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Articles from ERIC: Reports (February 1, 2002)

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[Self-Assessment--Take a Look at Yourself.]. Mace, Jackie, Ed. 319
A Bridge Program for Educationally Disadvantaged Indian and African Americans. Risku, Michael 312
A Closer Look at Changes in Children's Living Arrangements in Low-Income Families. Working Paper. Welfare, Children, and Families: A Three-City Study. Cherlin, Andrew J.; Fomby, Paula 286
A Community of Teachers: Using Activity Theory to Investigate the Implementation of ICTE in a Remote Indigenous School. Lloyd, Margaret; Cronin, Rebecca 301
A District Level Planning Model. McHenry, W. E.; Achilles, C. M. 276
A Guide to Your Children's Schools: A Parent Handbook. 315
A Leader's Three Rs: Reading, Reflecting, and Relationships. Krueger, Debbie 191
A Long View of the Literary Debate: E. D. Hirsch Jr. and His Forebears. Reynolds, Richard J. 327
A Model for K-12 Reading Achievement through University/School District Collaboration. Turner, Trevor A.; Williams, Claudette H. 308
A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use of the Internet. 373
A Nationally Recognized Single Track, Tri-mester, Block Program at the High School Level. Bradford, James C., Jr. 262
A Primer on the 2- and 3-Parameter Item Response Theory Models. Thornton, Artist 304
A Primer on Ways To Explore Item Bias. Cromwell, Susan 223
A Survey of Teachers' Perspectives on High-Stakes Testing in Colorado: What Gets Taught, What Gets Lost. CSE Technical Report. Taylor, Grace; Shepard, Lorrie; Kinner, Freya; Rosenthal, Justin 207
A Variety of Parent Involvement Strategies: Enhancing Program Delivery through Productive Relationships. Price, Carolyn 196
Academy of Human Resource Development Conference Proceedings (Honolulu, Hawaii, February 27-March 3, 2002). Volumes 1 and 2. Egan, T. Marshall, Ed.; Lynham, Susan A., Ed. Conference news 256
Access & Persistence: Findings from 10 Years of Longitudinal Research on Students. ERIC Digest. Choy, Susan P. Clinical report 308
Accommodating Mathematics Testing Using a Videotaped, Read-Aloud Administration. Technical Guidelines for Performance Assessment. Tindal, Gerald 281
Accountability for Comprehensive Guidance Program Delivery and Quality: Program Templates. Woodard, Sadie; Malone, Benny 234
Achieving Excellence: The University of Wisconsin System Accountability Report, 2001-02. 285
Administrative Issues Essential to Effective Teacher Education Partnerships between Universities and Community Colleges: From Curriculum Mapping to Memoranda of Understanding. Houck, Jean 271
Administrative Support for Teachers Seeking National Board Certification: What, Why and How? Lieberman, Joyce M. 277
African American Males in Counseling: Who's Pulling the Trigger Now? Bethea-Whitfield, Patricia 168
AISD's Title I (Part C) Migrant Education Program. Washington, Wanda 295
All Faculty Matter! A Study of Nontenure-Track Faculty at Illinois Public Colleges and Universities. 404
Alternative Education: A Brief History and Research Synthesis. Lange, Cheryl M.; Sletten, Sandra J. 268
An Aggressive Advocacy Plan: The State Counselor Association Response to Events in Missouri. Trotter, Sonie 219
An American University in China: Teaching through the Crisis. Watkins, Patricia 260
An Analysis of the Effect of Children Achieving on Student Achievement in Philadelphia Elementary Schools. Tighe, Erin; Wang, Aubrey; Foley, Ellen 282
An Economic Case against Vouchers: Why Local Public Schools Are a Local Public Good. Dartmouth Economics Department Working Paper. Fischel, William A. 293
An Exploration of Students' and Teachers' Attitudes toward Ebonics in a Community College Writing Program. Mohamed, Theresa 297
An Innovative Marketing Model: Promoting Technical Programs by Conducting One-Day Conferences. Petrosian, Anahid 268
An Introduction to Confidence Intervals for Both Statistical Estimates and Effect Sizes. Capraro, Mary Margaret 262
An Investigation of Self-Esteem and School Achievement of Taiwanese Secondary Students. Hong, Zuway-R; Veach, Patricia McCarthy; Lawrenz, Frances 217
Analysis of Community College Faculty by Age. 250
Applying Multiculturalism: The Resolution of a Problem(atic) Situation. Locke, Don C. 190
Assessing Entry, Retention, and On-the-Job Performance through Graduate Follow Up. Oja, Sharon Nodie 291
Assessing School Work Culture: A Higher-Order Analysis and Strategy. Johnson, William L.; Johnson, Annabel M.; Zimmerman, Kurt J. 338
Assessing Vocational-Technical Training Needs in the Eastern Caribbean Region: A Practitioner's Guide. Sommers, Dixie 207
Assessment and Screening. A Center Quick Training Aid. 176
Beginning Teachers Take Flight: A Qualitative Study of Socialization. Angelle, Pamela S. 241
Benchmarking Public Education in Worcester. Beaman, Richard H.; Schaefer, Roberta R. 241
Beyond Standardized Testing: Examining, Developing, and Validating the Interview for Admission into the Teacher Education Program. Harrison, Judy A.; McAfee, Harold 188
Beyond the Curriculum: Preparing Teachers for Student Health Issues. Deutsch, Charles; Merseth, Katherine 217
Births: Final Data for 2000. Martin, Joyce A.; Hamilton, Brady E.; Ventura, Stephanie J.; Menacker, Fay; Park, Melissa M. 274
Bootstrapping Confidence Intervals for Robust Measures of Association. King, Jason E. 192
Bootstrapping Selected Item Statistics from a Student-Made Test. Burroughs, Monte 194
Bridging Identities among Ethnic Minority Youth in Schools. ERIC Digest. Yeh, Christine J.; Drost, Christopher 263
Building Momentum--Taking Action: Southern States Collaborate on Child Care Financial Aid and Quality Initiatives. 380
Building Valued-Added Assessment into Michigan's Accountability System: Lessons from Other States. Research Report 1. Lee, Kwangyhuyn; Weimer, Debbi Report 503
Bullying Prevention. A Center Quick Training Aid. 175
But Are They Learning? School Buildings--The Important Unasked Questions. Nair, Prakash 263
Changing the "Ecosystem" of Preservice Math and Science Methods Classes To Enhance Students' Social, Cognitive, and Emotional Development. Carter, William; Sottile, James M., Jr. 237
Children Entering School Ready To Learn: School Readiness Baseline Information, School Year 2001-02 by State and County. 326
Children's Emerging Digital Literacies: Investigating Home Computing in Low- and Middle-Income Families. CCT Reports. Ba, Harouna; Tally, Bill; Tsikalas, Kallen 283
Choosing a Model and Types of Models: How To Find What Works for Your School. Research Brief. Schwartzbeck, Terri Duggan 263
Classification Revisions Reduce Reported Federal Development Obligations. InfoBrief. Jankowski, John E. 128
Classroom Changes To Enhance & Re-Engage Students in Learning. A Center Training Tutorial. 167
Collaborating To Close the Achievement Gap. Vos, Robert 261
Collaborative Learning for Change. NALL Working Paper. Mojab, Shahrzad; Wall, Naomi Binder; McDonald, Susan 237
Community Colleges and the Equity Agenda: The Potential of Non-Credit Education. Grubb, W. Norton; Badway, Norena; Bell, Denise 279
Community Outreach: School-Community Resources To Address Barriers to Learning. A Center Training Tutorial. 190
Comparing Alternative Algebraic Modalities for Remedial Students. McClendon, Marie; McArdle, Michele 320
Comparison of Two Curriculum/Instructional Design Models: Ralph W. Tyler and Siena College Accounting Class, ACCT205. Denham, Thomas J. 227
Competition and Collaboration in California Higher Education. Bracco, Kathy Reeves; Callan, Patrick M. 248
Comprehensive Guidance Results-Based Evaluation: Developing a Practical Approach. Maliszewski, Stan J.; Mackiel, John J. 207
Computerized Adaptive Testing: Some Issues in Development. Orcutt, Venetia L. 175
Conformity or Creativity: The Problem of Teacher Development in the PDS Environment. Blake, Christopher R. L. 265
Cooperative Home Care Associates: A Case Study of a Sectoral Employment Development Approach. Sectoral Employment Development Learning Project Case Studies Series. Inserra, Anne; Conway, Maureen; Rodat, John Case study 285
Coping with Recession: Public Policy, Economic Downturns and Higher Education. Callan, Patrick M. 298
Counseling Gifted and Talented Students. Colangelo, Nicholas 270
Coverage in Context: How Thoroughly the News Media Report Five Key Children's Issues. Kunkel, Dale; Smith, Stacy; Suding, Peg; Biely, Erica 274
Creating Ethical Administrators: A Challenge for Both Professor and Practitioner. Edmonson, Stacey; Fisher, Alice 273
Creating the Infrastructure for an Enabling (Learning Support) Component To Address Barriers to Student Learning. A Center Training Tutorial. 208
Crisis Assistance & Prevention: Reducing Barriers to Learning. A Center Training Tutorial. 251
Culminating Experience Action Research Projects, Volume 2, Fall 2002. McAllister, Deborah A., Ed.; Moyer, Peggy S., Ed. 284
Defining Preparation and Professional Development for the Future. Andrews, Richard; Grogan, Margaret 265
Degrees Conferred by Connecticut Institutions, 2000-01. Report. 296
Delaware Student Testing Program: State Report for 2001 DSTP Writing Assessment. 341
Description of Success: A Four-Teacher Instructional Model. Reed, Dianne 267
Developing an Interfaith Trialogue: Creating Multi-Cultural Study Abroad Experiences That Enhance a Community's Understanding and Awareness of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Faith Traditions through the Narrative Dimensions of Transformative Learning. Sanders, Kathryn A.; Morgan, Marilon 309
Developing Ourselves through the Use of Midsemester Evaluation. Hayward, Pamela A. 220
Developing Quality Teacher Education Programs: A Process for Getting There! Wavering, Michael J.; McGee, Christy D. 271
Developing the Capacity for Interactive Professionalism through Mentoring and Principle-Centered Action. Walker Hopp, Carolyn 243
Development and Evaluation of Public Policies Aimed at Meeting Needs for Educational Facilities: Thoughts on the French Experience. Louis, Francois 252
Displacing Non-Guidance Tasks and Initiating Program Improvements: Data Collection Initiatives and Program Innovations. Madden, Judy 173
Distance Education Instruction by Postsecondary Faculty and Staff: Fall 1998. Statistical Analysis Report. Postsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Reports. Bradburn, Ellen 302
E. Paul Torrance: His Life, Accomplishments, and Legacy. Hebert, Thomas P.; Cramond, Bonnie; Spiers Neumeister,Kristie L.; Millar, Garnet; Silvian, Alice F. Book review 166
E. Paul Torrance: His Life, Accomplishments, and Legacy. Research Monograph Series. Hebert, Thomas P.; Cramond, Bonnie; Neumeister, Kristie L. Speirs; Millar, Garnet; Silvian, Alice F. 279
Economics, the Enterprise System, and Finance. 308
Education Funding for Residential Facilities. 273
Education, Schooling, and the Prospects of Global Peace. Sineshaw, Tilahun 291
EFL Writing: Product and Process. Gabrielatos, Costas 224
Electronic Portfolios: Teacher Candidate Development and Assessment. Hill, Deborah M. 246
English as a Second Language Report Two--ESL Cohort Analysis. Maack, Stephen C. 301
Enhancing the Mathematics Performance of College Bound Students Combining Computer Animation with Text and Narration. Mahmood, Salma Jesmin 314
Ensuring Professionally Relevant Supervision and Professional Development: A District-Level Experience. Synatschk, Katherine O. 155
Ensuring Professionally Relevant Supervision and Professional Development: A State-Level Experience. Bunch, Lela Kosteck 213
Equipping Museums and Libraries for the 21st Century. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Select Education of the Committee on Education and the Workforce. House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventh Congress, Second Session. 197
Establishing a New Position: District Director of Guidance. Larivee, Gloria 156
Estimating the Cost of an Adequate Education in New York. Working Paper. Duncombe, William 285
Eurocentric Education Unhinged: Challenges Posed by the Elders and Teachings of the Anishinaabeg. Granberg, Kimberly A. 294
Evaluation of Career-Technical Education Funding in Ohio. 338
Evaluation of Counseling Services in a Rural School District: Assessing Current Program Status. Taylor, Elizabeth R. 189
Evaluation of the Performance Driven Budgeting Initiative of the New York City Board of Education (1997-2000). Final Report [and] Executive Summary. Siegel, Dorothy; Fruchter, Norm 271
Exemplary and Promising Educational Technology Programs, 2000. 261
Expansion of Out-of-School Programs Aims at Improving Student Achievement. Report. Perry, Mary; Teague, Jackie; Frey, Susan 256
Explaining College Costs: NACUBO's Methodology for Identifying the Costs of Delivering Undergraduate Education. 471
Exploring Preservice Teacher Thinking: A Comparison of Five Measures. Jensen, Jacquelyn W.; Winitzky, Nancy 245
Extending Program Resources: Meeting Necessity with Invention. Fuston, Judith; Hargens, Mark 206
Faith-Based Organizations Providing Employment and Training Services: A Preliminary Exploration. Revised. Kramer, Fredrica D.; Nightingale, Demetra Smith; Trutko, John; Spaulding, Shayne; Barnow, Burt S. 275
Federal Academic Science and Engineering Obligations Increased 10 Percent in FY 2000. InfoBrief. Bennof, Richard J. 124
Federal Literacy Facts: An Update on Literacy-Related Developments at the National Level. Movement for Canadian Literacy. Brief article 122
Feminist Perspectives on TANF Reauthorization: An Introduction to Key Issues for the Future of Welfare Reform. Briefing Paper. Peterson, Janice 312
Financing of Tribal Colleges. O'Laughlin, Jeanie 305
First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education Policy Framework. 299
Focus on Retired Teachers: State Policies Allowing Retirees To Return to Classrooms. Gaines, Gale F. 274
Food and Education in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan. Final Proceedings Report: AIA-NGO-WFP-CAII Workshop (Islamabad, Pakistan, February 17-20, 2002). Morrison, Bronwen 366
Francophone Governance Implementation Handbook. Revised. 232
From Student Teaching into a Profession: One Model for Guiding Professional Development. Fallon, Moira A.; Brown, Susan C. 262
Funding Formula and the Fiscal Provisions for Part B: A Policy Analysis. Tschantz, Jennifer 220
Gaining Ground: The Labor Market Progress of Sectoral Employment Development Programs. SEDLP Research Report. Zandniapour, Lily; Conway, Maureen 269
Get Smart about Energy. Revised. 167
Glendale Community College Campus Views 2002: Results of the 2002 Faculty/Staff Survey. Survey 281
Good Choices in Hard Times: Fifteen Ideas for States To Reduce Hunger and Stimulate the Economy. Albee, Michelle; Cates, Jessica; Hayes, Louise; Henchy, Geri; Hess, Doug; Odell, Denise; Parker, Lyn 348
Graduation and Success Rates of Mexican-American Undergraduate Nursing Students in an Associate Degree Nursing Program. Sims-Giddens, Susan 293
Group Mentoring: A Study of Mentoring Groups in Three Programs. Herrera, Carla; Vang, Zoua; Gale, Lisa Y. 270
Guide de mise en oeuvre de la gestion scolaire francophone. Revise (Guide for the Implementation of French-Language Education. Revised). 214
Handbook for the Identification and Review of Students with Severe Disabilities. Revised. 210
Health Literacy and Adult English Language Learners. ERIC Q & A. Singleton, Kate 245
Healthy Start and Healthy Families: Outreach and Enrollment Tool Kit. Revised. 271
Helping Students with Disabilities Succeed in State and District Writing Assessments. ERIC/OSEP Digest. Warger, Cynthia 215
High Stakes: Time Poverty, Testing and the Children of the Working Poor. Working Paper Series. Chin, Margaret M.; Newman, Katherine S. 360
Higher Education Counts: Accountability Measures for the New Millennium. Report II. Data Analysis Update: Performance Improvement Targets. 296
Immigrants and Welfare Reauthorization. Revised. Fremstad, Shawn 304
Implementing Comprehensive School Guidance Programs: Critical Leadership Issues and Successful Responses. Gysbers, Norman, Ed.; Henderson, Patricia, Ed. 276
Implementing Pennsylvania's Plan for a Unified Workforce System. Annual Report. Butler, Johnny 286
Improving Basic Skills: The Effects of Adult Education in Welfare-to-Work Programs. National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies. Bos, Johannes M.; Scrivener, Susan; Snipes, Jason; Hamilton, Gayle 272
Improving Teacher Questions in Reading Instruction. Ediger, Marlow 255
In Search of OZ: Effect Size Reporting and Interpretation in Communication Research. Hutchins, Holly M.; Henson, Robin K. 175
Incorporating a Problem-Based Learning Environment for Hispanic Learners and Students with Disabilities in Univariate Statistics. Kennedy, Helen L. 306
Incorporating Urban Charter School Teaching Experiences in Central's Early Childhood Education Curriculum Course. Aldrich, Jennifer 273
Increasing Work Opportunities for Low-Income Workers through TANF and Economic Development Programs. Friedman, Pamela 274
Inference: Procedures and Implications for ELT. Gabrielatos, Costas 183
Instructional Technology Comes of Age. Research Center Update. Clery, Suzanne; Lee, John 287
International Workshop on Educational Infrastructure: Conclusions (Summary of Proceedings, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, February 24-27, 2002). 299
Interstate Migration Patterns of Recent Science and Engineering Doctorate Recipients. InfoBrief. Sanderson, Allen; Dugoni, Bernard 123
Involving and Responding to Parents: Opportunities and Challenges. Cuthbert, Bali 206
Iowa Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program Development Guide: Kindergarten-Community College. 261
Issues in Accountability and Assessment for Adult ESL Instruction. ERIC Q & A. Van Duzer, Carol 253
Item Banks: What, Where, Why and How. Anzaldua, Ric M. 242
JCCC Faculty Writing Assignment and Needs Survey, 2001. Weglarz, Shirley G. 287
Jobs First: Final Report on Connecticut's Welfare Reform Initiative. Bloom, Dan; Scrivener, Susan; Michalopoulos, Charles; Morris, Pamela; Hendra, Richard; Adams-Ciardul 296
Jobs First: Final Report on Connecticut's Welfare Reform Initiative. Summary Report. Bloom, Dan; Scrivener, Susan; Michalopoulos, Charles; Morris, Pamela; Hendra, Richard; Adams-Ciardul 290
Jobs for Florida's Graduates Program Becomes Independent and Its Performance Improves. OPPAGA Status Report. Allen, Pam; Pardue, Don 277
Journey from Oppression: Using Literature To Teach Civil Rights. Jans-Thomas, Susie 267
Latina Educators and School Discourse: Dealing with Tension on the Path to Success. CIERA Report. Aguilar, Jill A.; MacGillivray, Laurie; Walker, Nancy T. 272
Leadership Strategies of Performance Measures Impacts in Public Sector Management: A National Content Analysis. Kubala, James Joseph 304
LeagueTLC: Transformational Learning Connections. Connecting Community Colleges with Innovative Solutions. Perez, Stella 289
Learning for All: Giving Effective Directions and the Peg System of Memorization. Anderson, Stephen C. 275
Learning To Write: From Choosing the Topic to Final Draft. Asser, Hiie; Poom-Valickis, Katrin 318
Local Structures in Adult Education: A Discussion Paper. 287
Logic for the English Teacher and Student. Dudar, Abdur-Rahim Dib 128
Making Sense of Continuing and Renewed Class-Size Findings and Interest. Achilles, C. M.; Finn, J. D. 281
Making Use of Ideas Gleaned from Reading. Ediger, Marlow 300
Management Strategies for Multi-Track, Year-Round Elementary Schools. Badal, Alen 190
Maryland Higher Education Commission Trend Book, 2002. 216
Medicaid, Census, and the CPS: What They Reveal about Child Undercount and Poverty. JCPR Working Paper. Osborne Daponte, Beth; Wolfson, Lara J. 204
Meeting the Unmet Challenge: Alternative Certification Programs through the Use of Technology. Mann, George; Henderson, Eddie; Guffy, Ted 216
Mississippi's Plan for Student Achievement: Assessment, Accreditation, Accountability. 266
Missouri Pre-K Literacy Standards, Early Literacy Teacher's Guide, [and] Early Literacy Parent Handbook. 329
Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies for Educational Infrastructure. Wilkinson, Richard 268
Monitoring the Implementation of IDEA: Proceedings of the National Monitoring Conference (6th, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2002). Tschantz, Jennifer Conference news 262
Moving Forward...From Where You Are to School Improvement That Lasts: A Research-Based Guide. Woods, Deanna 251
Multiple Choices: How Will States Fill in the Blanks in Their Testing Systems? Gandal, Matthew 218
Multiple Regression Methodology in the "Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk": Effect Sizes and Structure Coefficients. Herring, Jennifer C. 172
Multiple-Stage Screening for the Identification of Depression among Adolescents. Ettelson, Rebecca; Laurent, Jeff 212
Mustering the Armies of Compassion in Philadelphia: An Analysis of One Year of Literacy Programming in Faith-Based Institutions. Hangley, Bill, Jr.; McClanahan, Wendy S. 269
Myths about Energy in Schools. 199
Narratives of Youth: Cultural Critique through Spoken Word. Sparks, Barbara; Grochowski, Chad 350
National Drug Control Strategy, 2002. 245
Needs Analysis for the West Hills College at Lemoore, West Hills Community College District. Commission Report. Report 266
New Directions for School & Community Initiatives To Address Barriers to Learning: Two Examples of Concept Papers To Inform and Guide Policy Makers. A Center Report. 264
New Strategies To Promote Stable Employment and Career Progression: An Introduction to the Employment Retention and Advancement Project. Bloom, Dan; Anderson, Jacquelyn; Wavelet, Melissa; Gardiner, Karen N.; Fishman, Michael E. 270
No Child Left Behind: What Will It Take? 260
Not Just Another Single Issue: Teen Pregnancy Prevention's Link to Other Critical Social Issues. 246
NovaNET, 2000-2001: Analyses of Student Outcomes Relative to a Comparison Group. Eye on Evaluation. E&R Report. Harlow, Kristin; Baenen, Nancy 357
Ontario Community Colleges and Change: Is There an Essence That Has Remained Constant? Does It Matter? Skolnik, Michael L. 262
Opening the Dialogue: A Model for Districtwide Cross-Cultural Effectiveness Training. Zambrano, Elias 159
Organizational Communication: Research and Practice. ERIC Digest. Aiex, Nola Kortner 169
Parental Job Loss and Early Adolescent Adjustment in Black and White Families. JCPR Working Paper. Kalil, Ariel; DeLeire, Thomas 253
Participation Trends and Patterns in Adult Education: 1991-1999. Statistical Analysis Report. Creighton, Sean; Hudson, Lisa 273
Partnerships with Girls in Rural Schools in China: A Case Study. Seeberg, Vilma; Zhao, Lin 325
Passing the Mathematics Section of the TASP: Strategies, Tips, and Suggestions. Ginn, James E.; North, Henry 183
Patterns in Implementing Comprehensive School Reform: What the Researchers Say. Research Brief. Schwartzbeck, Terri Duggan 261
Perceived Change in Leadership Skills as a Result of the Wilderness Education Association Wilderness Stewardship Course. Hobbs, Elisabeth; Spencer, Steve 213
Personality Type as a Predictor of Teaching Efficacy and Classroom Control Beliefs in Emergency Certification Teachers. Henson, Robin K.; Chambers, Sharon M. 234
Planning and Implementing a Graduate Environmental Science Course: A State Agency and a University Partnership. Wiggins, Felita 270
PLATO Use for Graduation Test Preparation, Piedmont High School, Piedmont, Alabama. PLATO Evaluation Series. Quinn, David W.; Quinn, Nancy W. 267
Preparing All Teachers for Linguistic Diversity in K-12 Schools. Jones, Toni Griego 256
Preparing Quality Science Educators: A Successful Tripartite Partnership. Cole, Donna J.; Mahaffey, Gregory; Ramey, Linda; Ryan, Charles W.; Swann, Raymond; Tomlin, James A. 246
Preparing Teachers To Work with Students with Disabilities: Possibilities and Challenges for Special and General Teacher Education. White Paper. Kozleski, Elizabeth B.; Pugach, Marleen; Yinger, Robert 254
Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow: A Conceptual Framework for Career and Technical Education. Rojewski, Jay W. 281
Preparing, Licensing, and Certifying Postsecondary Career and Technical Educators. Bartlett, James E., II 267
Program Level Feedback from Former Occupational Education Students: Report 1 of 2, Summary Findings of Respondents District-Wide. Research Brief. Glyer-Culver, Betty 271
Promoting and Disseminating Good Practice in the Planning and Management of Educational Facilities: Capital Investment Strategic Planning - A Case Study, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE, Queensland, Australia. Crump, Kelvin Case study 275
Promoting Teacher Leadership in Urban Schools. Lieberman, Joyce M. 270
Proven Practices: "More Time on Task" Benefits Students at Risk. In Evidence: Policy Reports from the CFE Trial, Volume 5. Wolff, Jessica 297
PVCC Minority Enrollment Report, Fall Semester 2001. Research Report. Shields, Jennifer A. 269
Racial/Ethnic and Gender Diversity in Nursing Education. 305
Raising Awareness and Changing Behaviors: An Evaluation of the Gender Project. Larson, Desi; Burgess, Christine; Fortune, Aileen 288
Raising Student Achievement in the Dayton Public Schools: Report of the Dayton Public Schools Strategic Support Teams. Report 337
Reaching Out to the Teachers of Teachers: Distance Education in Rural Alaska. Reyes, Maria Elena 299
Recreation Hard Skills Courses for Credit: A Collaborative Effort between the Academic Department and the Outings Program. Calvin, David M.; Stuessy, Thomas L.; Poff, Raymond A. 260
Redesigning Teacher Preparation: A Collaborative Initiative for Quality Education. Lara, Margarita; Malveaux, LeKesha R. 272
Reflecting Latino Culture in Our Classrooms: A Quick Start for Teachers. Canning, Christine; Salazar-Guenther, Mary; Polanco-Noboa, Julio 209
Report of the Oklahoma Higher Education Task Force on Student Retention. 314
Report on What Works in Early Childhood Education. 318
Revising and Enhancing the Davis School District Comprehensive Guidance Program: Working Together Works. Davis, Diann 189
Sampling Theory and Confidence Intervals for Effect Sizes: Using ESCI To Illustrate "Bouncing"; Confidence Intervals. Du, Yunfei 146
School Dropouts: Education Could Play a Stronger Role in Identifying and Disseminating Promising Prevention Strategies. Report to the Honorable Jim Gibbons, House of Representatives. Shaul, Marnie S. 264
School Locale Codes, 1987-2000. Working Paper Series. Speicher, Nancy 237
School Psychologists on the Public Relations Front: What Are Practitioners Doing? Grantz, Amanda K.; Thomas, Alex 213
School-Based Crisis Intervention. A Center Quick Training Aid. 161
School-Wide Positive Behavior Systems: Improving School Environments for All Students Including Those with EBD. Eber, Lucille; Lewis-Palmer, Teri; Pacchiano, Debra 272
Second Language Acquisition, Culture Shock and Language Stress of Adult Latina Students in New York. Buttaro, Lucia 281
Seizing Opportunities: Advocating for the Development of a Comprehensive Guidance Program. Lopez, Hilda 174
Senate Rostrum: The Newsletter of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, 2002. Adams, Julie, Ed. 402
Serving Students with Disabilities at the Community College. ERIC Digest. Prentice, Mary 264
Shared Accountability in Creating and Managing Collaborative Supervision Partnerships. Oja, Sharon Nodie 244
Sharing Responsibility for Schoolwide Testing Programs: No NGAs in Our Schools. Petersen, Judy 186
Short- and Long-Term Consequences of Adolescent Victimization. OJJDP Youth Violence Research Bulletin, February 2002. Menard, Scott 201
Small Schools Making Big Changes: The Importance of Professional Communities in School Reform. Holland, Nicole E. 329
Social Exclusion and Children: A European View for a U.S. Debate. CASE Discussion Paper. Micklewright, John 231
Solving the "Time and Information" Dilemma through Technology: Electronic Student Registration and Data Systems. Evans, Bruce; Ward, Scott 195
Southern Regional Initiative on Child Care: Action Plan To Improve Access to Child Care Assistance for Low-Income Families. Survey Results on the Status of State Implementation Efforts. 349
SREB Study Indicates Serious Shortage of Nursing Faculty. 340
State Criteria for Determining Disproportionality. Quick Turn Around (QTA). Markowitz, Joy 269
State Issues Digest, 2002. 237
State of the State: Educational Performance in North Carolina, 2001. 272
State of the States: A Profile of Food and Nutrition Programs across the Nation. [2002 Update]. Hess, Doug; Weill, Jim 250
Stereotypes of Asian American Students. ERIC Digest. Kim, Angela; Yeh, Christine J. 274
Still "A Reasonably Equal Share." Update on Educational Equity in Vermont, Year 2001-2002. Jimerson, Lorna 306
Stony the Road We Trod... The Black Struggle for Higher Education in California. Allen, Walter R.; Bonous-Hammarth, Marguerite; Teranishi, Robert 282
Strange Bedfellows? Title I Funding, Alternative Teacher Certification Programs, and State Teacher Standards. Bales, Barbara L. 233
Student & Family Assistance Programs and Services To Address Barriers to Learning. A Center Training Tutorial. 219
Student and Employee Wellness in Higher Education: A Literature Review. Owen, T. Ross 185
Student Transfer in California Postsecondary Education. Commission Report. 298
Studies of the Use of Wilderness for Personal Growth, Therapy, Education, and Leadership Development: An Annotation and Evaluation. Moore, Troy; Russell, Keith C. 287
Success Center User Evaluation. Weglarz, Shirley G. 346
Suicide Prevention. A Center Quick Training Aid. 177
Sure How Would the (Imminent) Future Ever Be after Becoming the (Recent) Past? Change in the Irish English "Be after V-ing" Construction. McCafferty, Kevin 278
Survey of Sampled Higher Education Institutions in Alabama. Nix, Thomas; Snyder, Scott; Fritschi, Jennifer 262
Surveys of Enacted Curriculum: Tools and Services To Assist Educators. Plan for Expanding SEC to Education Systems. 175
Symposium--The Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative: Methodologies and Results in Program-Based Evaluation. Armstrong, Kathleen; Boroughs, Michael; Massey, Oliver T.; Perry, Angela; Sansosti, Frank J.; Uzzell 267
T.O.S.S. It to the New Teacher: The Principal's Role in the Induction Process. Angelle, Pamela S. 272
Tailoring the Comprehensive Guidance Program Model To Fit Richland County School District One: Building the Foundation. Miles, Ronald D. 142
TANF Reauthorization and Work Requirements. Relave, Nanette 275
Teacher Preparation Goes Accountable: The Professional Education Database. Seider, Susan N.; Nemr, Georgette 255
Teacher Work Sample Assessment: An Accountability Method That Moves beyond Teacher Testing to the Impact of Teacher Performance on Student Learning. Denner, Peter R.; Salzman, Stephanie A.; Harris, Larry B. 301
Teachers' Feelings of Competency in Educating Children with Special Needs in the General Education Setting. Ross, Susan 230
Teaching English-Language Learners: What Does the Research Say? ATF Educational Issues Research Brief Number 14. Author abstract 301
Teaching Quality in the Southeast: Meeting the Challenges. An Update of Regional Title II Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant Initiatives. 265
Teen Tipplers: America's Underage Drinking Epidemic. 260
Testing for Results: Helping Families, Schools and Communities Understand and Improve Student Achievement. 239
The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) 2000-01: Student Participation and Effectiveness. ALP Report. Baenen, Nancy; Yaman, Kimberly; Lindblad, Mark 325
The American Indian and Alaska Native Population: 2000. Census 2000 Brief. Ogunwole, Stella U. 320
The Call for Department Leaders. Gmelch, Walter H. 268
The Challenges of Change: A Tracer Study of San Preschool Children in Botswana. Early Childhood Development: Practice and Reflections. Following Footsteps. le Roux, Willemien 283
The Challenges of Lifelong Learning: Report of a Seminar Involving the New Independent States and Mongolia, February 2002. Report. 288
The Characteristics of Families Remaining on Welfare. Working Paper. Welfare, Children, and Families: A Three-City Study. Moffitt, Robert; Cherlin, Andrew; Burton, Linda; King, Mark; Roff, Jennifer 270
The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) and Its Impact on High School Students' Completion of the University of California's Preparatory Coursework. CSE Technical Report. Quigley, Denise D. Report 272
The Effects of Grouping and Curricular Practices on Intermediate Students' Math Achievement. Tieso, Carol L. Author abstract 430
The Effects of Social Economic Status, Social Support, Gender, Ethnicity and Grade Point Average on Depression among College Students. Ndoh, Sunday; Scales, Josie 204
The Federal Role in Vocational and Technical Education at the Secondary Level: Principles for Moving toward a Greater Emphasis on Supporting Systematic Innovation and Rigorous Evaluation. Kemple, James J. 268
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