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Articles from ERIC: Reports (April 1, 2002)

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"But That's One of My Favorite Books!": Conducting Sociopolitical Critiques of Children's Literature with Preservice Teachers. McNair, Jonda C. 268
"Can We Send Some of the Money Back Home to Our Families?" Tensions of Transition in an Early Intervention Program for Rural Appalachian Students. Carter, Carolyn S.; Robinson, Ruby 282
"Essence" Dance: A Simple Model for Improvisation. Van't Hof, Ellen R. 260
"Here, I'm Not Afraid To Admit What I Don't Know": Case Stories from a Collaborative Community of Learners Preparing Teachers To Use Technology. Talsma, Valerie L.; Levin-Messineo, Linda; Seels, Barbara; Campbell, Shirley; Balach, Claudia 270
"I Did Not Plan Ahead": Preservice Teachers' Concerns Integrating Print-Based Literacy Lessons with Computer Technology. Richards, Janet C. 426
"In the Loop" Responses about Looping at the Middle School Level as Seen through Different Lenses. Kerr, Deborah Lynn 231
"Judicious Discipline": 5 Years Later. Gathercoal, Paul; Nimmo, Virginia 285
"Partly Indian, Partly American": Social and Cultural Integration of Asian Indian Parents and Children in the United States. Mehra, Beloo 266
"Step up" or "Step out?": Perspectives on Teacher Leadership. Wetig, Saundra L. 254
"The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common": Re-Affirming the Ethical Nature of Education. Biesta, Gert J. J. 260
"What We Have Here Is a Failure To Communicate...": Qualitative Research and Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). Lincoln, Yvonna S.; Tierney, William G. 229
"Who Am I Becoming?" Identity Development in Becoming a Teacher-Researcher. Girod, Mark; Pardales, Michael 220
2001-2002 Annual Report to the Ministry of Advanced Education. Author abstract 362
A Brief History of and Future Considerations for Research in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities. Davis, Jamie D.; Keemer, Kelly 265
A Briefing Paper on the Minnesota Child Welfare System: Responding to the Needs of Children Unable To Live at Home. Wattenberg, Esther; Fumea, Constance 348
A Call to Action: Changing the Culture of Drinking at U.S. Colleges. 280
A Collaborative and Competency-Based Three-Year Bachelor's Degree: Empirical Results. Seidman, Robert H.; Bradley, Martin J. 267
A Comparative Analysis of the Instructional Behaviors Used by Highly Effective and Highly Ineffective Instructors on the First Day of Class. Hayward, Pamela A. 251
A Comparison of 9th and 10th Grade Boys' and Girls' Bullying Behaviors in Two States. Isernhagen, Jody; Harris, Sandy 269
A Comparison of Four-Year Longitudinal Studies of Postconventional Moral Judgment Reasoning in Teacher Education and Other Selected Undergraduate Samples. Reiman, Alan J. 271
A Comparison of Hierarchical and Nonhierarchical Logistic Regression for Estimating Cutoff Scores in Course Placement. Schulz, E. Matthew; Betebenner, Damian; Ahn, Meeyeon 214
A Comparison of IRT Equating and Beta 4 Equating. Kim, Dong-In; Brennan, Robert; Kolen, Michael 227
A Comparison of Maternal Parenting Style Attitudes of Grandmothers and Mothers of Young Children in Taiwan: Development of a New Measure of Parenting Style. Li, Tsung-Wen 240
A Comparison of Measurement Equivalence Methods Based on Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Item Response Theory. Flowers, Claudia P.; Raju, Nambury S.; Oshima, T. C. 300
A Comparison of the Relative Practical Value of a Predictive Discriminant Function Analysis and a Binary Logistic Regression Analysis of Student Success in an Innovative Alternative High School Program in South Texas: Data Set #1. Working Paper. Kester, Donald L.; Linton, Thomas H.; Sullivan, Lynn R. 212
A Critical Review of the Cognitive and Learning Style Literature through Citation Analysis. Desmedt, Ella; Valcke, Martin 337
A Decade of Charter Schools: From Theory to Practice. CPRE Policy Briefs. Bulkley, Katrina; Fisler, Jennifer 271
A Discourse Analysis of Online Social Argumentation. Steinkuehler, Constance A. 284
A Discourse Analysis of Student Perceptions of Their Communication Competence. Almeida, Eugenie P. 199
A Distinctive Cultural and Gender Difference in Children's Interest and Effort in Learning: The Impact of Choice and Testing. d'Ailly, Hsiao 234
A Dual Language Curriculum for Young Children. Montague, Nicole S.; Marroquin, Christine; Lucido, Frank 235
A Five-Year Analysis of GRE, Race, Gender, and Undergraduate GPA as Predictors of State Certification Examination Results. Wilmore, Elaine L.; McNeil, Jesse Jai, Jr. 248
A Longitudinal Evaluation of the Long-Term Effects of a Reading Recovery Program. Haenn, Joseph F. 297
A Markov Model Analysis of Problem-Solving Progress. Vendlinski, Terry 225
A Method for Simulating Correlated Non-Normal Systems of Statistical Equations. Headrick, Todd C.; Beasley, T. Mark 261
A Model of Teacher Professional Development To Support Technology Integration. Ehman, Lee H.; Bonk, Curtis J. 224
A Multidimensional Item Response Theory Approach to Simultaneous Ability Estimation. de la Torre, Jimmy; Patz, Richard J. 268
A National Symposium on Best Practices for Student Achievement in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology in Two-Year Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) (Avondale, Arizona, April 27-28, 2001). 296
A New Self-Report Instrument for Assessing Teachers' Classroom Management Intervention Strategies. Gordon, Lynn Melby 187
A Practitioner's Guide to Science-Based Prevention: A Handbook of Promising, Effective and Model Programs. 2002 Conference Edition. Schinke, Steven Conference news 269
A Preliminary Model of Bilingual Writing Development for Spanish-Dominant and English-Dominant Students: Portraits from Dual-Language Classrooms. Gort, Mileidis 285
A Principle in Search of a Practice: On Developing Guidelines/Standards To Evaluate Social Justice. Brown, M. Christopher, II 194
A School Healthcare Program for Low Income Families of Very Young Children. Joyce, Esperanza Villanueva 213
A Search for Effects of High Schools' Work-Related Programs on Early Employment Success in the New Economy. Sanders, Nicholas M. 278
A Standards-Driven Approach to Faculty Evaluation: The Conflict of Change. Schaffner, Monika; MacKinnon, Fiona J. D. 261
A Structural Examination of Academic Integration, Perceived Stress, Academic Performance, and Goal Commitment from an Elaborated Model of Adult Student Persistence. Sandler, Martin E. 279
A Study of Faculty Workload as a Means of Improving the Student Learning Environment. Hinrichsen, Bonnie B.; Jackson, Janet E.; Johnson, Celia E.; Templeton, Rosalyn Anstine; Flannigan, 295
A Study of Students' Academic Change in Mathematics Achievement: A Case for African American Students. Rugutt, John Kipngeno; Ellett, Chad D.; Kennedy, Eugene Report 277
A Subgroup Analysis of Predictors to Certification Examination Success in Differing Principal Preparation Programs. Wilmore, Elaine L. 290
A Survey of Beginning Band Methods for Elementary, Middle and High School Band Programs. DeVito, Donald R. 309
A Systemic Program for Students Who Are Experiencing Difficulty with Mathematics as They Transition from Elementary to High School in Australia. Perry, Bob; Howard, Peter 205
A University Lab School for the 21st Century: The Early Childhood Development Center. Cassidy, Jack; Sanders, Jana 224
About Mental Health in Schools. An Introductory Packet. 237
Academic Delay of Gratification and Self-Efficacy Enhance Academic Achievement among Minority College Students. Bembenutty, Hefer 276
Accelerated Schools as Professional Learning Communities. Biddle, Julie K. 273
Access to Post-Secondary Education in Canada: Facts and Gaps. A Canadian Policy Research Networks Conference Sponsored by the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, April 5-6, 2002). Conference news 321
Accountability Manual, 2002: The 2002 Accountability Rating System for Texas Public Schools and School Districts. 304
Accuracy of the Generalizability-Model Standard Errors for the Percents of Examinees Reaching Standards. Li, Yuan H.; Schafer, William D. 236
Achievement of Black Caribbean Pupils: Good Practice in Secondary Schools. A Report from the Office of Her Majestys Chief Inspector of Schools. 298
Achievement: An Exploration of Parental Influences on Gifted and Talented Females from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds. Henderson, Mary Elizabeth 183
Activity Summaries as a Classroom Assessment Tool. McGee, Steven; Kirby, Jennifer; Croft, Steven K. 234
Adding Value to Large Multimedia Collections through Annotation Technologies and Tools: Serving Communities of Interest. Shabajee, Paul; Miller, Libby; Dingley, Andy 256
Addressing the Complexities of Evaluating Interdisciplinary Multimedia Learning Environments. McGee, Steven; Howard, Bruce C.; Dimitrov, Dimiter M.; Hong, Namsoo S.; Shia, Regina 248
Adult Development Researchers' Reflections on Using Multiple Research Methods with ABE/ESOL Populations. Drago-Severson, Eleanor 278
Adult Learners: Relationships of Reading, MCAT, and USMLE Step 1 Test Results for Medical Students. Haught, Patricia A.; Walls, Richard T. 216
African American Men from Hennepin County at the University of Minnesota, 1994-98: Who Applies, Who is Accepted, Who Attends? Taylor, David; Schelske, Bruce; Hatfield, Jennifer; Lundell, Dana Britt; Weber, Laura, Ed. Book review 588
Alaska Developmental Profile, 2001-2002. Summary Report. Fenton, Ray 257
Alternatives to School Suspension: An Intervention for At-Risk Students. Smith, J. David; Pare, David; Gravelle, Francine 273
America Reads Reading Recovery Right To Read = Quality Tutoring. A Pilot Program. Cassidy, Jack; Linton, Thomas 220
American Indian and Alaska Native Children in the 2000 Census. A Kids Count/PRB Report on Census, 2000. Snipp, C. Matthew 344
An Analysis of Differential Item Functioning Based on Calculator Type. Schwarz, Richard; Rich, Changhua; Arenson, Ethan; Podrabsky, Tracy; Cook, Gary 353
An Analysis of the Psychometric Properties of Dual Language Test Forms. Sireci, Stephen G.; Khaliq, Shameem Nyla 213
An Electronic Resource for Service-Learning: A Collaborative Project between Higher Education and a State Department of Education. Beisser, Sally R. 279
An ELT's Solution to Combat Plagiarism: "Birth" of CALL. Sabieh, Christine 269
An Emerging Retention Model for Administrators of Color at Predominately White Institutions: The Results of Two Delphi Studies. Jackson, Jerlando F. L. 240
An Ethics of Liberation Emerging from a Radical Constructivist Foundation. Hackenberg, Amy J.; Lawler, Brian R. 206
An Evaluation of the Federal Class-Size Reduction Program in Wake County, North Carolina--1999-2000. Scudder, David F. 298
An Examination of 4-Year Cohort Graduation and Dropout Rates for the New York City Public Schools' Class of 2001 and Final School Completion Outcomes for the Class of 1998. Mei, Lori; Bell-Ellwanger, Jennifer; Miller, Ron 329
An Examination of Secondary Business Teachers' Retention Factors. Ruhland, Sheila K. 316
An Examination of the Correlates to Achievement on the California High School Exit Exam. Garcia, Paul; Calhoun, David O. 303
An Examination of the Effects of Technology Instruction in Social Studies Methods Classes. Diem, Richard A. 382
An Exploratory Study of the Implementation of an Interactive Learning System in Two Eighth Grade Mathematics Classes. FitzPatrick, Sarah B.; Faux, Russell 428
An In-depth Analysis of Achievement Gaps between 7th and 8th Grades in the TIMSS Database. Wang, Jianjun 180
An Inquiry Study into Adolescent Literacy: Encouraging the Development of Adolescent Readers. NCTE Reading Initiative. Shanklin, Nancy L. 155
An Inquiry Study into Understanding and Supporting Readers. NCTE Reading Initiative. Donnelly, Amy; Egawa, Kathy; Files, Janet; Mills, Heidi; Stephens, Diane 170
An Instrument for the Assessment of Study Behaviors of High School Students. Bliss, Leonard B. 224
An Interview Analysis of Teachers' Reactions to Mathematics Reform Professional Development. Cwikla, Julie 188
An Investigation into the Awareness among High School Teachers of Boys' Reading Preferences and an Analysis of the Required Reading of Boys in the Lower Track. Kohn, Terry M. 259
An Investigation of Dean Leadership. Gmelch, Walter H.; Wolverton, Mimi 274
An Investigation of Factors Related to Teacher Retention in Small Rural School Districts in Montana. Davis, Marsha Smith 311
Analyzing the Structure of Binary Test Responses Using an Optimal Scaling Approach. Roberts, James S.; Samuelsen, Karen 324
Andragogy Between Theory and Practice. Klapan, Anita 280
Annual Progress Report on Students Who Drop Out, 2000-2001. Kaase, Kristopher J. 353
Applying a Youth Psychology Lens to the Digital Divide: How Low-Income, Minority Adolescents Appropriate Home Computers To Meet Their Needs for Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence, and How This Affects Their Academic and Future Prospects. Tsikalas, Kallen; Gross, Elisheva F.; Stock, Elisabeth 320
Applying Hierarchical Model Calibration to Automatically Generated Items. Williamson, David M.; Johnson, Matthew S.; Sinharay, Sandip; Bejar, Isaac I. 251
Appreciating the Beauty of Science Ideas: Teaching for Aesthetic Understanding. Girod, Mark; Rau, Cheryl 177
Appreciative Program Evaluation: A Qualitative Action Research Project. Norum, Karen E.; Wells, Marcy; Hoadley, Michael R.; Geary, Chris A. 275
Appropriations for Developmental Education in Texas Public Institutions of Higher Education. 258
Are We Achieving "Mathematical Power for All?" A Decade of National Data on Instruction and Achievement. Lubienski, Sarah Theule 325
Assessing Complex Academic Performance at the Group Level. Scarloss, Beth 278
Assessing Complex Problem-Solving Skills and Knowledge Assembly Using Web-Based Hypermedia Design. Dabbagh, Nada 232
Assessing Levels of Student-Teacher Videotape Classroom Performances in a School-College Partnership Project. Catelli, Linda A. 252
Assessing the Impact of the National Science Foundation's Urban Systematic Initiative on Student Achievement: Closing the Gap in Four USI Sites. Borman, Kathryn; Boydston, Theodore; Kang, Ellen; Katzenmeyer, William G.; Kersiant, Gladis; Lee, Re 238
Assessing the Internal Consistency of the Self-Image Questionnaire for Young Adolescents (SIQYA): A Nigerian Investigation. Adegoke, Alfred A. 245
Assessment and Instruction of Phonics for Young Children: A Model for Collaborative Teaching and Learning. Boggs, Merry 265
Assessment of Student Learning in an Educational Administration Online Program. Hoban, Gary; Neu, Beverly; Castle, Sidney R. 276
Asset Management Plans, Appraisal Guidance for 2003-04. 184
At the Mercy of Sadistic Cats and Megalomaniacal Dogs: Dilbert as a Reflection of and Vehicle for Organizational Cynicism. Davis, Julie 247
At What Cost? The Price That Working Students Pay for a College Education. King, Tracey; Bannon, Ellynne 266
Attenuation of Correlation by Measurement Unreliability and Two Approaches for Correcting the Attenuation. Fan, Xitao 228
Attitudes and Opinions of Online Students toward Community College Online Learning: An Opinion Survey of Community College Online Students. 262
Automation of Survey Data Processing, Documentation and Dissemination: An Application to Large-Scale Self-Reported Educational Survey. Shim, Eunjae; Shim, Minsuk K.; Felner, Robert D. 181
Balancing Act: Educational Management Organizations and Charter School Autonomy. Bulkley, Katrina 253
Balancing Formative and Summative Science Assessment Practices: Year One of the GenScope Assessment Project. Hickey, Daniel T.; Kruger, Ann Cale; Fredrick, Laura D.; Schafer, Nancy Jo; Kindfield, Ann C. H. 293
Balancing Teaching with Other Responsibilities: Integrating Roles or Feeding Alligators. Colbeck, Carol L. 266
Becoming a Woman Engineer in the Community of Practice: Validity and Value in Engineering-Education Research. Wood, Shaunda L. 295
Beliefs and Expectations of Parents, Prior-to-School Educators and School Teachers as Children Start School: An Australian Perspective. Dockett, Sue; Perry, Bob 348
Belonging and "Achieving" in the Free Market of Education: A Study on Students' Sensibilities in an Aotearoa/New Zealand School. Doerr, Neriko Musha 265
Beyond Empty Promises: Policies To Improve Transitions into College and Jobs. Rosenbaum, James E. 301
Beyond Invulnerability: The Importance of Benefits in Adolescents' Decisions To Drink Alcohol and Smoke Marijuana. Goldberg, Julie H.; Halpern-Felsher, Bonnie L.; Millstein, Susan G. 152
Beyond School-Level Internet Access: Support for Instructional Use of Technology. Issue Brief. Lanahan, Lawrence 374
Bilingual Education/ESL Program Evaluation, 2000-01. Gonzalez, Rosa Maria 332
Biography Today: Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers. General Series. Abbey, Cherie D., Ed. 257
Blended Learning--Best Educational Web Uses. Peter, David M. 159
Book Choices for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Parents: Strategies for Sharing Books in Bilingual Homes. Ratliff, Joanne L.; Montague, Nicole S. 234
Boundary Spanning in School Leadership: Implications for Achieving Excellence. Richardson, Lystra M. 267
Bridging the Abyss: Adding Value and Validity to Leadership Development through Action Learning--Cases-in-Point. Acker-Hocevar, Michele; Pisapia, John; Coukos-Semmel, Eleni 274
Broadening Access to the Curriculum through Using Technology To Link Home and School: A Critical Analysis of Reforms To Improve Educational Attainment for All K-12 Students. Somekh, Bridget; Mavers, Diane; Lewin, Cathy 338
Building a Digital Workforce. Part 2: Reaching Out to Underserved Communities. NPA Report. 271
Building a National Strategy for Digital Preservation: Issues in Digital Media Archiving. 235
Building Blocks for School IPM: A Least-Toxic Pest Management Manual. Crouse, Becky, Ed.; Owens, Kagan, Ed. 183
Building Quality Assessment. Donovan, Robert; Larson, Beth; Stechschulte, Denise; Taft, Mary 238
Campus Alberta--A Policy Framework. 266
Can Extended Learning Opportunities Improve Student Achievement? E&R Report. Baenen, Nancy R.; Lindblad, Mark; Yaman, Kim 286
Can You See Me? Exploring Co-Visiting between Physical and Virtual Visitors. Galani, Areti; Chalmers, Matthew 206
Canadian Language Benchmarks 2000: Additional Sample Task Ideas. Pawlikowska-Smith, Grazyna 164
Career Changers: Women (and Men) Who Switch to Teaching. Lerner, Phyllis K.; Zittleman, Karen 251
Castles in the Sand: Why School Overcrowding Remains a Problems in NYC. Connell, Noreen; Widerquist, Karl; Arnold, Sarah; Opresiu, Alma Author abstract 401
Changing Teachers' Perceptions and Use of Technology in the Classroom. Ivers, Karen S. 283
Charter Schools in California, Michigan and Arizona: An Alternative Framework for Policy Analysis. Occasional Paper. Scott, Janelle T.; Barber, Margaret E. 276
Child Care and Utah's Economy: Making the Connection. A Special Utah KIDS COUNT Report. 286
Child Care Licensing. NCEDL Spotlights. 254
Children's Program Outcome Review Team: 2001 Evaluation Results. Wade, Patricia C. 317
Civic Education and Citizenship in Malaysian Education. Barone, Thomas N. 202
Class Size and Student Success: Comparing the Results of Five Elementary Schools Using Small Class Sizes. Haenn, Joseph F. 453
Classroom Assessment Practices: Examining Impact on Student Learning. Green, Susan K.; Mantz, Michelle 248
Classroom Environment and Student Outcomes Associated with Using Anthropometry Activities in High School Science. Lightburn, Millard E.; Fraser, Barry J. 217
Closing the Gap in College-Going: A Study of Trends in California Public High School Graduates' College-Going Patterns. Michaelides, Michalis 236
Coastal Piloting & Charting: Navigation 101. Osinski, Alison 217
Cognitive Style and the Experiencing of Cognitive Demands of the Work Environment and Sources of Job Satisfaction among Employees in SMEs. Lofstrom, Erika 325
Collaborating Online To Teach Information and Multimedia Literacy. Jones, Ted; Luck, DeAnne; Buchanan, Lori 248
Collaborative Group Action Research: A Constructivist Approach to Developing an Integrated Curriculum. Saurino, Penny L.; Saurino, Dan R. 268
Collaborators' Attitudes about Differences of Opinion. Creamer, Elizabeth G. 317
College and University Enrollment in Connecticut, Fall 2001. Report. 195
College Instructors' Evaluation of Students: Thoughts on the Student Evaluation Standards. Frauenholtz, Todd 282
College Knowledge: What Latino Parents Need To Know and Why They Don't Know It. Tornatzky, Louis G.; Cutler, Richard; Lee, Jongho 264
Combining the CIDOC CRM and MPEG-7 to Describe Multimedia in Museums. Hunter, Jane 209
Common Factors in Historical Perspective. Lichtenberg, James W. 172
Communities of Learners: Connecting Students To Maximize Learning. Clayton, Maria A. 170
Community-Based Research and American Indians with Disabilities: Learning Together Methods that Work. Marshall, Catherine A.; Johnson, Sharon R.; Kendall, Elizabeth; Busby, Howard; Schacht, Robert; Hill 300
Comparative Analysis of the Learning Styles of German Adolescents by Age, Gender, and Academic Achievement Level. Hlawaty, Heide 272
Comparative Ethnic Identification of Residents, Gavilan Students, and High School Seniors from Gilroy, Hollister, and Morgan Hill for 1999-2000. Willett, Terrence 264
Comparing Apples and Oranges: Using the National Science Education Standards as a Tool When Assessing Scientific Understandings. Talsma, Valerie L.; Krajcik, Joseph S. 258
Comparing Vertical Scales Derived from Dichotomous and Polytomous IRT Models for a Test Composed of Testlets. Bishop, N. Scott; Omar, Md Hafidz 268
Comparison of K-Means Clustering with Linear Probability Model, Linear Discriminant Function, and Logistic Regression for Predicting Two-Group Membership. So, Tak-Shing Harry; Peng, Chao-Ying Joanne 189
Comparison of Nonrural versus Rural Middle-School Students' Academic Aspirations. Cowley, Kimberly S.; Meehan, Merrill L.; Whittaker, Denise; Carey, Marsha 282
Comprehension Promotes the Retention and Utilization of Literary Writing Techniques. Blackmore, Heather L. 226
Comprehension: The Key to Reading Success. Chevalier, Kim; Del Santo, Jolene; Scheiner, Deb; Skok, Elly; Tucci, Leah Rae 262
Conceptual Analysis and Research Questions: Do the Concepts of "Learning Community" and "Community of Practice" Provide Added Value? Eraut, Michael 272
Confidentiality. A Center Quick Training Aid. 170
Conflicting Ideologies and the Shift to E-Learning. Folkestad, Leah S.; Haag, Susan 230
Confronting Tensions in Collaborative Postsecondary Indigenous Education Programs: A Reader's Theatre Presentation. White, Carolyne; Martin, Joe; Hays, Pat; Senese, Guy; Foley, Jean Ann; Nuvayouma, Diane; Riley-Taylo 313
Considerations of Learning in the Workplace in Quebec: Pulp and Paper Students' Perspectives. Savoie-Zajc, Lorraine; Dolbec, Andre 299
Consortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices. Final Report. Salisbury, Christine; Roach, Virginia; Strieker, Toni; McGregor, Gail 255
Construction of District 2's Exemplary Status: When Research and Public Relations Elide. Weiner, Lois 254
Constructivist High School Teachers in a Metropolitan School District: Three Case Studies. Seguine, Denise 245
Content Management for a Content-Rich Website. Honeysett, Nik 216
Cracking the Time Code: Making Issues of Temporality in Curriculum Visible. Woo, Joyceln Yen Yen 214
Credentialing the High School. Taylor, Alison 244
Credit Student Analysis: 1999 and 2000. Faces of the Future: A Portrait of America's Community College Students. VanDerLinden, Kim 287
Critical Inquiry of Teachable Moment-Oriented Curriculum from the Perspective of Developmentally and Culturally Appropriate Pedagogy. Hyun, Eunsook 344
Critical Resource Effects on America's Universities: What's behind the Growing Entrepreneurial Orientation? Powers, Joshua B. 329
Critical Thinking, Belief Bias, Epistemological Assumptions, and the Minnesota Test of Critical Thinking. Edman, Laird R. O.; Robey, Jennifer; Bart, William M. 296
Critique of the Scoring Construct Validity of Dichotomously Scored Instruments. Bastick, Tony 232
Cross-Cultural Findings of Computer Literacy Among the Academic Olympians. Nokelainen, Petri; Tirri, Kirsi; Campbell, James R. 272
Cultural and Gender Differences in Spatial Ability of Young Children. Seng, Alice Seok Hoon; Tan, Lee Choo 174
Cultural Competence Approaches to Evaluation in Tribal Communities. Running Wolf, Paulette; Soler, Robin; Manteuffel, Brigitte; Sondheimer, Diane; Santiago, Rolando L.; 287
Culture in Educational Administration: Competing Values and Expectations. Woodrum, Arlie 269
Cultures of Medicine: A Technology Based Learning Environment To Enhance Critical Thinking Skills. Arnold, Joanna C.; Keller, Jill L. 285
Curricular Implications of Alternate Assessments. Browder, Diane; Flowers, Claudia; Ahlgrim-Delzell, Lynn; Karvonen, Meagan; Spooner, Fred; Algozzine, 256
Customization in the Design and Implementation of the RiverWeb Water Quality Simulator (WQS). Verona, Mary Ellen; Curtis, David 323
Data Collection and Use in Schools. PREL Briefing Paper. Farnsworth, Chenoa 269
Data Use in the School and Classroom: The Challenges of Implementing Data-Based Decision Making Inside Schools. WCER Working Paper No. 2002-2. Thorn, Christopher A. Report 198
Defining Literacies. Wood, Jeffrey W. 335
Demonstrating Local Item Dependence for Recognition and Supply Format Tests. Bastick, Tony 278
Describing and Documenting School Discipline. Proceedings Document (Alexandria, Virginia, December 3-5, 2001). Markowitz, Joy 224
Describing NAEP Achievement Levels with Multiple Domain Scores. Schulz, E. Matthew; Lee, Won-Chan 290
Designing Learning through Learning To Design. Girod, Mark; Mishra, Punya 207
Designing Online Instruction: Analyzing the Process, Product, and Implementation. Borthwick, Arlene C.; Cassity, Constance L.; Zilla, Kate E. 220
Developing a Common Metric in Item Response Theory: An Area-Minimization Approach. Raju, Nambury S.; Arenson, Ethan 193
Developing a Curriculum Framework in Technology for Young Children. Rodriguez, Stephen; Williams, Morgan 216
Developing a Positive Relationship to the Uncertainties of Teaching. Helsing, Deborah 279
Developing a Successful Online RN to BSN Program. Stotts, Cheryl; Smith, Richard; Edwards-Schafer, Patricia; Schmidt, Cheryl; Smith, Jo Ann 215
Developing Critical Thinking Skills through a Variety of Instructional Strategies. Collier, Karen; Guenther, Traci; Veerman, Cathy 262
Developing Performance Assessments To Measure Teacher Competency in the Use of Educational Technology. Archambault, Francis X., Jr.; Kulikowich, Jonna M.; Brown, Scott W.; Rezendes, George J. 319
Developing the Executive Mindset for Minority Deans. Wolverton, Mimi; Guillory, Raphael; Montez, Joni; Gmelch, Walter H. 277
Development and Validation of Student Teaching Performance Assessment Based on Danielson's Framework for Teaching. Benjamin, Woan-Jue 333
Developmental Pathways and Technology: The Foundations of Enhanced Intellectual Excellence. Williamson, Edward A.; Slye, Gail L. 179
Developmentally Appropriate Practicum Supervision: Perceptions of Students and Supervisors. Field, Harriet 276
Dialogic Reading: Adult Learners Crossing Cultural Borders. Gallart, Marta Soler 261
Dichotomous Pedagogies and the Promise of Comparative Research. Alexander, Robin 266
Did They Learn and Interact Equally? A Study of Learning Opportunities in a Small Group from the Perspectives of Behavioral and Cognitive Engagement. Huang, Jin-Ju Report 252
DIF in a Large Scale Mathematics Assessment: The Interaction of Gender and Ethnicity. Zhang, Yanling 281
Difference, Disadvantage, Privilege and Us: Examining Meanings of Diversity among Educational Leadership Faculty. Allan, Elizabeth J.; Estler, Suzanne E. 271
Different Perspectives on Information about Educational Quality: Implications for the Role of Accreditation. CHEA Occasional Paper. Jones, Dennis P. 290
Differential Mathematics Performance on the TIMSS-R across Delaware Students of Color. TIMSS-R Report, 2002. Cwikla, Julie 185
Digital Primary Source Materials in the Classroom. Bennett, Nuala; Trofanenko, Brenda 248
Discovering Self-Expression through Study of Harlem Renaissance Poetry. Mowery, Raymond 344
Discrepancies between Parental and Adolescent Developmental Expectations. Dekovic, Maja 264
Districts Building Teacher Capacity in Classroom Assessment: Lessons Learned about the District Role in Building Teachers' Capacity To Assess Students More Effectively through an Interconnected System of Programs and Policies. McMunn, Nancy; McColskey, Wendy; O'Connor, Ken 255
Do Different Goal-Setting Conditions Facilitate Students' Ability to Regulate Their Learning of Complex Science Topics with RiverWeb? Azevedo, Roger; Ragan, Susan; Cromley, Jennifer G.; Pritchett, Stacy 318
Do High-Stakes Tests Affect Students' Decisions To Drop Out of School? Evidence from NELS. Working Paper. Reardon, Sean F.; Galindo, Claudia 196
Documenting and Examining Practices in Creating Learning Communities: Exemplars and Non-Exemplars. Hipp, Kristine A.; Huffman, Jane B. 278
Documenting In-Classroom Support and Coaching Activities of a Professional Development Program Directed toward School-Wide Change: An Integral Part of an Organization's Evaluation Efforts. Race, Kathryn E. H.; Ho, Evelyn; Bower, Leah 237
Does Personality Type Effect Online versus In-Class Course Satisfaction? Daughenbaugh, Richard; Ensminger, David; Frederick, Lynda; Surry, Daniel 165
Does Project L.I.V.E. Case Modality Impact Critical Thinking in PBL Groups? Kamin, Carol; O'Sullivan, Patricia; Deterding, Robin 290
Dreams, Gangs, and Guns: The Interplay between Adolescent Violence and Immigration in a New York City Neighborhood. Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro 251
Due Process Hearings: 2001 Update. Quick Turn Around (QTA). Ahearn, Eileen 275
Early Childhood Development in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Understanding the Early Years. Willms, J. Douglas Report 466
Early Indications of English Learners' Reading Achievement in San Diego Public Schools after Implementation of Policy To Comply with "English Only" Law. Fass-Holmes, Barry; Raines, Robert 247
East Feliciana Parish Schools Embrace Place-Based Education as a Way To Lift Scores on Louisiana's High-Stakes Tests. Rural Trust Featured Project. Null, Elizabeth Higgins 266
Eavesdropping on Electronic Guidebooks: Observing Learning Resources in Shared Listening Environments. Woodruff, Allison; Aoki, Paul M.; Grinter, Rebecca E.; Hurst, Amy; Szymanski, Margaret H.; Thornton, 193
Education and Job Training Build Strong Families. Fact Sheet. Revised. Lyter, Deanna 260
Education-Work Linkage and Policy: A Cross-National Analysis of Contextual Influences on School to Work Transition. Wiseman, Alexander W.; Alromi, Naif 275
Educational Leadership in Northern Canada: Where Cultures Collide. Goddard, J. Tim; Foster, Rosemary Y. 272
Effect Size Statistics: An Analysis of Statistics Textbooks Used in Psychology and Education. Curtis, Deborah A.; Araki, Cheri J. 224
Effective Strategies for Reducing the Overrepresentation of Minoroties in Special Education. Dekker, Lisa M.; Krou, Caren A.; Wright, Timothy D.; Smith, Densie M. 265
Effects of Decreasing the Number of Common Items in Equating Link Item Sets. Hanick, Patricia L.; Huang, Chi-Yu 272
Effects of Teacher and Self-Assessment on Student Performance. Olina, Zane; Sullivan, Howard J. 224
Efficiency and Equity in Schools around the World. Hanushek, Eric A.; Luque, Javier A. 207
Elementary Algebra + Student-Written Web Illustrations = Math Mastery. Veteto, Bette R. 155
Emerging Patterns of Technology Affordances in Teacher Discourse. Li, Alan L. 253
Emotion in School Mathematics Practices: A Contribution from Discursive Perspectives. Morgan, Candia; Evans, Jeff; Tsatsaroni, Anna 210
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