ERIC Digest. Lashway, Larry 274
The Visioning Virus History. Banks, Carolyn 297
Theoretical Perspectives, Research Findings, and Classroom Implications of the Learning Styles of American Indian and Alaska Native Students. ERIC Digest. Hilberg, R. Soleste; Tharp, Roland G. 255
They Have Overcome: High-Poverty, High-Performing Schools in California. Izumi, Lance T. 281
Twenty-First Century Moonlighters. Issues in Labor Statistics. Summary 02-07. 288
University of Hawaii Community Colleges Strategic Plan, 2002-2010. 284
Urgency Rises for Quality Child Care. Infants & Toddlers. Policy Brief. 333
Using Participant Feedback To Evaluate and Improve Quality in Mediation. Briefing Paper. Hedeen, Timothy 269
Vermont Public Library Almanac: A Compendium of Often-Answered Questions. 2nd Edition. Kotch, Marianne 274
Virginia Alternative Assessment Program: Implementation Manual (Revised 2002). 234
Welfare Reform in Cleveland: Implementation, Effects, and Experiences of Poor Families and Neighborhoods. Brock, Thomas; Coulton, Claudia; London, Andrew; Polit, Denise; Richburg-Hayes, Lashawn; Scott, Elle 243
Welfare-to-Work and Learning Disability Interventions in Kansas Community College Settings: Phase IV, Learning Disability Assessment Project. Project Final Report. Mellard, Daryl; Johnson, Richard 287
What Are We Spending on Special Education Services in the United States, 1999-2000? Report. Special Education Expenditure Project (SEEP). Chambers, Jay G.; Parrish, Thomas B.; Harr, Jenifer J. 285
What Are We Spending on Transportation Services for Students with Disabilities, 1999-2000? Report. Special Education Expenditure Project (SEEP). Chambers, Jay G.; Parrish, Thomas B.; Lam, Irene 282
What Do Teachers Teach? A Survey of America's Fourth and Eighth Grade Teachers. Civic Report. Barnes, Christopher 268
What Do We Have To Hide? Data and Diversity. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Trower, Cathy A. 200
What Predicts Success in Intermediate Algebra? Research Report 2002-06. Belcheir, Marcia J. 344
What Students Pay for College: Changes in Net Price of College Attendance between 1992-93 and 1999-2000. Statistical Analysis Report. Postsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Reports. Horn, Laura; Wei, Christina Chang; Berker, Ali Report 334
What Works Study for Adult ESL Literacy Students. Study Summary. Condelli, Larry; Wrigley, Heide Spruck; Yoon, Kwang Report 139
When the School Bell Rings... Juvenile Crime or Constructive Time? After-School Programs Are the Answer. Carpenter, Tim; Cornelius, Aisha; Francis, Ann Potter; Parsons, Lena 275
Who Is This Child Named WIPCE? Carpluk, Ac'arralek Lolly Sheppard 308
WIC Partnerships and the Nurturing Parent. Hartline, Heather; Henchy, Geri 253
Words All around Us: Activities for Families with Children Ages 3 to 5 [Presented by]"Between the Lions[R]" = Palabras y palabras a nuestro alrededor: Actividades para familias con ninos de 3 a 5 anos [presentado por]"Between the Lions[R].". 231
Workforce Investment Act: Interim Report on Status of Spending and States' Available Funds. Report to Congressional Requesters. Nilsen, Sigurd R. 289
WRP: Final Report on Vermont's Welfare Restructuring Project. Scrivener, Susan; Hendra, Richard; Redcross, Cindy; Bloom, Dan; Michalopoulos, Charles; Walter, Joha 315

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