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Articles from ERIC: Reports (June 1, 2002)

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"Citizen Jane": Rethinking Design Principles for Closing the Gender Gap in Computing. Raphael, Chad 183
"No Child Left Behind Act of 2001" and Implications for the Pacific Territories and Freely Associated States. PREL Briefing Paper. Heine, Hilda C. 284
"You Value What You Pay For." Enhancing Employers' Contributions to Skill Formation and Use: A Discussion Paper for the Dusseldorp Skills Forum. Hall, Richard; Buchanan, John; Considine, Gillian 286
2000 Survey of Youth Gangs in Indian Country. NYGC Fact Sheet. Major, Aline K.; Egley, Arlen, Jr. 307
2001/02 Employer Satisfaction Survey. 289
A Basic Booklist for Church Libraries: An Annotated Bibliography. 6th Revised Edition. Deitrick, Bernard E., Comp. Bibliography 194
A Case Study for Promoting Collaboration on Online Project-Based Learning. Yang, Young-Sun Case study 160
A Continuation Ratio Model for Ordered Category Items. Kim, Seock-Ho 162
A Decade of Literacy: Policy, Programs and Perspectives. Castleton, Geraldine; McDonald, Marya 277
A Dual Coding Model of Processing Chinese as a Second Language: A Cognitive-Load Approach. Sham, Diana Po Lan 458
A Framework for the Instructional Design of Multi-Structured Educational Applications. Buendia, F.; Diaz, P.; Benlloch, J. V. 246
A Meta-Analysis of Home Visitor Programs: Moderators of Improvements in Maternal Behavior. Casady, Angela; Van Egeren, Laurie 197
A Methodological Critique of Tinto's Student Retention Theory. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Liu, Richard 183
A Model Retention Program for Science and Engineering Students: Contributions of the Institutional Research Office. Andrade, Sally J.; Stigall, Sam; Kappus, Sheryl S.; Ruddock, Maryann; Oburn, Martha 192
A Review of the Research on Charter Schools. CPRE Web Paper Series. Bulkley, Katrina; Fisler, Jennifer 210
A Teacher's Guide to Homework Tips for Parents: Talking Points for Presenters To Use with Transparencies. Cooper, Harris M.; Gersten, Russell M. 238
A Three-Pronged Approach to Evaluating Salary Equity among Faculty, Administrators, and Staff at a Metropolitan Research University. Armacost, Robert L. 254
A Tool for Real Time On-Line Collaboration in Web-Based Learning. Nokelainen, Petri; Miettinen, Miikka; Tirri, Henry; Kurhila, Jaakko 156
A Typology for Identifying Teachers' Progress in ICT Uptake. Clarkson, Barney; Oliver, Ron 174
Access and Success for System Goals for People of Color in Washington Community and Technical Colleges: Eighth Progress Report. Research Report. 281
Access to Computer-Based Testing for Students with Disabilities. Synthesis Report. Thompson, Sandra J.; Thurlow, Martha L.; Quenemoen, Rachel F.; Lehr, Camilla A. 269
ACCJC Standards Adopted 2002. 268
Accountability and Avoidance in the Bush Education Plan: The "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.". Rudalevige, Andrew 247
Accountability Systems: Implications of Requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. CSE Technical Report. Linn, Robert L.; Baker, Eva L.; Betebenner, Damian W. 219
Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges 2004 Accreditation Standards. 269
Adaptive Hypermedia Educational System Based on XML Technologies. Baek, Yeongtae; Wang, Changjong; Lee, Sehoon 170
Addressing Lead-Based Paint Hazards During Renovation, Remodeling, and Rehabilitation in Federally Owned and Assisted Housing. Instructor Manual for Use in HUD-Sponsored Lead-Safe Work Practices Training. 281
Adoption of Computer-Based Instructional Methodologies: A Case Study. Ebersole, Samuel; Vorndam, Marge Case study 155
Adult Education and the Contested Terrain of Public Policy. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (21st, Toronto, Ontario May 30-31 and June 1, 2002). = L'Education des Adultes et le Domaine Controverse des Affaires Publiques. Actes Annuel de L'Association Canadienne pour L'Etude de L'Education des Adultes (21eme, Toronto, Ontario, 30-31 Mai et 1 Juin, 2002). Mojab, Shahrzad, Ed.; McQueen, William, Ed. Conference news 502
Adult General Education Performance Improves; However, Placement Rates Need Improvement and the State's Residency Policy Needs Definition. Program Review. Report. 282
Adult Learning in Health and Safety: Some Issues and Approaches. O Fathaigh, Mairtin 286
Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Examination Results in Texas, 2000-01. 259
Advanced Placement Exam Results, 2000-2001. Kaase, Kristopher J.; Paeplow, Colleen G. 250
Advocating for Children with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System. Monograph Series on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice. Smith, Carl R.; Esposito, Joan; Gregg, Soleil 260
After the Sunset: Sustaining School-to-Work Intermediary Activity. School-to-Work Intermediary Project. Issue Brief. Grobe, Terry 225
Agent Technologies in the Electronic Classroom: Some Pedagogical Issues. Dowling, Carolyn 189
Aiming Higher: Meeting the Challenges of Education Reform in Texas. Achieve's Benchmarking Initiative. 312
America's Forgotten Children: Child Poverty in Rural America. Nadel, Wendy; Sagawa, Shirley 330
An AlphaSmart for Each Student: Does Teaching and Learning Change with Full Access to Word Processors? Russell, Michael; Bebell, Damian; Cowan, Jennifer; Corbelli, Mary 301
An Alternative System To Deliver and Manage Online Courses through the World Wide Web. Colazzo, Luigi; Molinari, Andrea 225
An Analysis of Vermont's Community Service Employment Program. Sperber, Leslie; Bloom, Dan 283
An Assessment of the Relative Influence of Environmental, Behavioral, and Attitudinal Aspects of the Pre-College Experience in Determining Students' Long-Term Goals and Aspirations. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Rasmussen, Christopher J. 238
An Educology of Values Education: The Attitudes of Thirteen to Fifteen Year Old Teenagers Towards Spiritual Values--Priorities, Change and Some Pre-Conditions. Martisauskiene, Elvyda Abstract 140
An Empirical Evaluation of Sonar Courseware Developed with Intelligent Tutoring Software (InTrain[TM]) at Naval Submarine School. Birchard, Marcy; Dye, Charles; Gordon, John 292
An Examination of Gender Differences in Today's Mathematics Classrooms: Exploring Single-Gender Mathematics Classrooms. Dunlap, Celeste Elizabeth 154
An Investigation of a Web-Based Learning Environment Designed To Enhance the Motivation and Achievement of Students in Learning Difficult Mental Models in High School Science. Wang, Shiang-Kwei; Yang, Chia-chi 224
Analog and Digital Video Production Techniquest in Media Literacy Education. Yildiz, Melda N. 232
Analysis and Visualization: Hit or Hype? Bartelt, Bill 172
Anchored Instruction in a Situated Learning Environment. Lee, Miwha 179
And Then There Was One: Investigating ARIS, the Victorian Adult Education and Resource Information Service. Hazell, Pat 304
Animated Pedagogical Agents: Where Do We Stand? Clarebout, Geraldine; Elen, Jan; Johnson, W. Lewis 214
Anytime, Anyplace Services for the 21st Century Student. A Report and Recommendations in a Series on Distance Learning Policy Issues. 251
Applying Holland's Typology to the Study of Differences in Student Views about Diversity. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Umbach, Paul D.; Milem, Jeffrey F. 213
Applying the REAL Model to Web-Based Instruction: An Overview. Grabinger, Scott; Dunlap, Joanna 216
Apprenticeship Program Is Beneficial, but Its Ability To Meet State Demands Is Limited. OPPAGA Program Review. Report. Smith, Nan 291
Approaches for Advancing Girls' Education in Ghana: A Symposium To Examine Current Practices and Identify Future Directions (1st, Ajumako, Central Region, Ghana, June 25-26, 2001). 392
Approaches to Civic Education: Lessons Learned. Technical Publication Series. 341
Arts Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 1999-2000. Statistical Analysis Report. Carey, Nancy; Kleiner, Brian; Porch, Rebecca; Farris, Elizabeth 395
Assessing a Technology Initiative: Lessons Learned While Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning. Tiu, Fernanda S.; Guglielmi, Josephine P.; Walton, W. Garrett, Jr. 280
Assessing and Analyzing the Effects of WBLP on Learning Processes and Achievements: Using the Electronic Portfolio for Authentic Assessment on University Students' Learning. Chang, Chi-Cheng 181
Assessing Inequities in School Funding within Districts: A Tool To Prepare for Student-Based Budgeting. 266
Assessing Information and Communication Technology Literacy of Education Undergraduates: Instrument Development. Davies, JoAnne E.; Szabo, Michael; Montgomerie, Craig 175
Assessing the Value of Non-Resident Tuition Policies in the Face of State Workforce Development Needs: A Minnesota Perspective. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Opatz, Joseph P. 218
Assessment and Instructional Guide for the Georgia Middle Grades Writing Assessment. Aaron, Shirley; Bullock, Georgie; Doctrie, Gladys; Lewis, Mindy; Mickish, Valerie L.; Mills, Patrice 238
Associate Degree Nursing: Model Prerequisites Validation Study. California Community College Associate Degree Programs by The Center for Student Success, A Health Care Initiative Sponsored Project. Phillips, Brad C.; Spurling, Steven; Armstrong, William A. 282
Assuring the Family's Role on the Early Intervention Team: Explaining Rights and Safeguards. Second Edition. Hurth, Joicey; Goff, Paula 285
Audit of Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. Final Audit Report. 284
Authentic Assessment of Student Understanding in Near-Real Time! Vendlinski, Terry; Underdahl, Jennifer; Simpson, Elise; Stevens, Ron 314
Authentic Performance of Complex Problem-Solving Tasks with an EPSS. Leighton, Chet; McCabe, Cynthia 356
Automatic Camera Control System for a Distant Lecture with Videoing a Normal Classroom. Suganuma, Akira; Nishigori, Shuichiro 214
Be the Technology: Redefining Technology Integration in Classrooms. Mills, Steven C.; Tincher, Robert C. 238
Behavioral Consultant Application. PRISM Project Technical Report. Smith, Jesse 176
Best Practices Experiences: Successful Use of Electronic Learning Environments. de Boer, W. F.; Fisser, P. H. G. 233
Best Practices for Serving Court Involved Youth with Learning, Attention and Behavioral Disabilities. Monograph Series on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice. Larson, Katherine A.; Turner, K. David 279
Best Practices in Cyberspace: Motivating the Online Learner. Bellon, Toni; Oates, Richard 213
Beyond W3C: TruVision--Enhanced Online Learning for People Blind or Vision Impaired. Bate, Frank; Oliver, Ron 205
Biology Curriculum Support Document. 205
Bridge over Troubled Water: Creating Effective Online Support for the Metacognitive Aspects of Problem Solving. McLoughlin, Catherine; Hollingworth, Rowan 229
Broadway High School: Moving Ahead in Math. Onward to Excellence II: Committing to CHANGE with OTE II. 141
Building a Digital Workforce: Confronting the Crisis. 272
Building a Nation That Works: Designing TANF for the Workplace. 166
California Reading Language Arts Technology Institute Action Research Project. Virgen-Heim, Veronica; Erlanger, Wendy; Crowe, Judith 253
Can Nonexperimental Comparison Group Methods Match the Findings from a Random Assignment Evaluation of Mandatory Welfare-to-Work Programs? MDRC Working Papers on Research Methodology. Bloom, Howard S.; Michalopoulos, Charles; Hill, Carolyn J.; Lei, Ying 272
Case Study: Creation of a Degree Program in Computer Security. White Paper. Belon, Barbara; Wright, Marie 256
Central Office Review for Results and Equity. Foley, Ellen; Ucelli, Marla 274
Central Office Review for Results and Equity. School Communities That Work: A National Task Force on the Future of Urban Districts. Foley, Ellen; Ucelli, Marla 294
Challenges in Implementing Technology-Rich Curricular High School Biology Materials: First Year Findings from the "Exploring Life" Project. Price, Betsy; Cates, Ward M.; Bodzin, Alex 217
Changes in Federal and Non-Federal Support for Academic R&D over the Past Three Decades. InfoBrief. Rapoport, Alan I. 116
Changing Special Education Enrollments: Causes and Distribution among Schools. The State of Chicago Public High Schools: 1993 to 2000. Miller, Shazia Rafiullah; Gladden, Robert M. 260
Characteristics of Information Agencies (Libraries) and Information Agents (Librarians) in Highly Productive Computer Software and Services Companies: The Key to Growth and Survival? Carroll, Margaret Aby; Chandler, Yvonne J. 266
Children's Interpretations of Computer-Animated Dinosaurs in Live Theatre: "Dinosaurus". Klein, Jeanne M. 240
Children's Social and Emotional Competence in Head Start Classrooms: Observational Methods. Miller, Alison L.; Gouley, Kathleen K.; Shields, Ann; Seifer, Ronald; Dickstein, Susan; Fox, Christi 275
Civic Engagement and Urban School Improvement: Hard-to-Learn Lessons from Philadelphia. Christman, Jolley Bruce; Rhodes, Amy 256
Classroom Teachers Working with Software Designers: The Wazzu Widgets Project. Brown, Abbie; Miller, Darcy 314
CLAST Results, February 2002. Information Capsule. Rodriguez, Silvio 264
Clio's Assistants: A Tool Suite for Exploring Student Web Usage. Fuller, Greg; Simonson, Joe; Tiwari, Ananta; Rebelsky, Samuel A. 262
Cognitive Tools and User-Centered Learning Environments: Rethinking Tools, Functions, and Applications. Iiyoshi, Toru; Hannafin, Michael J. 177
Collaboration in the Juvenile Justice System and Youth Serving Agencies: Improving Prevention, Providing More Efficient Services, and Reducing Recidivism for Youth with Disabilities. Monograph Series on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice. Leone, Peter; Quinn, Mary Magee; Osher, David M. 229
Collaborative Knowledge Building: A Learning Module in Shadow netWorkspace[TM] Learning System. Lin, Yi-Mei; Peng, Hsinyi; Gottdenker, Joshua 187
Collaborative Marketing: Library and Vendor Partnerships. Trolley, Jacqueline H.; Sheppard, Ryan 152
Collaborative Problem Solving in the Online Environment: A Case Study of a Web-Based Undergraduate Business Course. Guan, Sharon; Mikolaj, Peter Case study 192
Collaborative Teachback with a Statistical Cognitive Tool: A Formative Evaluation. Bain, John D.; Mavor, Ken 163
Combining the National Survey of Student Engagement with Student Portfolio Assessment. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Stoering, Juliette M.; Lu, Lina 252
Coming of Age in the 1990s: The Eighth-Grade Class of 1988 12 Years Later. Initial Results from the Fourth Follow-Up to the National Educational Longitudinal Study of 1988. Statistical Analysis Report. Ingels, Steven J.; Curtin, Thomas R.; Kaufman, Phillip; Alt, Martha Naomi; Chen, Xianglei; Owings, J Clinical report 316
Comments on Reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act. Author abstract 225
Communication and Collaborative Learning in a Cross-Atlantic Design Course. Herder, P. M.; Turk, A. L.; Subrahmanian, E.; Westerberg, A. W. 223
Communiquer en milieu interculturel (Communicating in an Intercultural Environment). Yanaprasart, Patchareerat, Ed. 300
Community College Mentoring Program Mentor-Mentee Handbook. Van Ast, John 264
Community Colleges in the United States. Lundberg, Richard, Ed. 271
Comparing the Costs and Benefits of Re-Accreditation Processes. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Shibley, Lisa R.; Volkwein, J. Fredericks 229
Competencies for the 21st Century Information Professional: Translating the SLA Competencies into Business Competencies. Henczel, Sue 247
Compromises along the Way: Balancing Speed To Market with Sustainability while Delivering Knowledge Management Services. Heyman, Martha K. 219
Computer Based Virtual Field Trips. Clark, Kenneth F.; Hosticka, Alice; Schriver, Martha; Bedell, Jackie 231
Computer Mediated Collaboration in an Academic Setting. An Experience on Web Business Models at the University of Lugano (Switzerland). Cantoni, Lorenzo; Bolchini, Davide 168
Computer Training for Preschool Teachers: Impact on Computer Self-Efficacy, Values, and Anxiety. Medvin, Mandy B.; Reed, Diana M.; Behr, Deborah S. 256
Computer Use and Science Achievement: Linking Science Standards and the Assessments. Monograph Series. Miller-Whitehead, Marie 301
Computer-Based Distance Education for Vocational Use in Southern Nevada. Beckstrand, Scott; Barker, Philip; van Schaik, Paul 167
Connecting Kids to Technology: Challenges and Opportunities. KIDS COUNT Snapshot. Wilhelm, Tony; Carmen, Delia; Reynolds, Megan 315
Contra Costa Community College District Vocational Education Report. 270
Copreneurs. CELCEE Digest. Seymour, Nicole 277
Corrections and Juvenile Justice: Current Education Practice for Youth with Learning and Other Disabilities. Monograph Series on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice. Howell, Kenneth W.; Wolford, Bruce I. Correction notice 244
CPS Test Trend Review: Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, 2001. Research Data Brief. Academic Productivity Series. Rosenkranz, Todd 252
Creating a Formula for Success: Why English Language Learner Students Are Dropping out of School, and How To Increase Graduation Rates. 281
Creating a National Skills Corporation. Policy Report. Atkinson, Rob 283
Creating a Virtual Community with PT3: College of Education Students' Beliefs, Expectations and Attitudes toward Online Learning. Kurubacak, Gulsun; Baptiste, H. Prentice 238
Criteria for Evaluating Web-Based Hypertext. Huang, Hsi-chi 219
Critical Literacy: Putting a Critical Edge on Your Curriculum. NCTE Reading Initiative. Vasquez, Vivian; Egawa, Kathy 179
Data for Multi-Institution Research. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Cohoon, J. McGrath 194
Data Mining and Knowledge Management in Higher Education -Potential Applications. Luan, Jing 334
Debunking the Buzz Words Or Can Hermeneutic Analysis Be Used To Evaluate Pedagogically Based Learning Objects Designed from Constructivist Epistemological Ontologies Defined in XML Metadata? Stuckey, Bronwyn; Hensman, Jim; Hofmann, Tobias; Dewey, Barbara; Brown, Helen; Cameron, Sonja 219
Deploying an Infrastructure for Technologically Enhanced Learning. Rollins, Sami; Almeroth, Kevin 199
Design and Development of a Flexible Online Course for Making Accessible Online Courses. Koppi, Tony; Pearson, Elaine 215
Design Guidelines for Digital Learning Material for Food Chemistry Education. Diederen, Julia; Gruppen, Harry; Voragen, Alphons G. J.; Hartog, Rob; Mulder, Martin; Biemans, Harm 201
Designing High Quality Learning Environments: Reflections on Some Successes and Failures. Hedberg, John G. 185
Designing Online Quiz Questions To Assess a Range of Cognitive Skills. Reid, Nick; McLoughlin, Catherine 201
Designing Safe Schools. Atlas, Randall 208
Designing Tools and Contents for Project Based Learning with Net-Based Curriculum. Foyn, Bent; Maus, Eirik 179
Developing a Large Web-Based Learning Environment--Can a Style Guide Help Learning Material Developers? Elliott, A. C.; Beacham, N. A.; Alty, J. L. 201
Developing an Effective Assessment Process To Support Institutional Effectiveness Efforts. Albert, Angela R.; Pet-Armacost, Julia 233
Developing E-Business Information without a Business School. Ramachandran, Hema; Toot, Louisa; Smith, Caroline 225
Developing Effective Partnerships To Support Local Education. Foley, Ellen 273
Developing Evaluation Frameworks for Assessing Quality ICT-Based Learning in Higher Education. Hedberg, John; Wills, Sandra; Oliver, Ron; Harper, Barry; Agostinho, Shirley 186
Digital Literacy: A New Terminology Framework and Its Application to the Design of Meaningful Technology-Based Learning Environments. Eshet, Yoram 158
Digital Video/Multimedia Portfolios as a Tool To Develop Reflective Teacher Candidates. Spurgeon, Sheila; Bowen, James L. 202
Discourses of Greyness and Diversity: Revisiting the ALBE and ESL Interface. Suda, Liz 295
Discovering Success Strategies through Alumnae/i Research. Delaney, Anne Marie 207
Discovery of Ontologies for Learning Resources Using Word-Based Clustering. Papatheodorou, Christos; Vassiliou, Alexandra; Simon, Bernd 175
Distance Education: Does Access Override Success? AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Beatty-Guenter, P. 166
Distance Learning and Transfer of Academic Credit. A Report and Recommendations in a Series on Distance Learning Policy Issues. 338
Distance Learning Instruction: A New Model of Assessment. Cohen, Vicki L. 248
Do Librarians Really Do That? Or Providing Custom, Fee-Based Services. Whitmore, Susan; Heekin, Janet 210
Does an Agent Matter? The Effects of Animated Pedagogical Agents on Multimedia Environments. Craig, Scotty D.; Gholson, Barry 166
Does the Medium Dictate the Message? Cultivating E-Communication in an Asynchronous Environment. Kiernan, Mary; Thomas, Pete; Woodroffe, Mark 209
Dossier: Open and Distance Learning. van Leeuwen, Fred, Ed. 303
Draw from Miami-Dade County Public and Private Schools. Research Report. Baldwin, Anne 274
Dual Coding Theory and Computer Education: Some Media Experiments To Examine the Effects of Different Media on Learning. Alty, James L. 165
Dynamic Educational e-Content Selection Using Multiple Criteria in Web-Based Personalized Learning Environments. Manouselis, Nikos; Sampson, Demetrios 179
E-Accessibility: United States and International. French, Deanie 156
E-Learning Development in Higher Education: Maximising Efficiency--Maintaining Quality. Jones, Deborah; Sims, Rod 204
E-Training: Meeting the Users on Their Terms. Daghita, Joan; Dudley, Kathryn; Heekin, Janet; Terry, Nancy 302
ED-MEDIA 2002 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications. Proceedings (14th, Denver, Colorado, June 24-29, 2002). Barker, Philip, Ed.; Rebelsky, Samuel, Ed. Conference news 253
Education Participation and Outcomes by Geographic Location. Research Report. Jones, Roger G. 270
Educational and Occupational Participation and Completion Patterns of the Class of '88: A Ten Year Perspective. Andres, Lesley 266
Educational Application of Dialogue System To Support e-Learning. Kim, Youn-Gi; Lee, Chul-Hwan; Han, Sun-Gwan 200
Effect of Online Learning on Struggling ESL College Writers. Al-Jarf, Reima Sado 234
Effective Learner-Centered Strategies for Extensive Viewing of Feature Films. Lin, Li-Yun 256
Effective Technology Integration: A Plan for Professional Development. Dunlap, Craig George 263
Empty Promises: The Myth of College Access in America. A Report of the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. Ficklen, Ellen, Ed.; Stone, Jeneva E., Ed. 303
Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools: Cold and Humid Climates. 283
Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools: Cool and Dry Climates. 282
Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools: Cool and Humid Climates. 282
Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools: Hot and Humid Climates. 282
Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools: Temperate and Humid Climates. 282
Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools: Temperate and Mixed Climates. 285
Enhancing Scientific Practice and Education through Collaborative Digital Libraries. Maini, Gaurav; Leggett, John J.; Ong, Teongjoo; Wilson, Hugh D.; Reed, Monique D.; Hatch, Stephan L. 250
Enhancing the Roles of Faculty and Institutional Researchers in Campus-Wide Initiatives. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Ketcheson, Kathi A.; Everhart, Robert 168
Enrollment Projections, 2002-2011: Maryland Public Colleges and Universities. Keller, Michael 273
Environmental and Personal Factors Effecting K-12 Teacher Utilization of Technology. Hanks, Rebekah Fulton 225
Environmental Education Materials Evaluation Questionnaire (EEMEQ): Using Interdisciplinary Theory To Assess Quality. Minner, Daphne D. 189
Escaping Poverty for Low-Wage Workers: The Role of Employer Characteristics and Changes. Holzer, Harry J.; Lane, Julia I.; Vilhuber, Lars 286
Essential Elements in the Design and Development of Inclusive Online Courses. Pearson, E. J.; Koppi, Tony 324
European Report on Quality Indicators of Lifelong Learning: Fifteen Quality Indicators. 278
Evaluating Online Instruction: Adapting a Training Model to E-Learning in Higher Education. Hallett, Karen; Essex, Christopher 170
Evaluating the Core Curriculum within a Multi-Campus College District: Levels of Standardization and Academic Freedom. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Laljiani, Karen C.; Coronado, Herlinda 217
Evaluation of Campus Pipeline, Spring 2002. Serban, Andreea M.; Fleming, Steve 282
Evaluation of the RESA I Workforce Investment Youth Services Program, 2001-02. Howley, Caitlin; Ermolov, Lisa 275
Exemplar Units of Work for English. Key Stage 3: National Strategy. 333
Exemplary and Promising Safe, Disciplined, and Drug-Free Schools Programs, 2001. 264
Exit Documents and Students with Disabilities: Legal Issues. EPRRI Issue Brief Two. Karger, Joanne; Pullin, Diana 271
Experience Counts: Comparing Inservice and Preservice Teachers Technology-Integration Decisions. Palacio-Cayetano, Joycelin; Schmier, Stephanie; Dexter, Sara; Stevens, Ron H. 226
Experiential Learning On-Line: The Role of Asynchronous Communication Tools. McLoughlin, Catherine; Luca, Joe 212
Expressive Arts Outreach Project, 1997-2000: A Final Report. Hutinger, Patricia; Potter, Judy; Schneider, Carol; Guzman, Merriam; Johanson, Joyce 262
Factors That Promote Faculty Involvement in and Satisfaction with Institutional and Classroom Student Assessment. Grunwald, Heidi; Peterson, Marvin W. 215
Faculty Technology Professional Development: A Pedagogical and Curricular Reform Model. Graves, Sherryl Browne; Kelly, Mario A. 207
Falling into or through the Web: Student and Staff Perceptions of IT Infrastructure in a Technological University. Sharma, Raj; Constantine, Richard 314
Find, Deploy, Support, and Keep the Best Teachers and School Leaders. DeStefano, Joseph 264
First Generation and Low Income Students: Using the NSSE Data To Study Effective Educational Practices and Students. Self-Reported Gains. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Filkins, Joseph W.; Doyle, Susan K. 252
First Steps to a Level Playing Field: An Introduction to Student-Based Budgeting. Ucelli, Marla; Foley, Ellen; Emdon, Thandi 271
First Steps: Taking Action Early To Prevent Violence. Davis, Rachel; Nageer, Sherlina; Cohen, Larry; Tepperman, Jean; Biderman, Fran; Henkle, Gretchen 255
First Year of Technology Mentoring for Teachers and Faculty: Lessons Learned. Campbell, Shirley; Ozgul, Songul 319
Fiscal Year 2002 Salary Report for the Illinois Public Community Colleges. 267
Florida's Instructional Materials Specifications. K-12 Social Studies, 2004-2005 Adoption. 299
Follow-Up Survey of PVCC Graduates of the Class of 2000-01. Research Report. Shields, Jennifer A. Survey 298
Formative Evaluation of the International Academic Mobility Initiative. Final Report. 430
From Building Blocks to Books: Learning from Birth through 8 in Pennsylvania. 212
From Gutenberg's Galaxy to Cyberspace: A New Model for a New Writing Space. Mason, Jean S. 250
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education: The Early Years. National Center Report. Smith, Virginia B.; Immerwahr, John; Bunting, Charles I.; DeMeester, Lynn; Garth, Russell; Hendrix, 255
Funding Our Future: An Adequacy Model for Wisconsin School Finance. Norman, Jack 281
Gender Differences in Self-Perceptions and Academic Outcomes: A Study of African American High School Students. Working Paper. Saunders, Jeanne; Davis, Larry; Williams, Trina; Cribbs, Julie Miller 233
Gender Differences in the Accuracy of Self-Evaluations on Chemistry, English, and Art Questions. Beyer, Sylvia; Riesselmann, Monica; Warren, Tiffany 139
Generally Accepted Principles of Teaching and Learning and Their Implications for Local Education Support Systems. Foley, Ellen 279
Geotech Institute Lesson Plans, June 2002. 319
Going the Distance: Active Learning. Notar, Charles E.; Restauri, Sherri; Wilson, Janell D.; Friery, Kathleen A. 296
Graduation Rate Study: Four Year Graduation Rates for the Cohort Class of 2000, Arizona Public High Schools. Owin, Brian R. 305
Grandparent Headed Families and Head Start: Developing Effective Services. Dannison, Linda L.; Smith, Andrea B. 315
Guide for Improving NRS Data Quality: Procedures for Data Collection and Training. Condelli, Larry; Castillo, Laura; Seburn, Mary; Deveaux, Jon 274
Half the Nation's R&D Concentrated in Six States. InfoBrief. Bennof, Richard J. 129
Hard Choices for Individual Situations. Landon, Bruce 280
Helping Children Outgrow War. SD Technical Paper. Miller, Vachel W.; Affolter, Friedrich W. 368
Higher Pay in Hard-to-Staff Schools: The Case for Financial Incentives. Prince, Cynthia D. 280
Home and Pre-School Connections: Meeting in the Contact Zone. Rigsby, Leo C.; DeMulder, Elizabeth K.; Caal, Selma; Newton, Laura 262
Homing in on Our Customers: How the Praxair Information Resource Center Reevaluated and Implemented a New Marketing Strategy. Megaridis, Crystal S. 287
Honouring the History of Academic Freedom: An Investigation into the Evolution of the Canadian and American Definitions of Academic Freedom. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Risbey, Kelly 262
How Central Exams Affect Educational Achievement: International Evidence from TIMSS and TIMSS-Repeat. Woessmann, Ludger 293
How the First-Year College Experience Contributes to Persistence. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Zhu, Lillian 243
How To Talk to Your Doctor (and Get Your Doctor To Talk to You!). An Educational Workshop on Doctor Patient Communication = Como Hablarle a su Doctor (iY que su doctor le hable a usted!). Un seminario educativo sobre la comunicacion entre el doctor y el paciente. 212
Hudson County Community College Periodic Review Report. Executive Summary. Report 256
Hunger Doesn't Take a Vacation: Summer Nutrition Status Report. 331
I Say "Refining," You Say "Retreating": The Politics of High-Stakes Accountability. Hess, Frederick M. 269
IDEA 1997: Implications for Secondary Education and Transition Services. Policy Update: Summarizing Recent Laws and Federal Regulations. 266
Impact of the Change in English Cutscores on Grades. Research Report 2002-04. Belcheir, Marcia J. 284
Implementing a Recursive Retention Assessment System for Engineering Programs. AIR 2002 Forum Paper. Acker, Jon Charles; Hughes, William; Fendley, William R., Jr. 285
Implementing Technology in Higher Education: The Management of Multiple Dimensions. McNaught, Carmel 263
Implementing Technology Integration at the University Level: A Case Study of Changes in Faculty Behaviors and Attitudes. Nelson, Tobye Rae; Snider, Sharla L.; Gershner, Vera T. Case study 236
Improving Collaboration between Welfare and Workforce Development Agencies. Relave, Nanette 281
In a Do-It-Yourself World, Who Needs Librarians? Wilson, Scott J. 194
Including Alternate Assessment Results in Accountability Decisions. NCEO Policy Directions. Quenemoen, Rachel; Thurlow, Martha 257
Inclusion of Children with Emotional or Behavioral Challenges in Child Care Settings: An Observational Study. Brennan, Eileen M.; Ama, Shane M.; Gordon, Lynwood J. 300
Incorporating Concept Maps in a Slide Presentation Tool for the Classroom Environment. Gopal, Kreshna; Morapakkam, Karthik 161
Informatics and Media Education--Designing a Curriculum for Media Education in Teacher Training with Regard to Basic Areas of Informatics. Magenheim, Johannes; Schulte, Carsten; Scheel, Olaf 200
Information and Communication Technologies in the Teaching and Learning Process: Does Online Professional Development Make a Difference? Morrow, Donna 219
Information Literacy Instruction in Higher Education: Trends and Issues. ERIC Digest. Kasowitz-Scheer, Abby; Pasqualoni, Michael 192
Information Technology Groupware: The Impact of Electronic Collaboration on Project Teams. Romanow, Jonathon J.; Mackie, Brian G. 149
Instructions and Sample Forms. For Annual Reports to the Private Colleges Accreditation Board of the Private Colleges with Accredited Degree Programs. Fifteenth Edition. 163
Integrating Handheld Technology and Web-Based Science Activities: New Educational Opportunities. Aleahmad, Turadg; Slotta, Jim 159
Integration of Laptops into a K-12 Learning Environment: A Case Study of a Science Teacher in the Middle School. Yang, Chia-chi 211
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