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Articles from ERIC: Reports (July 1, 2002)

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"Algorithmic Mathematics" and "Dialectic Mathematics": The "Yin" and "Yang" in Mathematics Education. Siu, Man-Keung 124
"All of a Sudden They Got It": Understanding Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of What It Means To Know (in) Math. Nolan, Kathleen; Dwyer, Sonya Corbin 294
"Hakuna Matata": Lakeside Literacy in Tanzania. Watson, Alan J. 289
"Life Wasn't Meant To Be Easy": Separating Wheat from Chaff in Technology Aided Learning? Galbraith, Peter 204
"Working Ahead": The National One-Stop Workforce System and Career Development Facilitator Curriculum Training for Instructors. Brawley, Kay 208
A Brief History of Higher Education in New York State. Denham, Thomas J. 251
A Brief History of the Major Components of the Medieval Setting. Denham, Thomas J. 206
A Comparison of Descriptive Writing of First Graders Using Freechoice Journaling versus Topical Journaling. Myers, Vanessa Gayle 292
A Follow-Up Web-Based Survey: Test and Measurement Expert Opinions on the Psychometric Properties of Out-of-Level Tests. Out-of-Level Testing Report. Bielinski, John; Minnema, Jane; Thurlow, Martha 266
A Guide to School Mental Health Services. 259
A Historical Review of Curriculum in American Higher Education: 1636-1900. Denham, Thomas J. 273
A Human Achievement: Mathematics without Boundaries. Terzioglu, Tosun 198
A New Era: Revitalizing Special Education for Children and Their Families. 233
A New Metaphor for Teaching: Science Teacher as Anthropologist. Hodson, Derek 221
A Report on the Impact of Prerequisite Enforcement on Underrepresented Students. Report 280
Abstraction: What Theory Do We Need in Mathematics Education? Boero, Paolo 109
Academic Dishonesty among Students: Consequences and Interventions. Satterlee, Anita G. 252
Accessing Knowledge for Problem Solving. Mamona-Downs, Joanna 176
Achievements and Perspectives of the Adult Education in Croatia. Klapan, Anita 275
Adult Learning and Learners. PREL Briefing Paper. Timarong, Alvina; Temaungil, Marianne; Sukrad, Wilma 298
Afterschool and Pregnancy Prevention. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 11. Report 182
Alumni Survey, July 2002. Report Submitted to Faculty September 16, 2002. Caison, Amy 296
America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2002. Benson, Carole, Ed. 410
An Action Research on the Effects of Extrinsic Rewards on Motivation of Eighth Grade Language Arts Students. Rejholec, Tod 362
Annual Rural Technology Institute (2nd, Lawrence, Kansas, July 29-31, 2002). 309
Another Look at Cognitive Abilities and Motivational Processes in Science Achievement: A Multidimensional Approach to Achievement Validation. CSE Technical Report. Kupermintz, Haggai; Roeser, Robert Report 209
Are Intuitive Rules Universal? Stavy, Ruth; Tsamir, Pessia; Tirosh, Dina; Lin, Fou lai; McRobbie, Campbell 484
Arkansas Framework for Infant and Toddler Care. 339
Assessing Subdisciplinary Concept Knowledge of Preservice Physical Education Teachers. Ayers, Suzan F. 271
Authority in the Mathematics Classroom and Its Influence on Students' Ability To Reflect. Amit, Miriam; Fried, Michael N. 176
Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Intervention Guidance for Service Providers and Families of Young Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Service Guideline 1. Revised. 282
Avoiding Mathematics Trauma: Alternative Teaching Methods. Ufuktepe, Unal; Ozel, Claire Thomas 206
Basic Skills in the Workplace: A Research Review. Research Report. Payne, John 291
Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study: 1996-2001 (BPS: 1996/2001) Methodology Report. Technical Report. Wine, Jennifer S.; Heuer, Ruth E.; Wheeless, Sara C.; Francis, Talbric L.; Franklin, Jeff W.; Dudley 331
Benefits of Cooperative Learning in a Multimedia Environment. Webb, James 348
California Statewide Plan for Use of Library Services & Technology Act Funds, 2002/03-2006/07. Starr, Kevin 285
Can Poor Students Identify the Good Features of a Demonstrated Problem Solving Method and Use It To Solve a Generalization Problem? Ishida, Junichi; Sanji, Ayumi 171
Career as Story: An Introduction to the Haldane Idiographic Method of Career Assessment for Multicultural Populations. Biller, Ernest F. 203
Career Development and Adults with Moderate to Severe Mental Retardation. Wadsworth, John; Cocco, Karen 132
Career Development Classroom Money System. Boston-Hall, Charmaine 207
Career Tracks: A Collaborative Approach between a University Career Center and a College of Education in Building a Career Counseling Paraprofessional Program. Albert, Marilyn; Peper, Christye; McVey, David C.; Schuster, Martha K. 194
Careers across America 2002: Best Practices & Ideas in Career Development Conference Proceedings (Chicago, IL, July 7-10, 2002). Walz, Garry R., Ed.; Lambert, Roger, Ed.; Kirkman, Chris, Ed. Conference news 383
Case Specificity Is Essential for Valid Performance Assessment of Physicians. Bashook, Philip G. 224
Child Care Facilities: A Child Care, Inc. Resource Paper. (Revised). Ennes, Judy; Lauster, Charles 234
Children at Risk. Information Bulletin. 266
City and State Takeover as a School Reform Strategy. ERIC Digest. Wong, Kenneth K.; Shen, Francis X. 270
Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR): Improving Secondary Students' Reading Comprehension Skills. Research to Practice Brief: Improving Secondary Education and Transition Services through Research. Bremer, Christine D.; Vaughn, Sharon; Clapper, Ann T.; Kim, Ae-Hwa 269
Comparing Representations and Reasoning in Young Children with Two-Year College Students. Glass, Barbara; Maher, Carolyn 143
Complexity of Mathematics in the Real World. Greer, Brian 108
Conceptual Framework and Design of the High School Study: A Multidimensional Approach to Achievement Validation. CSE Technical Report. Shavelson, Richard J.; Roeser, Robert; Kupermintz, Haggai; Lau, Shun; Ayala, Carlos; Haydel, Angela; 310
Conceptualizing the Realistic Mathematics Education Approach in the Teaching and Learning of Ordinary Differential Equations. Kwon, Oh Nam 192
Connecting Practitioners and Researchers: An Evaluation of NCSALL's Practitioner Dissemination and Research Network. NCSALL Reports. Smith, Christine; Bingman, Mary Beth; Hofer, Judy; Medina, Patsy 301
Connecting Practitioners and Researchers: An Evaluation of NCSALL's Practitioner Dissemination and Research Network. Report Summary. NCSALL Reports #22a. Smith, Cristine; Bingman, Mary Beth; Hofer, Judy; Medina, Patsy Report 257
Constitutional Law and Race-Conscious Policies in K-12 Education. ERIC Digest. Ancheta, Angelo 248
Continuing Training in the Public Service. Perez, Coralie 296
Coordinating Welfare and Substance Abuse Services. Kaplan, Jan 195
Correlation between Student Performance in Linear Algebra and Categories of a Taxonomy. Wood, Leigh N.; Smith, Geoffrey H.; Petocz, Peter; Reid, Anna 274
Creating a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program. Hambrecht, Georgia, Ed.; Stimley, Mark, Ed. 277
Critical Success Factors for the North Carolina Community College System, 2002. Thirteenth Annual Report. 280
Delaware Student Testing Program. State Summary Report: Reading, Mathematics, Writing Spring. 2002 Administration: Grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. 350
Delaware Student Testing Program: Technical Report, 2001. Zhang, Liru; Lau, Allen; Slinde, Jeffery 271
Describing Young Children's Deductive Reasoning. Reid, David A. 124
Developing a Career Resource for College Students in Saudi Arabia. Shatkin, Laurence; Atiyeh, Naim 166
Developing Instructional Leaders. ERIC Digest. Lashway, Larry 272
Developing Social Competence for All Students. ERIC/OSEP Digest. Vincent, Claudia G.; Horner, Robert H.; Sugai, George 269
Development and Testing of an Instrument Measuring a School Faculty's Commitment to Continuous Learning and Improvement. Meehan, Merrill L.; Cowley, Kimberly S.; Wiersma, William; Orletsky, Sandra R.; Sattes, Beth D.; Wal 295
Development of 10-Year-Olds' Mathematical Modelling. English, Lyn D. 171
Developments in School Finance, 1999-2000. Fiscal Proceedings from the Annual State Data Conference (July 1999 and July 2000). Fowler, William J., Jr., Ed. Conference news 236
Difficulties the Science Schoolteacher Faces To Implement Environmental Education. Benetti, Bernadete; Marcelo de Carvalho, Luiz 168
Does Participation in School-to-Career Limit Students Educational and Career Opportunities? Findings from the LAMP Longitudinal Study. Bozick, Robert; MacAllum, Keith 290
Does the Supreme Court Ruling on Vouchers in Cleveland Really Matter for Education Reform? Occasional Paper. Belfield, Clive R.; Levin, Henry M. 272
Early Childhod Education: Building A Strong Foundation for the Future. Educational Issues Policy Brief. 348
Early Childhood Education: Building a Strong Foundation for the Future. AFT Educational Issues Policy Brief Number 15. Author abstract 138
Early Exit: Understanding Adult Attrition in Accelerated and Traditional Postsecondary Programs. Synopsis: Higher Education Research Highlights. Wlodkowski, Raymond J.; Mauldin, Jennifer; Campbell, Scott 217
EFF/NRS Data Collection Project, 2000-2001: An Interim Report on the Development of the EFF Assessment Framework. 304
Effects of Multidimensionality on IRT Item Characteristics and True Score Estimates: Implications for Computerized Test Assembly. Computerized Testing Report. LSAC Research Report Series. Wang, Xiang-Bo; Harris, Vincent; Roussos, Louis 177
Employer Perspectives on Disability Nondiscrimination Practices. Bruyere, Susanne M. 152
End-of-Grade Multiple-Choice Test Results, 2001-2002. Measuring Up. E&R Report. Dulaney, Chuck; Regan, Roger 223
English That Works: Preparing Adult English Language Learners for Success in the Workforce and Community. ERIC Brief. Marshall, Brigitte 225
Enrollments and Degrees Report. AIP Report. Mulvey, Patrick J.; Nicholson, Starr 231
Environmental Management: An Approach to Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention. Prevention Updates. 370
Estimation of Item Dimensional Measurement Direction Using Conditional Covariance Patterns. Computerized Testing Report. LSAC Research Report Series. Bolt, Daniel; Roussos, Louis; Stout, William 262
Ethnographic Study: @ONE Technology Training Project Study. Obler, Susan; Schiorring, Eva Report 273
Evolving Partnerships: The Role of NGOs in Basic Education in Africa. Miller-Grandvaux, Yolande; Welmond, Michel; Wolf, Joy 277
Executive Compensation in Public Higher Education, 2001-02. Commission Report. 263
Facilitating Student Learning through Math Journals. Koirala, Hari P. 182
Factors Affecting the Implementation of Reforms in School Mathematics. Chissick, Naomi 147
Faith and Action: Implementation of the National Faith-Based Initiative for High-Risk Youth. Branch, Alvia Y. 270
Family/Educator Guide to Washington's Special Education Services. Revised Edition. Molloy, Patty 230
Fixed-Weight Methods of Scoring Computer-Based Adaptive Tests. Computerized Testing Report. LSAC Research Report Series. Green, Bert F. Report 205
From Classrooms to Careers: The Senior Mastery Process at Henry Ford Academy. Parizek, Deborah; Kesavan, Sandy 215
From Theory to Practice: Explaining Successful and Unsuccessful Teaching Activities (Case of Fractions). Tzur, Ron 198
Function Machines & Flexible Algebraic Thought. Davis, Gary E.; McGowen, Mercedes A. 169
Fundamental Cycles of Cognitive Growth. Pegg, John 192
Funding Guidelines Enrollment Data Report. 217
Gender and the Internet. Working Paper 2002-10. Ono, Hiroshi; Zavodny, Madeline Report 211
Glendale Community College Student Views 2002, Results of the 2002 Spring Student Survey. Karpp, Edward R. 252
Granite School District's Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program in Action. Petersen, Judy 236
Growing Arizona: A Report by the Arizona School Readiness Task Force. 336
Have All Children Benefited? A Perspective on Curriculum Initiatives and Low Achievers. Gray, Eddie; Howat, Hazel; Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra 182
Helping Parents Prevent Lead Poisoning. ERIC Digest. Binns, Helen J.; Ricks, Omar Benton 223
Helping Students with Disabilities Participate in Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum. ERIC/OSEP Digest. Warger, Cynthia 269
High-Stakes Testing. Policy Statement. Issue 3. 298
Holland-Based Career Materials: A Resource List for Educators. Reardon, Robert C.; Lumsden, Jill A. 196
Home Technology and Children's Science Education. Cardoso, Lurdes 256
How Large Is the U.S. S&E Workforce? InfoBrief. Wilkinson, R. Keith 131
How People Learn...Mathematics. Smith, David A. 242
How Students Structure Their Own Investigations and Educate Us: What We've Learned from a Fourteen Year Study. Maher, Carolyn A. 153
IDEA 1997 Transition Issues. Parent Brief. 252
Illinois Higher Education Annual Report, 2002. 284
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: Welding Cluster. 270
Impact of Children's Literature as an Ancillary Component to the Social Studies Curriculum. Neitz, Lissa Joy 396
Impact of Technology on School Facility Design. 242
Impacts of Marital Status and Parental Presence on the Material Hardship of Families with Children. Lerman, Robert I. 245
Implementing Charitable Choice at the State and Local Levels. Haberkern, Rachel M. 279
Implementing Faculty Professional Development: The Product-Based Model. Ireh, Madu; Bell, Ed 263
Improving School Libraries and Independent Reading: 1997-2002 Impact Evaluation of the K-12 School Library Printed Materials Grant. Policy Issue Report. Plucker, Jonathan A.; Humphrey, Jack; Kearns, Ann M.; Walter, Chrisanne N. 289
Increasing Your Mathematics and Science Content Knowledge. Thorson, Annette, Ed. 321
Initiation of Marijuana Use: Trends, Patterns, and Implications. Analytic Series. Gfroerer, Joseph C.; Wu, Li-Tzy; Penne, Michael A. 312
Issues and Concerns about Classroom Observation: Teachers' Perspectives. Wang, Wendy; Day, Cathy 270
K-12 Instruction in the United States: Integrating National Standards for Science and Writing through Emerging Technologies. Norman, Kathy I.; Hayden Katherine L. 367
Kansas Curricular Standards for Visual Arts. 236
Kansas Modified Assessment Indicators for Civics-Government, Economics, Geography and History. 286
La agrupacion de edades multiples y el logro academico (Multiage Grouping and Academic Achievement). ERIC Digest. Kinsey, Susan J. 263
La inclusion en los grados intermedios (Inclusion in Middle Schools). ERIC Digest. Hines, Rebecca A. 242
Law-Related Education and Delinquency Prevention. ERIC Digest. Parrini, Michelle 167
Learning from Cases and Bridging Some "Theory-Practice" Gaps. Mizukami, Maria da Graca Nicoletti 283
Learning from Learners. Matos, Joao Filipe 190
Learning from Learners: Robust Counterarguments in Fifth Graders' Talk about Reasoning and Proving. Zack, Vicki 135
Lessons for Teaching Botany: What Middle School Students Know about Plants. Natarajan, Chitra; Chunawala, Sugra; Apte, Swapna; Ramadas, Jayashree 241
Limitations of Current Language Testing Practices for Bilinguals. ERIC Digest. Kester, Ellen Stubbe; Pena, Elizabeth D. 243
Literacy--The 877 Million Left Behind. Muller, Anne, Ed.; Murtagh, Teresa, Ed. 325
Literature Review of Best Practices of Cooperating Teachers in the USA. Banville, Dominique 263
Little Children, Big Mathematics: Learning and Teaching in the Pre-School. Ginsburg, Herbert P. 160
Looking for Leverage: Issues of Classroom Research on "Algebra for All.". Schoenfeld, Alan H. 284
Making Middle Grades Work: Technical Assistance Guide for Site Coordinators. Cooney, Sondra; Moore, Barbara 257
Making the Most of Volunteers. P/PV Briefs. Grossman, Jean Baldwin; Furano, Kathryn 279
Map Your Future through ASA's New and Transfer Student Web Site. Shelton, Beverley; Isberner, Fred 204
Mathematical Epistemologies at Work. Noss, Richard 179
Mathematical Thinking: Studying the Notion of "Transfer". Carreira, Susana; Evans, Jeff; Lerman, Steve; Morgan, Candia 141
Mathematics and Other Disciplines: The Impact of Modern Mathematics in Other Disciplines. Masanja, Verdiana Grace 222
Minority Ethnic Pupils in Mainly White Schools. Research Report . Cline, Tony; de Abreu, Guida; Fihosy, Cornelius; Gray, Hilary; Lambert, Hannah; Neale, Jo Report 270
Model Program Evaluations. Fact Sheet. Report 198
Moving People from Welfare to Work: Lessons from the National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies. Hamilton, Gayle 279
Multidimensional Validity Revisited: A Multidimensional Approach to Achievement Validation. CSE Technical Report. Shavelson, Richard J.; Lau, Shun 187
Multisectoral Approaches in Advancing Girls' Education: Lessons Learned in Five SAGE Countries. SAGE Technical Report. Rugh, Andrea 287
National and State Estimates of the Drug Abuse Treatment Gap: 2000 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse. 225
National Best Practices Manual for Building High Performance Schools. 224
National Institutional Priorities Report, 2002. 236
New Challenges in the Teaching of Mathematics. Bourguignon, Jean Pierre 126
Off to a Good Start: Year I of Collaborative Coaching and Learning in the Effective Practice Schools. Neufeld, Barbara; Roper, Dana 238
Older Doctoral Scientists and Engineers: Selected Labor Force Characteristics. Special Report. Morgan, Robert P. 120
On Cognitive Abilities and Motivational Processes in Students' Science Engagement and Achievement: A Multidimensional Approach to Achievement Validation. CSE Technical Report. Lau, Shun; Roeser, Robert W.; Kupermintz, Haggai 252
On Science Achievement from the Perspective of Different Types of Tests: A Multidimensional Approach to Achievement Validation. CSE Technical Report. Ayala, Carlos Cuauhtemoc; Yin, Yue; Schultz, Susan; Shavelson, Richard 239
On the Links between Students' Motivational Patterns and Their Perceptions of, Beliefs about, and Performance on Different Types of Science Assessments: A Multidimensional Approach to Achievement Validation. CSE Technical Report. Haydel, Angela M.; Roeser, Robert W. 272
One Department Serving Rural America: HHS Rural Task Force Report to the Secretary. 331
Online Resources for Teaching Shakespeare. ERIC Digest. Stoicheva, Mila 187
Opening Doors: Students' Perspectives on Juggling Work, Family, and College. Matus-Grossman, Lisa; Gooden, Susan 276
Palomar College 1999-2000 Vocational Education Employer Study. Study Two in Series Two of the Vocational Education Employer Study of Palomar Graduates. Brown, Pamela L.; Barton, Michelle 287
Palomar College 1999-2000 Vocational Education Follow-Up Survey. Series Two of the Vocational Education Impact Study of Palomar Graduates. Barton, Michelle; Brown, Pamela L. 280
Pennsylvania Head Start--Family Literacy: Focus Group Meeting Report, 2002. Weirauch, Drucie 271
Perfect Match. PEN. Clements, Rebecca 331
Placing the History and the Philosophy of Science on Teacher Education. Cachapuz, Antonio F.; Paixao, Fatima 459
Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages. Sandrock, Paul 281
Planning for Youth Success--Supplement to Resources and Training Manual: Assessing Youth Success. Connecting Schools, Families, and Communities for Youth Success. Ko, Lena 248
Pretending to Literacy--Learning Literacy through Drama. Evaluation Report. Appleby, Ellen, Comp. 250
Priorities for California Educational Technology Funding. Commission Report. 288
Private Schools and "Latino Flight" from Black Schoolchildren. JCPR Working Paper. Fairlie, Robert W. 245
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (26th, Norwich, England, July 21-26, 2002). Volumes 1-4. Cockburn, Anne D., Ed.; Nardi, Elena, Ed. Conference news 281
Proceedings of the Capacity Building Institute on Access, Participation, and Progress in the General K-12 Curriculum (Arlington, Virginia, July 10, 2002). 270
Proceedings of the International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematics (at the Undergraduate Level) (2nd, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece, July 1-6, 2002). Hallett, Deborah Hughes, Ed.; Tzanakis, Constantinos, Ed. Conference notes 269
Profile of Undergraduates in U.S. Postsecondary Institutions: 1999-2000. Statistical Analysis Report. National Postsecondary Student Aid Study. Horn, Laura; Peter, Katharin; Rooney, Kathryn 279
Project Overview Overall Summary and Recommendations: @ONE Technology Training Project Study. Meehan, Kenneth; Obler, Susan; Schiorring, Eva B.; Serban, Andreea M. 281
Projected Supply, Demand, and Shortages of Registered Nurses, 2000-2020. 280
Proofs in Number Theory: History and Heresy. Rowland, Tim 183
Proving or Refuting Arithmetic Claims: The Case of Elementary School Teachers. Barkai, Ruth; Tsamir, Pessia; Tirosh, Dina; Dreyfus, Tommy 160
Putting Vouchers in Perspective: Thinking about School Choice after Zelman v. Simmons-Harris. Policy Brief. Rotherham, Andrew J. 253
Recess in Elementary School: What Does the Research Say? ERIC Digest. Jarrett, Olga S. 212
Reflective Questioning in the Program Evaluation Process. Florez, MaryAnn Cunningham 267
Release of Spring 2002 Test Items. 218
Report on the State/Territory Implementation of the Gun-Free Schools Act, School Year 1999-2000. Final Report. Gray, Karen; Sinclair, Beth 338
Researching Primary Numeracy. Brown, Margaret 180
Responding to Gangs: Evaluation and Research. Reed, Winifred L., Ed.; Decker, Scott H., Ed. 298
Results of the 2002 YESS Survey. Annual Survey of Student Satisfaction. Research Report. 274
Rethinking Science and Technology Education To Meet the Demands of Future Generations in a Changing World. International Organization for Science and Technology Education (IOSTE) Symposium Proceedings (10th, Foz do Iguacu, Parana, Brazil, July 28-August 2, 2002). Volumes I [and] II. Bizzo, Nelio, Ed.; Kawasaki, Clarice Sumi, Ed.; Ferracioli, Laercio, Ed.; Leyser da Rosa, Vivian, Ed 702
Roleplays in Middle School Science Textbooks: A Significant Contribution to the History of Science Teaching. Carvalho, Wanderley; Carvalho, Carmen Aparecida Basso 412
Roles of the Volunteer in Development: Toolkits for Building Capacity. Slater, Marsha; Allsman, Ava; Savage, Ron; Havens, Lani; Blohm, Judee; Raftery, Kate 284
Safety in Numbers: Collecting and Using Crime, Violence, and Discipline Incident Data To Make a Difference in Schools. Hantman, Irene; Bairu, Ghedam; Barwick, Annette; Smith, Bill; Mack, Bunny; Meston, Susan; Rocks, Lin 264
School District Expenditures and Fiscal Stress. Condition Report Prepared for the Education Finance Research Consortium. Boyd, Don; Lankford, Hamp; Wyckoff, Jim 274
School Faculty as a High-Performing Learning Community: Normative Data from 132 Schools. Meehan, Merrill L.; Wiersma, William; Cowley, Kimberly S.; Craig, James R.; Orletsky, Sandra R.; Chi 305
School Staff Burnout. A Center Quick Training Aid. 180
School-Based Curriculum Development: A Proposal for Improving Girls' Performance in SMT. Mulemwa, Jane N. 261
Science and Engineering Degrees: 1966-2000. Detailed Statistical Tables. Hill, Susan T. 138
Self-Determination for Children and Young Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind. NTAC Briefing Paper. Morgan, Susanne; Bixler, Elizabeth; McNamara, Jamie 232
Sharing the Wisdom of Practice: Schools That Optimize Literacy Learning for All Students. Novick, Rebecca; Fisher, Amy 315
Small Schools Under Siege: Evidence of Resource Inequality in Minnesota Public Schools. Thorson, Gregory R.; Maxwell, Nicholas J. 319
Small Schools Under Siege: Evidence of Resource Inequality in Minnesota Public Schools. Policy Brief. Thorson, Gregory R.; Maxwell, Nicholas J. Report 180
Some Ethical Considerations and Resources for Analyzing Online Discussions. ERIC Digest. Brem, Sarah K. 262
Special Examination of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Report. Houston, Rashada; King, Jeanine; McKee, Benny 258
State Policies on Assessment Participation and Accommodations, 2001. Synthesis Report. Thurlow, Martha L.; Lazarus, Sheryl; Thompson, Sandra; Robey, Jennifer 251
Stepping Out: New Directions in Internship Programming. Barnes, Melissa 239
Student Difficulties in Abstracting Angle Concepts from Physical Activities with Concrete Materials. Prescott, Anne; Mitchelmore, Michael; White, Paul 171
Student Engagement with School: Individual and School-Level Influences. Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth. Research Report. Fullarton, Sue 281
Student Financing of Graduate and First-Professional Education, 1999-2000: Profiles of Students in Selected Degree Programs and Their Use of Assistantships. Statistical Analysis Report. Choy, Susan P.; Geis, Sonya 272
Student Financing of Undergraduate Education: 1999-2000. Statistical Analysis Report. Executive Summary. Berkner, Lutz; Berker, Ali; Rooney, Kathryn; Peter, Katharin 258
Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities. 248
Students with Disabilities Who Drop Out of School: Implications for Policy and Practice. Issue Brief: Examining Current Challenges in Secondary Education and Transition. Thurlow, Martha L.; Sinclair, Mary F.; Johnson, David R. 288
Students' Understanding of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. Weber, Keith 209
Substance Dependence, Abuse and Treatment: Findings from the 2000 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse. Epstein, Joan F. 278
Summer Programs. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 12. Report 252
Survey Professionals Using Electronic Surveys. ERIC Digest. Shannon, David M.; Johnson, Todd E.; Searcy, Shelby; Lott, Alan 260
Taking the Modeling Perspective Seriously at the Elementary School Level: Promises and Pitfalls. Verschaffel, Lieven 197
TEACH Evaluation, Spring 2002. Report. Meuschke, Daylene M; Dixon, P. Scott; Gribbons, Barry C. 290
Teaching about Ecosystems. ERIC Digest. Haury, David L. 134
Teaching Ethical Issues in Science. Levinson, Ralph 205
Teaching with Technology: Use of Telecommunications Technology by Postsecondary Instructional Faculty and Staff in Fall 1998. Statistical Analysis Report. Warburton, Edward C.; Chen, Xianglei; Bradburn, Ellen M. 349
Technology and Early Childhood Professional Development: A Policy Discussion. McMaken, Jessica; Kauerz, Kristie; DeCesare, Dale; Hale, Genevieve 307
Tenure Status of Postsecondary Instructional Faculty and Staff: 1992-98. Statistical Analysis Report. Parsad, Basmat; Glover, Denise 321
The Achievement Gap 2002: How Minority Students Are Faring in North Carolina's Public Schools. An Update. Reid, Sheria 278
The Application of Holland's Career Theory in Modern Day Career Services: Integrating the Self-Directed Search and the Career Thoughts Inventory. Vernick, Stacie 159
The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings. Special Studies. Current Population Reports. Day, Jennifer Cheeseman; Newburger, Eric C. 278
The Challenge of Compliance: Food Security in Rural Households Affected by Welfare Reform. Food Assistance Needs of the South's Vulnerable Population. Monroe, Pamela A.; O'Neil, Carol; Tiller, Vicky V.; Smith, Jennifer 313
The Changing UI Claimant Population: Is It Time To Retool Reemployment Services? Issue Brief. Needels, Karen; Corson, Walter; Nicholson, Walter 292
The Development of Disciplinary Relationships: Knowledge, Practice, and Identity in Mathematics Classrooms. Boaler, Jo 144
The Differential Behavioral Work Styles of African American Students With and Without Learning Disabilities. Bright, Tony Dale 343
The Evolution/Creation Science Controversy: Educate Rather Than Debate. Jane, Beverley 343
The Impact of Welfare Sanctions on the Health of Infants and Toddlers. A Report from the Children's Sentinel Nutrition Assessment Program. Skalicky, Anne; Cook, John T. 313
The Influence of Subject Matter on Teachers' Practices: Two Case Studies. Belfort, Elizabeth; Guimaraes, Luiz Carlos 175
The Inside Track: Two Experts Discuss Dual Enrollment. 268
The Kids Are Alright? Children's Well-Being and the Rise of Cohabitation. New Federalism: National Survey of America's Families, Series B, No. B-48. Assessing the New Federalism, An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Acs, Gregory; Nelson, Sandi 282
The Minnesota Basic Skills Test: Performance Gaps on the Reading and Mathematics Tests from 1996 to 2001 by Gender, Ethnicity, Limited English Proficiency, Individual Education Plans, and Socio-Economic Status. 262
The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: Opportunities for Career Technical Education. Phelps, D. Jason 256
The No Child Left Behind Act: Implications for Local Educators and Advocates for Latino Students, Families, and Communities. Issue Brief. Gonzalez, Raul 240
The PVCC Transcript Study: Where PVCC Students Apply, Are Accepted, and Enroll. Research Report. Shields, Jennifer A.; Head, Ronald B. 303
The Reflective Journal as a Learning and Professional Development Tool for Teachers and Administrators. Gil-Garcia, Ana; Cintron, Zaida 231
The Relationship of Listening to Classical Music on First Graders' Ability To Retain Information. Lewis, Erin 397
The Relationship of Peer Collaboration on Third Grade Student Math Performance. Wilgus, Brandi Colleen Percifield 415
The Religious Factor in Private Education. Occasional Paper. Cohen-Zada, Danny; Justman, Moshe 241
The Role of Visualization in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Analysis. Guzman, Miguel de 172
The Senior Experience: A Transition to the World of Work. Walls, Jack 188
The State of Digital Preservation: An International Perspective. Conference Proceedings (1st, Washington, D.C., April 24-25, 2002). Conference news 218
The U.S. Supreme Court's Decision in the Cleveland Voucher Case: Where to from Here? Occasional Paper. Kemerer, Frank R. 264
Thematic Review on Adult Learning: Canada. Background Report. 299
Toward a Professional Community for Social Justice. Calderwood, Patricia 204
Towards Learner-Centred Approach in Senior Secondary School Science Lessons. Yandila, C. D.; Komane, S. S.; Moganane, S. V. 221
Towards Reconstituting the Notion of "Study Clinics." A Kakai Tonga Tu'a Community-Based Educational Project. Manu'atu, Linita; Kepa, Mere 271
Towards Understanding Teachers' Philosophical Beliefs about Mathematics. Charalambous, Charalambos; Philippou, George; Kyriakides, Leonidas 205
Training Counselors To Work with Native American Clients. Turner, Sherri 161
Transformative Learning in Extension Staff Partnerships: Facilitating Personal, Joint, and Organizational Change. Franz, Nancy K. 284
Trends in English as a Second Language. Information Capsule. Baldwin, Anne 266
UK Perspectives on Family Literacy: Past, Present, Future. The Edinburgh Family Literacy Symposium. Bird, Viv 315
Update of the Maryland State Plan for Postsecondary Education, 2002. 290
Using Call-and-Response To Facilitate Language Mastery and Literacy Acquisition among African American Students. ERIC Digest. Foster, Michele 212
Using Holland's Theory To Analyze Labor Market Data. Reed, Corey 218
Using Mnemonic Strategies in Fourth Grade Multiplication. Zutaut, Anita Kay 353
Using Multiple Measures To Evaluate the Performance of Students and Schools: Learning from the Cases of Kentucky and Maine. Research Report. Statewide Systemic Initiatives (SSI) Study. Lee, Jaekyung; Coladarci, Theodore 328
Using National and State Assessments To Evaluate the Performance of State Education Systems: Learning from the Cases of Kentucky and Maine. Research Report. Statewide Systemic Initiatives (SSI) Study. Lee, Jaekyung; McIntire, Walter G. Report 309
Using Postschool Outcome Data To Improve Practices and Policies in Restructured Inclusive High Schools. Research Institute on Secondary Education Reform (RISER) for Youth with Disabilities Brief. Mooney, Marianne; Phelps, L. Allen; Anctil, Tina M. Clinical report 264
Using the Self-Directed Search Career Explorer with Middle School Students: The Practicality of Holland's RIASEC Theory. Osborn, Debra S. 228
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